SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Majburiy : (Arabic) compulsory, obligatory, forced.

Majburiyat : (Arabic) obligation; necessity.

Majhul : arch. (Arabic) unknown, indefinite; (math) unknown quantity. ~ fe'l/daraja passive verb/voice.

Majlis : (Arabic) meeting, conference, assembly; social gathering. Qiz(lar) ~i bridal shower.

Majlisboz : s.o. Who loves calling meetings.

Majlisbozlik : constantly calling meetings, whether necessary or not.

Majlisgoh : meeting place, assembly hall, conference hall.

Majmag'il : stunted, undersized; vague, ambiguous.

Majmu 3pp. ~i : (Arabic) sum total, aggregate.

Majmua : (Arabic) collection, set.

Majnun (Arabic) : love crazed.majnuntol bot.weeping willow.majnuntut bot.weeping mulberry.

Majol : (Arabic) strength, vigor.

Majolis lit. : (Arabic) meeting; meetings.

Majolsiz : weak, flagging.

Majolsizlan  : v.i. To lose strength, to flag. [majolsizlantir ]

Major : Hungarian.

Majoz : (Arabic) metaphor, figure of speech.

Majoziy : (Arabic) metaphorical, figurative.

Majruh : (Arabic) wounded, blessed; crippled.

Majruhlan  : v.i. To be wounded or crippled.

Majus : (Arabic) Magian, fire worshiper.

Majusiy : (Arabic) Magian.

Makaron : (Russian) macaroni.

Maket : (Russian) model; dummy.

Makintosh : (Russian) mackintosh.

Makiyon : female (bird); chicken, coward.makka dial.s. Makkajo'xori.

Makkaisano : senna.makkajo'xori bot.corn, maize.makkasochiq bot.loofah.makkasupurgi bot.[koxiya venichnaya] a sorghum like plant from which brooms are made.makkayi dial.s. Makkajo'xori.

Makkor : (Arabic) cheat, cunning person; cunning, deceitful.

Makkora : (Arabic) female cheat.

Makkorlik : cunning, deceitfulness.

Makkorona : cunningly.

Makon : (Arabic) space; place, residence, site; home, refuge, abode. ~ va zamon space and time. Jinnlar ~i an abode of jinns.

Makonsiz : homeless, bereft of a homeland.

Makr : (Arabic) trick, deceit.

Makrli : deceitful.

Makruh : (Arabic) (rel.) Not forbidden in Islam but considered reprehensible.

Maksimal : (Russian) maximal, maximum.

Maksimalizm : (Russian) maximalism.

Maksimum : (Russian) maximum; at most.

Maktab : (Arabic) school; grammar school. Oliy ~ institution of higher learning.maktabdor hist.teacher with his own private school.

Maktabdorlik : ownership and running of a private school.

Maktabdosh : schoolmate.

Maktabxona : school building, schoolhouse.

Maktub lit. : (Arabic) letter, missive, epistle; epistolary.

Mal'un lit. : (Arabic) damned.

Malak : (Arabic) angel (s. Farishta).

Malaka : (Arabic) skill, expertise, experience.

Malakali : skilled, experienced.

Malax : (Arabic) locust.

Malaxit : (Russian) malachite.

Malay 1 : servant, slave.

Malay 2 : Malay(sian).

Malaylik : abstr. Of malay 1; servitude.

Malham : (Arabic) plaster; salve.

Malik : obs. (Arabic) king (s. Cho'li ~ great desert.

Malika : (Arabic) queen; princess.

Malikushshuaro : obs. (Arabic) prince of poets, poet laureate.

Malina : (Russian) raspberry (s. Xo'jag'at); jam, preserves.

Malla : light brown; light haired; a type of tan cloth.

Mallapo'sh : cover or sheet made of tan cloth.

Malohat : (Arabic) loveliness, charm.

Malohatli : lovely, charming.

Maloik : obs. (Arabic) angels.

Maloika : obs. (Arabic) queen; angels.

Malol : (Arabic) difficulty, problem, encumbrance, trouble; anxiety, distress. ~ kelmasa if it's no trouble.

Malolat lit. : (Arabic) anxiety, distress.

Malollik : trouble, encumbrance; stress.

Malomat : (Arabic) unwarranted blame, rebuke. ~da qol  to be blamed or rebuked unjustly.

Malul : obs. (Arabic) low spirited, depressed.

Mamlakat : (Arabic) country.

Mamma children's speech : mother's breast.

Mamnu : obs. (Arabic) forbidden, outlawed.

Mamnun : (Arabic) pleased, happy, grateful.

Mamnuniyat : (Arabic) happiness, joy.

Mamnunlik : happiness, joy, gratefulness.

Mamont zool. : (Russian) mammoth.

Mamot lit. : (Arabic) death (s. O'lim).man 1 coll.s. Men.

Man 2 : (Arabic) ~ qil /Et /ayla  to forbid, to proscribe.

Man 3 : arch. (Arabic) a unit of weight measuring 40 80 lbs.

Mana : here (is); there/here you go!. ~ bu this here.manap hist.member of nobility among the Qirghiz.

Manavi coll. (this here.

Manba 3pp. ~i : (Arabic) source.

Mandarin : (Russian) mandarin.

Mandarin : (Russian) tangerine, mandarine orange.

Mandat : (Russian) credentials, certification.

Mandolina : (Russian) mandolin.

Manevala : arch. (Arabic) lever (s. Richag).

Manevr : (Russian) maneuver(s).

Manfaat : (Arabic) benefit, advantage.

Manfaatdor : benefitting, in a position to receive advantage.

Manfaatparast : self seeking, concerned only with one's personal advantage.

Manfaatsiz : of no benefit, useless.

Manfiy : (Arabic) negative.

Manfur lit. : (Arabic) loathsome.

Mang'al : s. Manqal.

Mang'it : one of the Ozbek tribes.mang coll.here you (all) go, here you are.

Manglay (Mong.) : forehead (s. Peshona).

Mangu lit. (Mong.) : eternally, forever.

Mangulik : eternity; eternal.

Mangus : (Russian) s. Mangusta.

Mangusta zool. : (Russian) mongoose.

Manhus : obs. (Arabic) unlucky, inauspicious, ill omened.

Manifest : (Russian) manifesto.

Manikyur : (Russian) manicure.

Manilovchilik : daydreaming, fantasy, unconcern.

Maniy : (Arabic) sperm.

Manjalaqi : quarrelsome, petulant.

Manjaniq hist. : (Arabic) catapult.

Mankuha : obs. (Arabic) (legally) betrothed woman, wife.

Manman : egotistical, conceited. ~ degan having earned a name for o.s., s.o. Who is somebody.

Manmanlik : egotism; boasting.

Manniy : (Russian) ~ yormasi semolina. ~ bo'tqa hot cereal made from semolina.??

Manol lit. : (Arabic) gift.

Manor lit. : (Arabic) minaret.

Manora : arch. (Arabic) s. Minor(a).manot 1 dial.so'm, ruble.

Manot 2 : (Arabic) Manat, one of the pre Islamic deities of the Arabs.

Manpasi : (Russian) fruit drops (s. Obaki).

Manqa 1 : mucus, snot; one who talks nasally.

Manqa 2 : glanders.

Manqal : (Arabic) grill, brazier.

Manqalan  : v.i. To speak nasally.

Manqaldon : s. Manqal.

Mansab 1 : (Arabic) position, post, office, rank; calling. ~ga min /o'tir  to be chosen for or to occupy a position.

Mansab 2 : (Arabic) (river) `mouth.

Mansabdor : (high ranking) official.

Mansabli : s. Mansabdor.

Mansabparast : careerist.

Mansabsiz : having no rank or official position. ~ minister Minister without Portfolio.

Mansha : (Arabic) place of origin, source.

Mansub : (Arabic) belonging, appertaining (to). Yuqori tabaqaga ~ odam s.o. Belonging to the upper class.

Mansubiyat lit. : (Arabic) membership, belonging, relation, connection (to).

Mansublik : s. Mansubiyat.

Manti : a kind of small pie made of meat and onions wrapped in dough and steamed.

Mantipaz : professional or expert manti cook.

Mantiq : (Arabic) logic (s. Logika); rationality.

Mantiqan : (Arabic) logically.

Mantiqiy : (Arabic) logical.

Mantiqli : logical.

Mantiqsiz : illogical, fallacious.

Mantiqsizlik : illogicality, fallaciousness.

Manufaktura : (Russian) manufactory; cloth.

Manzara : (Arabic) view, scene, panorama.

Manzarali : scenic.

Manzil : (Arabic) stopping place; destination, goal; stage, day's journey; place of abode, home(land).

Manzilat : obs. (Arabic) station, rank; worth.

Manzilgoh : stopping place; home.

Manzilxona : guesthouse, guestroom.

Manzirat : (Arabic) formality.

Manzum : obs. (Arabic) poetic, comprised of poetry.

Manzuma : obs. (Arabic) poem, poetry.

Manzur : (Arabic) admired, liked. ~ qil /Et  to find to one's liking; to have approved, to have accepted.

Maofa hist. : (Arabic) a type of camel litter.
Maoniy : (Arabic) meaning, knowledge.

Maorif : (Arabic) education, public instruction, enlightenment; educational directorship.

Maorifchi : educator, teacher; enlightener.

Maorifparvar : supporting education; enlightened.

Maosh : (Arabic) pay, wage.

Maqbara : (Arabic) mausoleum.

Maqbul lit. : (Arabic) accepted, acceptable.

Maqol : (Arabic) saying, proverb.

Maqola : (Arabic) article, paper. Lug'at ~si dictionary entry.

Maqolanavis : arch. Journalist.

Maqom 1 : (Arabic) tune, melody; harmony; name of a genre of traditional music (s. Shashmaqom); (dance) step; grace; escapade, prank.

Maqom 2 lit. : (Arabic) place, habitation; position, rank.

Maqomchi : shoshmaqom musician.

Maqsad : (Arabic) intent, purpose, aim. ~ida for the purpose of, in order to.

Maqsud : (Arabic) goal, aim.

Maqta  : v.t. To praise; to brag about. [maqtal , maqtan , maqtash ]

Maqtanarli : worth bragging about.

Maqtanchoq : conceited, egotistical; braggart.

Maqtarli : praiseworthy.

Maqtov : praise. ~ qog'ozi certificate of merit, letter of praise.

Maqtovli : praiseworthy, highly praised.

Maqtul : obs. (Arabic) murdered, murder victim.

Maqtula : obs. (Arabic) murdered (woman).

Maral : maral; Caspian deer.maralquloq bot.hellebore.

Maraz : (Arabic) festering sore; rat, jerk.

Mard : fearless, brave; true to one's word. ~i maydon hero of battle or wrestling.

Mardchasiga : brave, manly.

Mardikor : hired laborer, day laborer, manual laborer; conscriptee by the Tsarist government during WWI years.

Mardikorchilik : working as a manual laborer.

Mardikorlik : abstr. Of mardikor; manual labor, hired labor.

Mardlarcha : s. Mardlarday.

Mardlarday : bravely, fearlessly.

Mardlik : fearlessness, bravery; being true to one's word.

Mardon : sahari ~ early morning, pre dawn.

Mardona : bravely, fearlessly; like a man.

Mardonalilk : fearlessness, bravery.

Mardonavor poet. : fearlessly, bravely.

Mardud : obs. (Arabic) rejected, repulsed.

Mardum 1 : people.

Mardum 2 : pupil (of eye).

Mardumxo'r : extortioner, blood sucker.

Mardumxo'rlik : blood sucking, parasitical actions or lifestyle.

Marg lit. : death.

Marg'ub lit. : (Arabic) desired; attractive.

Marganets : (Russian) manganese.

Margarin : (Russian) margarine.
Margimush : arsenic.

Marhabo lit. : (Arabic) Welcome!

Marhamat : (Arabic) mercy, kindness; Please!, By my guest!, Welcome!

Marhamatli : kind, merciful, tender hearted.

Marhamatsiz : pitiless, merciless.

Marhamatsizlik : pitilessness, mercilessness.

Marhum : (Arabic) one whom God has taken into his mercy; late, deceased; Rest his soul.

Marhuma : (Arabic) deceased (woman).

Mari(y) : Mari.

Marinad : (Russian) pickling solution.

Marinadla  : v.t. To pickle. [marinadlan ]

Marjon : coral; necklace. Ko'z yoshlari ~ bo'lib oqdi eyes gushing out tears.

Marka : (Russian) mark.

Marka : (Russian) stamp; mark, brand; counter. ~ yig'imi stamp duty.

Markali : stamped,  brand name. DT 54 ~ traktor a DT 54 tractor. A'lo ~ choy high quality brand tea.

Markalik : comprising one day's work. Bir kunda ikki ~ ish bajar  to do two days' worth of work in one day.

Markaz : (Arabic) center; administrative center, administration; capital. ~ga intilgan kuch centripetal force. ~dan qochma kuch centrifugal force. Diqqat ~idagi center of attention.

Markazchilik : centrism.

Markaziy : (Arabic) central. ~ nerv sistemasi central nervous system.

Markazkom : the Central Committee.

Markazlash  : v.i. To become centralized. [markazlashtir , markazlashtiril ]

Markizet : (Russian) marquisette, voile.

Markscha lenincha : Marxist Leninist.

Markschi leninchi : Marxist Leninist.

Marksist : (Russian) Marxist.

Marksistik adj. : (Russian) Marxist.

Marksizm : (Russian) Marxism.

Marksizm leninizm (Russian) : Marxism Leninism.

Marli : (Russian) gauze; cheesecloth.

Marmar : (Arabic) marble.

Marmarak bot. : clary sage.

Marmelad : (Russian) fruit candy.

Marom : (Arabic) tempo, pace, level, rate; normal rate or tempo. Ish ~ga keldi work has come to an even tempo, work has begun going smoothly.

Maroq lit. : (Arabic) enthusiasm, feeling, passion.

Maroqlan  : v.i. To become enthused, to have one's interest aroused. [maroqlantir ]

Maroqli : inspiring, moving, arousing interest.

Marosim : (Arabic) ceremony, rite.

Marotaba formal : (Arabic) time, instance.

Marra : (Arabic) finish (line), destination, goal; (mil.) Line. ~ bizniki victory is ours. Ishni ~ga etkaz  to take a job to its end, to reach one's goal. Mudofaa ~lari lines of defence.

Mars : Mars.

Marsala : (Russian) marsala.

Marsel"eza : (Russian) Marseillaise.

Marsh : (Russian) march.

Marshal : (Russian) marshal.

Marshallik : abstr. Of marshal; marshalcy, marshalship.

Marshrut : (Russian) route; itinerary.

Marshrutli : following a certain route.

Marsiya : (Arabic) elegy.

Mart : (Russian) March.

Marta : (Arabic) time. Bir ~ once. Besh ~ five times.

Martaba 1 : (Arabic) s. Marta.

Martaba 2 : (Arabic) status, standing, reputation; rank, position.

Martabali : (high) ranking; of consequence.

Martalab : times (over). Bir gapni ming ~ qaytar  to repeat the same thing a thousand times over.

Marten : (Russian) ~ pechi open hearth furnace. ~ po'lat open hearth steel.marvarak bot.sage (s. Salbiya).

Marvarid : pearl. ~ gul (bot.) Lily of the valley. ~ tut a type of mulberry.

Marvartak tut : s. Marvarid tut.

Marza : (Arabic) raised border between two fields; ground next to a furrow (s. Pushta).

Mas'ud lit. : (Arabic) happy, fortunate.

Mas'uliyat : (Arabic) responsibility.

Mas'uliyatli : full of responsibility.

Mas'uliyatsiz : requiring no responsibility; irresponsible.

Mas'ullik : responsibility.

Masal : (Arabic) proverb, parable.

Masala : (Arabic) question, problem, matter; discussion, debate. ~ hal! The problem has been solved!

Masalan : (Arabic) for example, for instance.

Masalaxonlik : discussion, debating, disputation.

Masalchi : s. Masalnavis.

Masalliq : ingredients.

Masalnavis : elegist.

Masdar : (Arabic) infinitive in Arabic beginning with the letter "m"; (obs.) Source, origin.

Mash'al : (Arabic) torch; flame, guiding light.

Mash'ala coll. : (Arabic) burning torch.

Mash'alchi : torch bearer.

Mash'aldor : torch bearer.

Mash'alnamo : torch like, like a guiding light.

Mash'um lit. : (Arabic) ominous; ill fated, ill starred.mashak bot.Asiatic sandpiper.mashala coll.s. Mash'ala.

Mashaqqat : (Arabic) difficulty, troubles, pains, adversity. ~ chek  to undergo difficulty.

Mashaqqatlan  rare : v.i. To experience difficulties. [mashaqqatlantir ]

Mashaqqatli : full of difficulty, arduous.

Mashg'ul : (Arabic) occupied.

Mashg'ulot : (Arabic) occupation, work; studies.

Mashhur : (Arabic) famous, well renowned.

Mashina : (Russian) machine; automobile, car.

Mashinachi : tailor, seamstress.

Mashinachilik : abstr. Of mashinachi; tailoring, sewing.

Mashinalash  : v.i. To become mechanized. [mashinalashtir , mashinalashtiril ]

Mashinashunos : mechanical engineer, machine specialist.

Mashinashunoslik : mechanical engineering. [mashinovedenie?]

Mashinasimon : machine like; mechanical.

Mashinasoz : machinist.

Mashinasozlik : machinery construction.

Mashinist : (Russian) (locomotive) engineer; crane operator.

Mashinistka : (Russian) (female) typist.

Mashinka (Russian) : typewriter.mashkob dial.s. Meshkob.

Mashmasha : hubbub, trouble, commotion; wrangling, squabbling. ~ ko'tar  to kick up a fuss, to make a commotion.

Mashmashachi : troublemaker.

Mashoq : gleenings.

Mashoqchi : gleener.

Mashoyix : wise elders of ages past, originators of proverbs.

Mashq 1 : (Arabic) exercise. ~ini ol  to become proficient at, to master.

Mashq 2 : (Arabic) music, playing; mood, spirits.

Mashriq : obs. (Arabic) the east.

Mashru : obs. (Arabic) admissable according to Shari'at law.

Mashshoq : (Arabic) player of ethnic musical instrument.

Mashvarat : obs. (Arabic) consultation, deliberation.

Masjid : (Arabic) mosque.

Maska 1 : (Russian) mask.

Maska 2 dial.butter (s. Sariyog').

Maskan lit. : (Arabic) abode, home.

Maskarad : (Russian) masked ball, masquerade.

Maskirovka (Russian) : camouflage.maskovchi coll. Hist.merchant involved in trade with Russia in pre revolutionary times.

Maskun : (Arabic) inhabited (s. Rub'i ~).

Maslahat : (Arabic) advice, counsel; true, right; consultation with others. ~ owi dinner or banquet held to discuss an issue. ~ni bir erga qo'y  to concurr on an issue, to come to a decision on s.t.

Maslahatchi : giver of advice, advisor, counselor. Xalq ~ court assessor.

Maslahatgo'y : giver of advice.

Maslahatlash  : to confer, to consult with one another.

Maslahatli : based on advice or consultation.

Maslak : (Arabic) conviction, belief, outlook, philosophy; principle, ideal.

Maslakdosh : like minded person.

Maslaksiz : unprincipled, lacking conviction.

Masnad : obs. (Arabic) high position or rank; support, basis.

Masnaviy : (Arabic) a style of poetry (where each couplet has a different rhyme).

Masofa : (Arabic) distance; range. O'rta ~ga uradigan raketa medium range missile.

Masoha : obs. (Arabic) land, field.

Masrur : obs. (Arabic) joyful, glad.

Massa : (Russian) mass, bulk, multitude.

Massaj : (Russian) massage.

Masshtab : (Russian) scale (on map).

Massiv : (Russian) massif; tract, expanse; development, residential unit.

Mast : drunk, intoxicated, high; enchanted; aroused, in rut.

Mast alast : stone drunk.

Mastak 1 bot. : darnel.

Mastak 2 zool. : female rock partridge (kaklik).

Mastava : a type of soup made with rice, meat, and vegetables.

Master : (Russian) foreman; master craftsman, specialist, expert.

Masterovoy hist. (Russian) : (pre revolutionary) worker, craftsman.

Masterskoy : (Russian) workshop.

Maston 1 : drunken.

Maston 2 : evil, crafty, cunning, treacherous.

Mastona : as if drunk, drunkenly; enchanting, spellbindingly beautiful.

Mastura : (Arabic) pure, immaculate.

Masxara : (Arabic) mockery, ridicule. ~ qil  to make fun of, to mock.

Masxaraboz : clown, jester; jokester.

Masxarabozlik : abstr. Of masxaraboz; clowning, mockery, ridicule; trickery.

Masxarala  : v.t. To make fun of, to mock, to laugh at. [masxaralan ]

Masxaraomuz : (semi) mockingly, sarcastically.

Masxur lit. : (Arabic) made an object of ridicule or laughingstock.mata coll.cloth, material.

Matal : (Arabic) saying, proverb, parable.

Matash  : v.i. To become entangled or intertwined. [matashtir ]

Matbaa arch. (Arabic) : printing house.matbaachi arch.printer, worker in a printing house; owner of a printing house.

Matbaachilik : abstr. Of matbaachi; printing.

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