SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Kursilla  : v.i. To make crunching noises. [kursillat ]

Kursiv : (Russian) italics.

Kursovka : (Russian) authorization to use the facilities at a health resort (w/o staying there).kurt kurt ono.munching or chewing noises (e.g., by a horse chewing its cud).

Kurt : dull (of needle).

Kurtak : bud; (fig.) Seed, root.

Kurtakla  : v.i. To bud. ~sh yo?Li bilan ko?Pay  to reproduce by budding.

Kurtilla  : v.i. To make chewing or munching noises.

Kurtka : (Russian) (men's) jacket.

Kusa  : v.t. To crave, to have cravings (s. Tusa ).

Kushanda : killer, destroyer; scourge, pest, bane; cure, remedy (for ills).

Kushetka : (Russian) (backless) couch.

Kushod rare : fully; to an extreme. ~ ko?Tar  to yank, to snatch.

Kushoyish lit. : (easy) solution, success. ~ top  to be successful.

Kushxona : slaughterhouse.

Kustar" : (Russian) (handi)craftsman.

Kustarchilik : handicraft manufacture, home industry.

Kustarlik : abstr. Of kustar'; handicraft manufacture.

Kut  : v.t. To wait for; to go to meet, to receive, to welcome; to wait on, to treat, to entertain; to expect; to yell at, to chew out, to set straight; to give the third degree. ~ib ol  to (go to) meet; to take in hand, to set straight. [kutil , kutish , kuttir ]

Kutilmaganda : unexpectedly.

Kutkila  : v.t. To harangue, to scream at.

Kutkilovchi : grouch, sorehead.

Kutubxona : library.

Kutubxonachi : librarian.

Kutubxonachilik : librarianship; library business. ~ ilmi library science.

Kuv : butter churn. ~ pish  to churn butter.

Kuva 1 : a large earthenware jar.

Kuva 2 : cobbler's hammer. ?? [pravilka]

Kuvacha : small vase or urn.

Kuvala  : v.t. To beat or stretch with a cobbler's hammer.

Kuvi : entrance (to beehive).

Kuvla  : v.t. To churn.

Kuvrak : crisp (vegetable or fruit).

Kuy 1 : tune, melody. ~ga sol  to put to music. ~li melodious.

Kuy 2 : condition, state, circumstances, straits.

Kuy  : to burn, to become burnt, scorched, singed, etc; to burn with fever; to be ruined; to be lost, forfeited, or expired; to agonize over s.t.; to care for, to worry about. Nimaga ~asan? What are you so upset about? Bunchalik ~ib pishmasangiz! Why get so worked up (about this)? ~ib pishib so?Zla  to speak with fervor. Ichi ~  to be peeved about s.t. Oxirati ~adi He will burn in Hell. Uyi ~  to be devastated, to undergo a disaster. Yuragi ~  to be dying of thirst; to be burning with love. Biletim ~di my ticket expired. [kuydir , kuydiril ]

Kuya 1 : soot (s. Qorakuya, qurum).kuya 2 zool.moth.kuychi lit.songster; eulogist.

Kuydi pishdi : vigorous, tireless, zealous.

Kuydir  : v.t. Caus. Of u meni ~ib ketdi He burned (hurt) me. ~gan kalladay with a crooked smirk on his face.

Kuydirgi : anthrax. Aqlingga ~ chiqqanmi Don't you have any brains? Pulingga ~ chiqqanmi What happened to your money? (said to s.o. Who is too stingy to spend his own money, but has no qualms about asking others for a loan).

Kuyik  : v.i. To come into heat.

Kuyin  : v.i. To feel for, to grieve for; to worry about, to fret over. ~ib gapir  to speak passionately. ~ib yig?La  to weep bitterly.

Kuyinchak : (overly) compassionate, sensitive, or concerned.

Kuyinchaklik : (excessive) compassion, sensitivity, concern.

Kuyindi : burned remains. ~ hidi smell of burning.

Kuyiniq : suffering, heartache.kuyka 1 zool.kestrel (s. Miqqiy).kuyka 2 coll.dirty, grubby.

Kuyla  : v.i. To sing; to sing praises of. [kuylan , kuylash ]

Kuymalan  : v.i. To fiddle, to be busy with this or that.

Kuyman  : v.i. S. Kuymalan .

Kuyov : groom; son in law; brother in law (of younger sister). Ich ~ a man who lives with his wife's family. ~ga chiq  to get married (of a woman).

Kuyuk : burnt portion of s.t.; burn (wound); grief, sorrow. ~ xotin unloved wife (in polygamy).

Kuz : fall, autumn. ~ kirdi fall has arrived.

Kuza  : v.t. To trim evenly. [kuzal , kuzat ]kuzak coll.s. Kuz.kuzan zool.s. Sassiqkuzan.

Kuzat  : v.t. To see off, to accompany; to watch, to regard, to observe; to pursue (goal). [kuzatil ]

Kuzatuvchi : v.n. Of kuzat ; observer.

Kuzgi : adj. Of ~ Ekinlar fall crops. ~ shudgor land plowed in fall for spring sowing; fall plowing.

Kuzir : (Russian) trump; swaggerer, boaster. ~ yur  to lead trumps.

Kuzlik : meant or made for fall. ~ kiyim fall clothing.

Kuzov : (Russian) body, bed (of carriage, etc.).

Kvadrant : (Russian) quadrant.

Kvadrat : (Russian) square. ~ metr square meter, meter squared. To'rtning ~i the square of four, four squared. ~ tenglama quadratic equation. ~ qavs square root sign. ~ga ko?Tar  to square (a number).

Kvadrat uyalab Ekish : to sew evenly both the length and width of a field.

Kvadratura : (Russian) quadrature, measuring area in squared units.

Kvalifikatsiya (Russian) : qualification(s). Jinoyatni ~ qil  to degree and punishment of a crime.

Kvant : (Russian) quantum. ~ mexanikasi

Kvartal : (Russian) quarter; block. ~ uchastkasi plot of land in a quarter of a city??. ~ hisoboti quarterly report.

Kvartet : (Russian) quartet.

Kvartira : (Russian) apartment, flat; quarters. ~ haqi rent.

Kvartirant : (Russian) lodger.

Kvarts : (Russian) quartz.

Kvartsit : (Russian) quartzite.

Kvartsli : quartziferous.

Kvas : (Russian) a slightly fermented beverage made from rye, barley, etc.

Kvinta mus. : (Russian) (mus.) Fifth.

Kvintet : (Russian) quintet.

Kvitantsiya : (Russian) receipt.

Kvorum : (Russian) quorum.

La'l : (Arabic) ruby. ~ javohirot gems. ~i Badaxshon Badakhshan ruby; name of a tune or song. ~i lab ruby lips.

La'li : small serving tray.

La'nat : (Arabic) Damn! ~ ayt /o'qi /yog?Dir  to curse.

La'natla  : v.t. To curse; to swear at. [la'natlan ]

La?Nati : damned, accursed, wretched.

Lab : lip; edge. ~ ohangi labial harmony. ~i ~iga tegmay gapir  to jabber. ~ tishlab ol  to hold one?S tongue. ~ tishlab qol  to be made a fool of. ~ tovushlari labials. ~ ur  to turn down the lip of s.t.

Lab balab : s. Labolab.

Lab dahan : mouth and lips; tongue, speech; a clever tongue, the ability to talk people into things. Gapirsangchi, ~ing yo?Qmi? Speak up, don?T you have a mouth to talk with?

Lab dahanli : gifted or smooth talker.

Lab lunj : lips, mouth and chin. ~i osildi to have a long face.

Labbay : (Arabic) Yes?, Excuse me? (response when being called). Shoshganda ~ topilmas One is tongue tied when surprised with s.t. "~" deb javob ber /"~" de  to say "yes" to something immediately, to volunteer without hesitation.

Labbaygo'y : yes man.

Labbaygo?Ylik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to be s.o.?S yes man.labcha bot.stigma.

Labdir : s. Lavand.

Labdirlik : s. Lavandlik.

Labial : (Russian) labial.

Labirint : (Russian) labyrinth.

Lablangan : s. Lablashgan.

Lablash  : v.i. To become labialized. [lablashtir ]

Lablashgan : labialized.

Labolab lit. : full to the brim.

Laborant : (Russian) lab assistant.

Laborantlik : lab assistantship. ~ qil  to work as a lab assistant.

Laboratoriya : (Russian) laboratory.labz coll.s. Lafz.

Lachak : calico or muslin scarf older women use to wrap around their heads.

Lachaklik : material appropriate for making lachak.

Lafet : (Russian) gun carriage.

Lafz lit. : (Arabic) word; tongue; promise. ~i tez quick tongued, short tempered. ~i shirin sweet tongued. ~i yo'q/~ida turmaydigan not true to his word. ~i halol reliable, living up to one's word. ~ini yut /~idan qayt  to renege on a promise, to not fulfill a promise.

Lafzan lit. : (Arabic) verbal.

Lafzsiz : not true to his word, unreliable.

Lafzsizlik : unreliability, failure to live up to one's word.

Lag'mon (Ch.) : a type of long noodle; a soupy dish made with these noodles.

Lag'monxona : a lag'mon restaurant.

Lagan : platter; large dish; basin; tray.

Laganbardor : sycophant, toady, bootlicker; lackey. (s. Xushomadgo'y).

Laganbardorlarcha : flatteringly, fawningly, like a bootlicker.

Laganbardorlik : flattery, toadying, bootlicking.

Lagancha : dim. Of lagan.

Lager? : (Russian) camp. Kontsentratsion ~ concentration camp.

Lahad : (Arabic) grave, the hollow within which the body is placed during burial.

Lahim : (Arabic) underground passageway or channel.

Lahimchi : one who digs an underground passageway or channel.

Lahja : (Arabic) dialect group.

Lahm : (Arabic) tender, boneless (meat).

Lahza : (Arabic) instant, moment.

Lahzalik : bir ~ instantaneous, momentary.

Lain lit. : (Arabic) accursed. Shaytoni ~ Satan, the accursed.

Lak : arch. A hundred thousand.lakalov coll.dunderhead, space cadet.lakluk coll.uvula.

Lak lak 1 : hundreds of thousands, millions, tons.

Lak lak 2 : ko?Zi ~ o?Tiribdi His eyes are sunken.lak pak coll.s. Lakalov.

Lakmus : (Russian) litmus.

Lakot bo'l  : to become drowsy or limp.

Lallay  : v.i. To be sluggish or torpid; to stare blankly.

Lalmi : unirrigated.

Lalmikor : unirrigated; dry farmer.

Lalmikorlik : dry farmland; dry farming.

Lama : (Russian) lama.

Lampa 1 : (Russian) lamp, light. ~ moy kerosene. ~ shisha lamp chimney.

Lampa 2 : stucco ceiling.

Lampacha : s. Lampochka.

Lampochka : (Russian) light bulb. Qirqtalik ~ forty watt bulb.landahur obs.s. Landavur.

Landavur : good for nothing, muddler, bungler.

Landavurlik : clumsiness, ineptness.

Landish bot. : (Russian) lily of the valley.

Landshaft : (Russian) landscape.

Lang 1 : arch. Lame.

Lang 2 : ~ ochiq wide open. Og'zi ~ ochilib qoldi His mouth opened wide.

Lang 3 : dispepsia.

Lang'illa  : v.i. To blaze.

Langar : anchor. ~ cho'p balance pole held by a tightrope walker.

Lanj : languid, lethargic, sluggish; soft, overcooked; indecisive, indisposed; shiftless; spiritless, dull. ~ qil  to make tired, lethargic. ~ javob indecisive answer. ~ havo changeable weather.

Lanjlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to do nothing; to waffle, to be indecisive.

Lanka (Ch.) : a circular piece of sheep hide with a metal piece fastened to the back which is kicked in the air; the game in which this playing piece is used.

Lantan : (Russian) lanthanum.

Lapang lapang : tottering or heaving from side to side.

Lapangla  : v.i. To waddle; to totter.

Lapar : song sung in turns by young men in women at weddings and other get togethers.

Laparchi : lapar singer, one gifted at singing lapar songs.

Lapashang : good for nothing; muddler, bungler; spineless.lappak dial.flat.lappos coll.heavy set; crude, vulgar.

Laq laq : ~ qil  to ache, to throb.

Laq luq rare : s. Lash lush.

Laq : gullibly, without thinking, easily. ~ Etib tush /~qa tush  to be duped, to swallow the bait.

Laqab : (Arabic) nickname; pen name; (arch.) Family name. ~ qo?Y  to give a nickname to.

Laqablan  : v.i. To be nicknamed.laqam dial.s. Lahm; s. Laqab.

Laqay : name of an Uzbek tribe found chiefly in Tajikistan and Afghanistan.laqcha dial.s. Laxcha.

Laqilla  : v.i. To dawdle, to waste time; to be fooled, to be taken. [laqillat , laqillash ]laqim coll.s. Lahm.

Laqma : gullible, simple minded.

Laqmalik : simple mindedness.laqqa 1 zool.sheatfish, catfish.

Laqqa 2 : utterly, easily, without thinking.

Laqqa 3 : s. Laxcha.

Laqqi : s. Laqma.

Laringit : (Russian) laryngitis.

Laringolog : (Russian) laryngologist.

Laringologiya : (Russian) laryngology.

Laryok : (Russian) stand, stall.

Larza : shaking, trembling, shock. ~~ga sol /keltir  to shake.

Larzon : trembling.

Las : satin.

Lash lush : odds and ends, stuff, garbage.

Lashkar : arch. Army, troops. Xalq ~i militia. ~ tort  to attack with one's army.

Lashkarboshi : commander.

Lashkargoh : camp, base.

Lastik : (Russian) lasting (fabric).

Lat : ~ ye  to get hurt. Lat ber /yetkaz  to hurt, to cause hurt to.latcha zool.weasel.

Latif : (Arabic) fine, pleasant, pretty; charming, gracious.

Latifa : (Arabic) story, tale, joke.

Latifaboz : storyteller, jokester; one who likes listening to jokes and tales.

Latifabozlik : storytelling, joke telling, enjoying jokes and tales.

Latifachi : joke or story teller; wit, comedian.

Latifago'y : storyteller, jokester.

Latifago'ylik : storytelling, joke telling.

Latiflik : s. Latofat.

Latin : Latin. ~ chechagi (bot.) Nasturtium.

Latincha : Latin (lang.).

Latinlashtir  : v.t. To Latinize. [latinlashtiril ]

Latish : (Russian) Latvian.

Latishcha : Latvian (lang.).

Latofat : (Arabic) grace, charm, elegance.

Latofatli : pleasant, charming.

Latta lutta : s. Latta putta.

Latta putta : old rags; s.t. Made of old rags.

Latta : rag; cloth; (dial.) Silken material; scatter brain, reject. ~ jinnisi s.o. Nuts about accumulating clothes or material. Gapidan ~ hidi/isi keladi to speak nonsense.

Lattachaynar : blabberer, chatterbox; broken record.

Lattafurush : used clothing dealer.

Lattalik : scatter brainedness, imbecility.lattatikan bot.spear thistle.

Lattavosh slang derisive : lit., "rag head"; refers to (turbaned) tribal Uzbeks in S. Uzbekistan.

Latviyalik : s. Latish.

Laureat : (Russian) prize winner.

Lava 1 : (Russian) lava.

Lava 2 : (Russian) (mining) drift.

Lavand : shiftless, lazy, indolent.lavang coll.s. Lavand.

Lavh : arch. (Arabic) bookstand.

Lavha : (Arabic) stone or metal slab; plaque; account, chronicle; illumination, decoration (of book); view, scenery.lavlagi bot.beet. Qand ~ (bot.) Sugar beet. ~ bo'lib ket /~si chiqib ket  to turn red like a beet.

Lavlagichi : beet grower.

Lavlagichilik : s. Lavlagikorlik.

Lavlagikavlagich : beet harvester (machine).

Lavlagikor : beet grower; beet growing.

Lavlagikorlik : beet cultivation.

Lavozim lit. : (Arabic) post, position.

Lavozimot : arch. (Arabic) necessary things, supplies.

Lavozimsiz : w/o a post. ~ ministr minister without portfolio.lavr bot.laurel (s. Dafna).

Laxcha : ~ cho'g'/o't/olov blazing coal (fire, flame).

Laxta : ~ qon blod clot or blob. ~ ~ qon gobs and gobs of blood.

Laxtak : scrap, shred.laycha zool.a short breed of house dog; running dog, gofer, footman.

Laxtak luxtak : scraps, shreds.

Laylak zool. : stork; a type of manual crane. ~ bo'l  to be tilted upwards (wagon; see following). ~ qilib qo'y  to place (wagon) so that the shafts are pointing upwards and the rear is touching the ground. ~ varrak a rhombus shaped kite. ~ yurish sweeping gate. ~ qor large fluffy snow(flakes). ~ g?O?Za (bot.) A type of low yield cotton.laylaktumshuq bot.

Laylatulqadr : (Arabic) the Night of Power (the 27th of Ramadhan).

Layner : (Russian) liner. Xavo ~i airliner.

Layoqat : (Arabic) capability; aptitude.

Layoqatli : capable, able; fit, ready; suitable.

Layoqatsiz : unfit; unpromising; incapable.

Lazaret : arch. (Russian) field hospital.

Lazgi : a lively melody from Khorazm; a dance danced to this tune.

Lazgin : Lezgin?? Lezghin?? Laz??.

Lazgincha : the Laz language??.

Laziz lit. : (Arabic) delicious, tasty, sweet.

Lazzat : (Arabic) taste, flavor; pleasure, delight. ~ ol  to find pleasure (in). ~ini tot  to taste the pleasure of.

Lazzatlan  : v.i. To take delight in; to find pleasure in.

Lazzatli : tasty, delicious; delightful.

Lazzatsiz : flavorless, bland; unenjoyable, unpleasant, plain.

Lederin : (Russian) leatherette??.

Legal : (Russian) legal. ~ marksizm legal Marxism (a 19th c. Movement).

Legallashtir  : v.t. To legalize.

Legallashtirish : v.n. Of legallashtir ; to legalize.

Lek 1 arch. Poet. : s. Lekin.

Lek 2 : (Russian) lek.lekigin coll.s. Lekin.

Lekin : (Arabic) but; however.

Leksema : (Russian) lexeme.

Leksigograf : (Russian) lexicographer.

Leksik : (Russian) lexical.

Leksika : (Russian) vocabulary, lexicon.

Leksikografik (Russian) : lexicographical.

Leksikografiya : (Russian) lexicography.

Leksikolog : (Russian) lexicologist.

Leksikologik : (Russian) lexicological.

Leksikologiya : (Russian) lexicology.

Leksikon : (Russian) lexicon.

Lektor : (Russian) lecturer.

Lektoriy : (Russian) center organizing public lectures; lecture hall, auditorium.

Lektorlik : abstr. Of ~ talanti lecturing talent.

Lektsion : (Russian) adj. For lektsiya.

Lektsiya : (Russian) lecture.lenincha adj.Leninist. ~ ta?Limot Leninism.

Leninchi : Leninist.

Leninizm : (Russian) Leninism.

Leninizm : (Russian) Leninizm.

Lenta : (Russian) ribbon, band, tape. Pulyomot ~si (machine gun) cartridge belt.

Letargik : (Russian) lethargic.

Letargiya : (Russian) lethargy.

Letuchka : (Russian) short meeting.

Lev : (Russian) lev.

Leya : (Russian) leu.

Leyborist : (Russian) Laborite.

Leyboristik : (Russian) Labor (party, etc.).

Leyka 1 : (Russian) watering can.

Leyka 2 : (Russian) Leica.

Leykotsit : (Russian) leukocyte.

Leykotsitoz : (Russian) leukocytosis.

Leytenant : (Russian) lieutenant.

Liberal : (Russian) liberal.

Liberalizm : (Russian) liberalism.

Liberallik : liberalness. ~ qil  to be liberal or tolerant.

Libos : (Arabic) clothing, apparel.

Libretto : (Russian) libretto.

Librettochi : librettist.

Lider : (Russian) leader.

Liderlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to serve as a leader, to lead.

Lifchik : (Russian) waist, bodice; bra(ssiere) (s. Ko'krakpech, siynaband).

Lift : (Russian) elevator.

Liftchi : elevator operator.

Lik lik : ~ qil  to flit.lik ono.s. ~ Et  to hop or spring; all of a sudden, out of the blue.

Likang likang : ~ qil  to bounce or bob from side to side.

Likangla  : v.i. To wobble, to totter; to twist, to move suggestively.

Likildoq : fidgety; hot to trot.

Likilla  : v.i. To fidget; to sashay, to strut, to flounce.

Likobcha : s. Likopcha.

Likop : plate.

Likopcha : saucer. Uchar ~ flying saucer.

Likvidator : (Russian) liquidator.

Likvidatorlik : abstr. Of likvidator.

Likyor : (Russian) liqueur.

Liliput : (Russian) midget, Lilliputian.

Lim lim : brimming, brim full. ~ ~ tosh  to overflow.

Lim : ~ to'la full to the brim.

Liman : (Russian) delta (of river).

Limfa : (Russian) lymph.

Limfatik : (Russian) lymphatic.

Limilla  : to fill to the brim. [limillat ]

Limit : (Russian) limit.

Limma lim : s. Lim lim.

Limmo lim : s. Lim lim.limon bot.lemon. ~ kislotasi citric acid.

Limonad : (Russian) lemonade.

Limonli : flavored with lemon.

Limonzor : lemon orchard.

Limu : arch. Lemon.

Lineyka : (Russian) ruler; straight line.lingcha dial.small bag or sack.

Lingvist : (Russian) linguist (s. Tilshunos).

Lingvistik : (Russian) linguistic.

Liniya : (Russian) line. Oldingi ~ front line.

Linkor : (Russian) battleship.

Linoleum : (Russian) linoleum.

Linotip : (Russian) linotype.

Linotopchi : linotype setter.

Linza : (Russian) lens.

Lip lip : ~ qil  s. Lipilla .

Lip : ~ Et  in a flash; deftly.

Lipilla  : v.i. To flit, to rush; to flicker.

Lippa : waistband (of drawers). ~ ur  to rull up one's waistband. Ahli ~ (rare) money minded people.

Liq : ~ to'la full to the top or brim. ~ Etib qil  to swallow in one gulp.

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