SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Kasr 2 : (Arabic) harm, damage (stemming from another's actions). Menga ~ing tegdi I suffered from your actions. (birovning) ~iga qol  to suffer the consequences of another's actions. ~ son fractional number.

Kasrli : fractional; containing a fraction.

Kasrsiz : complete(ly), wholle/wholely, leaving no fraction.

Kassa : (Russian) pay desk or office; ticket window; fund; cash. Omonat ~si savings fund. O'zaro yordam ~si mutual aid fund. ~ daftari cash book.

Kassatsiya jud. : (Russian) reversal.

Kasseta : (Russian) cassette; plate holder.

Kassir : (Russian) cashier.

Kasta : (Russian) caste.

Kastor moyi : (Russian) s. Kastorka.

Kastorka : (Russian) castor oil.

Kastryul"ka : (Russian) saucepan, pot.

Kat dial. : a large wooden platform (s. Karavot).

Katak : coop, pen; square; cell, chamber; nostril; checkered. ~(li) daftar notebook of graph paper. ~ dasturxon checkered tablecloth. ~ ~ checkered.

Katak katak : made up of many chambers, squares, etc.

Katakcha : tiny pen, cell, etc.

Katalak : hovel, hutch.

Kataliz : (Russian) catalysis.

Katalizator : (Russian) catalyst.

Katalog : (Russian) catalogue.katanak bot.burweed.

Katapul"ta : (Russian) catapult.

Kataysa : ~ qil  to go for a drive.

Kategoriya : (Russian) category.

Kategoriyali : categorical.

Kater : (Russian) launch, cutter.

Katet : (Russian) cathetus.katmon dial.purse.

Katod : (Russian) cathode. ~ nurlar cathode rays.

Katolik : (Russian) (Roman) Catholic.

Katolitsizm : (Russian) Catholicism.

Katorga : (Russian) penal servitude, hard labor. ~da bo'l  to serve hard labor.

Katta katta : very large; lots of large... ~ uylar lots of big houses. ~ qizlar lots of well grown girls.

Katta kichik : large and small, great and small; young and old.

Katta : big, large; grand  (relative); adult, advanced in age; great; senior. ~ pul a lot of money. ~ xotin the senior wife; grown woman. ~ qil  to raise. ~ni kechib kichkina qilgan child who speaks like an adult. Ko'zini ~ och  to open one's eyes wide. O'zini ~ ol /~ arava qayoqqa yursa kichigi ham shu yoqqa yuradi one should follow the example of one's elders. ~ boshini/shaharning ~lari grandees, upper class, high and mighty of the town. ~ qilib ko'rsatadigan shisha magnifying glass. ~ bo'l  to grow up. ~ kel  to be too large. ~ yoshdagi/u mendan ~ He's older than I. ~ qumsichqon (zool.) Great gerbil. ~ qo'shoyoq (zool.) Great jerboa. ~ churrak (zool.) Gargney.kattabosh bot.a type of brome grass.

Kattakon : big, huge, enormous; senior.

Kattakonlik : hugeness; airs. ~ qil  to put on airs.

Kattalash  : v.i. To enlarge, to grow, to get big. [kattalashtir ]

Kattalik : largeness; size. ~ qil  to be too big. ~ing o'zingga! Don't be too big for your britches! Don't have such a big head!Kattaqo'rg'on bot.a type of grape.

Kattar  : v.i. To grow, to become large.

Katyusha : (Russian) a truck mounted rocket launcher.

Kauchuk : (Russian) rubber.

Kaustik : caustic.

Kavak : hollow, cavity, hole.

Kavakla  : v.t. To hollow out.

Kavakli : hollow.

Kavaler 1 : (Russian) holder of an order, decorated.

Kavaler 2 coll : (Russian) male partner (dancing, etc.).

Kavalerist : (Russian) cavalryman.

Kavaleriya : (Russian) cavalry.

Kavar bot : common capers.

Kaverna : (Russian) cavity.

Kavkab arch. Poet. : (Arabic) star (s. Yulduz).

Kavkaz : the Caucasus.kavob coll.s. Kabob.kavobchi coll.s. Kabobchi.

Kavsar : (Arabic) name of a fountain in Heaven (hovuzi ~); clean, pure, cool (water).

Kavsh : ~ qaytar  to chew one's cud, to ruminate. ~ qaytaruvchi ruminant.

Kavsha  : v.t. To masticate, to ruminate. [kavshan , kavshat , kavshash ]

Kavshar : solder; excuse, occasion, cause (for continuing a topic).

Kavsharla  : v.t. To solder. [kavsharlat ]

Kavsharlagich : soldering iron.

Kavsharlagich : soldering iron.

Kavshovchi : v.n. Of kavsha ; ruminant.

Kavush : leather overshoe. ~im ko'chada qolgani yo'q to not care to go out much. ~ing to'g'ri Get lost!. ~i to'g'ri bo'l  to be chased off. ~ini to'g'rilab qo'y  to run s.o. Off.

Kavushandoz : place where shoes are taken off, vestibule.

Kavushchan : wearing only overshoes on one's feet.

Kavushdo'z : cobbler.

Kavushdo'zlik : cobblery.

Kayf : (Arabic) mood, spirits; pleasure, enjoyment; inebriation, buzz. ~ini buz  to spoil one's joy. ~i uch /~ini sur  to enjoy s.t. ~i baland/shira ~ bo'l  to be tipsy. ~i osh  to become quite drunk. ~ qil  to enjoy, to luxuriate in; to get drunk or high; to inebriate. ~ini kes  to sober up. Uning ~i bor He's tipsy or drunk.

Kayf safo, kayfu safo (Arabic) : carousing, revelry.

Kayf xotira : (Arabic) state and mood, spirits.

Kayfiyat : mood, spirits, well being; (poet.) Inebriation, high. Shu ~da in that case.

Kayfiyot lit. : (Arabic) intoxicants.

Kayflan  v.i. Rare : to enjoy; to get drunk or high. [kayflantir ]

Kayflantir  v.t. Rare : caus. Of kayflan ; to benumb, to stupefy.

Kayfli : drunk or high; inebriating; uplifting. ~ ichimlik intoxicating beverage.

Kayfsiz : in bad humor, out of sorts.

Kayfsizlan  : v.i. To be dispirited. [kayfsizlantir ]

Kayfsizlik : low spirits, bad humor.

Kaynozoy : (Russian) Cenozoic.

Kayuta : (Russian) berth, cabin.

Kayvon : Saturn.

Kayvoni : steward; housewife; smart, knowledgable.

Kazak : (Russian) Cossack.

Kazarma : (Russian) barracks.

Kazein : (Russian) casein.

Kazemat : (Russian) casemate.

Kazo kazo : (Arabic) such and such. ~lar notable personalities.

Kazzob : (Arabic) liar, deceiver.

Kazzoblik : lying, deception. ~ qil  to deceive, to be deceptive.

Kebatli : well built.

Kech  v.t., : v.i. To pass through, to go through; to happen; (+jondan ~  to be ready to give or risk one?S life. Ne ~di What (trials) did he go through? Bir qoshiq qonidan ~  to spare s.o.'s life. [kechir , kechiril ]

Kech : evening; late. ~ bilan in the evening. ~ bo?Ldi/~gacha/~ga qadar until night; all day long. ~ kirishi bilan with the coming of night. ~ deganda/~i bilan at the latest. ~ soat oltida six o?Clock in the evening. ~ qol  to be late. ~ kuz late fall. ~ pishar s. Kechpishar.

Kecha : night; evening party; yesterday. ~lari at night, nights. ~ni ~, kunduzni kunduz demay all night and day, disregarding whether it is night or day. ~ ~si last night. ~ kechqurun yesterday evening. ~(yu) kunduz night and day. Bir ~ kunduz one (24 hour) day.

Kechagi : yesterday, yesterday's... ~ voqea the event that happened yesterday. Gazetaning ~ soni yesterday's issue of the newspaper.

Kechalik : night..., nighttime... ~ ish nighttime work. Bir ~ mehmon a guest who stays one night.

Kechasi : during the night, at night. ~ bilan all night.

Kechik  : v.i. To be late, to be delayed. [kechiktir , kechiktiril ]

Kechik : ford.

Kechinma : experience, event.

Kechir  : v.t. Caus. Of boshdan ~  to undergo, to experience (firsthand). Kun ~  to live, to get by, to survive. Ko'z ~  to pass one's eyes (over s.t.). Umr ~  to live, to subsist. ~asiz/~ing/~gaysiz Excuse me, Pardon me. [kechiril ]

Kechirilmas : unforgivable, unexcusable.

Kechirim : forgiveness. ~ so'ra  to beg or ask for forgiveness.

Kechirinma : s. Kechinma.kechki adj.evening...; late ripening. ~ payt (in the) evening, (at) night. ~ o'rik late ripening apricot.

Kechkir  : v.i. To become evening.

Kechlatib : to wait until nighttime (to do s.t.).

Kechlik (ovqat) : evening meal.

Kechmish : past, bygone; the past, bygone days; adventure, escapade. ~ kechinmish life?S quirks and adventures.

Kechpishar : late ripening.

Kechqurun : evening.kechqurungi adj.evening... ~ ziyofat evening banquet.kechuv coll.s. Kechik.

Kedr bot. : (Russian) cedar. ~ yong?Og?I pine nut.kedrxo?R zool.spotted nutcracker.

Kefir : (Russian) kefir (a yoghurt like drink).

Keganak : felt cloak worn by shepherds.

Kegay : spoke; (obs.) Radius.kegin dial.s. Keyin.

Kek : grudge, enmity. ~ saqla  to hold a grudge. ~ saqlashlik vindictiveness; rancor, unforgivingness.

Kekchi : unforgiving, vindictive, vengeful.

Kekchilik : vengefulness, unforgivingness.

Kekir  : v.i. To burp.

Kekirdak : throat, larynx. ~ olmasi Adam's apple. ~cho?Z  to bawl; to swagger, to boast, to crow. Sassiq ~ bo?L  to let out a smelly burp.

Kekirik : burp.

Kekkay  : v.i. To stick one's chest out, to strut, to swagger. [kekkayish , kekkaytir ]

Kekkayma : swaggerer, boaster, snob.

Kekkaymajon : s. Kekkayma.

Kekkaymaxon : s. Kekkayma.

Keksa : elderly, old (person); ancient, time honored.

Keksalik : old age.keksar  coll.s. Keksay .

Keksay  : v.i. To become elderly.

Kel  : v.i. To come, to arrive; to occur, to befall; to proceed, follow, or derive from; to fit, to suit; to weigh, to come to (a measurement), to amount to, to be worth; (after  kulgim ~di I felt like laughing. (+~  to be blessed with good fortune. Mehnat hisobiga ~gan daromad profit derived from hard work. Pal'to unga kichik ~adi the coat is small on him. Qovun olti kilogram ~di the melons came to/weighed six kilos. Balandligi yigirma metrcha ~adigan daraxt a tree of some twenty meters. Gugurt cho?Piday ~adigan tikan thorn the size of a matchstick bu yil kuz yaxshi ~di Fall turned out pleasant this year. Bu pulga ancha narsa ~adi You can get a lot for this much money. Qani, so'zdan ~ing Well, let's hear you talk some. Quruq so?Zni qo?Ying, ishdan ~ing That?S enough empty words, let?S get down to work. ~, qo'y shu gapingni Come on, forget about this.  (i)b kel  (past) to come from doing s.t., to just finish doing s.t.; (future) to do s.t. And come back. [kelish , keltir ]

Kelajak : future; the future.

Kelasi : following, next. ~ zamon the future tense.

Kelbat : figure, physique, build.

Keldi ketdi : people coming and going; visitors, guests.

Kelgindi : stranger, newcomer.

Kelgusi : next, following; the future.

Keli : mortar (s. O'g'ir).

Kelib kelib : finally, in the end, after all (was said and done).

Kelim : income, profit. ~ kirim income, earnings.

Kelin : bride; daughter in law, wife of a younger member of the family (she assumes many of the responsibilities of housekeeping as she is brought into the husband's household). ~ ko'r  to have a new daughter in law; to go to see a new daughter in law during a holiday. ~ qil  to find a wife for one's son. ~ni kelganda ko'r, sepini yoyganda ko'r Don't judge s.t. Until you have seen it. ~ barmog?I (bot.) A type of grape. ~ supurgi (bot.) Diarthron vesiculosum (??). ~ tili (bot.) Peppery waterwort (s. Suvzamchi).

Kelinbaron : s. Kelintushdi.

Kelinchak : young kelin; young married woman.

Kelinchaklik : abstr. Of kelinchak; s. Kelinlik.

Kelinli : having a daughter in law in the house, having gotten one's son married.

Kelinlik : abstr. Of ~ka so?Ra  to ask for (a woman) to become the bride (for one?S son).

Kelinoyi : wife of an older brother; form of address to an older woman married to a close relative or friend.

Kelinsalom : ceremony in which the new bride greets the husband's relatives the morning of the day after the wedding.

Kelintushdi : stage of the wedding festivities celebrating the bringing and arrival of the bride at the husband's family's home.

Kelish  : v.i. Coop. Of tili ~maydi to not be able to speak well. Tobi ~may turibdi to be under the weather. Qo'li ~adi to be up to the job, to be able to pull s.t. Off. [kelishil , kelishtir ]

Kelishgan : p.p. Of kelish ; comely, attractive.kelishik gram.case. ~lar bilan turlanish (noun) inflection. ~ affikslari case endings.

Kelishimli : comely, attractive.

Kelishimsiz : s. Kelishmagan.

Kelishmagan : neg. P.p. Of kelish ; ugly, unattractive; clashing, unseemly, out of place.

Kelishmaganlik : disagreement, discord.

Kelishmovchilik : disagreement, differences.

Kelishtir  : v.t. Caus. Of kelish ; to pull off, to do a good job of.

Kelishuv : v.n. Of kelish ; understanding, agreement.

Kelishuvchilik : conciliatoriness, appeasement.

Kelisop : pestle.

Keltir  : v.t. Caus. Of misol ~  to give an example. Joyiga ~  to do a good job of, to pull s.t. Off well. [keltiril , keltirish ]

Kema : ship, vessel; boat. ~ga tushganning joni bir all in the same boat together. ~ halokati shipwreck.

Kemachi : sailor; bargeman, ferryman.

Kemachilik : navigation, shipping.

Kemasoz : shipwright.

Kemasozlik : shipbuilding.kemik dial.s. Ko?Mik.

Kemir  : v.t. To gnaw. [kemiril ]

Kemirchak : cartilage, gristle.

Kemirchakli : cartilaginous, gristly.

Kemiruvchi : rodent.

Kemshik : missing one or both front teeth.

Kemti  : v.t. To dent, to notch.

Kemtik : gap, hole, broken off or missing part; flaw, defect; flawed, defective. ~ oy waning moon.

Kenas coll. : arch. (Russian) prince; stuck up, imperious person.kendir bot.Indian hemp.

Keng : wide, broad; spacious, vast, roomy; extensive; widespread, general. ~ iste?Mol mollari widely used products. ~ suratda/ravishda widely, broadly. ~ xalq ommasi the general public. ~ ko'ngli ~ generous. Yuragi ~ laidback, easygoing.

Kengash  : v.i. To confer, to discuss; to consult. Keng ~ib yirtiladi Wide clothing takes a long time to wear out.

Kengash : advice, consultation; conference, discussion; council, advisory board, soviet.

Kengashchi : advisor, consultant.kengashli coll.involving discussion, advice gathering, deliberation, etc.kengashma arch.advice; advisory body.

Kengay  : v.i. To widen, to broaden. [kengaytir , kengaytiril ]kengchilik coll.abundance, plenty; openness.

Kenglik : width, breadth; latitude. ~ qil  to be too wide. Janubiy ~ southern latitude. Shimoliy ~ northern latitude.

Kenguru zool. : (Russian) kangaroo.

Kenja : youngest, smallest (sibling); newest, junior. ~ avlod the new generation. ~ guruhlar sub groups.

Kenjatoy : young one, youngster; younger sibling, junior.kennoyi coll.s. Kelinoyi.kent arch.settlement, small town.

Kepak : bran; dandruff. (s. Qazg'oq).kepata dial.pitiable, unfortunate situation.

Kepchik : a round, hand held device for fanning or winnowing grain.

Kepka : (Russian) cap.

Ker  : v.t. To spread apart. ~  to puff out one's chest. Qoshini ~  to raise one's eyebrows. [keril , kerish ]

Keraga : the lattice like lower frame of a yurt.

Keragicha : as much as necessary.

Kerak : needed, necessary; (after V+  (xat yozishim ~ I need to write a letter; (after V+  bo?Lsa ~ must be?; probably, in all likelihood, I guess so. Maktabga kitob ~ The school needs books. Nima ~? What do you need?, What is needed? Nima ~i bor? Why is (it) necessary?; Why (must)?? ~ Emas isn?T needed/necessary; shouldn?T, there?S no need to?

Kerakli : necessary; urgently or badly needed.

Keraklik : necessity, need.

Keraksiz : unnecessary; useless.

Keraksizlik : uselessness.

Keramika : (Russian) ceramics.

Kergi : embroidery frame; brace for holding things apart.

Kerik : spread wide, open wide; full of airs, conceited, arrogant.

Keril  : v.i. Pass. Of ker ; to show off, to strut around; to act haughty or conceited.

Kerilmachoq : arrogant, self important, fat headed.

Kerilmajon : s. Kerilmachoq.

Kerish  v.t., : v.i. Coop. Of ker ; to strut around, to act pompously.

Kerk  : v.i. To swell or puff up (face, eyelids).

Kerk : edema.

Kerkkanlik : swollenness.

Kerogaz : (Russian) kerosene stove.

Kerosin : (Russian) kerosene.

Kerosinka : (Russian) oil stove.

Kert  : v.t. To notch; to chop, to mince. [kertil ]

Kertik : notch; missing place or part; space, cleft, gap; groove. ~ yeyilib ketibdi. ~ qil  to break off a piece of s.t.

Kes  : to cut (through, down, off); to level (hill); to break off, to interrupt; to fix (price); to sentence, to convict; to reduce, to counteract; to circumcise. Achchiqni achchiq ~ar Like cures like. Badanimni sovuq ~ib ketdi I?M frozen to the core. Tok ~  to prune grapevines. Yo'lni ~  to waylay. Bir ~ar a man of his word, unyielding. Tutgan yerini ~adigan extremely ornery or difficult person. [kesil , kesish , kestir ]

Kesak : clod, lump of earth; hand shaped dried brick (s. Tekkanga tegib, tegmaganga ~ otadi s.o. Who picks fights with everyone. ~ bo'lib qol  to freeze, to go numb. ~dan olov chiqqandek said when an indifferent person does s.t. Unexpected. Qorong'i uyga ~ otgandek useless, pointless.

Kesaki : (Russian) door or window frame.

Kesat  : v.t. To gibe with roundabout or sarcastic language. [kesatish ]

Kesatiq : gibe. ~ qil  to speak sarcastically (about).

Kesik : cut (off or through); a cut, slit, incision, etc.; cutting, clipping; erratic, broken (noise).kesim gram.slice, piece; section, sector; predicate. Ko'ndalang ~ cross section. Uzunasiga ~ longitudonal section.kesimlik gram.?? [skazuemost?] ~ affikslari ??

Kesish  : v.i. Coop. Of yo?Llar ~gan joy crossroads; intersection.

Keskich : cutter; cutting (tool).

Keskin : definite, certain, clear; serious; sharp, keen, biting, intense; sharply.

Keskinlash  : v.i. To become serious, more acute, to intensify. [keskinlashtir ]

Keskinlik : abstr. Of keskin; sharpness, keenness, acuteness.

Keskir : sharp.

Kesma : strip, cutting, (cut) piece; cutting (tool). ~ harf cutout letters?? Truncated letters?? [razreznoy azbuka]. ~ kesar obstinate or spiteful person.

Ket  : v.i. To leave, to go; to go along, to proceed; to go by, to pass by (time); to be spent or lost; to go away, to disappear; to move, to be sold; to spread, to reach; to be okay or appropriate, to work; to fit; (after + (portlab ~  to blow up; charchab ~  to be tired out; (after  tushuntira ~di He began quickly to explain. Arzonga ~  to be sold for nothing. Bu idishga qancha suv ~adi? How much water will fit in this container? Dovrug'i butun olamga ~di His fame spread to the whole world. Issiq kunda palov uncha ~maydi Pilaw isn't so good in hot weather. Ishdan ~  to quit work. Ish sekin ~ayapti work is going along slowly. Ko'p vaqt ~di a lot of time has gone by or was spent. Rangi ~  to lose color, to fade; to go pale. Suv tekin ~di to be sold for pennies. Hushidan ~  to pass out, to faint. [ketkaz /ketkiz]

Ket : backside, behind, back; tail, end (point), the far end (of), the far side (of). ~da qol  to be left behind, to fall behind. Bolalarim, ~imda qolinglar expression meaning "Live long (after I am gone)." ish ~ga (~idan kul  to laugh at someone beind their back. Oldidan kelsa tishlaydi, ~idan kelsa tepadi said of an extremely bad tempered or belligerent person. ~iga to/on back of; behind, after. ~ida on back of; on the far side of. ~idan after, following; behind.ketir  coll.s. Keltir .

Ketkaz  : v.t. Caus. Of ket ; to drive off, to get rid of; to (make) lose (usu. Money).

Ketkiz  : v.t. S. Ketkaz .

Ketma ket : one after the other.

Ketmon : a broad bladed mattock or hoe of Central Asia. ~ chop  to hoe with a ~ qo?Y /ur /tashla  to swing or wield a ketmon.

Ketmonchi : one who wields a ketmon, a hoer.

Ketmondosh : fellow hoer.

Ketmonkash : s. Ketmonchi.

Ketsiz : boundless, endless.

Ketvorgan : fine, handsome, dandy.keyin + danlater, after; then, afterwards; end, finish; rear end. Eng ~ the last. ~ ket  to deteriorate, to regress. ~(ga) sur  /~(da) qol  to fall behind. Soatim ~ qolibdi My watch is slow. Ishdan ~ after work. Bir yildan ~ a year later; in a year. Bir necha vaqt o?Tgandan ~ after some time (had passed). Undan ~ later, (and) then. ~ ~ gradually.

Keyincha(lik) : later, after some time, in the future.

Keyinda : coming right after, following; in back. ~ qolgan behind, backward.

Keyindan : later, afterwards.

Keyingi : later, following, next; back, rear(most); last; latest. ~ vaqtlarda lately. Itning ~ oyog'i (lit., the hind leg of a dog) one in disrepute or fallen from favor.

Kez  v.i./v.t. : to walk about; to stroll, to wander; to traverse, to travel through, to visit. [kezdir , kezish ]

Kez : time, season; moment. ~i kelganda when its time comes. Yoshlik ~lari days of youth. ~i bilan in due time.kezak dial.s. Kez.

Kibernetika : (Russian) cybernetics.

Kibor : obs. (Arabic) aristocrat, nobility; proud, conceited. ~lar aristocracy, high society. O?Zini ~ tut  to behave arrogantly.kibr havo, kibru havoairs, pride and conceit.

Kibr : (Arabic) pride, conceit.

Kibrlan  : v.i. To be proud, conceited.

Kibrli : proud, conceited, vain.

Kibrlik : vanity, pride, conceit.

Kichik lit. : small, little; young; minor. ~ kelinoyi the wife of the younger of one's elder brothers. ~ yosh young. ~ to?Y engagement. ~ xotin younger wife (in polygamy).

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