SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Kichiklash  : v.i. To shrink. [kichiklashtir ]

Kichiklik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to be or act too young; to be too small. U ~idan muzikaga qiziqardi He?S been interersted in music since he was small.

Kichiri : a kind of goulash (s. Moshkichiri).

Kichkina : small, little, tiny.

Kichkinalik : abstr. Of kichkina; s. Kichiklik.

Kichkintoy : junior, tot, small fry.

Kichray  : v.i. To shrink, to diminish. [kichrayt(ir) ]

Kichrayt  : v.t. ~ish va Erkalatish qo?Shimchalari diminutive suffixes.

Kifoya : (Arabic) sufficient, adequate. ~ qil  to be sufficient.

Kifoyat : arch. (Arabic) s. Kifoya.

Kifoylan  : v.i. To be satisfied.

Kift : (Arabic) shoulder. Yakka ~ bo?Lib sideways. ~ini keltir  (coll.) To do well, to do a good job of. ~li broad shouldered.

Kigiz : felt; felt mat. ~ Etik felt boots.

Kilo : (Russian) kilo.

Kilogramm : (Russian) kilogram. Besh ~li tosh a five kilogram stone.

Kilovatt : (Russian) kilowatt.

Kilovatt soat : (Russian) kilowatt hour.

Kim : who? Who, who(so)ever; some? Others. ~ing u, ukangmi? Who (lit., who of yours) is that, your brother? Uning sizdan boshqa ~i bor? Who else does he have besides you? Uning ishini ~ ko?Rmasin, maqtaydi Whoever sees his work praises it. ~ da ~ whoever. ~ somonxonaga ketgan, ~lar omborxonada some went to the barn, others (slept) in the storage shed. ~ oshdi savdosi auction. U ~ligini aytmadi He didn?T say who he was.kimarsa arch.s. Kimsa.

Kimdir : someone or other; who(m)ever.

Kimsa : person, entity, soul.

Kimsan : so and so, what's his face; none other than... (with the implication of superior status). ~   oqsoqolning xotini the wife of the elder so and so.

Kimsasiz : without anyone; without a soul, empty.

Kimxob : gold brocade.

Kimyo : (Arabic) alchemy; chemistry (s. Ximiya).
Kimyogar : chemist (s. Ximik).kimyogarlik obs.(practice of) alchemy.

Kimyoviy : (Arabic) chemical (s. Ximiyaviy).

Kin lit. : enmity, grudge.kindak coll.s. Kindik.

Kindik 1 : umbilical cord; navel, bellybutton; heart, center. ~ qoni to'kilgan er/joy/tuproq birthplace.

Kindik 2 : place where the supports holding up the middle of a tightrope meet.

Kindik 3 : arava ~i joist on a cart.

Kindor lit. : holding a grudge; vengeful.

Kinematograf (Russian) : cinematographer; cinematography.

Kinematografist (Russian) : cinematographer.

Kinematografiya (Russian) : cinematography.

Kineskop : (Russian) television tube.

Kinetik adj. : (Russian) kinetic.

Kinetika : (Russian) kinetics.

Kinli : s. Kindor.kinna coll.the evil eye. ~ sol  to drive off the effects of the evil eye (through spells, etc.). ~ soldir  to have the effects of the evil eye driven off.

Kinnachi : one who reads spells, etc. To undo the effects of the evil eye.

Kinnachilik : (specializing in) reading spells and performing other rights to undo the effects of the evil eye.

Kinnakash : s. Kinnachi.

Kino : (Russian) cinema; movie, motion picture, film;/coll.) The movies, movie theater. ~ga tush  to go to the theater.

Kinoaktrisa : (Russian) film actress.

Kinoaktyor : (Russian) film actor.

Kinoapparat : (Russian) movie camera.

Kinoapparatura (Russian) : cinematographic equipment.

Kinoartist : (Russian) film actor.

Kinobudka : (Russian) viewing booth.

Kinodramaturgiya (Russian) : screenwriting.

Kinofabrika : (Russian) [kinofabrika]??

Kinofestival" : (Russian) film festival.

Kinofil"m : (Russian) film, movie.

Kinojurnal : (Russian) newsreel.

Kinokartina (Russian) : (non documentary) film.

Kinolashtir  : to set up cinemas (in an area).

Kinolenta : (Russian) film reel.

Kinomexanik : (Russian) cinema operator.

Kinooperator : (Russian) camera man.

Kinoplyonka : (Russian) movie film.

Kinoprokat : (Russian) film distribution; film distributor.

Kinorejissyor : (Russian) film director.

Kinosayohatchi : ?? [kinoputeshectvennik]

Kinostsenariya : (Russian) film scenario.

Kinostudiya : (Russian) film studio.

Kinoteatr : (Russian) movie theater.

Kinotomoshabin : movie viewer.

Kinoustanovka : (Russian) film projector.

Kinoxronika : (Russian) news reel.

Kinoya : (Arabic) allegory, metaphor; sarcasm; hint, allusion. ~ bilan gapir  to speak figuratively. ~ qil  to speak sarcastically (of).

Kinoyali : figurative, metaphorical; sarcastic.

Kinoyaomuz : sarcastically; half sarcastically.

Kioska : (Russian) kiosk, stall, booth. Gazeta ~si newsstand.

Kiprik : eyelash. ~ qoqmay/qoqmasdan without getting a wink of sleep.

Kir  : to enter, to go/come into, to get into; to join; to be included in, to be considered. Shu yoshga ~ib having lived this long, up to this age, so far in (my) life. Go'rga ~  to enter the grave. Erga ~  to die and be buried; to be mortified (to want the ground to open up and swallow you). Paranjiga ~  to reach the age of wearing the tushiga ~  to dream of. [kirgiz , kirgizil , kiril , kirit , kiritil , kirish ]

Kir chir : dirty laundry (of all sorts); dirty, filthy.

Kir : dirt, grime (on the body or clothing); dirty laundry. ~ chayqa  to rinse or wash laundry. ~ yuv  to do the laundry. ~ o'ra pit for wastewater from clotheswashing. ~ tog'ora laundry tub (s. ~ yuvdi ceremony held the third day after s.o.'s burial (the deceased's clothes are washed and given to the washer). Ko'nglida ~ yo'q pure at heart.

Kira : (Arabic) rent, hire (for transport); (in) exchange, return (for). ~ qil  to hire (transport); to make money from hiring out vehicles or animals. ~siga nima berasiz? What will you give me in return?

Kirachi : s. Kirakash.

Kirakash : carrier, driver.

Kirakashlik : carrying, carrier's trade; rent of transport.

Kirarli chiqarli : coming and going, here and there, now here, now not.

Kiraverish : entrance, entranceway.

Kirchi : launderer, wash man or woman.

Kirdi chiqdi : comings and goings; uneven, crooked. ~ daftari accounts book.

Kirdikor : misdeed, wrongdoing.

Kirim chiqim : income and expenses; accounts.

Kirim : income.

Kirish  : v.i. Coop. Of kir ; to enter upon, to undertake; to get along with, to befriend; to shrink (material); to be expended on, to be consumed by. [kirishtir ]

Kirish : v.n. Of ~ man Etiladi no admittance, entry forbidden. ~ haqi/~ so?Zi introductory remarks. ~ chiqish entry and exit.

Kirishimli : friendly, outgoing.

Kirka : (Russian) pickaxe.

Kirkik : call used to lure quail (bedana).

Kirla(n)  : v.i. To become dirty or grimy.

Kirlik : dirtiness; vileness.

Kirom : obs. (Arabic) dear, honorable.

Kirovka : arch. (Russian) gambeson (protective vest worn under a coat of mail).

Kiroyi : worthwhile, worth talking or bragging about; unutterable, extreme.

Kirpech : hanging used to hide a niche where laundry is kept.kirpi(tikan) dial.hedgehog (s. Tipratikan).kirpo'sh coll.s. Kirpech.kirt kirt ono.crunching sound.

Kirtay  : ko'zlari ~  to get bags under the eyes.

Kirtilla  : v.i. To crunch, to crackle. [kirtillat ]

Kirxona : laundry, wash house.

Kirza : (Russian) patent leather??.

Kisel" : (Russian) a jelly or pudding made of thickened fruit juice or milk.

Kish kishla  : v.i. To make the sound "kish kish" (while herding chickens).kish ono.sound made to drive chickens or other fowl.

Kishan : fetters, hobble; shackles. ~ ur /sol  to fetter or shackle.

Kishanband : fettered, shackled.

Kishanla  : v.t. To fetter or shackle. [kishanlan , kishanlat ]

Kishanli : s. Kishanband.

Kishi : person, human being, individual; someone (else); (coll. Arch.) Strange man (to whom a woman should not show her face); grown man. ~dan qoch  to conceal o.s. From a strange man (women). ~ bilmas surreptitiously, furtively, giving (them) the slip.

Kishilash  : v.i. To do as (a number of) people together, e.g. : qopni ikki ~ib bazo?R ko?Tardik The two of us barely lifted the sack.

Kishilik : abstr. Of ~ jamiyati humane society. Besh ~ kommissiya a five person/man committee. O'n ~ palov pilaw enough for ten people. ~ olmoshi personal pronoun. Ko?P ~ miting crowded rally. ~ kiyim best clothes, street attire.

Kishisiz : devoid of anyone, deserted; abandoned.kishmish bot.a type of grape; small, black raisin.

Kishna  : v.i. To neigh. [kishnat , kishnash ]

Kishnov : neigh, neighing.

Kisht 1 P : check (at chess). ~ ber  to check or declare check (at chess).kisht 2 ono.s. Kish.

Kishvar : obs. Country, quarter, region.

Kislorod : (Russian) oxygen. ~ yostiq oxygen blanket??

Kislota : (Russian) acid.

Kislotali : acidic.

Kissa : purse; pocket.

Kissado'z arch. : purse maker.kissado?Zlik arch.purse making.

Kissavur : cutpurse; pickpocket.

Kissavurlik : purse cutting, pickpocketing.

Kit zool. : (Russian) whale.

Kitel" : (Russian) jacket with straight collar.

Kitob : (Arabic) book. ~ qurti (zool.) Bookworm.

Kitob : Kitab.

Kitobfurush : bookseller.

Kitobiy : (Arabic) literary; bookish.

Kitobshunos : bibliographer.

Kitobshunoslik : (practice of) bibliography.

Kitobxon : reader.

Kitobxona coll. : s. Kutubxona.

Kitobxonlik : book reading. ~ qil  to (occupy o.s.) Read(ing) books.

Kiy : (Russian) pool cue.kiya coll.consequence, reward (for mistreating s.t.). ~siga qol /uchra  to get one?S reward, to be taught a lesson.

Kiy  : v.t. To wear, to put on; (fig.) To drape o.s. (in s.t.). [kiygiz , kiydir , kiyil , kiyin , kiyintir ]

Kiydir  : v.t. Caus. Of kuloh ~  to make a fool of, to hoodwink.kiyik o?T bot.sea heath.kiyik panja bot.a type of vetch or locoweed.kiyik zool.deer, antelope; Siberian ibex.

Kiyim bosh : clothing, complete suit of clothes.

Kiyim kechak : clothing and such.

Kiyim : clothes ,clothing.

Kiyimlik : clothing material. Bir ~ chit enough cloth to make a set of clothing.

Kiyin  : v.i. Reflex. Of kiy ; to get dressed. [kiyintir ]

Kizak : the side face of a do'ppi, between the lower edge and top.

Klapan : (Russian) valve; (mus.) Key, stop.

Klarnet : (Russian) clarinet.
Klarnetchi : clarinetist.

Klass : (Russian) class.

Klassifikator : (Russian) classifier.

Klassifikatsiya : (Russian) classification.

Klassik : (Russian) classic; classical.

Klassitsizm : (Russian) classicism.

Klaviatura : (Russian) keyboard.

Klavish : (Russian) key (of keyboard).

Klavishli : keyed, having keys or keyboard.

Klerikal pol. : (Russian) clerical.

Klerikalizm : (Russian) clericalism.

Kletchatka : (Russian) cellulose.

Kleyonka : (Russian) oil cloth; (coll.) Plastic sheeting.

Klinika : (Russian) clinic. ~ sharoiti clinical/antiseptic conditions.

Klishe : (Russian) cliche.

Klizma : (Russian) enema. ~ qil  to give an enema.

Klub : (Russian) club, league; lodge.

Klyosh : (Russian) flare (on clothing).

Klyuch : (Russian) key; wrench.

Klyukva bot. : (Russian) cranberry.

Knopka : (Russian) button, knob; thumbtack.

Knyaz" hist. : (Russian) prince.

Knyazlik : princeship; principality.

Ko'ch  : v.i. To move (one's belongings to another place), to move somewhere else; to pass to the next grade; to flake or fall off; to shift. Qiyin ~  to not go easily.

Ko'ch ko'ron : all and sundry household items being moved.

Ko'ch : load of household articles (when moving). ~ ko'tar  to move house and home.

Ko'cha 1 : street; outdoors, outside. Gadoy topmas ~ a street not even a beggar could find. ~ga chiq  to go out to the street; to go outside. ~da on the street; outside. ~ bolasi street kid. Istamasang katta ~ Get going, whether you want to or not. ~siga kir  to have experience with. ~siga kirmaydigan/~sidan o?Tmaydigan unable to do; having no experience with. ~da qolgan discarded, useless. Kavushim ~da qolgani yo'q or oyog'im ~da qolibdimi I don?T go out for no reason. ~sidan o't  to have experience with.ko'cha 2 dial.s. Go'ja.

Ko'cha ko'y : on the street, everywhere outdoors.

Ko'chalik : street (clothes).

Ko'chat : seedling; sapling; transplant, shoot. ~ qilib Ekilgan transplanted (as seedlings).

Ko'chatxona : greenhouse.

Ko'chatzor : seedling or sapling plantation.

Ko'chir  : v.t. Caus. Of ko'ch ; to copy; to exorcise an illness (folk medicine). [ko'chirtir ]ko'chiriq ethn.rites for exorcism of evil spirits from the body. ~ qil  to exorcise evil spirits.

Ko'chirma : copy; copied, plagiarized. ~ gap direct quote.

Ko'chirmachi : cheater, copier.

Ko'chirmachilik : cheating, copying.

Ko'chirmakash : s. Ko'chirmachi.

Ko'chirmakashlik : s. Ko'chirmachilik.

Ko'chki : avalanche; landslide; mudslide; rockslide.

Ko'chma : mobile; traveling; itinerant; moving. ~ kino portable movie projector. So?Zning ~ ma?Nosi figurative meaning of a word. ~ muz drift ice.

Ko'chmanchi : nomadic, migratory.

Ko'chmanchilik : nomadism, migration.

Ko'h : arch. Mountain (s. ~i g'am a mountain of woe.

Ko'hli(k) : beautiful, lovely, exquisite.

Ko'hna : ancient; old and dilapidated.

Ko'hnalik : ancientness; dilapidation.

Ko'k : blue, azure, blue grey; (animals) grey; the sky, the heavens; green plants, grass, verdure; greens, herbs. ~ka ko'tar  to glorify s.o., to sing s.o.'s praises. Tutini ~ka chiqdi to smoke or steam with rage. ~ ot a grey horse. ~ kaptar (zool.) Rock dove. ~ tol (bot.) Grey willow. ~ terak (bot.) Bolle poplar.ko'ka (guli) bot.coltsfoot.ko'kalam coll.s. Ko'kalamzor.

Ko'kalamzor : place covered with greenery.

Ko'kalamzorlash  : v.i. To become covered with greenery, to be planted with grass and/or trees. [ko?Kalamzorlashtir , ko?Kalamzorlashtiril ]

Ko'kanak : ko'zga ~, oyoqqa tikanak a pain in the neck (person).ko'kantoy zool.steppe kestrel.

Ko'kar  : v.i. To turn blue or green; to become tarnished; to sprout, to grow; to be bruised; to turn moldy. [ko'kart(ir) ]

Ko'kat : greenery, verdure, plants; greens.

Ko'katzor : plot or field covered with greenery.ko'kcha bot.a type of melon.

Ko'kchi : one who sells greens.

Ko'kchil rare : s. Ko'kimtir.ko'kgul bot.Lindelofia.

Ko'kimtil : s. Ko'kimtir.

Ko'kimtir : bluish; greenish, greenish blue; greyish.

Ko'kish : s. Ko'kimtir.

Ko'kla  1 : v.i. To develop (plant).

Ko'kla  2 : v.t. To baste (garment).ko'klam lit.springtime (s. Bahor).

Ko'klamgi : adj. Of ~ dala ishlari spring field work.ko'kmak coll.s. Ko'm ko'k.ko'knor bot.poppy; opium (taken in liquid form).

Ko'knori : opium addict. ~ hayol pipe dream.

Ko'knorixona : opium den. Nafasing ~ga ursin Bite your tongue!; God forbid!Ko'kqarg'a zool.roller (crow).ko'kqo'ton zool.gray heron.

Ko'krak : breast; chest. ~ ber  to nurse, to give suck to. ~ ker  to puff out one's chest. ~ida yoli bor manly, brave.

Ko'krakburma ko'ylak : shirt with pleated front.

Ko'krakdor : large chested; buxom.

Ko'krakli :  chested; large breasted; lofty, airy.ko'krakpech lit.brassiere (s. Lifchik).

Ko'ks : breast, bosom.

Ko'ksov : having a hacking cough (animal).ko'ksulton bot.a type of plum.ko'ktarg'oq zool.kingfisher.ko'ktikan bot.eryngo.ko'kto'rg'oq zool.s. Ko'ktarg'oq.

Ko'ktosh : bluestone, copper sulphate.ko'kturna zool.a type of melon.

Ko'kyo'tal : whooping cough.

Ko'l : lake.ko'laga arch.s. Ko'lanka.

Ko'lam : size, extent, scale.ko'lanka lit.shadow, shade (s. ~ sol /~si qolibdi to be reduced to skin and bones, to have nothing left but one's shadow. ~li shady.ko'lbuqa zool.bittern.

Ko'lka rare : s. Ko'lanka.

Ko'lla  : v.i. To pool. [ko'llat ]

Ko'lmak : (mud)puddle.

Ko'lob : s. Ko'lmak.

Ko'loblat  : v.t. ~ib suv sep  to sprinkle with an excess of water (so that puddles form). ~ib sug'or /ko'llatib sug'or  to irrigate with an excess of water, to flood with water.

Ko'm  : v.t. To bury; to cover. [ko'mdir , ko'mil , ko'mish ]ko'ma dial.pile, group; puff, billow.

Ko'mach : bread cooked in hot ashes. O'z ~iga kul tort  to care only for oneself.

Ko'mak : help, aid. ~ ber  to aid, to help.

Ko'makchi : helper; postposition (e.g., ~ fe'l helping verb.

Ko'makdosh lit. : helper, aide.

Ko'maklash  : v.i. To help, to lend a hand.

Ko'mik : porous bone matter;coccyx.

Ko'mir : charcoal; coal. Pista ~ charcoal. ~ puli money brought by students to pay for heating the school.

Ko'mirchak : burnt part (of cooked food); cartilage.

Ko'mirchi : coal worker or seller; coal miner. ~ kema collier, coal ship.

Ko'mirchilik : coal working, selling or mining coal.

Ko'mirxona : coal room or shed.

Ko'mish : burial.

Ko'mma : small holes dug in the ground for planting melon crops (and others) with manure; planted in the ground; (a fruit plant) which is normally buried during the winter to protect it from cold. ~ ustunlar posts planted in the ground.

Ko'n  : v.i. To agree (to); to acquiesce; to accept, to make do with. [ko'ndir , ko'nish ]

Ko'n : worked leather.ko'nak dial.a large leathern bag for storing kumiss.

Ko'nchi : tanner.

Ko'nchilik : abstr. Of ko'nchi; tanning, the tanning business.

Ko'ndalang : across, crosswise, transverse, diagonal. Bola ~ keldi the baby is positioned transversely. Ish ~ keldi the matter has gotten confused. ~ kesim cross section. Yo?Lga ~ turib qol  to stop in the middle of the road, to block the road. [birovning] yo'liga ~ tush /masalani ~ qilib qo'y  to put a question point blank, to give it straight.

Ko'ndalangiga : crosswise, transversely.

Ko'ndir  1 : v.t. Caus. Of ko'n .

Ko'ndir  2 v.t. : obs. To send, to dispatch.

Ko'ngil 3pp. Ko?Ngli : (fig.).heart, spirits. Bir ~i on the one hand,... ~i love for; desire, inclination; to love. ~i ayni  to feel nauseated. ~ aynitadigan nauseating. Birovning ~idagini aytib ber  to say exactly what s.o. Feels. ~ berib sev  to love with all one?S heart. ~ini buz  to upset. ~i buzildi to become upset. ~i buzuq having evil intent; broken hearted. ~i bo?Sh soft hearted. ~i bo?Shlik qil  to be soft hearted. ~i bo'lmadi to not have the heart (to do s.t.). ~ yoz /~ga yoq  to be to one?S liking. ~i yo'q not wanting to, having no desire for; to not care for. ~i joyiga/~iga kel  to come to mind; to take affront to. ~ingizga kelmasa if you won?T be offended. ~i keng laid back, easygoing; generous, welcoming. ~idan kechir /~ida kiri yo'q pure hearted; open hearted. ~ini ko'tar  to uplift s.o.'s spirits. ~i ko'tarildi/~i ko'tarmaydi to not be able to stand, to not be able to put up with; to not be able to stomach. ~ ovla  to lift s.o.'s spirits, to give moral support to. ~ini ol to make happy, to amuse; to win s.o.'s heart. ~i ochiq, ochiq ~ open hearted. ~i oq, oq ~ pure hearted. ~iga og'ir ol  to take offense to. ~i og'ridi to be upset. ~ini og'rit  to upset. ~i sovidi/~i sof/toza ~ pure hearted. ~i sust ket  to crave. ~ so'ra  to see how s.o. Is doing (after an incident). ~iga teg /~ini tinchit  to put s.o.?S heart at ease. ~ini top  to find the way to s.o.'s heart. ~i tinchlan /~i tor irritable, sensitive; stingy. ~i tosh/~i tusa  to desire. ~i to'l  to be content. ~i to'q content. ~ uz  to forsake. ~ uchun out of a sense of propriety. ~i xira troubled, upset. ~ xushi source of joy or amusement. ~idan chiqar  to forget, to put out of one's mind; to lift the spirits of s.o. Whom one has upset previously. ~dan chiqarib/~i chop  to like, to be impressed by; to have faith in (that it will happen). ~i cho'k  to be crestfallen. ~ini Erit  to melt s.o.'s heart. ~i yumshadi to soften up. ~i yarimta broken hearted. ~i o'ksi  to become saddened. O'rgangan ~ o'rtansa qo'ymas one cannot give up what one is used to. ~iga qara  to take s.o.'s feelings or disposition into account. ~iga qil/~i qora evil natured. ~ga qo?L sol  s. ~i g'ash upset, troubled. ~iga g?Ash sol /~ini g?Ash qil  to upset.

Ko'ngilchan : sympathetic, compassionate, good hearted; hesitant, weak willed.

Ko'ngilli : uplifting, heartwarming, pleasant; voluntary. ~ armiya voluntary army. ~ ravishda voluntarily.

Ko'ngilsiz : unpleasant; undisposed towards, not in love with.

Ko'ngilsizlik : unpleasantness, unfortunate event; lack of love towards.

Ko'nik  : v.i. To put up with, to get used to, to adapt to; to accept.

Ko'nikma : skill, practice.ko'nka hist.horse drawn tram; (arch. Coll.) Tramway, street car.ko'p  dial.

Ko'p : a lot, much, many; often; a long time; very; multi , poly . Bir ~(i) several. ~dan (beri) for a long time. Xdan ~i yo?Q There is more X than anything; there are tons of X. Xudo ~ ko'rdi expression used when being separated from something or someone beloved. ~i bilan/~ deganda at most, at the very most. ~ burchakli polygonal. ~ yoqli polyhedral; many sided. ~ gap Eshakka yuk Too many words are a burden. ~lar shunday deb o?Ylaydi Many think so. ~ni ko'rgan to have experienced a lot, to have seen everything. ~ marta often, repeatedly. ~ millatli multinational, multiethnic. ~miqdorda in large amounts. ~ nuqta omission marks. ~roq more; most; mostly. ~ stanokchi workman working multiple machines. ~ tomli asar multivolume work. Ular biznikiga ~ kelib turadi They visit us often. ~ga kelgan to?Y s.t. That happens to most everyone.

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