SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Mina : (Russian) mine; mortar shell; torpedo.

Minalashtir  : v.t. To mine, to lay mines.

Minba'd : (Arabic) from hereon, henceforth.

Minbar : (Arabic) pulpit in a mosque.

Mindi mindi : camel fighting (children's game); packed, crammed, crowded.

Mineral : (Russian) mineral.

Mineral : (Russian) mineral.

Mineralizatsiya (Russian) : mineralization.

Mineralog : (Russian) mineralogist.

Mineralogik : (Russian) mineralogical.

Mineralogiya : (Russian) mineralogy.

Ming'ay  : v.i. To pout, to sulk, to be upset.

Ming'aymas : taciturn, silent.

Ming'illa  : v.i. S. Ming'irla .

Ming'ir ming'ir : muttering, murmuring.

Ming'irla  : v.i. To mutter, to murmur.

Ming : thousand; (fig.) A lot, very much; tons, millions.

Mingash  : v.t. To mount or ride an animal behind the original rider, to ride two to a saddle; to double up, to pile up one on top of another. [mingashtir ]

Mingboshi 1 : head of a local district or town; head of an army, commander.mingboshi 2 bot.bindweed (plant to which silkworms attach their cocoons).

Mingboshilik : abstr. Of mingboshi 1.

Mingchi : cotton picker who picks several thousand kilos of cotton.mingdevona bot.henbane.

Minglab : in thousands, by the thousands; in droves, tons, etc.

Minglik : thousands place (of large number); thousand denomination note.mingoyoq zool.centipede.

Miniatyura : (Russian) miniature, illustration.

Minimal : (Russian) minimum, minimal.

Minimum : (Russian) minimum.

Ministr : (Russian) minister.

Ministrlik : ministry.

Minnat : (Arabic) indebtedness; ungrateful behavior.

Minnatdor : (Arabic) indebted, grateful.

Minnatdorchilik : gratefulness.

Minnatdorlik : indebtedness, gratefulness.

Minnatli : cause for indebtedness.

Minnatsiz : not engendering indebtedness.

Minomyot : (Russian) mortar (launcher).

Minomyotchi : mortar man.

Minonosets : (Russian) torpedo boat.

Minor(a) : (Arabic) minaret; tower.

Mintaqa : (Arabic) climate; zone, region.

Minus : (Russian) minus. ~ uch baho a grade of C minus.

Minut : (Russian) minute.

Minutlab : by the minute, minute by minute.

Minutli : adj. Of minut; quick, short.

Miokard : (Russian) myocardium.

Miokardit : (Russian) myocarditis.

Miq : ~ Etmasdan to keep stock still; to be perfectly silent.

Miqdor : (Arabic) quantity, amount; degree; level, rate.

Miqdoriy : (Arabic) quantitative.

Miqnotis : obs. (Arabic) magnit (s. Magnit).miqqi coll.s. Miqti.miqqiy zool.kestrel (s. Kuyka).

Miqroz : arch. (Arabic) snuffers, wick shears.

Miqti : stout, firm.

Miqtila  : v.t. To pack tightly, to stuff or cram into.

Miqyos : (Arabic) scale. Dunyo ~ida on a world wide scale.

Mir amir : (Arabic) ruler, emir; common prefix to men's names.

Mirazlik : position or duties of a scribe.mirg'aq dial.s. Murg'ak.

Mirg'azab hist. : (Arabic) torturer, interrogator.

Miri hist. : a five pence piece. ~dan sirini ayir  to examine thoroughly. ~dan sirigacha in detail, from head to toe, through and through.

Mirilik : five pence worth.

Miriq  : v.i. To be sated, to be satiated, to get one's fill.

Mirishkor : experienced, skillful; (coll.); neat and tidy.

Mirob : (Arabic) superindent of canal water distribution.

Mirobboshi : administrator overseeing mirobs.
Miroblik : abstr. Of mirob.

Miroxo'r hist. : master of horses in a khan's court; groom.mirquruq coll.s.o. Who never has money.

Mirrix : (Arabic) Mars.

Mirsanjali : ~ o'rik a large type of apricot.

Mirshab : (hist.) Nightpoliceman, chief of night policeman; (coll.) Policeman.

Mirshabxona : police station.

Mirza amirzoda : scribe; scholar; lord, gentleman. ~ yigit scholarly young man.mirzaboshi hist.head scribe.mirzaterak bot.Lombardy poplar.mirzo coll.son of a prince or nobleman; s. Mirza.

Mirzoyi : ~ kavush a type of overshoe with a high heel. ~ sabzi a type of long, tapering carrot. ~ Etik a type of boot with a high heel.

Mis : copper. ~i chiqdi to have one's true intentions exposed.

Mish mish : rumor.

Mishiq : mucus, snot. ~i oqqan runny nosed, still wet behind the ears.mishiq dial.s. Mushuk.

Mishiqi : runny nosed.miska dial.muscat grape.

Miskar : coppersmith.

Miskarlik : copper smithing.

Miskin : (Arabic) destitute; despondent, sad; name of a folk melody.

Miskinlik : destitution; despondency.

Misl : (Arabic) like, equal, match. ~i yo'q voqea an unparalleled event.

Misli : like, similar, as if. ~ otash like fire.

Mislsiz : matchless, unparalleled, unheard of.

Misol : (Arabic) example; problem; like (unto).

Misoli : like unto, as.

Misqol : (Arabic) (arch.) A weight of 4.26 grams; minute amount, speck, particle.

Misqoli : ~ doka very fine gauze.

Misqollab : gram by gram, bit by bit, in minute amounts.Misr geo.Egypt.

Misra 3pp. ~i : (Arabic) line of poetry.

Misrang : crowbar, pike.

Missioner : (Russian) missionary.

Missionerlik : abstr. Of missioner; missionary work.

Missiya : (Russian) mission; legation.

Mister : (Russian) mister.

Mistik 1 : (Russian) mystic.

Mistik 2 : (Russian) mystical.

Mistika : (Russian) mysticism.

Mistitsizm : (Russian) mysticism.

Misvok : (Arabic) a stick used for brushing the teeth (used by Muslims as a tradition of the Prophet).mita 1 bot.blight, smut.mita 2 zool.wheat worm.

Miting : (Russian) mass meeting, rally, demonstration.

Mitingbozlik : excessive enthusiasm for holding demonstrations, using the slightest excuse to hold a demonstration.

Mitropolit : (Russian) metropolitan.

Mitti : tiny.

Mix : nail. Ishlar ~ Everything is going great.

Mixcho'p : cobbler's nail; (bot.) Plaintain.

Mixday : hard, fast; great, super, in fine shape.

Mixla  : v.t. To nail. [mixlan ]

Mixlan  : v.i. Pass. Of mixla ; to sit stock still and stare fixedly.

Miya : brain; (coll.) The top of the head. ~si joyiga keldi to come to one's senses. ~si to'ldi to become grown up. ~siga sig'dirolmaslik inability to comprehend or imagine. ~sini eb qo'y  to go crazy or berserk. ~sini chulg'adi to distract completely. ~ni qoqib qo'lga ber  to drive batty with noise or talk.

Miyali : brainy.

Miyasiz : brainless.miyiq dial.moustache (s. ~ida kul  to chuckle to o.s.

Miyon rare : middle, center.

Miyona rare : middle, middling; common, ordinary. O'rta ~ middle, middling. ~ astar lining of inside of a padded garment. ~sida during, in the course of; approximately, roughly.

Miyoncha : fruits and sweets brought in by women on trays during celebration feasts.miyov ono.meow.

Miyovla  ono. : v.i. To meow. [miyovlash ]

Mizanstsena : (Russian) mis en sc?.

Mizg'i  : v.i. To doze.

Mizoj : (Arabic) nature, temperament. ~i issiq or issiq ~ heat loving, warm blooded. ~i sovuq or sovuq ~ cold loving.

Mo''jaz : (Arabic) wonderful, marvelous; small, compact.

Mo''jiza : (Arabic) miracle.

Mo''jizador : having miraculous powers.

Mo''jizali : miraculous.

Mo''tabar lit. : (Arabic) esteemed, held in good repute.

Mo''tadil : (Arabic) moderate, temperate; moderate, middle of the road.

Mo'g'ul : Mongol; Moghul.mo'h mo'h ono.sound used to call various domesticated animals.

Mo'hmal lit. : (Arabic) unclear, vague.mo'kki dial.a low sided shoe made of untanned leather.

Mo'l ko'l : quite abundant, overflowing.

Mo'l : bountiful, abundant.

Mo'labdor : mustachioed.

Mo'lay  : s. Mo'ltay .

Mo'lchilik : affluence, abundance.

Mo'ljal : plan, target, aim; guess, approximation.

Mo'ljalla  : v.t. To shoot, plan, or aim for; to guess, to make an approximation. [mo'ljallan ]

Mo'ljalli : planned, fixed, intended.

Mo'lla  rare : v.t. To increase, to make abundant.

Mo'llik : abundance.mo'loq coll.crippled; broken, chipped.

Mo'lt mo'lt : deploringly.

Mo'ltay  : v.i. To look on deploringly; to look blankly.

Mo'ltilla  : v.i. To look on deploringly.

Mo'ltira  : v.i. To look on deploringly.

Mo'ltoni (Hindi) : gypsy; swindler, cheat.

Mo'may : respectable, sizable, significant in amount (money); free, easily obtained. ~gina pul tidy sum of money.

Mo'min : (Arabic) believer, Muslim; humble, pious.

Mo'min qobil : tractable, compliant.

Mo'mintoy : kind, mild mannered little one.

Mo'ndi : pottery jug.

Mo'r malaxday : in swarms.

Mo'rala  : v.i. To peep. [mo'ralash ]

Mo'rcha 1 : European style bathroom.

Mo'rcha 2 dial. : ant.

Mo'rchamiyon : wasp waisted, narrow waisted.mo'rdak (arava) dial.a fancy, shaded wagon.

Mo'ri : chimney, flue (s. Dudbo'ron, mo'rkon).

Mo'rkon : s. Mo'ri.

Mo'rt : brittle.mo'rtuk bot.Eremopyrum.

Mo'y : hair. ~ qalam brush.

Mo'ychinak : tweezers, pincers. ~ tishlamagan still wet behind the ears; innocent, gullible.

Mo'ylab : mustache.

Mo'ylov : mustache; whiskers; feelers.

Mo'ylovdor : mustachioed; having a long or thick mustache.

Mo'yna : pelt, fur.

Mo'ynado'z : furrier.

Mo'ysafid : white beard, oldster; vodka.

Mobaynida : during, throughout, in the course of.

Mobilizatsiya (Russian) : mobilization.mocha zool.she ass, female donkey; (vulgar) bitch.

Mochag'ar : s. Mocha.

Mochalka : (Russian) loofah bath sponge.

Mochaxar : s. Mocha.

Moda 1 : female bird (other than a hen or female bedana).

Moda 2 : (Russian) fashion, style; popular.

Modal < : (Russian) modal.

Modallik : modality.

Modda 1 : (Arabic) substance, material; element.

Modda 2 : (Arabic) item, point, section, article (of a document). ~ma ~ point by point.

Moddiy adj. : (Arabic) material. ~ dadil material evidence.

Moddiyat : (Arabic) materiality.

Moddiylik : materiality; essence.

Moddiyun : obs. (Arabic) materialists.

Moddiyun(chi)lik : materialism.

Model" : (Russian) model, pattern.

Modelchi : modeller, pattern maker.

Modernist : (Russian) modernist.

Modernistik < : (Russian) modernistic.

Modernizatsiya (Russian) : modernization.

Modernizatsiyala  : v.t. To modernize.

Modernizm : (Russian) modernism.
Modifikatsiya : (Russian) modification.

Modomiki : since, as, seeing how.

Mog'or : mold. ~ bosgan/otgan moldy.

Mog'orla  : v.i. To become moldy.

Moh poet. : moon. ~i tobon/munavvar/anvar shining moon.

Mohir : (Arabic) skilled, expert, master.

Mohirona : skillfully, expertly.

Mohiyat : (Arabic) essence; quiddity.

Mohiyona : obs. S. Moyana.

Mohtob : moonlit.

Mojaro : (Arabic) event, occurence, happening; adventure, escapade; incident; fight, scuffle, skirmish.

Mojarolash  coll. : v.i. To get into an altercation or shouting match.

Moki : shuttle. Bo'zchining ~siday yugur  to shuttle back and forth, to bustle in and out.

Mol : (Arabic) (horned) cattle, cow; animal, beast; property, belongings, chattle; goods. ~ yoyar ceremony for women wherein a new bride displays the chattel she has brought with her. ~ yig'ar gathering for women held 20 30 days after the ~ sifat (fig.) Fat cow, ugly pig, whale, etc.

Mol dunyo : goods, property.

Mol hol : all of one's belongings.

Mol manol, molu manol : goods, property.

Mol mulk, molu mulk : goods, property.

Mola : plough.

Molala  : v.t. To plough. [molalan , molalat ]

Molboqar : cattleman, cow herd, shepherd.

Moldor : owner of or possessing many cattle.

Molekula : (Russian) molecule.

Molibden : (Russian) molybdenum.

Molik : obs. (Arabic) owner.

Molimardumxo'r : extortioner, blood sucker.

Molimardumxo'rlik : extortion, depredation.

Moliya : (Arabic) finance(s).

Moliyat : obs. (Arabic) tax (s. Soliq).

Moliyaviy : (Arabic) financial.

Mollyuska : (Russian) mollusk, shellfish.

Molodets : (Russian) well done!

Molotilka : (Russian) threshing machine.

Molparast : materialist, worshiper of money and property.

Molqo'ra : cattle pen.

Molxona : barn, cattle shed.moma dial.grandmother; elderly woman. Moma Havo Eve.momaguldurak dial.s. Momaqaldiroq.

Momaqaldiroq : thunder.momaqaymoq bot.dandelion.momasirka bot.commom whitlow grass.

Momataloq : severe bruising; (beaten) black and blue.

Momiq : cotton wool, wadding; down; (bot.) [sherstistolistnik khlopchatnikovyy]?; soft like cotton or down.

Momo formal : mama, mother.

Monand : similar, resembling.

Monarx : (Russian) monarch.

Monarxist : (Russian) monarchist.

Monarxiya : (Russian) monarchy.

Monarxiyachi : monarchist.

Monarxizm : (Russian) monarchism.

Monastir" < : (Russian) monastery.

Monax : (Russian) monk (s. Rohib).

Mone : (Arabic) preventing, hindering.

Monelik : hindrance, obstruction, prevention.

Monesiz : free of obstruction, free.

Mongol : (Russian) Mongol.

Monist : (Russian) monist.

Monistik : (Russian) monistic.

Monizm : (Russian) monism.

Monografik : (Russian) monographic.

Monografiya : (Russian) monograph.

Monolit : (Russian) monolith.

Monometr : (Russian) manometer, pressure gauge.

Monopolist : (Russian) monopolist.

Monopolistik monopolistik kapitalizm (Russian) : monopolistic.

Monopoliya : (Russian) monopoly.

Monopoliyachi : monopolist.

Monoteist : (Russian) monotheist.

Monoteistik : (Russian) monotheistic.

Monoteizm : (Russian) monotheism.

Monotip : (Russian) monotype.

Monotipchi : monotypist.

Monotipist : (Russian) monotypist, monotype typesetter.

Montaj : (Russian) assembly; mounting, installation; montage.

Montajchi : assembler, mounter, etc.

Montajyor : (Russian) montage specialist.

Montyor : (Russian) electrician.

Monument : (Russian) monument.

Monumental : (Russian) monumental.

Moparda lit. : decent, virtuous.

Mopor : lover, beloved.

Mor : serpent; the year of the snake (s. Ilon yili).

Mordvin : Mordvin.

Morfema : (Russian) morpheme.

Morfiy : (Russian) morphium.

Morfologik : (Russian) morphological.

Morfologiya : (Russian) morphology.

Morojniy : (Russian) ice cream (s. Muzqaymoq).

Morze : (Russian) ~ alifbosi Morse code. ~ apparati Morse telegraph.

Mos : (Arabic) matching, matched, fitting, suitable. ~ kel  to fit or match, to suit.

Mosh bot. : mung bean. Ko'zi ~day ochildi to come around, to feel better; to be glad about, to feel smug about.moshina coll.s. Mashina.

Mosh guruch : salt and pepper (gray hair).

Moshkichiri : a dish made with mung beans and rice; salt and pepper gray (hair); mixed up, muddled up.

Moshova : a dish made of pumpkin and mung beans.

Moshpoya : the stalk of a mung bean plant; a field of mung beans.

Moshugra : a soup made of noodles and mung beans.

Moshxo'rda : a soup made with rice and mung beans.

Mosla  : v.t. To suit, to adapt. [moslan , moslantir , moslash ]

Moslash  : v.i. To adapt, to conform; (gram.) To agree. [moslashtir , moslashtiril ]

Moslashuv : (gram.) Agreement.

Mosuvo : (Arabic) bereft, deprived.

Mot : checkmate. ~ bo'l  to lose, to be outdone (esp. In verbal contests). ~ qil  to win; to defeat.

Motam : mourning; extreme sadness, anguish.

Motamli : of mourning; in mourning.

Motamsaro poet. : mournful.

Motamxona : place of mourning, household in mourning.

Motiv : (Russian) motif.

Motka : (Russian) queen (cards).

Motodrom : (Russian) motorcycle race track.

Motokross : (Russian) motocross.

Motopoyga : motorcycle race.

Motor : (Russian) motor, engine.

Motorchi : s. Motorist.

Motorist : (Russian) engine mechanic.

Motorlash  : v.t. To become motorized. [motorlashtir , motorlashtiril ]

Motorlashtir  : caus . Of motorlash ; to provide with motorized transport. [motorlashtiril ]

Motorli : motorized.

Motoroller : (Russian) motor scooter.

Motorsiz : motorless.

Motorsozlik : engine manufacture.

Mototsikl : (Russian) motorcycle.

Mototsiklet : (Russian) s. Mototsikl.

Mototsikletchi : s. Mototsiklchi.

Mototsilkchi : motorcyclist.

Mov : ~ bo'l  to be in heat (of a cat).Movaro'nnahr geo.Transoxiana.Moviy qirg'oq geo.C?d'Azur.

Moviy poet. : (Arabic) sky blue.

Movliyat : arch. (Arabic) gathering for a feast, wedding, festival, etc.; season, time.

Movut : broadcloth.

Mox : (Russian) moss (s. Yo'sin).

Moxora : a soup made of meat and chickpeas.

Moxov : leprosy; leper; bastard, devil, mess. ~ bo'l  to contract leprosy; to rot, to fall apart. ~ga oshna qil  to waste, to ruin. ~ini chiqar  to botch, to make a mess of. Yakka ~ lone wolf.

Moy : oil, fat, grease. ~ bezlari sebaceous glands. ~dek yoq  to appeal to greatly. ~ dog'i grease stain. ~ to'kilsa yalagudek spic and span, clean as can be. Og'zingga ~ bless your tongue (said to a person bringing good news). Og'zidan ~ tomadi said of one whose speech is pleasing or sweet. Pichog'i ~ ustida high on the hog, sitting pretty. Qozonni ~ qil  to turn things around, to improve one's lifestyle.moya 1 zool.female Bactrian camel.

Moya 2 lit. : (Arabic) base, foundation; founder (of an organization).

Moyak : a starter egg (egg or egg like object placed in a nest to get a chicken to lay eggs); (dial.) Egg.

Moyana coll. : pay, wage.

Moyanaxo'r rare : one who lives only by his monthly wages.moychechak bot.camomile.

Moychiroq : oil lamp; kerosene lamp.

Moyil : (Arabic) inclined, disposed, prone, susceptible (to); nearly,  ish. U mening fikrimga ~ He is disposed towards my idea. Oqqa ~ whitish.

Moyillan  rare : v.i. To incline or be disposed towards, to lean towards; to side with.

Moyjuvoz : oil press.

Moyla  : v.t. To grease, to spread with oil; (rare) to become oily. Tomog'ini ~  to grease one's lips/throat, i.e. To eat (one's fill). [moylan , moylat ]

Moyli : oily, greasy, containing oil.

Moyxo'rak med. (med.) : plica polonica.

Mozi : oak gall.

Moziy : obs. (Arabic) the past. Fe'li ~ past tense verb.

Mozor : graveyard; gravesite. ~ bosgan/ochiq ~da never, no way; nowhere in hell.

Mozoriston : graveyard.

Mozorot dial. : graveyard.

Muallaq : (Arabic) hovering, hanging in the air. ~ osh  to do a flip.muallaqchi arch.acrobat.

Muallif lit. : (Arabic) author.

Muallim : (Arabic) teacher, instructor.

Muallima : (Arabic) female teacher.

Muallo : obs. (Arabic) exalted.

Muammo : (Arabic) acrostic (poetry); enigma, riddle; problem.

Muammoli : enigmatic; problematic.

Muannas : (Arabic) (arch.) Female; (gram.) Feminine.

Muarrix : (Arabic) historian.

Muashshah : (Arabic) a type of acrostic where the poet's name can be derived from the first letters of each line.

Muassasa : (Arabic) establishment, foundation.

Muattar : (Arabic) fragrant.

Muayyan : (Arabic) selected, appointed; certain, definite.

Muazzam lit. : (Arabic) great, enormous.

Muazzin : (Arabic) one who makes the Muslim call to prayer.

Mubham lit. : (Arabic) vague, indefinite; convoluted.

Mubohasa lit. : (Arabic) discussion, dispute, talks.

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