SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Shlifovka : (Russian) polishing, burnishing. ~ qil  to polish, to burnish.

Shlifovkachi : polisher.

Shlyapa : (Russian) hat.

Shlyupka : (Russian) launch, boat.

Shlyuz : (Russian) lock, sluice, floodgate.

Shmutstitul : (Russian) title or chapter head page.

Shnitsel" : (Russian) schnitzel.

Shnur : (Russian) electric cable; cord, string, lace.sho'lp ono.plopping sound.sho'lq ono.

Sho'lqilla  : v.i. To plop, to make a plopping sound. [sho'lqillat ]sho'lti sho'rva coll.s. Sho'rva sho'lti.

Sho'ng'i  : v.i. To plunge, to dive, to sink; to disappear or slip into (e.g., darkness). [sho'ng'it , sho'g'ish ]sho'p ono.s. ~ Etib o'rtaga tush  to interject, to butt in.

Sho'ppay  : v.i. To sit by o.s., to brood, to grieve. [sho'ppayish , sho'ppaytir ]

Sho'r 1 : salty; salt, saline, alkaline; salt content, salinity; dried sweat. ~ danak salted apricot pits covered with a kind of ash. ~ paxta cotton soaked in salt water used to reduce swelling or pain.

Sho'r 2 : unfortunate, hapless; misfortune, adversity. Voy ~im What can I do?, God help us! Peshanasi ~ hapless, unfortunate. ~i quridi to undergo misfortune, tohave bad luck. ~i qursin bastard, wretch. ~ing qurg'ur poor thing. ~iga ~va to'kildi to have bad luck, to undergo a calamity. Birovning ~ini qurit  to be the downfall of, to ruin.

Sho'ra 1 bot. : orach; saltwort, Russian thistle.

Sho'ra 2 bot. : grape flower bud.sho'rajriq bot.shoreweed.
Sho'rak 1 : salty.sho'rak 2 bot.baby's breath (s. Qamg'oq).

Sho'rala  1 : v.i. To scale, to flake; to become covered with dried salt or sweat; to become covered with orach.

Sho'rala  2 : v.i. To produce buds (grapevine).

Sho'razor : field or patch of orach.

Sho'ri(y)da : obs. Poor, pitiful thing.

Sho'rillat  : v.t. To sip, to slurp.

Sho'rish : misfortune, trouble.

Sho'rishli : unlucky, disastrous.

Sho'rla  : v.i. To sweat, to become covered with dried salt; to become salinated. [sho'rlan ]

Sho'rli 1 : salty, saline.

Sho'rli 2 : s. Sho'rlik 2.

Sho'rlik 1 : saltiness.

Sho'rlik 2 : poor, pitiable, hapless.

Sho'ro : arch. (Arabic) council; soviet. ~lar Soviets.

Sho'roviy : Soviet.

Sho'rpeshana : hapless, pitiable.

Sho'rtak : somewhat salty.sho'rtang coll.s. Sho'rtak.

Sho'rtob : s. Sho'rxok.

Sho'rtumshuq : shy, skittish.

Sho'rva : (Arabic) soup, broth. Karam ~ cabbage soup. Qovurma ~ soup made by first frying onions, etc., then boiling. Pul bo'lsa changalda ~ Money can buy anything.

Sho'rva sho'lti : general name for thin, meatless soups.

Sho'rxok : salt flat.

Sho'x : lively, playful; mischievous, naughty; spirited, saucy. ~ bola wild, mischievous child. ~ qiz spirited, saucy girl. ~ muzika lively music.

Sho'x shatir : rowdy, troublemaking.

Sho'xchan(g) : s. Sho'x; bright (fabric).

Sho'xlik : rambunctiousness, naughtiness; liveliness, spirit. ~ qil  to be naughty, to play tricks.

Shoals (river); (math) evolvement [razvertka]?? :

Shod : joyful, happy.

Shod xandon : s. Shod xurram.

Shod xurram : full of joy and cheer.

Shod xurramlik : joy and cheer.

Shoda shoda : strings and strings; bunches and bunches.

Shoda : necklace, string (of s.t.); bunch (grapes); ?? [remiza, remizka (part of a loom?)]; [reyka]??

Shodala  : v.t. To string. [shodalan , shodalat ]

Shodi : og'zidan bodi kirib, ~ chiqadi to swear like a sailor, to cuss one's head off.

Shodiyona : festivity, gaiety; jouyous, merry, gay, festive; merrily, festively.

Shodiyonalik : cheer, gaiety.

Shodlan  : v.i. To be filled with joy. [shodlantir ]

Shodlik : joy, happiness.

Shodmarg : ~ bo'l  to die for joy.

Shodmon : joyful.

Shodmonlik : joy.

Shodon lit. : joyful, cheerful.

Shodonlik : joy, cheer.

Shofyor : (Russian) driver; chauffeur.

Shogird : apprentice, pupil; follower.

Shogirdlik : abstr. Of shogird; apprenticeship.

Shoh : shah, king; king (in chess or cards); checkmate (s. Kiwt). ~ ber  to checkmate. ~ning xotini queen. ~ning qizi princess.

Shohanshoq : king of kings (title of shah of Iran).

Shohi : s. Shoyi.

Shohichi : s. Shoyifurush.

Shohid : (Arabic) witness.

Shohidlik : giving evidence, testimony.

Shohlik : abstr. Of woh; sovereignty, reign; kingdom.

Shohnishin : arch. Royal audience chamber.

Shohnoma : the Book of Kings, a history of Persia written by Firdausi); great written (esp. Poetic) work.

Shohona : regal, kingly, majestic, grand; greatest, superb.

Shohroh lit. : major roadway.

Shohsupa : s. Shosupa.

Shohtut : s. Shotut.

Shoir : (Arabic) poet.

Shoira : (Arabic) poetess.

Shoirlik : abstr. Of shoir; eloquence.

Shoirona : like a poet, poetically.

Shokila shokila : in bunches and bunches, covered with.

Shokila : fringe; tassle.

Shokilador : s. Shokilali.

Shokilali : fringed; tassled.

Shokilda coll : s. Shokila.

Shokolad : (Russian) chocolate.

Shokosa : a large bowl. ~ so'z great word(s).

Shol 1 : woolen material; woolen shawl or mantle.

Shol 2 : (Arabic) paralysis, numbness; paralyzed.

Shol shol : ~ bo'l  to ache.

Sholcha : woolen floor rug.

Sholg'om bot. : turnip.

Sholi : rice (as a crop).

Sholikor : rice farmer.

Sholikorlik : rice growing; rice field(s).

Sholipoya : rice field; stalk of a rice plant.

Sholpar : woolen.

Shom : evening; sundown prayers. ~(ni) o'qi  to perform the sundown prayers. Oy ~ yedi said when the moon rises after sundown.

Shomon : (Russian) shaman.

Shomoniy : shamanistic.

Shompol : (Russian) ramrod, cleaning rod (for gun).shomruq zool.sheldrake.

Shomurt : long, curving moustache.

Shon 1 : (Arabic) honor, glory, pride, dignity, nobility; importance.

Shon 2 : last used for fitting boot tops.

Shon sharaf : (Arabic) honor and glory.

Shon shavkat : (Arabic) glory and fame.

Shon shuhrat, shonu shuhrat (Arabic) : fame and renown.

Shona 1 : bud of a cotton plant.

Shona 2 : arch. Comb (s. Taroq).

Shona shona : full of buds.

Shonabarg : stipule.

Shonala  1 : v.i. To put forth buds.

Shonala  2 : v.t. To comb.

Shonli : glorious, great; famous, renowned.

Shop : arch. Scimitar, curved sword. ~ mo'ylov long moustache; having a long moustache. Qo'lini ~ qil  to point at, to stab one's finger at.

Shop shalop : arch. Sidearm(s).

Shopir coll. : (Russian) s. Shofyor.

Shopir  : v.t. To pour repeatedly with a ladle (to stir or make frothy); to winnow; to scatter. Yurakni ~tir  to make one's heart jump. [shopiril , shopirish , shopirtir ]

Shopirin  : v.i. Yuragi ~di to have one's heart jump.

Shoqul : plumb (line).

Shosh  : v.i. To rush, to hurry, to be in a hurry; to get excited, hasty, or apprehensive. ~ma hali/hali ~ma Hold on a second, Don't get excited. ~a pisha/~gan(i)cha/~ib pishib in a hurry or rush, hastily. [shoshil , shoshiltir , shoshtir ]

Shoshilinch : urgent, pressing; hastily, in a rush; rush, hurry.

Shoshilish : v.n. Of ~ yordam emergency aid. ~ ravishda urgently, hastily.

Shoshir  : v.t. Caus. Of shosh ; to hurry, to rush; to surprize; to fluster, to alarm, to bewilder. [shoshirish ]

Shoshma shoshar : hasty, hurried, jumpy.

Shoshma shosharlik : hastiness, rashness.

Shoshqaloq : s. Wowma wowar.

Shoshqaloqla  : v.i. To hurry, to rush, to be hasty or uncareful.

Shoshqin : rushing; quick, hasty.

Shoshqinlik : abstr. Of shoshqin.shoshqoq coll. Dial.hasty, rash, jumpy.

Shosse : (Russian) high road; surfaced road.

Shosupa : large supa.shotara bot.fumitory.

Shoterak bot. : Lombardy poplar (s. Mirzaterak).

Shoti : body of a cart; shaft of a cart; (dial.) Ladder.

Shotikapa atlas : a type of xon atlas.

Shotir : (Arabic) horse holder, running attendant (of khan or high official); footman, lackey.

Shotland : (Russian) Scot, Scotsman.

Shotlandka : (Russian) Scottish woman.shotut bot.purple mulberry.

Shov shuv : noise, ruckus, commotion; noises, rumors.

Shov shuvli : noisy.

Shov shuvsiz : noiseless, quiet.shov ono.whooshing sound.

Shovdira  : v.i. To rustle, to murmur. [shovdirat ]

Shovinist : (Russian) chauvinist.

Shovinistik : (Russian) chauvinistic.

Shovinistlik : s. Shovinizm.

Shovinizm : (Russian) chauvinism.

Shovqin suron : noise and commotion, ruckus.

Shovqin suronli : noisy, clamorous.

Shovqin : noise, din, clamor, commotion; unvoiced sound. ~ ko'tar  to raise one's voice. ~ sol  to raise one's voice; to roar.

Shovqinchi : noisemaker, troublemaker, habitual complainer.

Shovqinla  : v.i. To raise one's voice, to yell. [shovqinlash ]

Shovqinli : noisy; roaring, thundering. ~ undosh voiceless consonant.

Shovul 1 bot. : (Russian) sorrel.

Shovul 2 : abundant, plentiful, in tons or bunches; covered with, overflowing with, full of.

Shovuldek/day : s. Shovul 2.

Shovulla  : v.i. To make a rushing or roaring noise. [shovullat ]shovun coll.cord; plumb (s. Shoqul).shovur shovur ono.din, clamor, noise.

Shovush : ice. ~ bog'la  to become covered with frost, to ice up.

Shovva : s. Shalola.

Shovvoz : fine, capable, stalwart; crafty, sneaky.

Shovvozlik : abstr. Of shovvoz.

Shox 1 : branch; horn. ~ ot  to put out branches, to branch out. ~ otgan tut branches with fruit. ~ ariq branch canal. ~ chiqar  to put forth shoots, to sprout. ~ing chiqadimi? What will that do for you? ~ini sindir /~ tashla  to become lame; to slip to one side; to bend from side to side in a playful manner; to hee and haw, to be indecisive. ~i bormi? Is he special?, What's so special about him?

Shox shabba : sticks and branches.

Shoxalak : s. Shoxilak.shoxilak bot.common Russian thistle.

Shoxla  : v.i. To put forth branches, to branch out. [shoxlan , shoxlat , shoxlatil ]

Shoxli : branched; horned.

Shoxobcha : minor canal; branch line; branch, division.

Shoxsiz : branchless; hornless.

Shoyad(ki) : would that, if only.

Shoyi : silk (material).

Shoyibof : silk weaver.

Shoyifurush : arch. Silk merchant.

Shoyigul bot. : canna.

Shoyon lit. : worthy. ~i diqqat worthy of attention.

Shpaklyovka : (Russian) putty. ~ qil  to fill, to putty (holes).

Shpal : (Russian) sleeper, railroad tie.

Shpargalka : (Russian) crib sheet.

Shpat : (Russian) spar. Dala ~i feldspar.

Shpatel" : (Russian) palette knife (spackle knife??); (doctor's) spatula.

Shpil"ka : (Russian) hairpin.

Shpindel" : (Russian)

Shpindelli : outfitted with a spindle.

Shpion : (Russian) spy.

Shpionlik : abstr. Of shpion; espionage.

Shponka : (Russian) dowel, bushing key.

Shpor : (Russian) spur(s).

Shprits : (Russian) syringe.

Shrift : (Russian) type (face).

Shtab : (Russian) staff.

Shtab kvartira : (Russian) headquarters.

Shtamp : (Russian)

Shtampla  : v.t. To stamp; to punch, to press. [shtamplan ]

Shtampovka : (Russian) stamping, pressing, punching; punched, stamped, pressed.

Shtampovkachi : puncher, punch operator.

Shtanga : (Russian) weight (for weight lifting); goalpost; bar, rod.

Shtangachi : weight lifter.

Shtangentsirkul" : (Russian) slide gauge, sliding calipers.

Shtapel" : (Russian) staple (cloth).

Shtat 1 : (Russian) state.

Shtat 2 : (Russian) staff; list of staff members and responsibilities.

Shtativ : (Russian) tripod, stand, base.

Shtatsiz : non staff member.

Shtempel" : (Russian) stamp.

Shtik : (Russian) bayonet.

Shtorm : (Russian) gale.

Shtraf : (Russian) fine, penalty. ~ qil /~ maydonchasi penalty area. ~ batal'oni penal battalion. ~ to'pi penalty kick.

Shtreykbrexer : (Russian) strikebreaker.

Shtrix : (Russian) line, stroke; feature, trait.

Shturm : (Russian) storming, assault.

Shturman : (Russian) navigator.

Shturmanlik : abstr. Of shturman.

Shturmbozlik : s. Shturmchilik.shturmchi coll.strafer, strafing aircraft.

Shturmchilik : rushed, sporadic production work (in order to meet the plan).

Shturmovik : (Russian) attack plane; storm trooper.

Shturval : (Russian) wheel, controls.

Shturvalchi : helmsman, pilot.

Shu'ba : arch. (Arabic) branch office; name of each section of the six types of shashmaqom.

Shu'la : (Arabic) light, luster, shining; flame, glow.

Shu'lalan  : v.i. To shine. [shu'lalantir ]

Shu shu : since then, since that time.shu shun+ w/ case endingthis, that. ~ atrofda around here, in this area. ~ orada/~nda here; at that time, then. ~nga for that reason. ~ bu yil this (very) year. ~ bugun this very day. ~ qadar this much. ~ ham ishmi? Or ~ ham ish bo'ldimi? What is this?, What do you call this?, What the hell have you been doing? Kuni ~nga qolipti This is all he has left. ~ da! What else? ~ndan ~nga for a long way. ~ vaqtgacha/~ kam Edi or ~nisi this, this one.

Shuaro : obs. (Arabic) poets.

Shuba : (Russian) fur coat.

Shubha : (Arabic) doubt, suspicion. Kimdan ~ng bor? Who do you suspect/have suspicions about? ~ yo'q no doubt. (+~ qil  to suspect, to have doubts about. ~ tug'dir  to breed suspicion, to cast doubts. ~ga sol  to cause to doubt. ~ga tush  to begin to doubt. (+~ bos  to be overcome by suspicion.

Shubha shikva : (Arabic) (+~ qil /Et  to have doubts and suspicions.

Shubhachi : doubter, suspicious person.

Shubhalan  : v.i. (+dan/+ga) to suspect, to have suspicions, to doubt. [shubhalantir ]

Shubhali : suspicious, doubtful.

Shubhasiz : w/o a doubt, doubtless.

Shud : ability, dexterity. ~i bor yigit talented lad.

Shudgor : tilled earth; tilling. Qora ~ land plowed in the fall but left fallow. Till

Shudgorla  : v.t. To till. [shudgorlan ]

Shudli : able, gifted, talented.

Shudring : dew (s. Shabnam).

Shudsiz : maladroit, inept.

Shug'ullan  : v.i. To be occupied with, to be engaged in; to work on, to study. [shug'ullantir ]

Shuhrat : (Arabic) fame, renown. ~ qozon /top  to find or gain fame.

Shuhratla  : v.t. To acclaim.

Shuhratlan  : v.i. To become famous, well known.

Shuhratli : famed, renowned.

Shuhratparast : seeker of fame, consumed by a desire for fame.

Shuhratparastlik : vainglorious quest for fame.

Shukr : (Arabic) s. Shukur.

Shukrona : (in) thanks, (with) gratitude.

Shukronalik : thanks, gratitude, gratefulness.

Shukuh lit. : celebration, festivity; greatness, magnificence.

Shukuhli : great, glorious, splendid.

Shukur : (Arabic) thanks be, thanks for that.shul obs.s. Shu.

Shulon : hot food given to the poor.

Shulxa : (Russian) s. Sheluxa.

Shum : (Arabic) evil, sinister; ominous, dismal; crafty, scheming; mischievous. ~ oyoq/~ xabar bad news.shumg'iya bot.broomrape; parasite.

Shumlik : evil, mischief. ~i tut  to be overcome by a desire to do mischief.

Shumshay  : v.i. To huddle into a ball; to frown, to brood; to crouch, to cringe. [shumshayish ]

Shumshuk : loathsome, repulsive, socially outcast.

Shumshuklik : rejection.

Shumtaka : mischievous, naughty, bad (child).shumtol bot.ash (tree).shumurt bot.bird cherry.shunaqa coll.s. ~si (one) like this/that, such a; like this, like that, thus.shunaqangi coll.s. Shunday.

Shuncha : this much/many; so much/many.

Shunchaki : just for fun, just for kicks; unimportant, simple, plain. ~ gap just talk.

Shunchalik : so, so much; just, simply, for no reason; unimportant, simple, plain.shunchayiki coll.s. Shunchaki.shunchayin coll.s. Shunchaki.

Shunday : like this/that, such, of that sort; thus, so, in that manner, in that way; right (as response or tag question). ~ bo'lsa ham even so. ~likka ~ ku ya that's as it may be. ~ Emasmi? Isn't that so? ~ qilib thus, in that way. ~ deng Now you're talking!; What're you saying? What's that? ~(lig)icha just like it was.shundayin dial. Coll.s. Shunday.shundoq coll.s. Shunday.

Shung : s. Shumtol.

Shuningdek : similarly, likewise.shunqor zool.gerfalcon; champion, hero, ace.

Shuru' : obs. (Arabic) ~ qil  to set to doing s.t.

Shurup : (Russian) screw.

Shuur lit. : (Arabic) intelligence, comprehension.

Shuuriy lit. : (Arabic) ~ ravishda comprehendingly. G'ayri ~ ravishda uncomprehendingly; unreasoningly.

Shuurli : intelligent, sharp of mind.

Shuursiz : unperceiving, uncomprehending; unreasoning; insane, mentally unfit.

Shuursizlik : insanity (i.e., unfit to stand trial).shuv ono.light rustling or whooshing noise. ~ Et  to make a light rustling or whooshing noise; to do quickly or all ata once. Yuragi ~ Etib ketdi His heart skipped a beat.

Shuva  : v.t. To plaster (s. Suva ). [shuval , shuvat ]shuvaran bot.flixweed, spinnate tansy mustard.

Shuvilla  : v.i. To stir, to whisper, to rumble. Yuragi ~b ketdi s. Yuragi shuv Etib ketdi.shuvoq 1 bot.wormwood.shuvoq 2 dial.plaster (s. Suvoq).

Shuvoqchi : plasterer (s. Suvoqchi).

Shuvoqzor : field or patch of wormwood.

Shuvut : yuzi ~ downcast, shamefaced, outcast.

Shuvutlik : yuzi ~ humiliation, shame.

Shuytib dial. thus, so, in that way.

Shved : (Russian) Swede; Swedish.

Shveytsar : (Russian) Swiss.

Si : (Russian) C (in music).

Sibir coll. : (Russian) Siberia. ~ qil  to exile to Siberia. ~ yong?Og?I Siberian pine.

Sibiriyalik : Siberian.

Sibizg'a : a kind of flute.

Sibizg'achi : a sibizg'a player.sichqon zool.mouse. ~ sig'mas iniga, g'alvir bog'lar dumiga said when s.o. Attempts s.t. W/o considering all that is involved. ~ surdi said when s.o. Who has been sick for some time ventures out of doors for the first time. ~ning ini ming tanga any place would do for a refuge (said for s.o. Looking for a place to hide). Arslonning o'ligi, ~ning tirigi expression meaning that big shots are still big shots even after a fall from power.

Siderik : (Russian) sidereal. ~ davr sidereal orbit. ~ oy sidereal month.

Sidir  : v.t. To scrape up; to yank off, to whip off. ~ib sol /betini ~ib tashlab unashamedly. [sidiril , sidirish ]

Sidirg'a : plain, unpatterned; all over, completely.

Sidirg'asiga : completely, entirely, thoroughly.

Sidiril  : v.i. Pass. Of sidir . Ichim ~ib tushdi/ketdi to be starving (hungry).

Sidq : (Arabic) devotion.

Sidqidil : zeal, fervor. ~lik bilan fervently, earnestly.

Sidra : time. Ikki ~ twice, two times.

Sidrasiga : one after another.

Sifat : (Arabic) quality; attribute, characteristic; mode, manner; adjective. ~ida as, in the capacity of. Do'st ~ida as a friend.

Sifatdosh : participle (e.g., V+ ~ kesim parctcipial predicate. ~ oborot ?? [prichastnyy oborot]

Sifatla  : v.t. To describe, to characterize.sifatlanmish gram.subject or object of a participle.

Sifatlash : v.n. Of sifatla ; description, characterization; epithet.

Sifatli : (high) quality.

Sifatlovchi : attribute.

Sifatsiz : low quality, cheap.

Sifatsizlik : poor quality, cheapness.

Sifon : (Russian) siphon.

Sifr : arch. (Arabic) zero (s. Nol').

Sig'  : v.i. To fit (on, into), to be held or contained by; to find shelter (in). Ichiga ~maydi to not be able to contain within o.s. (joy, etc.). Yuragiga ~maydi not to be able to keep to o.s.; not to be able to put up with. Ta'rifga~maydi (to be) indescribable. Diliga qil ham ~maydi to have no patience or appetite for s.t. Xayolga ~maydigan unimaginable. [sig'dir , sig'diril , sig'ish , sig'ishtir ]

Sig'arli : fitting, holding, able to contain. O'n litr suv ~ idish A container which can hold ten liters.

Sig'im : volume, capacity. Issiqlik ~i heat capacity. Elektr ~i (electrical) capacity. Kemaning suv ~i displacement of a ship.

Sig'imli : having a certain capacity; capacious.

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