SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Jalala  : v.i. To get bigger, to increase; to spread.jalangla  dial.s. Alangla .jalayor coll.s. Jaloyir.

Jalb : (Arabic) ~ Et /qil  to attract; to summon, to call to (work).

Jallob : (Arabic) trader in hooved livestock; (rare) wheeler dealer, huckster.

Jalloblik : abstr. Of jallob.

Jallod : (Arabic) executioner, hangman; (fig.) Butcher.

Jallodlik : (abstr. Of jallod); butchery, atrocity.

Jaloyir : name of one of the Ozbek tribes.

Jalyuza : (Russian) venetian blind.

Jam : (Arabic) assembled, gathered; (math) addition. ~i in all, in total. Xotiringiz ~ bo'lsin Rest assured., Don't worry. ~ qil  to gather, to assemble; to add.

Jamalak : braids with cotton added to keep them from unraveling; (dial.) False braids; (dial.) A tassle attached to one's hair.

Jamarg'a : s. Jamg'arma; wealth, property, possessions.

Jambil : s. Janbil.

Jamg'ar  : v.t. To save, to gather; to store. [jamg'aril ]

Jamg'arma : savings. ~ kapital/kapital ~si capital savings. Sotsialistik ~ [sotsialisticheskaya nakopleniya?]??

Jami(y)(ki) : all, the entire body of.

Jamila : (Arabic) beauty, belle.

Jamiyat : (Arabic) society.

Jamla  : v.t. To gather, to assemble; (math) to add. [jamlan ]jamlovchi son gram.collective pronoun (e.g., ikkov, uchalasi, beshovlon).

Jamoa : (Arabic) (dial.) A village and its residents; (dial.) Village council; people, community.

Jamoat : (Arabic) society, public, community. ~ jam everybody is present, everyone is there.

Jamoatchi : volunteer, s.o. Involved in community work.

Jamoatchilik : community, society; civic mindedness, involvement in civic activities. ~ asosida/~ yo'li bilan based on/with volunteer labor.

Jamol : (Arabic) beauty.

Jamuljam : (Arabic) all in all, altogether.janbil bot.savory.

Janda : patched coat worn by wandering dervishes; (in children's games :) extra turns given to inexperienced players.jandapo'sh arch.dervish, wandering mendicant; a person dressed in tatters.

Jandarm(a) : (Russian) gendarme.

Jandarmeriya : (Russian) gendarmerie.

Jang : battle, combat, fight.

Jang jadal : battles, fighting.

Jangari : rowdy, hot headed, belligerent.

Jangchi : warrior.

Janggoh : battlefield.

Jangilla  v.i. Ono. : to jangle. [jangillat ]jangir jungur ono.jingling and jangling.

Jangnoma : war chronicle, collection of tales of military exploits.

Jangovar : (arch.) Warrior; military, militaristic; seasoned warrior, veteran; fierce, zealous, hard working.

Jangovarlik : abstr. Of jangovar.

Jangsiz : w/o a fight, unopposed.

Janjal suron : fighting and arguing.

Janjal : fight, quarrel, dispute, disturbance. ~ chiqdi a fight broke out. ~ chiqar  to make a fuss, to cause a fight. ~ qil  to brawl, to start a fight.

Janjalchan : s. Janjalkash.

Janjalchi : s. Janjalkash.

Janjalkash : quarrelsome; fight seeker.

Janjallash  : v.i. To quarrel, to fight.

Janjalli : troubled, full of fighting; disputable.

Janjalsiz : w/o a fight.

Jannat : (Arabic) heaven. ~day heavenly.

Jannati : one who goes to heaven.

Jannatmonand : s. Jannatsimon.

Jannatsimon : heavenly.

Janob : (Arabic) master, gentleman. ~lari/~ingiz (your) honor, excellency, majesty; the venerable, esteemed.

Janoza : (Arabic) funeral service. ~ o'qildi (coll.) To be dead and buried, finished, over and done with.

Janr : (Russian) genre.

Janub : (Arabic) south. ~i sharq southeast.

Janubiy : (Arabic) southern.

Jappa jovlik : s. Yoppasiga.

Japs : tightly packed, dense (s. Jips).

Japsak : ornate wooden moulding around a door or window frame.

Jar 1 : ravine, gully; cliff, precipice. ~ yoqasida on the edge of a cliff.

Jar 2 : (Arabic) ~ sol  to send out criers; to announce.

Jar julg'a : deeply eroded, full of gullies, dropoffs, etc.

Jar jur : cliffs and ravines.

Jarang jurung : clinking and clanging.jarang ono.ringing, clanging, clinking noise.

Jarangdor : resonant, sonorant, loud.

Jarangla  : v.i. To ring, to jingle, to clink. [jaranglat ]

Jaranglama : resonant, ringing, clanging, clinking; superficial, hollow.

Jarangli : loud, resonant; (ling.) Voiced.jaranglilash  ling.to be voiced.jarangsiz ling.unvoiced.jarangsizlan  ling.to be unvoiced.jaraq jaraq ono.clinking (coins, etc.).
Jaraqla  : v.i. To clink. [jaraqlat ]

Jarayon : (Arabic) process. ~ida in the course of.

Jarchi : caller, crier; announcer.

Jargon : (Russian) slang speech, jargon.

Jarida : arch. (Arabic) gazette, almanac.

Jarima : (Arabic) fine, penalty.

Jarimador : arch. Party who must pay a fine.

Jarkop : (Russian) a dish of fried meat and potatoes.

Jarlik : precipice.

Jarohat : (Arabic) injury, hurt. Yomon ~ (coll.) Malignant anthrax.

Jarohatla  : v.t. To injure, to hurt. [jarohatlan ]

Jarohatli : injured, hurt.jarqaldirg'och zool.swift.jarqanot zool. Dial.wall creeper.

Jarroh : arch. (Arabic) surgeon (s. Xirurg).

Jarrohiya : arch. (Arabic) surgery (s. Xirurgiya).

Jarrohlik : abstr. Of ~ yo'li bilan through surgery.

Jasad : (Arabic) body, corpse.

Jasorat : (Arabic) courage, daring. ~ qil /Et  to dare.

Jasoratlan  : v.i. To take courage.

Jasoratli : brave, courageous.

Jasoratsiz : timid, cowardly.

Jasoratsizlik : timidity, weak willedness.

Jasur : (Arabic) brave, courageous, bold. ~ gapir  to speak boldly.

Jasurlan  : to find courage, to embolden o.s., to dare.

Jasurlik : bravery, boldness, courage.

Jasurona : bravely, boldly; brave, bold.jat coll.~iga as a consequence. (~iga qol  to take the blame for others' doings.

Javdar(i) : rye; local, locally grown or raised.

Javdir javdir : ~ qara /boq  to flash one's eyes, to look at with glittering eyes.

Javdira  : v.i. To sparkle, glitter, flash (eyes). [javdirat , javdirash ]

Javdirla  : v.i. S. Javdira .

Javdiroq : flashing, glittering, staring.

Javdor : s. Javdar; (bot.) ?? [zoynik golyy].

Javgaza : s. Javgazim.javgazim bot.Ferghana tulip.

Javhar : (Arabic) jewel, gem; precious thing or person; strength, energy; (arch.) Acid.

Javhar(i)limu : (Arabic) citric acid; peevish, acrimonious.

Javlon : (Arabic) ~ ur /qil  to move, to prance gracefully, in a lively manner; to show off.

Javob : (Arabic) answer, response; permission (to leave). ~ xat(i)/~ qil /~ ber  to answer; to dismiss.

Javob muomala : responses to questions and inquiries; dealings, relations.

Javoban : (Arabic) in response.

Javobgar : responsible; defendant.

Javobgarli : responsible, accountable.

Javobgarlik : responsibility, accountability.

Javobnoma : official reply.

Javobsiz : unanswered; w/o permission.

Javohir : (Arabic) jewel(s), gem(s).

Javohirot : (Arabic) jewels, gems, precious stones.

Javon : cupboard; wardrobe; shelf.

Javonib : obs. (Arabic) sides, aspects.

Javpazak : early ripening.javr coll.s. Jabr.

Javra  1 : v.i. To speak incessantly; to jabber, to blab. [javrat , javrash ]javra  2 dial.to freeze, to shiver. [javrat , javrash ]javraqi coll.blabbermouth.

Javzo : (Arabic) Gemini.

Jaya : leg meat from a horse.

Jayb : obs. (Arabic) pocket, purse.

Jaydari : local, locally grown or raised; hired help; simple.jayna  dial.to shine. [jaynat , jaynash ]jayra zool.porcupine. ~ nayzasi porcupine quill.jayran zool.antelope.

Jaz 1 : chopped (meat).jaz 2 ono.sizzling noise.

Jaz 3 : describes jabbing or stinging sensation.

Jaz 4 : (Russian) jazz.jaz buz ono.sizzling and sputtering noise.jaz jaz, jaz juz ono.s. Jaz buz.

Jazag' pazag' : rage, anger. ~ qil  to become angry.

Jazava : (Arabic) ecstasy; hysterics. ~si tutdi/qo'zghadi/boshlandi to become ecstatic; to go into hysterics.

Jazb : (Arabic) ~ qil /Et  to draw, to entice.

Jazilla  : v.i. To sizzle. Yuragim ~yapti to feel attached to; to feel for. [jazillat ]

Jazillama : sizzling hot.

Jazillash  : v.i. To burn, to throb (wound).

Jazillat  : v.t. (caus. Of jazilla ); to burn, to sear.

Jazira 1 : hot son. ~da o'tirma Don't sit out in the hot sun.

Jazira 2 : (Arabic) island.

Jazira(ma) : scorching, burning; burning hot place.

Jazliq : felt upper saddle cloth.

Jazm : (Arabic) resolution. ~ Et /qil  to decide firmly.

Jazman : (Arabic) resolute, decided, certain; lover, mistress.

Jazmiy : firmly decided, definite.

Jazmlan  : v.i. To decide, to resolve to do s.t.

Jazo : (Arabic) punishment; reward, deserts; remedy, way out. ~ otryadi/nima ~ Why bother?, Why make things difficult? ~ ber  to punish. ~ tort  to suffer (consequences), to be punished. ~ga tort  to call to account.

Jazoir : Algeria; name of a melody.

Jazoirlik : Algerian.

Jazola  : v.t. To punish. [jazolan , jazolat ]

Jazolovchi : (v.n. Of jazola ); member of a punitive expedition.

Jazosiz : unpunished.

Jazval : arch. (Arabic) ruler; straight line.jazza coll.s. Jazo.

Jek : ~ ko'r  to hate, to despise.

Jekir  : to bark at, to snap at, to yell at. [jekirish ]

Jel : chains used on shackles and collars of prisoners.jela dial.trap.jelak dial.(women's) scarf, kerchief.

Jelatin : (Russian) gelatin.

Jelatka coll. : (Russian) s. Jiletka.

Jem : (Russian) jam.

Jemper : (Russian) sweater, pull over.

Jen"shen" (Ch.) : ginseng.

Jerk  : s. Jekir .

Jeton : (Russian) token (telephone, etc.).

Jevak : a type of necklace; round metalwork used to ornament windows, doors, and furniture.??

Jez : brass.

Jezl : (Russian) baton given to train engineers to show permission to proceed; policeman's baton.jezna dial.brother in law (s. Pochcha).jiblajibon zool.wagtail; flirt, vamp.jichcha dial.teeny weeny; a teeny bit.

Jidd : (Arabic) ~u jahd qil  to give one's all.

Jiddiy : (Arabic) serious, earnest.

Jiddiyat : (Arabic) seriousness, earnestness. ~ bilan seriously.

Jiddiylash  : v.i. To become serious; to intensify. [jiddiylashtir ]

Jiddiylik : seriousness.

Jig' 1 : ~iga teg  to get on s.o.'s nerves, to wrankle. ~ini Ez  to beat the living daylights out of.jig' 2 ono.the rumbling noise made just as something comes to a boil. Yuragi ~ Etdi to have one's heart miss a beat.

Jig'a : a fancy tassle attached to a groom's or circumcised boy's hat during the festivities; crown.

Jig'ador : sporting a jig'a; (hist.) Official crown keeper.

Jig'ibiyron : distraught, upset. ~ bo'l /~i chiqdi to be(come) extremely distraught.

Jig'ildon : crop, gizzard; (fig.) Stomach, belly, gut. ~ ovorasi/~ga ur /~dan o'tkaz  to gobble down, to send down the hatch. ~iga ur  to pocket. ~ qaynash heatburn.

Jig'illa  : v.i. To seethe, to roll (e.g., boiling pot); to grumble, to mutter. Yuragi ~di to have one's heart miss a beat.jig'oltoy zool.kestrel, falcon.

Jigar : liver; bosom; close relative, blood relative, near and dear one. ~ rang brown. ~im my dear.

Jigar bag'r : ~idan urdi to captivate, to entrance. ~i Ezildi to be heartbroken, crushed. ~im kabob bo'ldi i've burnt to a frazzle by the heat.

Jigarband : close, dear relative.

Jigarchilik : close relationship; compassion for blood relatives.

Jigargo'sha : blood relative; dear brother, cousin, etc.

Jigargoh : ~i Ezildi to be crushed, to be heartbroken.

Jigarpora : near relative, near and dear one; darling.

Jigarso'xta : distraught, broken hearted; crazed with love, bewitched.

Jigi jigi : s. Jik jik; sound used for calling goats; (sarcastic) thanks.

Jigilla  : s. Jikilla .

Jihat : (Arabic) (arch.) Side; direction, way; aspect.

Jihatdan : with respect to, concerning. Har ~ in every way, from every angle.

Jihod rel. : (Arabic) Islamic holy war.

Jihoz : (Arabic) equipment, gear; utensils, furniture. Uy ~lari household furnishings, household items.

Jihozla  : v.t. To outfit, to equip; to furnish. [jihozlan , jihozlantir ]jik jik zool.a type of bird [skototserka]??.jikildoq coll.braggart, windbag.jikilla  coll.to constantly brag, to be a windbag.jikillash  coll.to debate, to haggle.

Jikkak : small, thin.jiktoq zool.pratincole.

Jil  : v.i. To budge, to move, to go forward. [jildir , jilit ]

Jild : (Arabic) skin; cover; a leather case for carrying books; volume. Besh ~li asar a five volume work.

Jildira  : v.i. To trickle. [jildirat ]

Jildla  : v.t. To cover, to encase, to bind.

Jildlik : set aside for or appropriate for making a cover; enough to make a cover.

Jiletka : (Russian) vest.

Jilg'a : rivulet, stream, brook.

Jilla (neg. Only) : (not) so much, (not) very much, (not) a bit. ~ uzoq Emas not very far at all. ~ qursa/bo'lmasa/bo'lmaganda if nothing else, at least.

Jilmay  : v.i. To grin, to smile. [jilmayish ]

Jilmayish : (v.n. Of jilmay ); grin.

Jilo : (Arabic) shine, luster, gloss, polish; beauty, jewel. ~ ber  to polish, to shine; to embellish, to lend beauty to.

Jilola  : v.t. To polish, to shine. [jilolan ]

Jilolan  : v.i. (pass./reflex. Of jilola ); to shine, to gleam, to shimmer. [jilolantir ]

Jiloli : polished; smooth and shiny, lustrous.

Jilov : reins. ~ini qo'lga ol  to take the reins. ~ini qo'ldan berib qo'y  to hand over the reins of power. ~ ur  to rein in. ~ini bo'sh qo'y  to give free rein to. ~ini tortib qo'y to rein in, to harness.jilovbardor hist.groom, horse keeper; flatterer, sycophant.

Jilovdor : groom, horse keeper; horse holder, running attendent.

Jilovla  : to bridle. [jilovlan ]

Jilovxona : gazebo or hall at the entrance to a palace or mosque.

Jilpang jilpang : ~ qil  s. Jilpangla .

Jilpangla  : to writhe, to coil; to sashay, to flounce, to be coquettish. [jilpanglan , jilpanglat , jilpanglash ]jilt coll.s. Jild.

Jilva : (Arabic) delicate movements; coquetry; lustre, splendor. ~ qil  to make graceful movements; to iridesce, to shimmer.

Jilvador : s. Jilvali.

Jilvagar : s. Jilvali.

Jilvalan  : v.i. To sparkle, to shine, to dazzle; to shimmer. [jilvalantir ]

Jilvali : coquettish; shimmering.

Jilvir (qog'oz) : sandpaper.

Jilvirla  : v.t. To sandpaper. [jilvirlan ]

Jim : quiet, still. ~ bo'l  to be still, to be quiet, to not move. ~ tur /~ bo'lib ket  to become quiet.

Jimi  : v.i. To become still, to be quiet, to stop talking. ~inglar! Be quiet, everybody!, Silence!

Jimiq  : v.i. S. Jimi . Jimiqib ket  to become quiet, to disappear w/o a trace.

Jimir  dial. : v.i. S. Chimir .

Jimir : ~ Etib ketdi to have one's body shudder. Suv beti ~ Etdi the surface of the water was covered with ripples. ~ ~ to'lqinlar ripples. ~ ~ qil  to ripple.

Jimirla  : v.i. To ripple; to glimmer. Ko'z(lar)im ~b ketdi I felt giddy. [jimirlat ]

Jimirlash  : v.i. Ko'zi ~di to feel giddy; to be dazzled. ~di to shudder. [jimirlashtir ]

Jimit : tiny.

Jimjiloq : little finger, pinky. ~day tiny.

Jimjima : fancy engraving (~ qil  to clench (fists  said of an infant). ~li engraved; wavy; pleated.

Jimjimador : adorned with fancy engravings; pleated.

Jimjit : absolutely still, silent.

Jimjitlash  : v.i. To become still, to fall silent.

Jimjitlik : silence; stillness.

Jimlik : silence, stillness.

Jin 1 : (Arabic) jinn, spirit, demon; (coll.) A person's nature, temperament. ~ ko'cha alleyway. ~ chiroq oil lamp. ~i tutdi/~iga teg /~ini qo'zg'at  to hit a raw nerve, to enrage. Nima ~ urdi? Have you gone crazy?, What's gotten into you? ~ ursin uni May demons take him!

Jin 2 : ~ chaqa s. Jiring.

Jin 3 : (Russian) ~ mashina cotton gin.

Jinchi : cotton gin operator.

Jinday/dak : a tad, a little bit.jing'il bot. Dial.tamarisk.

Jing'illa  : v.i. S. Jing'irla .

Jing'irla  : v.i. To ring, to jingle. [jing'irlat ]

Jing : (g')ing yo'q, ~ yo'q perfectly silent; not saying a word, w/o a peep.

Jingak : ~ bo'l /~ chiq  to shrivel up; to become frozen stiff.

Jingala(k) : curled (hair); curl; tendril.

Jingalaklan  : v.i. To curl, to become curled.

Jingila : s. Jingalak.

Jingilla  v.i. Ono. : to ring. [jingillat ]

Jingir jingir : ringing sound. ~ qil  to ring.

Jingirla  : v.i. S. Jingilla .

Jingirtob : sun blasted, scorched; gnarled, twisted. ~ bo'l  to bake, to dry up, to wither; to become gnarled, twisted.jingul bot.small flowered rose.jinjak bot.a type of mimosa.

Jinjaloq : pinky, little finger/toe (s. Jimjaloq).

Jinni : (Arabic) mad, crazy, insane, nuts. ~ shamol varying, gusty wind. ~ qo'yning kallasini yedingmi? Have you gone nuts? Narsa ~si nuts for..., a ... Nut. ~sini chiqar  to heckle; to mangle, to destroy. ~ga chiqar  to consider nuts.

Jinnilik : insanity, craziness; silliness.

Jinninamo : crazy, nutty, not all there.

Jinnisang'i : foolish, asinine, crazy.

Jinnivachcha : son of a madman, devils' spawn.

Jinnivoy : nut, crazy person.

Jinnixona : nut house, insane asylum.

Jinoiy adj. : (Arabic) criminal. ~ protsessual pertaining to criminal proceedings.

Jinoyat : (Arabic) crime. Og'ir ~ serious crime.

Jinoyatchi : criminal.

Jinoyatchilik : crime.

Jinoyatkor : s. Jinoyatchi.

Jinoyatkorlik : s. Jinoyatchilik.

Jinoyatkorona : criminally; criminal, illegal.jinqarcha zool.titmouse (s. Chittak); yahoo, scamp, thug.

Jins : (Arabic) sex, gender; species, type; class.

Jinsdosh : of the same gender; of the same class or type.

Jinsiy : (Arabic) sexual.

Jiplash  : v.i. S. Jipslash . [jiplashtir ]

Jiplashganlik : cohesion.

Jips : dense, densely packed; tight.

Jipsla  : v.t. To pack or set densely or tightly. [jipslash ]

Jipslash  : v.i. (coop. Of jipsla ); to rally, to join ranks. [jipslashtir , jipslashtiril ]

Jipslik : tightness, compactness; togetherness, closeness.

Jiq(qa) : ko'zi ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ mushtlash  to duke it out, to punch each other out.

Jiq jiq : s. ~ ho'l soaking wet, soaked through.

Jiq : s. Jiq(qa).

Jiqillash  : v.i. To have a spat, to spit and argue; to have a tussle with, to fist fight.

Jiqqamush(t) : ~ bo'l  to punch each other out, to go at each other hammer and tongs.

Jir 1 : (Russian) fat, grease. ~i yo'q free of fat (food). ~ bitdi to put on weight, to fill out; to get rich. ~i bor to have everything, to be well endowed. ~li fatty, greasy.jir 2 dial.song, ballad.

Jirafa zool. : (Russian) giraffe.

Jiranda : gully.

Jirdon : jiri yo'q, ~i yo'q not containing one gram of fat.

Jirilla  : v.i. To lash out, to boil over. [jirillash ]jiring ono.ringing or clinking sound. Mulla ~/~ chaqa small change, cash.

Jiringla  : v.i. To ring. [jiringlat ]

Jirish : crudely sifted wheat.

Jirkan  : v.i. To be disgusted, to be revolted. [jirkantir ]

Jirkanch : disgusting.

Jirkanuvchan : easily disgusted.

Jirla  v.i. Dial. : to sing a song. (birovning) jirini ~  to expound s.o. Else's ideas.

Jirlovchi : v.n. Of jirla ; singer of ballads.jirong'or arch. Mil.right flank of an army.ljirov dial.epic singer.

Jirtak : ~ ot /chal  to whistle at , to jeer at; to sneer at s.o. Else's misfortune.

Jirtaki : s. Jizzaki.jirtilla  coll.s. Jirilla .

Jish 1 childs' speech : meat.

Jish 2 : hatchling.

Jism : (Arabic) body. Ismi ~iga mos/monand/munosib/yarashgan Its name fits.

Jisman : (Arabic) bodily, physically.

Jismoniy : (Arabic) physical.

Jivilla  : s. Jivirla .

Jivir jivir : shimmering, dazzling. ~ tovlan  to glimmer, to shimmer. ~ qil  to shimmer; to dazzle.

Jivirla  : v.i. To shimmer; to dazzle. [jivirlash ]

Jiy  : v.i. To fall into tatters; to putrefy. [jiydir ]

Jiyak : embroidered band used as a border on clothing, esp. The hem of women's lozim; edge, border.

Jiyan : nephew or neice; form of address to a younger person. Anqoga ~ rare as hen's teeth.

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