SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Shartnoma : agreement, contract.

Shartsiz : unconditioned, absolute. ~ refleks unconditioned reflex.

Shartta shartta : straight away, w/o hesitation; one after another, nonstop.

Shartta : directly, right away; suddenly, quickly; hard, firmly. ~ ish qil  to work resolutely, w/o wavering.

Shasha : loose, loosely woven.

Shashka 1 : (Russian) checkers, draughts.

Shashka 2 : (Russian) (explosive) charge.

Shashkachi : checkers player.

Shashlik coll. : (Russian) shish kebab (s. Kabob).

Shashmaqom : a musical piece incorporating one of the six classic maqoms (Buzruk, Navo, Dugoh, Segoh, Rost, and Iroq).

Shashpar : a long handled mace with circular and oblong pieces of metal mounted on the end, similar to a halberd.

Shashqator : flowing (tears).

Shashqol : die, dice.

Shasht coll : s. Shaxt.

Shashvar : s. Shashpar.

Shassi : (Russian) chassis, undercarriage.

Shatak : harnessing, coupling together; help, aid (for progress). ~ka ol  to hitch, to tow; to aid.

Shatakchi : tow(ing); helping.

Shatakla  : v.t. S. Shatakka ol . [shataklan ]

Shataloq : ~ ot /ur  to kick, to buck; to scamper, to skip about; to scamper off.

Shatilla  : v.i. S. Shatirla . [shatillat ]shatir shutur ono.s. Shatir; driving, pelting (rain); in a jiffy, in a flash.shatir ono.cracking, snapping, or rustling sound; quickly, hastily, w/o thinking.

Shatira shutur : s. Shatir shutur.

Shatirla  : v.i. To rustle, to crackle, to snap; to do s.t. In a flash. [shatirlat ]

Shatmoq : filth; filthy. ~i chiqqan filthy.

Shatranj : a ancient game similar to chess; chess.

Shatta : kick; slap, blow; thrashing, beating. ~ ot  to kick with both hind legs. ~ e  to get a beating.shattaki coll.s. Shartaki.

Shattala  : v.t. S. Shatta ot .shavaqi dial.noisy; noise maker.

Shavhar : arch. Husband.

Shavkat : (Arabic) glory, grandeur, pomp, splendor.

Shavkatli : glorious, majestic, grand, splendid.

Shavla : a dish made of meat, rice, and carrots. Qulog'ining tagida ~ qaynat  to slap upside the head.

Shavq : (Arabic) passion, enthusiasm; mirth, glee. ~ bilan with ardor, with enthusiasm. ~qa to'lgan full of glee.

Shavq zavq : (Arabic) pleasure and contentment.

Shavqlan  : v.i. To fill with enthusiasm, to be enthusiastic. [shavqlantir ]

Shavqli : enthusiastic, passionate; gay, lively.

Shavqsiz : unenthusiastic, dispassionate; dull, uninspiring.

Shavvol : (Arabic) name of the tenth month of the Islamic calendar.

Shaxdam : firm, determined, resolute.

Shaxs : (Arabic) person, individual; subject.

Shaxsan : (Arabic) personally.

Shaxsiy : (Arabic) personal, individual, private. ~ ish private or personal matter. ~ pensiya special pension. ~ pensioner receiver of special pension. ~ varaqa personal file. ~ sostav staff.

Shaxsiya : (Arabic) manfaati ~ personal benefit.

Shaxsiyat : (Arabic) personality; personal pride. ~ga teg  to hurt s.o.'s personal pride, to get personal.

Shaxsiyatparast : egotistical, selfish.

Shaxsiyatparastlik : self love, egoism.

Shaxt : fervor, rage; peak, height; suddenly, all at once. ~idan qayt /~ini qaytar  to discourage; to calm down.

Shaxta : (Russian) mine; shaft.shaxtachi coll.s. Shaxtyor.shaxtam coll.s.shaxdam.

Shaxtyor : (Russian) miner.

Shaxtyorlik : abstr. Of shaxtyor.

Shay 1 : ready, set.

Shay 2 rare : (Arabic) thing, object.

Shayba : (Russian) washer; hockey puck.

Shaydo : madly in love; mad (for/about).

Shaydolik : s. Shaydoyilik.

Shaydoyi : madly in love; crazy, mad (about).

Shaydoyilik : overpowering love or passion.

Shayin : (Arabic) beam (of a balance).

Shayka : (Russian) gang, band.

Shayla  : v.t. To ready. [shaylan , shaylanish ]

Shaytanat : (Arabic) devils, demons; evil deeds.

Shayton 1 : (Arabic) the Devil; devil; crafty person; wild, rambunctious (child). ~ga dars beradigan craftier than the Devil himself. No'mid ~ he who has no hope is lost. ~ arava (arch.) Bicycle. ~i zo'r/~i qo'zidi to get rankled. ~ga hay ber  to control o.s.

Shayton 2 : (Arabic) (carpenter's) level.

Shaytonbachcha : little devil.

Shaytoniy : (Arabic) devilish, evil, crafty.shaytonkelmas bot.eryngo.shaytonkosa bot.henbane.shaytonkovush bot.bulbous meadow grass; (coll.) A toy sewn in the shape of a slipper from this plant.

Shaytonla  : v.i. To have a seizure or fit. [shaytonlan ]

Shaytonlik : devilry, cheating, trickery.shaytonteri coll.a kind of thick cloth.

Shayx : (Arabic) learned religious leader; religious man who presides over a site of pilgrimage to recite prayers, receive offerings, etc.

Shayxlik : abstr. Of shayx.

Shayxulislom : (Arabic) holder of highest religious authority in Islam.

Shchi : (Russian) cabbage soup.

Shchit : (Russian) shield; sluice gate; placard; board, panel.

She'r : (Arabic) poem. Oq ~ blank verse (s. Sochma she?R).

She'riy : (Arabic) poetic, in poetry.

She'riyat : (Arabic) poetry.

She'rxonlik : poetry recitation (in turns).

Shef : (Russian) chief, head, boss.

Shef povar : (Russian) head chef.

Sheflik : patronage.

Shekil coll. : (Arabic) s. Shekilli.

Shekilli : apparently, it seems. Bormadi shekilli He must not have gone.

Sheluxa : (Russian) cottonseed husks (used as animal feed).

Sher : lion. ~ yurak lionhearted. ~ yigit strong, brave lad.

Sherandom : lion like in appearance.

Sherbachcha coll. : fearless youth, brave lad.

Sherenga : (Russian) rank, file.
Sherik : (Arabic) partner, buddy, companion, comrade; match (of a pair). ~misan, hammolmisan? Are you going to help out or not?, Are you part of this deal or what?

Sherikchilik : partnership.

Sheriklash  : v.i. To become partners, to join together, to cooperate.

Sheriklik : partnership; shared, common. ~ mulk common property.

Sherlan  : v.i. To feel or be heroic, to be filled with might.sherolg'in bot.tarragon.

Sheroziy : gray karakul pelt (the highest quality).

Sherst" coll. : (Russian) woolen cloth.

Sherzod : brave, fearless, or able person.

Shesternya : (Russian) cog wheel.shet coll.s. Shu er.

Sheva 1 : dialect; tongue.

Sheva 2 lit. : coquettish gesture; habit, practice.

Sheviot : (Russian) cheviot.

Shevro : (Russian) kid leather.

Shezlong : (Russian) chaise longue.

Shia : (Arabic) s. Shiiy.

Shibba : rammer, beetle. ~ ur /qil  s. Shibbala .

Shibbala  : v.t. To ram, to pound, to compact; to pack or cram with. [shibbalan , shibbalat , shibbalash ]

Shibbalovchi : ramming, compacting.

Shiddat : (Arabic) force, intensity, violence, fury.

Shiddatkor : s. Shiddatli.

Shiddatlan  : v.i. To increase in force or intensity.

Shiddatli : intense, violent, furious, powerful.

Shiddatlik : intensity, violence, fury.

Shifer : (Russian) corrugated roofing material made of a composite of concrete or slate.

Shifo : (Arabic) cure, remedy; recovery. Xudo (ollo) ~ bersin May God grant (you) health. ~ ol /top  to recover, to get better.

Shifobaxsh : health restoring, curative, medicinal.

Shifobaxshlik : curing power, medicinal properties or value.

Shifokor : healer, physician.

Shifola  : v.t. To cure, to treat. [shifolan ]

Shifoli : s. Shifobaxsh.

Shifolik : curative power.

Shifon : (Russian) chiffon.

Shifon"er : (Russian) chest of drawers.

Shifosiz : incurable.

Shifoxona : hospital, clinic.

Shifr : (Russian) code; call number.

Shifrla  : v.t. To encode; to code, to assign a call number to. [shifrlan ]

Shift : s. Ship.

Shig' : yuragi ~ Etib ketdi to be startled, to have one's heart miss a beat.

Shig'a  : v.i. To do with great energy. Yomg'ir ~b yog'yapti It's raining very hard.

Shig'a : fully, completely; full, brimming, overflowing.shig'il coll.s. Shovul 2.

Shig'illa  : v.i. To seethe, to roll; to whiz, to whir. ~b ketdi to throb (heart). [shig'illat ]

Shig'irla  : s. Shig'illa .shig'ovul hist.court official serving as master of ceremonies.

Shig'ray  : v.i. To stare (of cross eyed person). [shig'raytir ]

Shiiy : (Arabic) Shiite.

Shiizm : (Russian) Shiism.

Shijoat : (Arabic) courage, bravery, valor.

Shijoatkor : s. Shijoatli.

Shijoatli : courageous, valiant, brave.

Shijoatsiz : cowardly.

Shikast : damage, harm; accident, mishap. ~ ye  to be harmed or damaged; to undergo a mishap. ~ yegan qo'shin crippled army.

Shikast rext : harm and injury.

Shikasta : dejected, downcast. ~ dil downhearted. ~ xat handwriting (in Arabic script) with the letters running together and written without dots.

Shikastaband : setter of broken bones (s. Siniqchi).

Shikastahol : sorrowful, mournful.

Shikastanafs : modest, humble; ascetic.

Shikastla  : v.t. To damage, to harm, to injure. [shikastlan , shikastlantir ]

Shikastsiz : unharmed.

Shikor lit. : hunting. ~ qil  to go hunting.

Shikoyat : (Arabic) complaint. (+ ~ qil  to complain (about).

Shikoyatboz : habitual complainer.

Shikoyatbozlik : constant complaining.

Shikoyatchi : person lodging a complaint.

Shikoyatlan  : v.i. To complain, to object.
Shikoyatli : plaintive, dissatisfied, unapproving.

Shikoyatnamo : s. Shikoyatomiz.

Shikoyatnoma : written complaint.

Shikoyatomiz : (seemingly) dissatisfied, displeased, unapproving.

Shikva lit. : (Arabic) complaint, moan. ~ qil  to complain.

Shikva shikoyat : (Arabic) grumblings and complaints.

Shikvali : plaintive, doleful.

Shil dial. : dishonest, cheating, rapacious.shildir 1 ono.murmuring, gurgling sound (of water). ~ suv murmuring, flowing water.

Shil  : v.t. To skin, to flay, to strip; to scrape; to eat through (skin, etc.); to rip off, to rob blind. [shildir , shilin , shilintir , shilish ]

Shildir 2 : s. Shil.

Shildira  : v.i. To burble, to gurgle (water). [shildirat , shildirash ]

Shildiroq : burbling, babbling, gurgling (water).

Shilimshiq : sticky, gluey, gooey.shilin 1 bot.honeysuckle.shilin 2 coll.s. Shinel'.

Shilin  : v.i. Pass. Of ichim ~ib ketdi to become very hungry; to clean out one's insides, to give diarrhea. ~ib tush  to become emaciated.shilingpocha coll.bare; barefoot.

Shiliq : s. Shilliq.

Shilling 1 : (Russian) schilling.

Shilling 2 : ~ni pillingga urib jo'na  to make off, to clear out.shilliq (qurt) zool.snail.

Shilliq : slimy. ~ parda mucous membrane.shilp ono.s. Shilt.

Shilpildoq : a dish made of wide flat noodles.

Shilpiq : trachoma; pus filled drainage of the resulting from a trachoma. ~ odam person with a trachoma.

Shilpiqlan  : v.i. To develop a trachoma; to become inflamed from a trachoma (eye).shilq ono.plopping or sloshing noise. ~ Et  to plop, to slosh; to do s.t. Tiredly, from exhaustion; to do s.t. Credulously, to fall for s.t.; to happen quickly or suddenly. ~ Etib yiqil  to drop from exhaustion. ~ tush  to fall for, to believe readily.

Shilqilla  : v.i. To make plopping or sloshing noises; to pool, to form puddles; to become exhausted, to do s.t. In an exhausted state. ~b tush  to drop from exhaustion. [shilqillat ]

Shilqim : tenacious, unrelenting; impudent.

Shilqimlarcha : tenaciously, unrelentingly; impudently.

Shilqimlik : tenaciousness.

Shilqqa : ~ tush  s. Shilq tush .shilt 1 ono.slapping or smacking noise.

Shilt 2 : ~ Et /ur  to do quickly, in a flash.shilt shilt ono.s. Shilt; extremely, very.

Shilta : soaking wet; mud. Birovning shiltasiga toy  to take the blame for s.o. Else's act, to take the fall for s.o. Else.

Shiltilla  : v.i. To become muddy or slushy.shilvira  coll.to tear the scab off, to open (wound).

Shim  : v.t. To absorb; to suck on. [shimdir , shimil , shimit , shimish ]

Shim : pants, trousers.

Shimar  : v.t. To roll up (sleeves, etc.). Yeng ~ib rolling up one?S sleeves, enthusiastically. [shimaril , shimarin , shimartir ]

Shimarig'liq : rolled up (sleeves, etc.).

Shimi  : s. Shim .shiming chaynamang coll.a type of candy cane.

Shimir  : v.t. To sip (s. Simir ).

Shimol : (Arabic) (the) north. ~ yog?Dusi the Northern Lights.

Shimoli g'arb : northwest.

Shimoli g'arbiy : northwestern.

Shimoli sharq : northeast.

Shimoli sharqiy : northeastern.

Shimoliy : (Arabic) northern.

Shimollik : northerner.

Shimpanze zool. (Russian) : chimpanzee.

Shina : (Russian) tire.

Shinak : arch. Loophole, embrasure; shelter, cover.

Shinam : cozy, comfortable; pleasant.

Shinavanda : fan, enthusiast,  lover; experienced; pleasant, affable; generous, hospitable.

Shinel" : (Russian) greatcoat.

Shing'illa  : v.i. S. Shing'irla . [shing'illat ]

Shing'irla  : v.i. To clank, to rattle. [shing'irlat ]shing'iroq coll.bell (s. Qo'ng'iroq).

Shing'ray  : v.i. To gawk, to stare. [shing'irlat ]

Shingarf lit. : cinnabar, vermilion.

Shingil shapoq : bunches of grapes of all sizes.

Shingil : several grapes on a stem, part of a bunch of grapes. Bir ~ piece, part; a little, some.

Shingiling : s. Shinam.

Shingilla  : v.i. To break or separate into pieces or bunches. ~b ye  to eat (grapes) in small bunches.

Shinni : syrup made from mulberries, grapes, etc.

Shior : (Arabic) slogan; banner. ~ ot /tashla  to advance a slogan.

Ship 1 : ceiling. ~ yog'ochi ceiling beam. ~dek high as the ceiling. ~ga bit  to droop or close from weariness (eyes).ship 2 ono.pitter patter. ~ Etib quickly, hastily. Qulog'i ~ bitdi to go deaf, to hear nothing.

Ship 3 zool. : (Russian) a type of sturgeon (s. Filmoy).

Ship shiydam : quite bare, completely denuded (s. Shiydam).

Shipangla  dial. : v.i. To bounce, to strut, to sashay.shiper coll.s. Shifer.

Shipildoq tovushlar : fricatives.

Shipilla  : v.i. To rustle. [shipillat ]

Shipillovchi tovushlar : s. Shipildoq tovushlar.

Shipir  dial. : v.t. To sweep (s. Supur ); to sweep up, to pack off with; to cut off; to clean up, to devour. [shipirish ]shipirgi dial.broom (s. Supurgi).

Shipirla  : s. Shipilla . [shipirlat ]

Shipirma qilich : scimitar (s. Shop).

Shippak : sandal(s).

Shipshi  : v.t. To whisper.

Shipshi : whisper(ing); hidden meaning.

Shipshit  : v.t. To whisper in one's ear.shiptir dial.urine, piss.shiq ono.clanking or clacking noise.

Shiqildoq : rattle.

Shiqilla  : v.i. To clack, to clank. Tuyog'ingni ~t! Beat it!, Make tracks! [shiqillat ]shiqir ono.s. Shiriq.

Shiqirla  : v.i. To jingle, to clink. [shiqirlat , shiqirlash ]shir 1 ono.light tearing or ripping sound. Chumchuq pir Etsa, yuragi ~ Etadi panicky, jumpy, scared of everything. ~ Etib suddenly. ~ yalang'och bare naked.

Shir 2 : milk (s. ~u shakar poem written in two languages together (e.g., Turkic and Persian).

Shira 1 : juice; fluid; narcotic beverage made from soaking opium poppies in water; gist; sweetness, tone (of voice). ~ tort  to become sweet; to begin to thicken, to cook long enough; to reach a fine pitch (voice). Ko'zini ~ bosdi to become conceited or arrogant.

Shira 2 : aphid; (coll.) Sweets.

Shirach : cobbler's glue (s. Sirach).

Shirachla  : v.t. To glue together (s. Sirachla ). [shirachlan , shirachlat ]

Shirador : s. Shirali.

Shiradorlik : juiciness.

Shirakayf : tipsy.

Shirali : juicy; meaningful, pithy; sweet, sonorous (voice).

Shiralik : sweets; juicy, sweet.

Shiralilik : juiciness; sweetness.

Shirapaz : s. Shiravorpaz.

Shirapazlik : candy making.

Shirasiz : dry, not tasty; meaningless, dull.

Shirava : layer of cream on top of milk; layer of ice or snow on top of something.

Shiravor : sweets.

Shiravorchi : s. Shiravorpaz.

Shiravorpaz : candy maker, confectioner.

Shirchoy 1 : tea made with milk, salt, and butter.

Shirchoy 2 bot. : avens.

Shirdon : abomasum (4th stomach of ruminants).

Shirguruch : dish made of rice cooked in milk.

Shirgurunch : s. Shirguruch.

Shirilla  : v.i. To rustle, to crackle. [shirillat ]

Shirin : sweet; tasty; nice, fine. Joni ~ odam fond of o.s., not wanting to hurt or tire o.s.

Shirin shakar : very sweet; sweets.

Shirinak : ~ o'yna  to compete to see whose (melon, etc.) Turns out to be the sweetest.

Shirincha : scrofula.

Shirinchilik : camaraderie, friendly atmosphere.

Shirindimog' : high spirited, jovial.

Shirinkoma : middleman's fee.

Shirinla  rare : v.t. To make sweet or tasty.

Shirinlik : sweetness; sweets; ease, contentment, happiness.shirinmiya bot.licorice (s. Qizilmiya).

Shirinso'z : sweet spoken, affable.

Shirinso'zlik : sweet spokenness, affability.

Shirinsuxan : s. Shirinso'z.

Shirinsuxanlik : s. Shirinso'zlik.

Shirintak : s. Shirinak.

Shirintomoq : lover of sweets, sweet tooth.shirintoy coll.sweet little one, sweet little boy or girl.

Shirinturush choy : cold sweetened tea.

Shirinxo'r : s. Shirintomoq.shiriq ono.crashing, clattering, or breaking sound.

Shiriqla  : v.i. To clatter, rattle, or crash. [shiriqlat ]

Shirkat : (Arabic) company, association.

Shirma : (Russian) screen.

Shirmon : ~ non s. ~ yuz chubby red face.

Shirmoy(i) non : a type of tandoor bread made with a mixture of wheat and chickpea flour, milk, and oil.shirolg'a dial.share of a prize.

Shirq : s. Shiriq.

Shirqilla  : v.i. To slosh, to splash; to make noise, to clang or clatter. [shirqillat ]

Shirqira  : v.i. S. Shildira . [shirqirat ]

Shirqovoq : porridge made from milk and pumpkin.shirt ono.snapping noise.

Shirvoz : grown fat (from nursing; of a kid or lamb).

Shirxo'ra : foster brother or sister (who has nursed from the same woman).

Shirxo'rda : gruel cooked with milk.

Shirzada : rickets.

Shish  : v.i. To swell, to puff up, to expand; to get fat; to get rich. Boshi ~gan tired, worn out. O'pkasi ~  to be short of breath; to be filled with sorrow. [shishin , shishir , shishiril ]

Shish : inflammation, swelling.

Shisha : glass; bottle.

Shishadam : glass blower.

Shishak : one or two year old sheep.

Shishasoz : glassworks worker.

Shishin  : v.i. Reflex. Of shish ; to put on airs, to inflate o.s.

Shishir  : v.t. Caus. Of kallani ~ir  to wear out, to exhaust, to make dizzy with fatigue. [shishiril ]

Shit : sound made to startle or drive fowl, shsht.shitir ono.snapping or rustling sound.

Shitirla  : v.i. To rustle. [shitirlat ]

Shitob : rush, hurry; fast, quick, hurried.

Shitoblik : speed, hurriedness.shivag'a dial.share.

Shivala  : v.i. To drive down, to pour down (rain).

Shivilg'oni : s. Shivirg'oni.shivilla  coll.to whisper.shivir kichir ono.whispering.shivir ono.whisper.

Shivirg'oni : a type of seedless red grape.

Shivirla  : v.i. To whisper. [shivirlat , shivirlash ]

Shixang : ~ ber  to stir up against.

Shixangla  : v.t. S. Shixang ber . [shixanglan ]

Shixta : (Russian) charge (of a furnace).

Shiydam 1 : naked, bare, empty.

Shiydam 2 : dressed up, fancily dressed.

Shiypon (Chinese) : pagoda; field shelter.

Shizofreniya : (Russian) schizophrenia.

Shkaf : (Russian) shelf, shelves (s. Javon).

Shkala : (Russian) scale (of measure).

Shkiv : (Russian) pulley.

Shlagbaum : (Russian) barrier, gate.

Shlak : (Russian) slag.

Shlakobeton : (Russian) cement made with slag.

Shlakoblok : (Russian) cinder block, breeze block.

Shlang : (Russian) hose.

Shlanga coll. : (Russian) s. Shlang.

Shlem : (Russian) helmet.

Shlemofon : (Russian) helmet with earphones.

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