SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Sershox : branchy, full of branches.

Sersoch : hairy, having a lot of hair.

Sersomon : full of straw, containing much straw.

Sersoqol : having a large beard.

Sersoya : shady.

Sersut : full of or producing much milk.

Sersutlik : abstr. Of sersut.

Sersuv : abounding in water, full of water; watery.

Sersuvlik : watery, wishy washy.

Sersuxan :

Sersuxanlik : talkativeness.

Sersuyak : bony, having many bones.

Serta'zim : s. Sertavoze.

Sertajang : touchy, hot tempered.

Sertakalluf : ceremonious.

Sertashvish : troublesome, tiresome, wearisome.

Sertavoze : fawning, obsequious.

Sertola : full of (quality) fibers.

Sertomir : veiny, full of veins.

Sertomoq : voracious.

Sertuk : thick in pile; hairy.

Sertuproq : dirty, dusty.

Sertuxum : full of egg; producing many eggs, fertile; prolific.

Serunum : fruitful, productive, profitable.

Seruyqu : sleepy.

Servant : (Russian) sideboard.

Serviqor : majestic, stately.

Serviz : (Russian) service, set.

Serxarajat : s. Serxarj.

Serxarj : involving much expense, costly.

Serxarxasha : fussy, irritable, touchy.

Seryamoq : full of patches.

Seryaproq : leafy.

Seryog' : oily, fatty, greasy.

Seryog'in : rainy, wet.

Seryomg'ir : rainy.

Serzarda : bilious, irritable.

Serzardalik : irritability.

Serzavq : delightful, charming; tasteful

Sesarka : (Russian) ~ tovuq guinea hen.

Seshanba : (~ kuni) Tuesday.

Seskan  : v.i. To shudder at, to jump (in fear or revulsion). [seskantir ]

Seskanuvchan : jumpy, panicky.

Sessiya : (Russian) session; examination period.

Setka : (Russian) net bag; rates, charges. Tarif ~si tariff rates.

Setor : a three stringed plucked instrument.

Sev  : v.t. To love. Jini ~maydi to loathe. [sevdir , sevil , sevin , sevinish , sevintir , sevish ]

Sevala  : v.i. To sprinkle (rain).sevar rare poet.lover.

Sevdik rare : s. Sevgili.

Sevgi : love.

Sevgili : lover, beloved; lovable, sweet.

Sevguvchi : s. Sevuvchi.

Sevikli : s. Sevgili.

Sevimli : lovable, sweet.

Sevimsiz : unattractive, unlikable.

Sevin  : v.i. To be delighted or glad. O'zida yo'q ~  to be overjoyed. ~ganidan terisiga sig'may ketdi tobe overjoyed, to be at a loss from happiness. [sevinish , sevintir ]

Sevinarli : delightful, joyous.

Sevinch : glee, delight.

Sevinchi : present given to a bearer of good news.

Sevinchli : happy, uplifting.

Sevintirarli : gladdening, uplifting.

Sevuvchi : lover, one who loves.

Seyalka : (Russian) sowing machine.

Seyalkachi : sower.

Seym : (Russian) the Sejm.

Seysmik : (Russian) seismic.

Seysmologik : (Russian) seismological.

Seysmologiya : (Russian) seismology.

Sez  : v.t. To sense, to feel; to notice. [sezdir , sezdiril , sezil , sezish ]

Sezgi : sense; feeling.

Sezgir : sensitive; perceptive, quick.

Sezgirlik : sensitivity; perceptiveness.

Sezgisiz : numb.

Sezgisizlik : numbness.

Sezilar sezilmas : almost unnoticeable, barely perceptible.

Sezilarli : perceptible, noticeable, significant.

Sezilmas : imperceptible.

Sezish : v.n. Of sez ; feeling, sense.

Sezon : (Russian) season (s. Mavsum).

Sezonli : seasonal.

Sezuv : s. Sezish.

Sezuvchan : sensitive.

Sezuvchanlik : sensitivity.

Sfera : (Russian) sphere. Osmon ~si celestial sphere.

Sferik : (Russian) spherical.

Sha'bon : (Arabic) the 8th month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

Sha'n : (Arabic) reputation; renown, fame, honor. ~iga yoz  to write s.t. In s.o.'s honor. ~iga tegizib gapir  to find fault with s.o., to badmouth.

Shab lit. : night, evening. Bozori ~ nighttime bazaar during Ramadhan. ~i hijron night of separation.

Shab ro'z, shabu ro'z : night and day.

Shabada : breeze. Ko'kragiga ~ tegdi to get a chest cold.

Shabadala  : v.i. To get fresh air; to catch a cold. [shabadalat ]shabboda poet.s. Shabada.

Shabchiroq : a mythical stone which glows at night; gem, carbuncle; lamp, candle.

Shabchor : nighttime grazing of livestock.

Shabdor bot. : a type of clover.

Shabgard arch. Hist. : night watchman.

Shabgir : evening stroll.

Shabiston : obs. Bed chamber; place enveloped by night.

Shabko'r : night blind.

Shabko'rlik : night blindness.

Shablon : (Russian) mold, template; blind imitation; blindly imitative, clich?

Shablonchilik : blind imitation.

Shablonlash  : v.i. To become blindly imitative, to become clich?[shablonlashtir , shablonlashtiril ]

Shabnam : dew.

Shabnamlan  : v.i. To become covered with dew.

Shabnamli : dewy.

Shabnamsiz : dewless.

Shabohang : Sirius.

Shaboxun : ~ ur  to take off for, to make for; to make a night raid.shabparak obs. Zool.bat (s. Ko'rshapalak).

Shabrang : arch. Black, dark.

Shabron : (Russian) s. Shevro.

Shaddod : (Arabic) tyrannical, oppressive; blunt, direct.

Shaddodlik : tyranny, despotism; despotic behavior.

Shafaq : (Arabic) red glow of dawn or sunset.

Shafaqlan  : v.i. To glow red (horizon).

Shafaqrang : red, crimson.

Shafe 3pp shafei : (Arabic) supporter, protector, patron.

Shafelik : support, patronage. ~ qil  to support, to back.

Shaffof : (Arabic) clear, transparent.

Shafiq : (Arabic) compassionate, kind.

Shafqat : (Arabic) sympathy, compassion.

Shafqatli : compassionate.

Shafqatsiz : merciless, pitiless.

Shafqatsizlik : lack of pity, hardheartedness.

Shaftoli bot. : peach. ~ gul peach blossom; peach blossom colored.~ qoq  to freeze, to get cold.

Shaftoliqoqi : dried peach.shaftolixo'r zool.toucan; peach lover.

Shaftolizor : peach grove.

Shag'al 1 : gravel. ~ yotqiz  to put down gravel.

Shag'al mast : quite drunk.

Shag'irla  : v.i. To clank, clang, or rattle.

Shagren" : (Russian) shagreen leather.

Shah : checkmate; shah, king.

Shahanshah : s. Shohanshoh.

Shahanshoh : s. Shohanshoh.

Shahar : city, large town. ~ berdim I give up (used when unable to find the answer to a riddle). ~ ol  to win (game).

Shaharcha : town; district (of a city).

Shaharchilik : city life, city customs or doings; favoring people from one's home city.

Shaharlash  : v.i. To become citified; to walk around the city.

Shaharlik : citizen, resident of a city.

Shaharnamo : city like.

Shaharsoz : city planner or architect.

Shahboz zool. Lit. : falcon; brave lad.

Shahd : obs. (Arabic) honey (s. Asal).

Shahd shakar, shahdu shakar : very sweet, tasty.

Shahid : (Arabic) martyr.

Shahidlik : martyrdom.

Shahlo : (Arabic) large, bright (eyes).

Shahmat : a game similar to checkers, but using 16 pieces; field or crops planted in a checkerboard pattern.

Shahmatchi : shahmat player.

Shahnoz : a classic Ozbek melody.

Shahodat : (Arabic) testimony, bearing witness (esp. That there is no god but God, the Muslim declaration of faith). ~ ber  to bear witness, to testify. ~ barmog'i index finger (lifted during prayer when reciting the Muslim declaration of faith).

Shahodatnoma : certificate.shahrisabzi bot.a type of grape.

Shahriston hist. : citadel.

Shahsuvor : splendid horseman; hero.

Shahvat : (Arabic) lust, passion.

Shahvatparast : passionate, hot blooded.

Shahvoniy : (Arabic) passionate, lustful.

Shahzoda : prince.

Shajara : (Arabic) genealogical tree, genealogy.

Shak : (Arabic) doubt.

Shak : (Arabic) eve of the first day of Ramadhan.

Shak shubha : doubt, suspicion.

Shak shubhasiz : beyond a doubt.

Shakar : sugar; sweet; candy, sweet(s). ~ kasali diabetes. ~i og'zingizda You tell me your price (said by a seller to a buyer). ~ qop a type of small bag. Til uchida ~ ber  to butter up, to talk sweetly to.

Shakarak 1 : a type of melon.

Shakarak 2 : aphid.

Shakarangur : a type of grape.

Shakarguftor : sweet tongued.

Shakarguftorlik : pleasant talk.

Shakarla  : v.t. To sweeten with sugar. [shakarlan ]

Shakarli : sugary, sweet. ~ diabet diabetes mellitus.

Shakarnay : s. Shakarqamish.

Shakarob dial. : salad made of finely sliced onions and tomatoes (s. ~ soya dappled shade. ~ xurrak sporadic snoring. ~ qilib suv sep  to splash with water (a courtyard : to keep down dust and cool down).

Shakarpalak : a type of melon.

Shakarpaz : maker of sweets.

Shakarpazlik : abstr. Of shakarpaz; sweets shop of factory.

Shakarpoya : sugarcane.shakarqamish bot.sugarcane (plant).

Shakkok : (Arabic) skeptic.

Shakkoklik : skepticism. ~ qil  to doubt, to be skeptical about.

Shakl : (Arabic) shape, form, figure, appearance; state; way, means, manner. ~ga kirit  to make into the shape of.

Shakl shamoyil : (Arabic) form, appearance.

Shaklan : (Arabic) in form or appearance.

Shaklan  : v.i. To have doubts.

Shakldor : having the form of,  shaped; ornate.

Shakli rare : doubtful, dubious.

Shaklik : women's celebration held in honor of the dead on the eve of Ramadhan.

Shakllan  : v.i. To take form, to take shape; to develop. [shakllantir ]
Shaklli : having the form of,  shaped.

Shaklsiz : formless, amorphous.

Shaksiz : doubtless.

Shal : s. Shol 2.

Shalabbo : soaking wet.

Shalay  : s. Shalvay .

Shalayim : weak, unable to stand.

Shalayimlan  : v.i. To lose all one's strength, to weaken.shaldir shuldur ono.rushing, boiling, babbling noises; openhearted, unable to keep a secret; spry, bouncy.

Shaldir shuldurlik : inability to keep a secret; spryness, liveliness.

Shaldira  : v.i. To clatter, to rattle, to clack; to rush, to burble. [shaldirat ]

Shaldirama : crackling, rustling (of brand new paper, etc.); rushing, burbling, babbling (stream).

Shaldiroq : s. Shaldirama.

Shalhaq : difficult to remove membrane on meat.; lean, low quality meat.

Shallaqi : loud mouthed, obstreperous, hot tempered..

Shallaqilarcha : in a hot tempered or obstreperous manner.

Shallaqilik : hotheadedness, obstreperousness.

Shalola : waterfall; rapids.

Shalop shulup : s. Shalop.shalop ono.plopping sound.

Shalopla  : v.i. To plop. [shaloplat ]shaloq coll.worn out, delapidated; immoral, corrupt, rotten. ~i chiqqan falling apart. Og'zi ~ foul mouthed.

Shaloqlik : delapidated condition; corruptness, rottenness.

Shalp shulp : s. Shalp.shalp ono.smacking or plopping sound.

Shalpang : drooping (ears).

Shalpangquloq : having large or drooping ears.

Shalpay  : v.i. To wither; to droop, to go limp, to slump. [shalpaytir ]

Shalpilla  : v.i. To plop; to droop, to slump. [shalpillat ]

Shaltoq : offal, mixture of manure and urine; filthy, dirty; foul deed, sin. ~qa yiqil /~ ot  to sling mud.

Shaltoqxona : manure pit.

Shalvar coll. : baggy trousers.

Shalvay  : v.i. To weaken, to lose strength. [shalvayish ]

Shalvilla  : s. Shalvira .

Shalvira  : v.i. To hang, to droop; to slouch, to drag one's feet. [shalvirat ]

Sham sham puli shamday qot  : candle. ~ puli money given to attendants at a graveyard. ~day qot  to freeze up, to stiffen.

Shama : sarcasm, sarcastic or ridiculing remark; allusion, hint. ~ qilib gapir  to say sarcastically.

Shama : tea leaves, dregs.

Shamaloq : jammed, swarming with.

Shamaloqday : s. Shamaloq.

Shamchiroq : candle.

Shamdon : candlestick. Katta ~ chandelier, candelabra.

Shamg'alat : (Arabic) ko'zini ~ qilib to hoodwink, to do without one's notice.

Shamgarlik : burning the candle at both ends.

Shamgin : downcast (look).

Shamiyon : stakes used to hold together the yoke of a plow. ~ ko'tar  to rebel, to kick over the traces.

Shamol : wind. Ko'kragiga ~ tegdi to get a chest cold. Qanday ~ uchirdi? What brings you here?

Shamolla  : v.i. To catch a cold; to get some fresh air. [shamollat , shamollatil ]

Shamollash : (catching a) cold, chill.

Shamollat  : v.t. Caus. Of shamolla ; to air out.

Shamolli : windy.

Shamolparrak coll. : fan, ventilator.

Shamolsiz : windless.

Shampanskiy : (Russian) champagne.

Shams : (Arabic) the sun.

Shamsa : (Arabic) decorative figure of the sun.

Shamshir : sword, saber; sharp.

Shamshod bot. : box tree. Qaddi ~ or ~ qomat/qad tall and shapely.

Shamsiya : (Arabic) solar calendar based on signs of the zodiac (s. Hut, hamal, savr, javzo, saraton, asad, sunbula, mezon, aqrab, qavs, jadyi, dalv); parasol.

Shanba : (~ kuni) Saturday.

Shanbalik : voluntary labor (originally performed on Saturdays).shang'i  coll.s. Shang'illa .

Shang'i : loud mouthed.

Shang'illa  : v.i. To speak loudly, to bellow; to clamor, to clang. Qulog'i ~di to have a ringing in one's ears. [shang'illat ]

Shantaj : (Russian) blackmail.

Shantajchi : blackmailer.

Shap shup : splashing or sloshing noises.shap ono.s. Shalp; suddenly, with force.

Shapaloq : open hand; slap; strike; piece. ~ ur  to slap. ~ e  to get slapped. ~ barg large, wide leaf.shapaloqgul bot.German iris (s. Gulsapsar).

Shapaloqla  : v.t. To slap.

Shaparak : thin, airy.

Shapilla  : v.i. To make a smacking noise. [shapillat ]

Shapir shupur : splashing or smacking noises; hurriedly, briskly.

Shapka : (Russian) hat, cap; headline for several articles.

Shapoq : (horse) unable to look at the rising or setting sun; cataract.

Shappa shappa : slap dash, in a rush, running and splashing.

Shappa : suddenly, all at once.shappala  coll.to pat.shappati dial.s. Shapaloq.

Shappatila  : s. To slap, to pat.shapshak dial.shameless, disgusting.shaq shuq ono.clacking or clanking noises.shaq ono.banging sound.

Shaqal : jackal (s. Chiyabo'ri).shaqashuldur coll.good natured, openhearted.shaqatul coll.reckless.

Shaqildoq : rattle (toy); whistle; self important; loudmouthed (s. Qaqildoq).

Shaqilla  : v.i. To make a banging or other loud noise; to rumble, to growl on and on. ~b titra  to shake like a leaf. ~b qayna  to boil loudly. [shaqillat , shaqillash ]shaqir shaqir ono.clanking, clanging, or rattling noise.shaqir shuqur ono.s. Shaqir shaqir; odds and ends, this and that.

Shaqirla  : v.i. S. Shaqilla . [shaqirlat ]shaqshaq zool.thrush.shaqshaqador coll.ornately decorated.

Shar : (Russian) sphere; ball; balloon. Er ~i the Earth, the globe. Havo ~i aerial sphere.shar ono.tearing sound; gushing or rushing sound (of water).shara bara coll.this and that, odds and ends.

Shar'an : (Arabic) in accordance with Islamic law.

Shar'iy : (Arabic) lawful according to Islamic law. Hiylai ~ or ~ hiyla act or trick which subverts or goes against Islamic law.

Sharaf : (Arabic) honor, glory. ~iga or ~i uchun in honor of.

Sharaf shon : (Arabic) honor and glory.

Sharafa : (Arabic) cornice.

Sharafla  : v.t. To honor, to glorify. [sharaflan ]

Sharafli : glorious, noble.sharaq sharaq ono.clanging noises, clatter.sharaq shuruq ono.s. Sharaq sharaq.sharaq ono.crashing, clattering or clanging noise.

Sharaqa shuruq : s. Sharaq shuruq.

Sharaqla  : v.i. To crash, to clatter, to clang. [sharaqlat ]

Sharbat : (Arabic) fruit juice.

Sharbatdor : juicy; cup bearer.

Sharf : (Russian) scarf.

Sharh : (Arabic) commentary, explanation, interpretation. ~i dil outpouring of one's feelings.

Sharhla  : v.t. To interpret, to expound, to explain; to make commentary on. [sharhlan ]

Sharhlovchi : v.n. Of sharhla ; commentator.

Shariat : (Arabic) shari'a, Islamic law. ~ peshvolari men learned in Islamic law.

Shariat tariqat : (Arabic) Islamic laws and customary practices.

Shariatpanoh : protector of Islamic law (epithet of a leader).

Sharif : arch. (Arabic) sacred, holy.

Sharik : (Russian) dim. Of shar.

Sharikli : ~ podshipnik ball bearing. ~ ruchka ballpoint pen.

Sharilla  : v.i. To roar, to rush, to make a whooshing sound; to make a rending or tearing sound. [sharillat ]

Sharillat  : v.t. Caus. Of sharilla ; to reel off (words).

Sharj : (Russian) caricature.

Sharlatan : (Russian) charlatan, fraud.

Sharm : shame, compunction, remorse.

Sharm hayo : shame, embarrassment.sharm hayoli, sharmu hayolivirtuous, proper.sharm hayosiz, sharmu hayosizshameless, dissolute.

Sharmanda : shame, disgrace. ~ bo'l  to be a disgrace, to shame o.s. ~ qil  to shame, to disgrace.

Sharmanda sharmisor : s. Sharmanda.

Sharmandagarchilik : shameful acts, disgrace.

Sharmandalarcha : like a disgrace.

Sharmandali : shameful, disgraceful.

Sharmandalik : abstr. Of warmanda; shameful or disgraceful acts; shame, disgrace, embarrassment.

Sharmisor :

Sharmli : virtuous, proper, upright.

Sharmsiz : shameless.

Sharnir : (Russian) hinge.

Sharnirli : hinged.

Sharob : (Arabic) wine (s. Vino).

Sharobchi : wine seller.

Sharobxo'r : wine lover; drunkard.
Sharobxo'rlik : drinking of wine; drunkenness.

Sharobxona lit. : drinking house.

Sharofat : (Arabic) virtue, benefit. ~i bilan thanks to.

Sharofatli : great, noble, illustrious.

Sharofatsiz : ignoble; inauspicious.

Sharoit : (Arabic) conditions, environment. ~ yaratib ber /tug'dir  to provide conditions (for).

Sharora : obs. (Arabic) flame, sparks.

Sharorat : obs. (Arabic) depravity.

Sharpa : slightest noise, sound; shadow, outline; sign, rumblings; glimmer, reflection.

Sharpasiz : w/o a sound.

Sharq : (Arabic) the east; the Orient.

Sharq : s. Sharaq.

Sharqcha : eastern, Oriental.

Sharqira  : s. Sharilla .

Sharqiroq : rushing, roaring.

Sharqiy : (Arabic) eastern; oriental.

Sharqiy : (Arabic) march (song).

Sharqlik : easterner, Oriental.

Sharqona : s. Sharqcha.

Sharqshunos : Orientalist.

Sharqshunoslik : Orientalism; Oriental studies, East Asian studies.

Sharr : (Arabic) evil, harm.

Sharros : pelting, driving (rain); straight away, in a hurry, hurriedly.

Sharshara : waterfall.

Sharsharak : small waterfall, cascade.

Sharsimon : spherical.

Shart 1 : (Arabic) condition, requirement, provision, stipulation; essential, a must. ~ mayli conditional voice. ~ Ergash gap conditional subordinate clause. Ehtiyoti ~ most probably. Kelishingiz ~ You must come.

Shart 2 : ~i ketib parti qolgan decrepit, debilitated, delapidated.shart 3 ono.snapping, slapping, tearing or cracking sound; s. Shartta.

Shart sharoit : conditions, provisions, prerequisites.

Shart shart : s. Shart 3.

Shart shurt : s. ~ yirt  to tear up.

Shartak : smack, slap.

Shartaki : straightforward, forthright; smack, slap.

Shartakilik : straightforwardness.

Shartilla  : v.i. To make a snapping or cracking sound. [shartillat ]

Shartillat  : v.t. Caus. Of shartilla ; to snap, to crack (e.g., a whip); to speak quickly or fluently.

Shartkesar : candid, frank, straightforward.

Shartlash  : v.i. To agree on terms, to come to an agreement. [shartlashil , shartlashish ]

Shartli : agreed upon; on conditions, conditionally; conditional. ~ refleks conditioned reflex.

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