SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Isqoti : something set aside as or given as isqot; (inv.) Damned, good for nothing, blasted.

Isrof : (Arabic) waste; expenditure. ~ qil  to waste, to squander.

Isrofchi : squanderer.

Isrofchilik : s. Isrofgarchilik.

Isrofgar : spendthrift, squanderbug.

Isrofgar(chi)lik : wastefulness, extravagant expenditure.

Isrofla  : v.t. To waste, to squander.

Issiq sovuq : hot and cold foods; good times and bad; intrigue or magic to cause like or dislike between people.

Issiq sovuqchi : one who reads incantations to make people "hot" or "cold" towards one another.

Issiq : hot; warm; heat; fever; hot food; warm, friendly; inviting. Ko'zga ~ ko'rin  to look attractive or pleasing. ~ jon living being. ~ida while it's hot, at just the right time. ~ida ketaver Get going while the going's good. ~ingda qot! Drop dead! ~i baland He has a high fever.

Issiqla  : v.t. To gasp, become flushed from heat; not to be able to withstand heat. [issiqlat ]

Issiqlik : heat, warmth; term used for foods high in calories; heat rash; good, benefit. ~ qil  to be too hot (for).

Issiqsevar : heat loving.

Issiqsira  : v.i. Yearning for hot tea or food after going without for some time.

Issiqxona : steamroom of a bath; hothouse, greenhouse.

Ista  : v.t. To wish for, to desire. ~gan yo'ldan any way one chooses. ~gancha as much as one likes; any amount. [istal , istash ]

Istak 1 : wish.

Istak 2 : willow wands tied to grape vines for support.

Istaklik : wand used for supporting grape vines.

Istar istamas : whether one wants to or not; even though not quite willing, involuntarily.

Istara : ~si issiq warm, friendly, genial looking.

Istarapil coll. : (Russian) rafter.

Iste'dod : (Arabic) talent, skill, ability.

Iste'dodli : skilled, talented.

Iste'dodsiz : untalented.

Iste'fo : (Arabic) resignation. ~ ber  to resign, to hand in one's resignation. ~ga chiq  to resign.

Iste'mol : (Arabic) use, application; consumption. ~dan chiqar  to take out of circulation. ~dan chiqib qol  to go out of use. Keng ~ mollari consumer goods. ~ qil  to use; to consume.

Iste'molchi : consumer.

Istehkom : (Arabic) fortification; stronghold.

Istehsol lit. : (Arabic) productivity, productiveness.

Istehsolot : (Arabic) production.

Istehzo : (Arabic) irony, mockery, sarcasm. ~ bilan sarcastically; jeeringly. ~ qil  to speak sarcastically or mockingly.

Istehzolan  : v.i. To sneer, to jeer.

Istehzoli : jeering, sarcastic.

Istehzosiz : without irony or sarcasm.

Istibdod : (Arabic) despotism, tyranny.

Istibdodchi : despot, tyrant.

Istifoda : (Arabic) profit, benefit, gain. ~ qil  to utilize, to make good use of.

Istifodalan  : v.i. To profit, to benefit, to gain.

Istig'for rel. : (Arabic) asking forgiveness of God; saying, "astaghfirullah!"

Istig'no : (Arabic) disdain, diffidence.

Istig'nochi : one who behaves diffidently.

Istihola : (Arabic) uneasyness, inhibition, embarrassment. ~ qil /tort  to shy or embarrassed.

Istilo : (Arabic) invasion; occupation; conquest.

Istilochi : invader, aggressor; conqueror.

Istilochilik : (policy of) aggression; expansion(ism).

Istiloh : obs. (Arabic) designation, term.

Istilohot : obs. (Arabic) terminology.

Istinod : obs. (Arabic) support, mainstay.

Istinodgoh : point of support.

Istiora : (Arabic) metaphor; (arch. Ling.) Loan word.

Istiqbol : (Arabic) future; going forth to meet or greet s.o. ~iga chiq  to go forth to meet s.o.

Istiqbolli : having a bright future.

Istiqbolsiz : having no future.

Istiqlol : (Arabic) independence.

Istiqomat : (Arabic) ~ qil /~ joyi residence.

Istiqomatgoh : place of residence.

Istirohat : (Arabic) rest, relaxation, repose. ~ qil  to rest, to relax.

Istirohatgoh : place of rest and relaxation, vacation spot.

Istisno : (Arabic) exception. ~ qil /bir birini ~ qiladigan mutually exclusive. ~ qilinsa/qilganda with the exception of; except.

Istisnosiz : w/o exception.

Istisqo : (Arabic) dropsy, edema.

Isyon : (Arabic) insurrection, revolt, uprising, mutiny; rebellion from God's teachings. ~ bostir  to put down a rebellion.

Isyonchi : s. Isyonkor.

Isyonchilik : rebelliousness, insurrection; rebellious or mutinous behavior.

Isyonkor : rebel, insurgent; instigator.

Isyonkorlik : abstr. Of isyonkor.

Isyonkorona : rebelliously, mutinously.it zool.dog (usu. Fig.). ~ boquvchi dog keeper. ~ Emgan son of a bitch. ~ yili 11th year of the animal calendar. ~ azobida, ~ hasratda with great suffering or difficulty. Boshiga ~ kunini sol  to make s.o. Live a dog's life. Bo'ynidan bog'langan ~ ovga yaramas You can't force people to do what they don't want to [lit., 'A tethered dog is no good for hunting'] ~ tegdi defiled. Kambag'alni tuyaning ustida ~ qopadi Things have not gone well for (so and so). ~ga qoptirmay, tuyaga teptirmay w/ great hospitality (lit., 'w/o letting the dog bite or the camel kick'). ~dan bir suyak qarz said of s.o. Who owes many debts. ~ining tuvagi oltindan so rich that even the dog's dish is made of gold. ~ fe'l cantankerous, peevish.

Ital"yancha : Italian (lang.). ~ ish tashlash sit down strike.italgu zool.s. Itolg'i.

Italyalik : Italian.

Itar  : v.t. To push (away). [itaril , itarish , itartir ]itbaliq zool.tadpole.itbodom bot.a type of almond.itburun bot.dogrose.

Itfe'l : ill tempered, cantankerous.

Itfe'llik : difficult temper, cantankerousness.itgunafsha bot.wild speedwell, veronica.itirqin(i) coll.extremely messy, sloppy, slovenly.itjumrut bot.buckthorn.itjuva bot.a kind of onion.itkuchala bot.Eminium.

Itmom : obs. (Arabic) finish, completion.itmurun dial.s. Itburun.

Itoat : (Arabic) obedience; submission. ~ bilan obediently. ~ qil /~ qildir  to make obey, to subjugate.

Itoatchan : obedient.

Itoatgo'y : s. Itoatkor.

Itoatgo'ylik : s. Itoatkorlik.

Itoatkor : submissive, obedient; satellite.

Itoatkorona : submissively, obediently.

Itoatli : obedient, submissive; dutiful.

Itoatsiz : disobedient, unruly.

Itoatsizlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to rebel, to disobey.

Itob 1 : (Arabic) rebuke, reprimand. ~ qil  to rebuke.

Itob 2 coll. : (Russian) halting place (of deported convicts); exile, relocation. ~ qil  to transport, to deport.itog'iz bot.snapdragon.itolg'i zool.saker.itpashsha zool.horsefly.

Itqit  : v.t. To toss, to chuck.itqo'noq bot.bristle grass.itqovun bot.caper; wild melon.itsigek bot.it segek (Anabasis).

Ittifoq : (Arabic) union, association, block, alliance; unity, unanimity, solidarity, accord; in harmony; united. ~ tuz  to form an alliance. ~ bo'l  to become friends or allies; to be on friendly terms.

Ittifoqchi : ally.

Ittifoqchilararo : all union.

Ittifoqdosh : s. Ittifoqchi.

Ittifoqlash  : to unite; to be unanimous, to be in concordance.

Ittifoqlik : unanimity, solidarity, concord, fraternity. ~ bilan unanimously, with solidarity.

Ittifoqo : (Arabic) suddenly, unexpectedly.

Ittifoqsizlik : disunity; discord.

Ittihod : obs. (Arabic) union; unity.ittikanak bot.bur marigold.

Ittofoqan : (Arabic) s. Ittifoqo.

Ittovon bot. : [parnovistnik obyknovennyy i bobovidnyy]??

Itvachcha : son of a bitch.

Itxona : dog house.

Ityaloq : dog dish; (inv.) Dirty, foul thing; wretch. ~i oltindan s. It.ivasi zool.a sardine like fish.

Ivi  1 : v.i. To get soaked, to soak up water. [ivit , ivitil]

Ivi  2 : v.i. To thicken, to set; to turn sour (yoghurt). [ivit , ivitil ]

Ivindi : curdling; clot. ~ hosil qil  to clot, to form clots.

Ivir chivir : s. Ivir shivir.

Ivir shivir : whispering, murmuring. ~ gaplar whisperings, rumors.

Ivirsi  : v.i. To dawdle, to tinker around; to become a mess, to be unkempt. [ivirsit ]

Ivirsila  : s. Ivirsi .

Ivirsiq : dirty, unswept, messy.ivirsira  dial.s. Ivirsi .

Ivishiq : stagnant; numb, asleep.

Ivitma : s.t. Which is prepared by soaking. ~ palov pilaw made using rice which has been soaked.ivitqi coll.starter, culture (for yoghurt).ix ono.chuckling sound.

Ixcham : neat, trim; concise; compact, streamlined.

Ixchamla  : v.t. To make compact, to condense, to streamline. [ixchamlash ]

Ixchamlash  : v.i. To become compact, trim, streamlined, etc. [ixchamlashtir ]

Ixchamlovchi : rationalizer.

Ixla  : v.i. To sigh.

Ixlos : (Arabic) devotion, dedication, sincerity. ~i qaytdi to lose faith in. ~ qo'y /~ bilan/qo'yib earnestly.

Ixlosli : dedicated, devoted.

Ixlosmand : sincerely devoted.ixroj bot.spurge, euphorbia; laxative, purgative; preparation and consumption of chuchvara, somsa, etc. With leafy greens in order to clean out one's insides, esp. In springtime.

Ixtilof : (Arabic) disagreement, discord; opposition, contradiction, difference.

Ixtilofchi : opponent, antagonist; one who sows discord.

Ixtilofli : controversial; conflicting.

Ixtiloflilik : contradictoriness, discrepancy.

Ixtilol lit. : (Arabic) rebellion, riot.

Ixtilolchi : rebel, insurgent.

Ixtiol : (Russian) ichthyol.

Ixtiolog : (Russian) ichthyologist.

Ixtiologiya : (Russian) ichthyology.

Ixtiro 3pp. Ixtiroi : (Arabic) invention, discovery.

Ixtirochi : inventor.

Ixtirochilik : invention, innovation.

Ixtisos : (Arabic) speciality, field of expertise.

Ixtisoslash  : v.i. To specialize. [ixtisoslashtir ]

Ixtisosli : qualified, trained, specialist.

Ixtiyor : (Arabic) choice, option, free will. ~ Et /~ingiz It's up to you, It's your choice. ~(i) o'zida He can do what he likes. ~ qilgani shu that was his choice, that's what he chose to do. Ketishga ~ qildim I chose/opted to leave. O'z ~iga qo'y  to give free rein to, to let one do as one pleases. O'z ~iga ol  to take charge of. ~ida bo'l  to be at the disposal of. ~dan chiq  to no longer be in one's control.

Ixtiyoriy : (Arabic) optional, voluntary.

Ixtiyoriylik : voluntariness; freedom to choose.

Ixtiyorli ixtiyorsiz : involuntarily, without thinking.

Ixtiyorli : voluntary.

Ixtiyorsiz : involuntary. ~ ravishda involuntarily.

Ixtiyorsizlik : involuntariness.

Ixvat : obs. (Arabic) brotherhood.

Iy  : v.i. To soften and be ready for milking (udder); to soften, to lighten up. [iydir , iyin ]

Iy : whoa!, hey!Iya coll.yeah.

Iyak : chin. ~ tashla /qoq  to be in the throes of death.

Iyar  v.i. Dial. : to follow. [iyart(ir) ]

Iyd : (Arabic) religious holiday (s. ~i ~i qurbon s. Qurbon hayit.

Iydir  : v.t. Caus. Of iy ; to win over; to placate. [iydirt(ir) ]

Iydlik : present given to one's schoolteacher during a religious holiday.

Iye : s. Ie.

Iyi : s. Ie.

Iyindi : milk left in the udder for a second milking.

Iyiq : supurating sore which appears on the withers of horses, etc.; animal affected by such a sore. ~i chiqqan worn out, worn down to skin and bones. ~ini chiqar  to wear out, to wear down to skin and bones.iyir dial.s. Igir.

Iyla  : v.t. To knead. [iylan , iylat , iylash ]

Iyman  : v.i. To feel self conscious, bashful; to demur.

Iyul" : (Russian) July.

Iyun" : (Russian) June.

Iyya : s. Ie.

Iz : print, mark, trace, track, trail, path; rail(s). ~ quv  to track down, to trace. ~ga sol /~ga tush  to follow, to fall into a track; to fall into place. ~iga tush  s. ~ga tush ; to pursue. ~iga qayt  to backtrack; to revert to old ways. ~idan bor  to follow (along). ~(i)dan chiq  to become derailed, to veer off course. ~dan chiqar to derail, to upset. ~i bit  to disappear, to leave no trace.iza coll.s.~ suv standing water.

Izchi : tracker, sleuth.

Izchil : consistent, logical; stanch, steadfast.

Izchillik : consistency; steadfastness. ~ bilan constantly; steadfastly.

Izdahom lit. : (Arabic) crowd; chat session, social group gathered to talk.

Izdosh : follower, disciple.izen bot.prostrate summer cypress.

Izg'i  : v.i. To run about, to swarm; to rage, to howl (storm). [izg'it , izg'ish ]

Izg'in : clamoring, wailing. ~ tort  to scream, to wail.

Izg'ir  : v.i. To rage (blizzard).

Izg'irin : icy wind; blizzard.

Izg'irinli : stormy, cold and windy.

Izg'iriq : s. Izg'irin.

Izhor : (Arabic) demonstration, manifestation, display. ~ qil /Et /ayla  to display, to manifest.

Izilla  : v.i. To roar, howl (wind). [izillat , izillash ]

Izla  : v.t. To search for, to seek; to track. [izlan , izlat , izlash ]

Izlagich : finder, seeker, detector.

Izlan  : v.i. (pass. Of izla ); to search o.s. Or one's pockets for s.t.; to search for ideas, to contemplate, to ponder.

Izlanish : inquiry, search for novel ideas or inspiration.

Izlanuvchi : seeker of new ideas, inquirer, researcher.

Izli : running on a track or on a rail. ~ transport rail transport.

Izlovchi : (v.n. Of izla ); researcher, inquirer.

Izm : (Arabic) influence, control; will. ~iga kir  to be subject to s.o. O'z ~iga sol  to subjugate, to control.

Izma iz : in the tracks of, on the tail of; one right after another.

Izma : buttonhole.

Izmala  : v.t. To sew a buttonhole.

Izn : (Arabic) permission, leave. ~ ber  to grant permission. ~ ol  to receive permission.

Izo lit. : (Arabic) s. Izza.

Izochiziq : isogram.

Izofa(t) : (Arabic) (arch.) Addition, attachment; (gram.) (element for making a) genitive construction.

Izofa(t)li : ~ birikma genitive construction.

Izoh : (Arabic) explanation, clarification, commentary. ~ ber  to illustrate, to explain.

Izohla  : v.t. To explain, to elucidate, to clarify. [izohlan ]

Izohli : containing explanations or clarifications; explanatory.

Izohlovchi : (v.n. Of izohla ); commentator; explanatory; (gram.) Appositive.

Izohot : arch. (Arabic) explanations, commentary, notes.

Izohtalab : in need of explanation or clarification, unclear, vague.

Izolyator : insulator; isolation ward; cell or jail (for solitary confinement).

Izolyatorchi : insulator or insulation worker.

Izolyatsion adj. : (Russian) isolation, isolating, insulating.

Izolyatsionist : (Russian) isolationist.

Izolyatsionizm : (Russian) isolationism.

Izolyatsiya : (Russian) isolation; quarantine; insulation. ~ tasmasi insulation tape. ~ qil  to isolate.

Izolyatsiyala  : v.t. To insulate; to isolate, to quarantine.

Izomer : (Russian) isomer.

Izomeriya : (Russian) isomerism.

Izometrik : (Russian) isometric.

Izomorf adj. : (Russian) isomorphic.

Izomorfizm : (Russian) isomorphism.

Izoterma : (Russian) isotherm.

Izotermik : (Russian) isothermal.

Izotop : (Russian) isotope.

Izoxromatik : (Russian) isochrmatic, orthochromatic.

Izoxron : (Russian) isochronal.

Izoxronizm : (Russian) isochronism.

Izoxronlik : isochron.

Izquvar : s. Izchi.

Izsiz : w/o a trace.

Iztirob : (Arabic) agony, torture. ~ga ~ chek  to suffer agony.

Iztirobli : agonizing; tortured.

Izvosh : (Russian) phaeton carriage.

Izvoshchi : s. Izvoshikchi.

Izvoshikchi : coachman; owner of a coach.

Izza : (Arabic) embarrassment, discomfiture. ~ bo'l /~ qil /ber  to embarrass, to abash.

Izzat : (Arabic) respect, esteem, honor. ~i bit  to lose respect, to not live up to one's reputation. ~ saqla  to retain respect for; to keep one's reputation. ~ qil  to honor, to respect. ~ga arziydigan worthy of respect.

Izzat(i) nafs : self esteem, pride. ~iga teg  to hurt one's pride.

Izzat hurmat : honor and respect.

Izzat ikrom : great respect and esteem.

Izzatla  : v.t. To hold in high esteem, to honor. [izzatlan ]

Izzatli : respected, esteemed, honored.

Izzatmand : respected, esteemed.

Izzattalab : arrogant, presumptuous.

Ja coll : s. Juda.jabazak dial.s. Javpazak.

Jabbor : (Arabic) the Almighty, the All compelling (God). Jonni ~ga berib with all one's might and main.

Jabduq : harness; gear, equipment. ~ur  to saddle, to outfit (horse).

Jabduqla  : v.t. To saddle, to outfit (horse). [jabduqlan , jabduqlat ]

Jabha : (Arabic) front line; subject, concern.

Jabhasida : concerning, on the subject of.

Jabr 1 : (Arabic) compulsion, constraint, force. ~ ko'r /~ qil  to oppress; to cause to suffer losses.

Jabr 2 : (Arabic) algebra.jabr jafo, jabru jafopain and suffering, oppression, etc.jabr sitam, jabru sitampain and suffering, oppression, etc.jabr zulm, jabru zulmsuffering and oppression.

Jabran : obs. (Arabic) by force, under constraint, compulsarily.

Jabrdiyda : full of pain, grieved, afflicted.

Jabriy : arch. (Arabic) algebraic.

Jabrla  : v.t. To oppress, to make suffer. [jabrlan ]

Jabrlan  : v.i. (pass. Of jabrla ); to undergo losses.

Jabrlanuvchi : v.n. Of jabrlan ; victim.

Jad(d) : arch. (Arabic) (fore)father.

Jad : s. Jad(d).

Jadal : (Arabic) speedily, swiftly, in a rush; urgent. ~iga ol  to speed up. ~ usul accelerated, quick method.

Jadalla  : v.i. To increase in speed, to speed up. [jadallat , jadallash , jadallashtir ]

Jadallik : speed; urgency.jaddiga dial.s. Jat.

Jadid hist. : (Arabic) a Jadidist. Usuli ~ curriculum and teaching methods introduced by the Jadidists to reform Central Asian schools, e.g., phonetic alphabet and study of the sciences.

Jadidchilik : s. Jadidizm.

Jadidizm : the Jadidist reform movement.

Jadval : (Arabic) chart, schedule. ~ usuli learning through multiplication tables?? [tablichnii sposob]

Jadyi : (Arabic) Capricorn.

Jafo : (Arabic) suffering, pain; cruelty, oppression. ~ tort /birovga ~ qil  to cause to suffer.

Jafogar : s. Jafokor.

Jafokash : victim, sufferer; hard worker.

Jafokashlik : suffering, abuse; diligence, devotion to labor.

Jafokor : tormenter, abuser.

Jafolan  : v.i. To undergo suffering, abuse.

Jafoli : full of torment, suffering; arduous.jag' jag' bot.shepherd's purse.

Jag' : jaw; the seam connecting the upper and the sole on a shoe. ~ ochiq blabbermouth, chatterbox; crybaby, perpetual cryer. ~ tish dogteeth. ~ tinmaydigan tongue wagger; one who eats constantly. ~iga suyanib/~ ur  to jaw, to prattle.

Jag'albay : s. Jig'oltoy.

Jag'aldiriq : s. Jazliq.

Jag'almay : s. Jig'oltoy.jag'illa  ono.to boil with a hissing sound. [jag'illat ]

Jahannam : (Arabic) hell; abyss.jahazdiriq dial.s. Jazliq.jahd jadal, jahdu jadalgreat zeal and determination. ~ qil  to go at with determination.

Jahd : (Arabic) labor, toil, exertion. ~ bilan energetically.

Jahl : (Arabic) anger; ignorance. ~ bilan angrily. ~ ustida while angered, while hot headed. ~i chiq  to get mad, angry. ~(ini) chiqar  to anger, to make mad. ~dan tush  to calm down.

Jahldor : hot tempered.

Jahllan  : v.i. To become angered.

Jahlli : hot headed; full of anger.

Jaholat : (Arabic) ignorance, backwardness; anger.

Jaholatli : ignorant, backward; hot tempered.

Jaholatparast : obscurant(ist).

Jahon : (Arabic) the world. ~ ahli the people of the world. Bir ~ a whole world (of s.t.) Oy(i)nayi ~ television.

Jahon jahon : a whole world, a great lot.

Jahonbaxsh : munificent.

Jahondiyda : worldly.

Jahondor : ruler of the world.

Jahongashta : widely traveled; experienced, seasoned.

Jahongir : world conqueror; (arch.) Imperialist.

Jahongirlik : (coll.) Imperialism.

Jahoniy : world wide, global.

Jahonnamo : looking glass that can show anything in the whole world.

Jahonshumul : world embracing, world wide, global.

Jahr : (Arabic) news, announcement; audibly intoned (Sufi) religious formulas (s. Zikr); religious ecstasy.

Jahrchi : (arch.) Crier, announcer; Sufi which practices aural zikr.

Jahriya rel. : (Arabic) Sufi groups which practice aural zikr.

Jajji : cute, (small and) sweet (children).jajman dial.s. Jajji.

Jaket(ka) : (Russian) women's jacket.

Jala : downpour; (fig.) Stream, shower. ~ quy  to pour down; to have a downpour.jalab vul.whore, slut.

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