SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Ijarachi : s. Ijaraxo'r; renter, tenant.

Ijarador dial. : renter.

Ijaraxo'r : one who lives off of income from rental properties.

Ijirg'an  : v.i. To wince, to grimace.

Ijobat : (Arabic) ~ bo'l  to be accepted (prayers, etc.). ~ ol  to receive a favorable reply. ~ Eshigini och  to give permission to enter.

Ijobiy : (Arabic) affirmative; positive; good, possessing good qualities.

Ijod : (Arabic) creating, inventing; creation, invention; work. ~ Et /qil  to invent, to create.

Ijodbaxsh : creative, prolific.

Ijodchi : s. Ijodkor.

Ijodchilik : s. Ijodkorlik.

Ijodiy : (Arabic) creative, artistic. ~ kecha evening exhibit of one artist's works.

Ijodiyot : (Arabic) creation; creative works.

Ijodkor : author, creator,inventor.

Ijodkorlik : abstr. Of ijodkor; creative works.

Ijodkorona : creatively, artistically.

Ijozat : (Arabic) leave, authorization, permission.

Ijozatnoma : written authorization.

Ijro : (Arabic) execution, fulfillment, performance. ~ varaqasi writ, court order. ~ qiluvchi executor. ~ qil /Et  to carry out, to execute.

Ijrochi : executor; performer. Sud ~si bailiff. Yakka ~ solo performer.

Ijroiya : (Arabic) ~ komiteti executive committee.

Ijrokom : s. Ijroiya komiteti.ijroqo'm arch.s. Ijrokom.

Ijtihod : obs. (Arabic) striving, exertion. ~ bilan with great effort.ijtihodli obs.striving, yearning; diligent.

Ijtimoiy : (Arabic) social. ~ ahvol social condition(s). ~ (kelib) chiqish social evolution. ~ tarbiya social conditioning, upbringing.

Ijtimoiy siyosiy : sociopolitical.

Ijtimoiylash  : v.i. To take on a social aspect; to become socialized.

Ijtimoiyot : arch. (Arabic) social science.ik dial.spindle (s. Yik, duk).

Ikchi : spindle maker.

Ikir chikir : bits, pieces; details, particulars; junk, stuff, this and that. ~igacha down to the smallest detail. ~ gap small talk. ~ ish stuff to do, this and that. ~ingni tashla stop your nitpicking.

Ikk(i)ovora : two (people) to (a plate).

Ikkala : the two (of), both (of). ~miz bordik Both of us went.

Ikkam (< ikki kam) : less two, two short/shy of. ~ Ellik two shy of fifty (i.e., 48).

Ikki : two; a failing grade ("D"). ~ boshli muskul biceps. ~ bukil /~ gapning birida every other word, over and over. ~ yillik o'simlik biennial plant. ~ Ellik two lines (of writing).

Ikkilamchi : second; secondary; a second time. ~ o'rama secondary winding.

Ikkilan  : v.i. To hesitate, to be indecisive. [ikkilantir ]

Ikkilik 1 : pair; stanza; double(d).

Ikkilik 2 : dilemma.

Ikkinchi : second; another; again, a second time. ~ qilma! Don't do that again! ~ turli another way.

Ikkinchidan : secondly.ikkipillali bot.dicotyledonous.

Ikkiqat : pregnant.

Ikkiqatlik : pregnancy.

Ikkita : two (for non unit countable nouns).

Ikkitadan : by twos, in pairs.

Ikkitalik : pair.

Ikkitomonlama : bilateral, two way; reversible; double.

Ikkitomonlamalik : dichotomy, duality; duplicity.ikkiuyli bot.dioecious.ikkixonali math.binomial.

Ikkiyoqlama : two way, bilaterial, mutual; two sided; two faced.

Ikkiyuzlama : two sided, reversible; two faced.

Ikkiyuzlamachilik : duplicity, double dealing. ~ qil  to double cross, to be duplicitous.

Ikkiyuzlamalik : two sidedness; two facedness, duplicity.

Ikkov : both. ~imiz both of us.

Ikkovlash  : v.i. To do s.t. In pairs or together, to pair up.

Ikkovlon : as two, as a pair, both of them.

Ikra : (Russian) roe, caviar; a fried dish made from onions, eggplant, tomatoes, etc.

Ikrom : (Arabic) honor, respect, deference.

Iks : (Russian) the letter "X".

Iksir : (Arabic) elixir, philosopher's stone.

Il  : v.t. To hang; to catch, to snatch. ~ib ~ib so'zni ~ib nazarga ~maslik not to notice.ila lit.with, and, together with.ilak  dial.s. Ilash . [ilaktir ]

Ilakish  : v.i. To get along well; to argue with.

Ilalabad : (Arabic) forever.

Ilang bilang : twisty turvy, curving and twisting.

Ilas (m)ilas : vague(ly), dim(ly).

Ilash  : v.i. To stick to, to cling to; to be coherent, to flow; to lurk after, to shadow. Ko'zga ~ to appear, to be glimpsed. [ilashtir ]
Ilashqoq : clinging, sticky, tacky.

Ildam jildam : swift, quick footed.

Ildam : quick, swift.

Ildamla  : v.i. To move swiftly forward, to stride forward, to advance. [ildamlat , ildamlash ]

Ildamlan  : v.i. S. Ildamla .

Ildamlash  : v.i. Coop. Of ildamla ; to move swiftly forward, to stride forward. [ildamlashtir ]

Ildamlik : speed, swiftness.

Ildim jildim coll. Rare : quick, swift.

Ildiz : root; base. ~ ot /~ini qurit  to get rid of, to destroy. ~ quv  to look for the source or roots of; to pass from generation to generation.

Ildizcha : rootlet.

Ildizla  : v.i. To root, to take root.

Ildizmeva : edible roots, root crops.ildizpoya bot.rhizome.

Ildizpoyali : rhizomatous.

Ilg'a  v.t. Neg. Only : to see, to discern.

Ilg'or : advance guard, vanguard; leading, foremost, front , progressive.

Ilg'orlik : superiority; progressiveness.

Ilgak : hook, catch, hanger, peg.

Ilgakla  : v.t. To fasten or close with a catch, hook, etc.

Ilgari : before, previously, in the past; at first; forward. ~ ket  to go forward; to make progress.

Ilgaridan : from before, for a long time; already.

Ilgarigi : previous; initial. ~(odam)lar those in the past, ancestors.

Ilgarigicha : as before, in the old way.

Ilgarigiday/dek : as before.

Ilgarila  : v.i. To move forward, to proceed, to (make) progress, to move ahead. [ilgarilat , ilgarilash ]

Ilgarilar(i) : before, in the past, in past times.

Ilgarilash  : coop. Of ilgarila ; to progress, to move forward. [ilgarilashtir ]

Ilgaritdan : for a long time, since long before; forever.

Ilgi : s. Ilik 2.

Ilgich : hook, peg.

Ilhaq : (Arabic) anxiety, impatience.

Ilhom : (Arabic) inspiration. ~ kel  to get inspiration, to feel inspired. ~ ol  to be inspired by. ~ ber  to inspire.

Ilhombaxsh : inspiring.

Ilhomchi : inspiring.

Ilhomkor : s. Ilhombaxsh.

Ilhomlan  : v.i. To be inspired. [ilhomlantir ]

Ili  : v.i. To warm, to become warmer; to be soft boiled (egg). [ilit ]

Ili miliq : somewhat warm, warmish.

Iliguzildi : lean time of the year in which the winter supplies have been depleted but no crops have ripened yet.

Ilik 1 : marrow; thigh bone; leg bone (of livestock). Iligi to'q full of strength. Iligi quri /puchay  to be worn down, exhausted.

Ilik 2 arch. 3pp. Ilgi : hand.

Ilikos : suddenly, unexpectedly.

Ilin  : v.i. (pass. Of oyoqqa ~adigan wearable (shoes). Ko'zga ~  to be glimpsed, to be seen; to be noticed, to become famous; to attract attention. Pichoqqa ~adigan usable, worthwhile. So'zidan ~  to unintentionally say too much and give o.s. Away or implicate o.s. [ilintir ]

Ilinarli : s.t. To put one's hands on; useful, usable.

Ilinchoq : hindrance, encumbrance.

Ilinj : hope, wish, object of desire. ~ida yur  to have one's hopes set on. +da ~i bor to have one's eyes on.

Ilintir  : v.t. Caus. Of ilin ; to catch.

Iliq  : v.i. To tail, to follow (male dog wanting to mate with female dog); to lust after.

Iliq issiq : warm, pleasant. ~ida when still hot.

Iliq miliq : lukewarm.

Iliq : warm.

Ilit  : v.t. Caus. Of ili ; to heat; to soft boil (egg). [ilitil ]

Iljay  : v.i. To grin, to smile, to beam (at). [iljayish ]

Ilk : first, initial; early.ilkis(dan) dial.suddenly, unexpectedly.

Illat : (Arabic) disease, sickness, disorder; evil.

Illatli : diseased, sick, troubled.

Illatsiz : free of disease, sickness, or defect.

Illo : (Arabic) except, but.

Illo billo : (Arabic) not at all, never; by God.

Illyuminator : (Russian) porthole.

Illyuminatsiya : (Russian) illumination. ~ qil  to illuminate; to color (map).

Illyustrativ : (Russian) illustrative.

Illyustrator : (Russian) illustrator.

Illyustratsiya : (Russian) illustration.

Illyuzionizm : (Russian) illusionism.

Illyuziya : (Russian) illusion.ilm amal coll.efforts to either turn onto or cool off s.o. With regards to another person. Uning qilmagan ~i qolmadi He's tried everything.ilm fan, ilmu fanscience and learning.ilm hunar, ilmu hunarlearning and practical skills.ilm ma'rifat, ilmu ma'rifatstudy and education, knowledge.ilm tahsil arch.education, learning.

Ilm : (Arabic) learning, knowledge; science. ~ ahllari people/men of science.

Ilma teshik : full of holes.

Ilma : crochet(ed). ~ tik  to crochet.ilmiy ateistik adj.scientific atheism.ilmiy ommaviy adj.popular science.ilmiy texnikaviy adj.applied science.

Ilmiy : (Arabic) scientific, academic, scholarly. ~ daraja academic degree.

Ilmli : educated, knowledgable.

Ilmoq : hook, peg, hanger; trap, snare.

Ilmoqdor : s. Ilmoqli.

Ilmoqli : having a hook, etc.; sarcastic, tongue in cheek, biting, ensnaring, etc. (words, speech).

Ilmoqsiz : lacking a hanger or hook; frank, straightforward.

Ilmparvar : patron of science and learning.

Ilmsiz : not learned, uneducated, ignorant.

Ilmsizlarcha : ignorantly.

Ilmsizlik : ignorance.

Iloh : (Arabic) god, deity.

Iloha : (Arabic) goddess.

Ilohi : (Arabic) O God! My God!

Ilohim : (Arabic) O God! Dear God! My dear God!

Ilohiy : (Arabic) divine.

Ilohiyot : (Arabic) theology.

Iloj : (Arabic) medicine, remedy; cure; means, way out. Buning ~i bormi? Is there a way to settle/fix this?, Is there a way out of this? ~im qancha? What can I do?, What choice do I have? ~i yo'q There's no other choice. ~i boricha as much as possible. ~i bo'lmadi It wasn't possible; It was unavoidable. ~ top  to find a means. (bir) ~(ini) qil  to do s.t. (to solve the situation), to find a way. Bir ~ qilib in one way or another.

Ilojsiz : hopeless; unavoidable, inescapable; out of desperation; left with no other choice.

Ilojsizlik : helplessness, lack of means or choice; urgency.

Ilon chayon : reptiles, creepy crawly things, harmful, biting vermin.ilon zool.snake. ~ yili the year of the Dragon/Snake in the 12 year cycle. ~ izi snaking, winding. ~ po'st tashlaydi unbearable, unendurable (talk). Yer tagida ~ qimirlasa biladigan extremely sharp, perceptive. ~dan ~, chayondan chayon like begets like (corrupt offspring of corrupt people).ilonbaliq zool.loach; lamprey; eel.ilonbosh zool.snake head (fish).ilonchirmovuq bot.s. Ilonpechak.iloncho'p bot.clematis; common gromwell.ilongul bot.gladiolus.ilono't bot.s. Ilonpechak.ilonpechak bot.oriental clematis.ilonpiyoz bot.grape hyacinth.ilonquyruq zool.striped skink.ilontili bot.ribwort.iloq bot.sand sedge.

Ilova : (Arabic) postscript, footnote, explanation; supplement, addition. ~ tarzida as a footnote, in passing. ~ qil  to add. .

Ilovali : footnoted.

Ilovasiz : unfootnoted.

Iloyim : (Arabic) Dear God!

Iloyo : (Arabic) O God!

Iltal"yan : (Russian) Italian.

Iltifot : (Arabic) courtesy, kindness, courteous treatment. ~ ko'rsat  to treat courteously.

Iltifotli : courteous, gracious.

Iltifotsiz : discourteous, ungracious.

Iltifotsizlik : discourteousness, ungracious behavior.

Iltijo : (Arabic) entreaty, supplication.

Iltimos : (Arabic) request, favor; Please!; I beg you! ~ qil  to beg, to entreaty, to request.

Iltimoschi : petitioner, one who asks for a favor.

Iltimosnoma : letter of request.ilvasin zool.game bird.
Ilvira  : to become infected. [ilvirat ]ilvirs zool.snow leopard; (fig.) Sneak, stealthy person.

Im : sign, gesture, movement.

Imdod lit. : (Arabic) help, aid, assistance.

Imi dimi(da) : higgledy piggledy, slap dab, shoddy.

Imi jimida : in peace; on the sly, surreptitiously; s. Imidimida.

Imilla  : v.i. To dawdle. [imillash ]

Imirsila  : s. Imilla .

Imkon : (Arabic) possibility. ~i qancha! What can you do? What choice is there? ~dan tashqari not possible, not feasible. ~ ber  to allow. ~ boricha as much as is possible. ~ bo'lmadi There was no chance.

Imkoniyat : (Arabic) possibility; opportunity. ~ ber  to make possible, to offer the opportunity.

Imkonsiz : impossible.

Imla  : v.i. To motion, to gesture. [imlash ]

Imlama : gestured, by gesture ; private, exclusive get together. ~ do'q threatening gesture.imliq gram. Arch.exclamation.

Imlo : (Arabic) orthography.

Imloviy : (Arabic) orthographic.

Immanent : (Russian) immanent.

Immunitet : (Russian) immunity.

Imo : (Arabic) sign, gesture, motion. ~ qil  to indicate, to signal; to allude to.

Imo ishora : (Arabic) signs and gestures. ~ tili sign language.

Imoli : gestured, indicating; alluding to, allusive, suggestive.

Imom : (Arabic) imam, prayer leader.

Imomat : (Arabic) imamate, the duties and office of an imam.imomatchilik coll.imam's work and duties, imam business.

Imomcha : student in a madrasah studying to become an imam.

Imomgarchilik : s. Imomat, imomatchilik.

Imomlik : abstr. Of ~ka o't  to lead the prayer. ~ qil  to serve as imam.

Imon : (Arabic) faith, belief. ~ keltir  to say the Islamic profession of faith. ~ni yut /yo'qot /sot  to lose one's faith (in God); to become unscrupulous, to do s.t. Unscrupulously.

Imonli : having faith, devout; virtuous.

Imonsiz : faithless; unscrupulous, dishonest, lowly. ~ ketkur May you die an infidel!

Imorat : (Arabic) building, structure.

Imoratbop : suitable for building or construction.

Imoratchi : s. Imoratsoz.

Imoratsoz : builder, architect.

Imperator : (Russian) emperor.

Imperialist : (Russian) imperialist.

Imperialistik : (Russian) imperialist(ic).

Imperializm : (Russian) imperialism.

Imperiya : (Russian) empire.

Import : (Russian) import. ~ mollar imported goods.

Improvizator : (Russian) improvisator.

Improvizatsiya (Russian) : improvisation.

Impul"s : (Russian) impulse; impetus.

Imtihon : (Arabic) examination, test. ~ ber /~ ol  to give a test. ~ qil  to test. ~ga qo'y  to put to an examination.

Imtihonsiz : w/o examination.

Imtiyoz : (Arabic) special privilege.

Imtiyozli : having privilege; special. ~ diplom diploma with honors.

Imtiyozsiz : w/o special privileges.

Imzo : (Arabic) signature. ~ qil /qo'y /chek  to sign.

Imzola  : v.t. To sign, to put one's signature to. [imzolan , imzolat ]

Imzosiz : unsigned; anonymous.

In'ektsiya : (Russian) injection.

In'ikos : (Arabic) reflection.

In'om : (Arabic) gift, donation, tribute. ~ ber /qil  to grant, to bestow, to confer.in'omnoma hist.deed, title.

In  : v.i. To settle, to set; (dial.) To descend, to come down. [indir , indiril ]

In : den, hole, lair, nest, etc. (~ )~iga kirib ketdi to dive back into one's hole (from fright). ~ qil /sol  to build a nest.

Inchunin : such; so, thus.

Inda(ma)  v.i. Neg. Only : to (not) say a thing, to be silent. U ~may o'tib ketaverdi He passed right on by without saying anything.

Indamas : silent, close mouthed.

Indeets : (Russian) (American) Indian.

Indeks : (Russian) index.

Indikator : (Russian) indicator; reagent.

Indin(ga) : the day after tomorrow.indingi adj.(pertaining to) the day after tomorrow.

Individ : (Russian) individual.

Individual : (Russian) individual.

Individualist : (Russian) individualist.

Individualistik (Russian) : individualistic.

Individualizm : (Russian) individualism.

Individuallashtir  : to individualize.

Individuallik : (Russian) individuality.

Indivuduallash : individualization.

Indonez : (Russian) Indonesian.

Indoneziyalik : Indonesian.indov bot.rocket salad.

Induk zool.coll. : (Russian) s. Indyuk.

Induktiv : (Russian) inductive.

Induktor : (Russian) inductor, field magnet.

Induktsion : (Russian) induction.

Industr(iya)lash  : to become industrialized. [industr(iya)lashtir ]

Industr(iya)lash : industrialization.

Industrial : (Russian) industrial.

Industriya : (Russian) industry.

Indyuk zool. : (Russian) turkey (s. Kurka).

Inert : (Russian) inert.

Inertsiya : (Russian) inertia.

Inertsiyali : inertial.

Infarkt : (Russian) coronary thrombosis, heart attack.

Infektsion : (Russian) infectious.

Infektsiya : (Russian) infection.

Infinitiv : (Russian) (gram.) Infinitive.

Inflatsion econ. Adj. (Russian) : inflationary.

Inflyatsiya econ. : (Russian) inflation.

Informatsion adj. (Russian) : information.

Informatsiya : (Russian) information.

Infraqizil : infrared. ~ nurlar infrared rays.

Infratovushlar : infrasound.infuzoriya zool.infusoria.

Ing'ala  : s. Ingala .ing ono.bawling sound of an infant. "~" yo'q, "jing" yo'q not a peep, not a sound.inga ono.bawling sound of an infant.

Ingala  : v.i. To bawl (infant). [ingalat ]

Ingalyator : (Russian) inhaler.

Ingalyatsiya : (Russian) inhaling.

Ingichka : thin, fine. ~ kasal tuberculosis (s. ~ tovush high, shrill voice.

Ingichkala  : v.t. To make thin; to hone; to taper. [ingichkalan , ingichkalash , ingichkalashtir ]

Ingilla  : v.i. S. Angilla .

Ingliz : (Russian) English.

Inglizcha : English (language).

Ingra  : v.i. To moan, to groan. [ingrat , ingrash ]

Ingroq : moaning, wailing.

Ini : younger brother (s. Uka).

Injener : (Russian) engineer, technician (s. Muhandis).

Injenerlik : abstr. Of injener.

Inji  v.i. Dial. : to get angry. [injit ]

Injil : (Arabic) the Gospel; the New Testament; the Bible.

Injil  dial. : v.i. To wince, to flinch.

Injiq : touchy, squeamish, irritable; erratic, unsettled.

Injiqlan  : to act irritable; to be moody, to constantly break into tears.

Injiqlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to be squeamish or touchy.

Injirg'a : ~si chiq /o'yna  to fall to pieces, to be totaled.

Inju 1 : pearl(s).inju 2 hist.lands bequeathed to Chingizid stock.

Inkassator : (Russian) collector, receiver.

Inkishof lit. : (Arabic) opening, uncovering, discovery. ~ qil  to discover, to uncover.

Inkor : (Arabic) denial. ~ Et /~ yuklamasi suffix of negation.

Inkubator : (Russian) incubator.

Inkubatoriy : (Russian) incubation cell or room.

Inkubatorxona : s. Inkubatoriy.

Inkubatsiya : (Russian) incubation. ~ davri period of incubation.

Inkvizitor : (Russian) inquisitor.

Inkvizitsiya : (Russian) inquisition.

Inla  rare : to go into one's den. [inlat ]

Innana : seesaw.

Innaykeyin coll. < undan keyin : after that, then; also, furthermore.

Inobat A : trust, faith, belief; consideration. ~ga ol  to consider, to take into account. ~ qil  to believe in.

Inobatli : trusted; trustworthy.

Inobatsiz : not trusted; untrustworthy.

Inod : (Arabic) stubbornness, obstinancy. ~ qil  to be stubborn.

Inon : (Arabic) control, management, administration.

Inon(i) ixtiyor : (Arabic) choice, preference, volition.

Inon  v.i. +ga : to believe. [inontir ]

Inonuvchan : gullible.

Inoq (Mong) : friendly, close, amicable; an official in the Bukharan khanate in charge of reading aloud proclamations and correspondence.

Inoqlash  : v.i. To become friends; to socialize with.

Inoqlik : friendship, comradeship; closeness.

Inoyat : (Arabic) grace, favor, kindness. ~ qil  to be kind towards.

Inqilla  : v.i. To grunt, to huff and puff. [inqillat ]

Inqilob : (Arabic) revolution.

Inqilobchi : revolutionary.

Inqilobiy adj. : (Arabic) revolutionary.

Inqilobiylashtir  : v.t. To instill with revolutionary fever; to revolutionize.

Inqiroz : (Arabic) regression, degeneration; dying out, extinction. ~ga uchra /yuz tut  to undergo decline.

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