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Sarson : outcast, adrift.

Sarson sargardon : adrift, outcast, downtrodden, dispossessed.

Sarsonchilik : s. Sarsongarchilik.

Sarsongarchilik : running back and forth; trouble, ordeal(s).

Sarsonlik : abstr. Of sarson.

Sart hist. (Sanskrit) : Sart, term for non tribal settled Ozbeks; semi derogatory term used by nomadic peoples for settled peoples.

Sartarosh : barber.

Sartaroshlik : abstr. Of sartarosh; barbershop.

Sartaroshxona : barbershop.

Sartaxta : plank used for washing the dead.

Sarupo : s. Sarpo.

Sarv : cypress. ~ archa juniper [mozhzhevel'nik pluwarovidnyy] ~i noz beauty (beautiful like a cypress). ~i ravon/~i qomat/qad well built, graceful in stature.

Sarvar : leader. ~i koinot Master of the Universe (an epithet of God).

Sarvat : obs. (Arabic) wealth, property.

Sarvatdor : wealthy.

Sarvinoz : s. Sarvi noz.

Sarviqamar : a type of karakul.

Sarviqomat : s. Sarvi qomat.

Sarvnoz : s. Sarvi noz.

Sarvqad : s. Sarvi qad.

Sarvzor : grove or copse of cypress trees.

Sarxal : the first stage in cooking (heating oil and browning meat).

Sarxat : beautiful writing; calligraphy.

Sarxil : finest, of the best quality.

Sarxilla  : v.t. To pick out the finest.

Sarxok : lumps of mud mixed with a high proportion of straw placed on top of a wall to protect it from eroding.

Sarxona : the bowl of a hookah.

Sarxush : tipsy, intoxicated; drunk (e.g., with emotion).

Sarxushlan  : v.i. To become intoxicated.

Sarxushlik : tipsiness, intoxication.sas dial.voice; noise.

Sasi  : v.i. To stink, to smell bad; to go bad, to become rancid; to smoke; to make sharp or caustic remarks. [sasit , sasitish ]sasir bot.giant fennel.

Sassiq : stinking, smelly, foul; caustic, sharp (words). ~ kekirdak heartburn. ~ alaf (bot.) Sweet wormwood; sweet mugwort.sassiqkuzan zool.ferret, polecat.

Sassiqlik : smell, stink; smelliness, foulness; rancidness.

Sassiqpopishak : hoopoe.

Satang : dandyish, foppish.

Satangcha : foppishly, stylishly.

Satellit : (Russian) satellite.

Sath : (Arabic) surface; level.satil dial.bucket (s. Chelak).

Satin : (Russian) sateen.

Satira : (Russian) satire.

Satiranavis : satirist.

Satirik : (Russian) satirical.

Satirik : (Russian) satirist.

Satiya : Sarts.

Satr : (Arabic) line (of poetry, etc.).

Satranj : an ancient game similar to chess; (arch.) Chess.satta dial.only, just; constantly, always.

Sattor : (Arabic) o'laman ~ even should I die.

Saturn : (Russian) Saturn (s. Zuhal, Kayvon).

Sava  : v.t. To beat, to flail, to scutch (cotton, wool, etc.); to flog. [saval , savat , savattir ]

Sava ko'nak : s. Saba.

Sava : s. Saba.

Savacho'p : s. Savag'ich.

Savag'ich : cane used for beating cotton, wool, etc.; reed, rush. ~ qalam reed pen.

Savag'ichzor : bed of rushes, reed bed.

Savala  : v.t. To flog, to flail, to whip, to lash; to beat or drive down (rain). [savalan , savalat , savalash ]

Savam : the amount of cotton, wool, etc. Which one can flail at one time.

Savaq : stem.

Savash : v.n. Of sava ; war (s. Urush).

Savat : basket. ~ qalpoq straw hat.

Savatbosh : having tousled or matted hair.

Savatchi : basket maker.

Savdo 1 : commerce, trade; profit, proceeds; bartering, bargaining. Umr ~si agreements made over the marriage of one's children.

Savdo 2 : troubles, pains; passion, infatuation. Farzand ~si anguish over one's child, esp. The loss of a child.

Savdo sotiq : trade, buying and selling.

Savdogar : merchant, trader; one who'll stop at nothing for personal gain, low lifer.

Savdogarchilik : trading, business, wheeling and dealing.

Savdogarlik : abstr. Of savdogar.

Savdolash  : v.i. To haggle or bargain over s.t.

Savdoyi : (Arabic) mad, crazed; melancholic.

Savdoyilik : abstr. Of savdoyi.

Savil coll. : s. Joni ~ stalwart.savir bot.thuja, arborvitae.

Saviya : (Arabic) level (of development).

Savlat : (Arabic) splendor, magnificence; pride and joy. ~ to'k  to radiate splendor. ~idan ot/~ qil  to give o.s. Airs, to act pompously.

Savlatdor : regal, majestic.

Savlatli : majestic, magnificent.

Savlatsiz : unimposing, drab, shabby.

Savob : (Arabic) meritorious action, worthy of heavenly reward.

Savobli : meritorious, commendable, worthy of heavenly reward.

Savoblik : virtuousness, rewardability in heaven.

Savod : (Arabic) literacy, education. ~ maktabi school for adult literacy.

Savodli : literate; educated.

Savodlilik : literacy.

Savodsiz : illiterate; uneducated, ignorant.

Savodsizlik : illiteracy; ignorance.

Savodxon : literate, educated person.

Savodxonlik : literacy.

Savol : (Arabic) question; problem. ~ ber  to ask a question. ~ qo'y  to pose a question.

Savol javob : question and answer session; questioning.

Savolli : inquisitive.

Savolomuz : questioning, (seemingly) inquisitive, probing.

Savq : obs. (Arabic) feeling, sensation.

Savr : (Arabic) Taurus.

Savrinjon bot. : dogbane.savsan bot.a type of iris.savsar zool.marten.

Savt : (Arabic) (end of a musical piece, ending); voice, melody.

Savtiyot : obs. (Arabic) phonetics.

Saxiy : (Arabic) generous; rich, fruitful, prosperous.

Saxiylik : generosity.

Saxovat : (Arabic) generosity, munificence.

Saxovatli : generous, munificent.

Saxtiyon : goat or sheep leather.

Sayd : obs. (Arabic) hunting; game, prey. ~ qil /Et  to hunt.sayg'oq zool.sayga.

Sayhon : open place, plain, field, meadow.

Sayhonlik : open area, open field.

Sayil : (Arabic) outing, stroll, picnic, excursion; merrymaking, popular festivities; traveling, touring. ~ bog' park, gardens, excursion grounds. Qovun ~ excursion to melon fields in order to eat melons and have fun.

Sayilgoh : park, gardens.

Sayin : (after ?~ as it goes, as it progresses, more and more. Kun ~ day by day, every day.

Sayis : s. Says.

Sayish : ~ qil  to transplant (s. Rasad qil ).

Sayisxona : s. Saysxona.

Sayla  : v.t. To choose, to elect, to vote for. [saylan , saylash ]

Saylanish : tabiiy ~ natural selection.

Saylanma : electoral; selected.

Saylov : election. ~ qutisi ballot box.

Saylovchi : voter.

Sayohat : (Arabic) travel, trip, tour.

Sayohatchi : traveler.

Sayohatlash  : v.i. To travel, to go on a trip.

Sayohatnoma : travel diary; record or annals of travels.

Sayoq : tramp, vagabond; vagrant, wandering; shiftless; (bot.) Mignonette.

Sayoqlik : vagrancy; shiftlessness, aimlessness.

Sayoqtoy : little vagrant one.

Sayoz : shallow.

Sayozlan  : v.i. To become shallow.

Sayozlash  : v.i. S. Sayozlan .

Sayozlik : shallowness; shallow place.

Sayqal : (Arabic) polish(ing), finish(ing); shine, luster. ~ top  to reach perfection, to become smoothed, polished.

Sayqalchi : finisher.

Sayqalla  : v.t. To smooth, to polish? [sayqallan ]

Sayr : (Arabic) walk, stroll, promenade; look over, circumspection. ~ qil  to go on a stroll, walk, or outing; to look over, to take a look around.

Sayr sayohat : (Arabic) walking, promenading, traveling and walking about.

Sayr tomosha : walks and excursions, seeing the sights, strolling around.

Sayra  : to sing (of birds); to whine on and on (of a speaker). [sayrat , sayrattir , sayrash ]

Sayratma : song (bird).

Sayrchi : one who takes a stroll, merrymaker.

Sayrgoh : promenade, park, excursion grounds.

Sayron : promenades, excursions.

Sayroq : having a pleasant voice, singing well (bird); singing (of birds).

Sayroqi : singing (bird); droning, whining (person)?

Says dial. : (Arabic) groom (s. Otboqar).

Saysxona : stable.

Sayyid : (Arabic) descendent of the Prophet Muhammad.

Sayyod : obs. (Arabic) hunter (s. Ovchi).

Sayyoh : (Arabic) traveler; tourist, excursion member.

Sayyor : (Arabic) traveler; mobile, traveling.

Sayyora : (Arabic) planet; wanderer.

Sazan : carp.

Sazo 1 : deserved punishment; earnest desire. ~sini qaytar /o'ldir /erda qoldir  to turn away a request, to refuse.sazo 2 dial.voice, sound.

Sazovor : worthy, fitting. ~ bo'l  to be worth; to be considered worthy.

Sazoyi : public humiliation. ~ qil  to publicly humiliate or punish (e.g., by mounting on a donkey backwards, blackening the face, and parading through the streets).sazzoyi coll.s. Sazoyi.

Sbor : (Russian) a meeting of Young Pioneers.

Sborchi : (Russian) tax or fee collector.

Schyot : (Russian) bill, account.

Schyotchik : (Russian) meter, counter.

Seans : (Russian) performance, showing.

Sebarga bot. : trefoil.sedana bot.garden fennel.

Segment : (Russian) segment.

Segoh : the fourth type of shashmaqom.

Sehr : (Arabic) charm, spell; magic, sorcery.

Sehrboz rare : s. Sehrgar.

Sehrbozlik : s. Sehrgarlik.

Sehrchi : s. Sehrgar.

Sehrgar : sorcerer, witch.

Sehrgarlik : sorcery, witchcraft, magic.

Sehrla  : v.t. To cast a spell on, to enchant, to bewitch.

Sehrli : bewitched; bewitching, enchanting.

Sekans : (Russian) secant.

Sekin asta : slowly and carefully.

Sekin sekin : very slowly; gradually, little by little.

Sekin : slowly; quietly; gradually; carefully.

Sekingina : very faint or quiet.

Sekinla  : v.t. To slow down. [sekinlan , sekinlat , sekinlash ]

Sekinlash  : v.i. To slow down; to become quieter. [sekinlashtir ]

Sekinlik : slowness; quietness; gravity; care, carefulness.

Sekret : (Russian) secretion.

Sekretar" : (Russian) secretary. Ilmiy ~ academic secretary. Davlat ~i Secretary of State.

Sekretariat : (Russian) secretariat.

Sekretarlik : secretaryship; secretarial duties.

Sekretsiya : (Russian) secretion.

Sektor : (Russian) sector.

Sektsion : (Russian) sectional, divided into sections.

Sektsiya : (Russian) section.

Sekund : (Russian) second.

Sekundlab : in seconds; second by second.

Sekundomer : (Russian) stopwatch.

Sel : (Arabic) downpour; flash flood; juice (in meat). ~ bo'l /~ qil  to dazzle, to mesmerize. ~ oldi/yuvib ketdi to be damaged by a heavy downpour or flash flood.

Sel"mag coll. : (Russian) village store.

Sel"mash : (Russian) ~ zavodi farm machinery factory.

Sel"po coll. : (Russian) village general store.

Sel"sovet : (Russian) village soviet.

Selava : flash flood waters; juice (in meat); mixture of alcoholic drinks.

Selektsion : (Russian) selection; selected.

Selektsiya : (Russian) selection.

Selektsiyachi : selector.

Selektsiyachilik : selection, selection work.

Selen : (Russian) selenium.

Selenli : selenious.

Seletkioner : (Russian) selector.

Selgi  : v.i. To dry out. [selgit ]selin bot.three awn.

Selitra : (Russian) saltpeter, niter.

Selkilla  : v.i. To rock back and forth; to quiver. [selkillat ]

Selob : flood or downpour waters; flood, flash flood. ~ yosh/ko'z ~i outpouring of tears.

Selon : a plain colored, low quality silk material.

Selpi  : v.t. To jerk, to rock, to jolt.

Selpin  : v.i. To sway, to heave.

Selxona : culvert or ravine used for controlling floodwaters.

Semantik : (Russian) semantic.

Semantika : (Russian) semantics.

Semasiologiya : (Russian) semasiology.

Semestr : (Russian) semester, term.

Seminar : (Russian) seminar.

Seminarist : (Russian) seminarian.

Seminariya : (Russian) seminary.

Semir  : v.i. To become fat, to gain weight. Bir terining ichida qo'y necha marta ~ib, necha marta ozadi life has its good and bad times. [semirtir , semirtiril ]

Semirtirish : v.n. Of semirtir ; fattening.

Semit : (Russian) Semite (s. Somiy).

Semitik : (Russian) Semitic.

Semitolog : (Russian) Semitologist.

Semitologiya : (Russian) Semitology.

Semiz : fat, overweight; fertile (land). Xom ~ fat but sickly. ~ o't purslane.semizak bot.live forever, orpine. ~ qandala insect that parasitizes orpine.

Semizlik : fatness, obesity. ~ qo'y ko'taradi said of s.o. Who is too well off and has lost perspective of what he does.

Semon : (Russian) cement.

Semurg' : name of a large mythical bird.

Sen men : ~ga bor  or ~ bo'l /qil  to exchange harsh words.

Sen : you (sing. And familiar). ~ e, men e ~ je, men je) qolganini tomga tashla There's more food here than we can eat. (hap) ~imi! I'll show you yet!

Senat : (Russian) senate.

Senator : (Russian) senator.

Sencha(lik) : like you.

Seniki : yours.

Seningcha : in your opinion.

Senka 1 : (Russian) blue(ing).

Senka 2 : (Russian) fine wheat flour.

Senokosilka : (Russian) hay cutter.

Sensatsion : (Russian) sensational.

Sensatsiya : (Russian) sensation.

Sensira  : v.t. To address as "sen" (indicating either familiarity or condescension).

Sentimental : (Russian) sentimental.

Sentyabr" : (Russian) September.

Sep  : v.t. To sprinkle; to spray; to sow. Suv ~  to soothe, to calm down. Suv ~ganday (jim/yarasiga tuz ~  to rub salt into s.o.'s wounds. O'tga kerosin ~  to add fuel to the fire. [sepil , sepish , septir , septiril ]

Sep : dowry, trousseau. ~ yoz /yoy  to display all the items of the bride's trousseau; to show off one's wealth.sepala  dial.s. Sevala .

Separa : large needle for sewing sacks.

Separat : (Russian) separate.

Separator : (Russian) separator.

Sepiluvchan : friable, easily scattered.

Sepiluvchanlik : friability?? [sypuchest'].

Sepish : v.n. Of sep ; sowing; spraying.

Sepkil : freckle.

Sepkildor : freckled.

Sepkilli : s. Sepkildor.

Sepla  : v.t. To fix up, to put straight, to rig.

Seplama : hastily put together, slapdash, slipshod.

Sepli : having a large dowry.

Sepma : sown (rather than planted). ~ qil  to sow broadcast.

Sepoya : tripod; a tripod shaped device made of timbers and filled with rocks used for damming rivers or protecting existing shorelines.

Sepoyachi : maker of sepoyas.

Sepsi(l)  : v.i. To diminish.

Sepsis : (Russian) sepsis.

Sepsiz : having no dowry.

Seravj : strident, clamorous; well developed.

Serb : Serbian.

Serbar : wide.

Serbaraka : full of goodness; bountiful, fruitful.

Serbarg : leafy, bushy, having thick foliage.

Serbezak : highly or excessively decorated.

Serbo'yoq : colorful; overly colorful.

Serbola : having many children.

Serboshoq : producing many ears (of grain).

Serburma : many pleated.

Serbutoq : having many branches.

Serchiqim : draining, costly.

Serchiqit : producing much waste.

Serdag'dag'a : quarrelsome, hot headed.

Serdaraxt : well treed, having an abundance of trees.

Serdaromat : profitable, well paying.

Serdasturxon : always ready with a table of food for guests; hospitable.

Serdaxmaza : troublesome, burdensome.

Serdiqqat : requiring intense concentration; , careful, watchful, prudent.

Serenada : (Russian) serenade.

Serfarzand : having many children.

Serfayz : comely, fine.

Serg'alva : trouble ridden, unsettled.

Serg'avg'o : rowdy; troublesome.

Serg'ayrat : full of energy, tireless.

Sergak : alert, on the ball; quick, sharp.

Sergaklan  : v.i. To become alert, to prick up one's ears; to come to.

Sergaklik : alertness.

Sergap : chatty, talkative; blabbermouthed.
Sergaplik : abstr. Of sergap.

Sergo'ng : well manured.

Sergo'sht : meaty.

Sergul : having many flowers, flowery.

Serhafsala : diligent, assiduous.

Serhafsalalik : assiduousness.

Serharakat : active, lively.

Serharakatlik : activeness, liveliness.

Serhasham : ornately decorated, flashy, lavish.

Serhashamlik : ornateness, lavishness.

Serhavas : enthusiastic, eager.

Serhavaslik : eagerness, attachment.

Serhosil : high yielding; fertile.

Serhosillik : abstr. Of serhosil.

Serildiz : many rooted.

Serishtaha : having a large appetite.

Serishva : very flirtatious, coquettish.

Seriya : (Russian) series.

Seriyala  : v.t. To put in a series.

Seriyali : serial, in a series.

Serjahl : hot headed.

Serjahllik : hot headedness.

Serjanjal : unsettled, turbulent; obstreperous.

Serjant : (Russian) sergeant.

Serjilva : shiny, glossy.

Serjon : having many children, having many mouths to feed.

Serjun : hairy, hirsute, wooly; containing much wool.

Serka : castrated billy goat; leader, pathfinder.

Serkatoy : spoiled, pampered.

Serkepak : full of bran.

Serkilla  : s. Selkilla . [serkillat ]

Serko'sak : having many cotton bolls.

Serma'no : meaningful.

Sermahsul : productive, fruitful.

Sermanzara : scenic.

Sermashaqqat : rife with difficulties.

Sermazmun : meaningful, deep.

Sermehnat : labor intensive; hard working.

Sermeva : fruitful, bearing much fruit.

Sermo'y : hairy; having a thick pile.

Sermol : having many possessions, well endowed; having many cattle; full of goods.

Sermoy : fatty, greasy, oily.

Sermulozamat : ceremonious, courtly.

Sermulozamatlik : ceremoniousness, fondness for ceremony.

Sernam : wet, moist.

Sernamakob : salty.

Sernasl : fertile, prolific.

Sernoz : playful, coquettish; bright, shiny, shimmering.

Sero't : grassy.

Serob : plentiful.

Serobchilik : s. Serobgarchilik.

Serobgarchilik : plentiousness, abundance.

Serobgarlik : s. Serobgarchilik.

Seroblik : plentiousness.

Serohang : rhythmic; sonorous.

Serohanglik : sonorousness.

Serpa  : v.t. To strike.

Serpardoz : fond of make up; heavily made up; heavily decorated.

Serpaxta : full of cotton.

Serpiyoz : full of onions.

Serpul : monied, rich.

Serpusht : fertile, prolific.

Serpushtlik : fertility, fecundity.

Serqadoq : heavily callused.

Serqatiq : full of yoghurt.

Serqatnov : well traveled, busy (street); frequently coming and going, frequent visitor.

Serqaviq : quilted in narrow rows.

Serqiliq : quirky, unstable.

Serqiltanoq : bony (fish).

Serqirra : many sided, many faceted.

Serqosh : having heavy eyebrows.

Serqum : sandy.

Serquyosh : sunny.

Serray  : v.i. To be dumbfounded, to stand dumbly or in confusion, to lose o.s. Momentarily. [serrayish , serrayt , serraytir ]

Sersabzi : full of carrots.

Sersarf : involving much expense, costly.

Sersavlat : stately, splendid, elegant.

Sersavlatlik : stateliness, elegance.

Sershabada : breezy.

Sersharbat : juicy.

Sershijoat : courageous, brave.

Sershira : s. Sersharbat.

Sershovqin : noisy.

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