SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Hadaf lit. : (Arabic) target, goal.hadaha dial.right away, quickly.

Haddili : all powerful, supreme.

Hadik : fear, apprehension. ~ ol /qil  to fear, to dread.

Hadikli : fearful, anxious.

Hadiksira  : v.i. To fear, to be afraid of.

Hadiksiz : fearless(ly), bold(ly).

Hadis 1 : (Arabic) hadith, the traditions or records of the words and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad (= ~i sharif); story, legend. ~ oshi or oshi ~ banquet during which hadith are recited.

Hadis : test of strength; dexterity, skill. ~ini ol  to become skilled in s.t. ~ olish  to test one another's strength.

Hadsiz hisobsiz : innumerable, incalculable, untold.

Hadsiz : boundless, limitless.

Hadya : (Arabic) present, gift. ~ qil  to present, to offer as a gift.hafrang coll.s. Haftrang.

Hafsala : willingness, eagerness.

Hafsalali : willing, eager, enthusiastic.

Hafsalasiz : uninspired, unmoved, indifferent.

Hafta : week. ~siga bir marta once a week.

Haftafahm : dull witted.

Haftalab : for weeks.

Haftalik : a week?S worth; week long; weekly. Bir ~ ish one week job. Ko'chat Ekish ~i week of planting seedlings.

Haftiyak : primer used in religious schools containing 1/7th of the Quran.

Haftrang : flashy, colorful, flowery. ~ qog'oz a kind of high quality colored paper produced in C.A. during the khanate period.

Hah : huh!

Haha haha : uh huh, uh huh.

Hahachi : one who urges others on.

Hahala  : v.i. To say, "hey hey!" (to prod or urge others on).

Hahha : ha ha!

Haj : (Arabic) hajj, pilgrimage to Mecca. ~ qil  to perform the hajj.

Hajiqiz : sissy, faggot.

Hajm : (Arabic) size, volume.

Hajman : (Arabic) in size or volume.

Hajmiy : (Arabic) volumetric. ~ og'irlik weight by volume.

Hajr lit. : (Arabic) separation from a loved one.

Hajv : (Arabic) humor, satire. ~ qil  to satire, to poke fun at.

Hajvchi : humorist, satirist.

Hajviy : (Arabic) humorous, satirical.

Hajviyot : (Arabic) humor, humorous works.hakachakla  dial.s. Hakalla .

Hakalak 1 : ~ ot  to hop on one leg. Nafsi ~ ot  to have an unresistable desire for.hakalak 2 bot.acorn.

Hakam : (Arabic) arbitrator; referee.

Hakamlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to serve as an arbitrator or referee.

Hakim : (Arabic) doctor; sage, scholar.

Hakima : (Arabic) fem. Of hakim.

Hakimlik : abstr. Of hakim.

Hakka dukka : s. Hakkam dukkam.

Hakka : magpie (s. ~ uyg'onmasdan before the magpies wake up (very early).

Hakkala  : v.i. To hop on one leg (for four legged animals, three legs); to skip or bounce along. [hakkalat , hakkalash ]

Hakkalak : s. Hakalak.hakkam dukkam coll.scattered, scanty.hakkar kavush arch.wooden slippers.

Hakkok : (Arabic) jeweler.

Hakla  : s. Hatla . [haklat ]

Hal 1 : (Arabic) solved, settled. ~ qil  to solve, to settle. ~ qiluvchi decisive, conclusive, key.

Hal 2 : (Arabic) gold, silver, or bronze paint.

Halak : (Arabic) exhausted, wearied, giddy. Jonim ~ I will do my utmost.

Haldor : gilded, bronzed.

Halfana : food made by a group of friends (to which everyone contributes).

Halfanachi : one who participates in a halfana gathering.

Hali beri : (w/ neg.) Any time soon.

Hali hali : still, even to this day.

Hali : just awhile ago; in a short while; still, yet. ~ unda, ~ bunda sometimes here, sometimes there. ~ ham/~yam still.

Halidan hali : constantly, continually, incessantly.

Haligacha : until now, still.

Haligi : that (of just a while ago, which was just talked about); what's his name, what's it called.haligidaqa coll.s. Haligiday.haligidaqangi coll.s. Haligiday.

Haligiday/dek : like that (of a while ago).

Haligina : just now, just a very short while ago.

Halim : (Arabic) a dish made out of boiled wheat and meat; soft, tender; gentle.

Halimday/dek : gentle, friendly.

Halimxona : place where halim is made and served.

Halinchak : s. Hayinchak.

Halitdan : just now.haliydaqa coll.s. Haligiday.halizamon coll.soon, promptly.

Halla  : v.t. To gild.

Halli : gilded.

Hallos : ~ ur  s. Hallosla .

Hallosla  : v.i. To pant, to gasp for air. [halloslat , halloslash ]

Halok : (Arabic) ~ bo'l  to perish. ~ qil  to destroy, to kill.

Halokat : (Arabic) death, demise; ruin, destruction; accident, wreck, disaster.

Halokatli : disastrous.

Halol : (Arabic) lawful to eat (acc. To Islam), "kosher"; lawfully, rightfully earned; upright, honest; lawfully married. ~ mehnat honest labor.

Halola : (Arabic) faithful wife; lawfully married woman.

Haloli : legitimate child.

Halolla  : v.t. To make canonically lawful to eat; to earn, to make good on, to justify. Qo'lini ~  to have circumcised. Egan tuzini ~  to do honor or justice to the food one hase eaten (i.e., that others have given), to do a honest day's work. [halollat ]

Halollik : canonical lawfulness; honesty, uprightness; faithfulness.

Halolxo'r : one who works by the sweat of his brow.

Halovat : (Arabic) delight, pleasure, happiness; peacefulness.

Halovatli : pleasant; peaceful.

Halovatsiz : unpleasant, difficult, distressful.

Halovatsizlik : unhappiness, unpleasantness; unrest, disquiet.

Halp halp : ~ qil  s. Halpilla .

Halp zalp : huffing and puffing; hard work.

Halp : jon ~ida with all one's might.

Halpilla  : v.i. To droop, to hang loosely; to dash. ~gan odam rude, coarse person.halpinchoq dial.s. Hayinchak.

Halq : arch. (Arabic) s. Halqum.

Halqa : (Arabic) ring, hoop; link; circle. Quloqqa ~ qilib taqib ol  to put in one's pipe and smoke it.

Halqa halqa : rings and rings, ripples and ripples; welling up (tears).

Halqala  : v.t. To attach a ring to; to loop. [halqalan ]

Halqalan  : v.i. Pass. Of halqala ; to brim (tears).

Halqum : (Arabic) throat; barrel.

Halvo : (Arabic) s. Bu (hali) ~ This is nothing yet.

Halvogar : s. Holvagar.

Halvoytar : s. Holvaytar.

Ham 1 : and, also, too; as well as, both.. And...; even (if, so); (w/neg.) Not even. Yana ~ even more. Juda ~ very much. Sira ~ not at all.

Ham 2 children's speech : ~ qil  to eat, to take a bite.

Hama : obs. S. Hamma.

Hamal : (Arabic) Aries.

Hamasr : contemporary (lit., 'of the same century').

Hamavaqt : always, all the time.

Hamavlod : blood relative.

Hamavtor : co author.

Hamd : (Arabic) praise.

Hamda : and also, as well as.

Hamdam : close companion.

Hamdamlash  : v.i. To aid one another; to be together, to have a talk.

Hamdard : fellow commiserator.

Hamdardlik : abstr. Of hamdard; commiseration. ~ bildir /izhor qil  to commiserate with.

Hamdast lit. : helper, companion.

Hamdil : of the same mind or purpose.

Hamdo'st : friendly, on friendly terms.

Hamdo'stlik : friendship, friendly relations.

Hamduna : the year of the monkey (s. Maymun yili).

Hamfikr : like minded person.

Hamfikrlik : like mindedness, agreement.

Hamg'oya : like minded person.

Hamgap : conversation partner.

Hamhujra : roommate.

Hamin : ~ qadar a great many, innumerable; corresponding, matching.

Hamisha : always, ever.

Hamishabahor bot. : marigold (s. Gulhamishabahor).

Hamishagi : frequent, constant.

Hamishagiday : as ever, as always.

Hamishalik : s. Hamishagi.

Hamiyat : (Arabic) sense of honor, decency, pride.

Hamiyatli : proud, full of pride.

Hamiyatsiz : having no sense of pride.

Hamjihat : friendly, united, brotherly.

Hamjihatlik : cooperation, unity, agreement.

Hamjins : of the same sex; related, of the same origin.

Hamkasaba : s. Hamkasb.

Hamkasb : colleague (in same field).

Hamkor : work partner, coworker, colleague; partner, helper.

Hamkorlik : partnership, collaboration. ~ bilan jointly, in collaboration. ~ qil  to work in partnership, to work together. Madaniy ~ cultural cooperation.

Hamkurs : classmate.

Haml : arch. (Arabic) pregnancy.

Hamla : (Arabic) attack, assault, charge. ~ qil  to charge, to attack.

Hamma : all, every; everybody. ~miz all of us. ~ yoq all over, everywhere.

Hammabop : suitable for all, for popular consumption.

Hammahalla : neighbor (of the same neighborhood).

Hammaktab : schoolmate.

Hammaslak : colleague.

Hammillat : of the same nationality.

Hammol : (Arabic) porter. Unga ikki ~, bir zambil kerak bo'lib qoldi He?S ready to be put under the ground.

Hammolchilik : s. Hammollik.

Hammollik : abstr. Of hammol.

Hammom : (Arabic) bathhouse; bathroom. ~ga tush  to go to the baths.

Hammomchi : attendent at a bathhouse.

Hamnafas : fellow, comrade, close companion; of one mind.

Hamnishin lit. : interlocutor, conversation partner.

Hamohang : harmonious.

Hamohanglik : harmony.

Hamon : as yet, still; right away, forthwith.

Hamono : right away, directly, forthwith.

Hamoqat lit. : (Arabic) stupidity, idiocy.

Hamovoz : harmonious, concerted, of one voice. ~ bo'lib ashula ayt  to sing in unison.

Hamqishloq : fellow villager.

Hamqur : person of the same age.

Hamrang lit. : of the same color.

Hamroh : fellow traveler, companion; accompanying, heading in the same direction. ~ shamol favorable wind. Umr ~i spouse.

Hamrohlik : companionship.

Hamrohsiz : alone, unaccompanied.

Hamroz : confidant.

Hamsafar : fellow traveler, traveling companion.

Hamshahar : from the same city.

Hamshaharlik : abstr. Of hamshahar.

Hamshira : nurse; (dial.) Sister. Meditsina ~si or tibbiy ~ medical nurse.

Hamshiralik : abstr. Of hamshira; sisterhood.

Hamshisha : drinking partner.

Hamsho'r : partner in misery; commiserator.

Hamsinf : classmate.

Hamsoya : neighbor.

Hamsoyalik : abstr. Of hamsoya.

Hamsuhbat : conversation partner.

Hamtovoq : table companion; partner, mate.

Hamxona : roommate; partner in misery or fate.

Hamyon : pocket, purse. ~i katta wealthy, loaded. ~ zo'r wealthy. ~i kasal not well off.

Hamyostiq : spouse (lit, 'bedfellow') (s. Yostiqdosh).

Hamyotoq : roommate (s. Yotoqdosh).

Hamyoza : ~ tort  to yawn (s. Esna ).

Hamyurt : fellow countryman.

Hamza : (Arabic) letter used for the glottal stop (') in Arabic.handalak bot.a small, early ripening type of melon.

Handasa : arch. (Arabic) geometry (s. Geometriya).

Handasiy : arch. (Arabic) geometrical (s. Geometrik).

Hang mang : dazed, giddy, stupefied. ~ bo'l  to be stupefied, to not know what to do.

Hang manglik : giddyness, confusion.

Hang : ~im ( mangim) uchdi I was stupefied.

Hangama : pleasant conversation, talk; event, happening, incident. ~ qil  to have a talk, to tell stories. Nima ~? Or bu qanday ~? What?S the story?, What happened?

Hangamalash  : v.i. To have a conversation, to sit and talk.

Hangi : constantly braying (donkey); loud mouthed.

Hangom : space through which a shuttle passes on a loom.

Hangoma lit. : s. Hangama.

Hangra  : v.i. To bray, to hee haw. [hangrat , hangrash ]

Hanik : covered basin in the floor over which one washes himself. (s. Obrez).

Hannot hist. : (Arabic) grain merchant.

Hansira  : v.i. To pant. [hansirat , hansirash ]

Hanuz dial. : as yet.

Hanuzgacha : s. Hanuz.hap 1 ono.snapping motion (of mouth). Hap Et /de  to chomp down quickly.

Hap 2 : ~ senimi! I?M gonna teach you a lesson! ~ o'tir! Sit right down!

Hap hap : senseless rushing or muttering. ~ qil  to gobble down food.

Hapillat  : v.i. To gobble or wolf down (food).

Hapin  dial. : v.i. To flutter, to thump (heart).

Happa halol : very pure, clean.

Hapqat : huge.

Hapriq  : s. Hovliq .

Haq : (Arabic) truth; true; right; claim; wage, payment, one?S due. ~ joyiga qaror topadi Truth shall prevail. O'lim ~ Death is the grand leveler. Qaychi ~i payment made to a tailor in money or cloth. Qalam ~i writer?S fee. Ko'z ~i portion of s.t. Given to s.o. Who stares at it. Sut ~i bride price (given to mother for raising her daughter). Tagjoy ~i fee paid for a stall in a bazaar. Tuz ~i good deed performed for having been a guest in s.o.?S home. Chok ~i extra material protruding from the inside of a seam. Kira ~  transport fee; hiring fee. Ish ~i wages. Menda qanday ~ingiz bor? What claim do you have on me? ~(i)da about, concerning. ~iga concerning (a person).

Haq huquq : (Arabic) rights.

Haqgo'y : honest person.

Haqgo'ylik : honesty, straightforwardness.

Haqiq : (Arabic) carnelian; red.

Haqiqat : (Arabic) truth. ~ hol true situation. ~da truly. ~ yo'l(i) the path of truth. ~ so'z/gap the truth.

Haqiqatan : (Arabic) truly, really.

Haqiqatchi : just, fair.

Haqiqatgo'y : truthful, upright person.

Haqiqatla  coll. : v.t. To verify.

Haqiqatlik : truthfulness, veracity.

Haqiqatparast : lover of truth and justice, just, fair.

Haqiqatsizlik : injustice, unfairness.

Haqiqiy : (Arabic) true, real, genuine. ~ a'zo full member.

Haqiqiylik : genuineness, authenticity.

Haqir : (Arabic) wretched, despised; humble servant.haqirlarcha arch.s. Haqirona.

Haqirona : arch. Miserable, wretched; humbly.

Haqli : able, allowed; correct, justified, (in the) right.

Haqlilik : rightness.

Haqorat : (Arabic) insult. ~ qil  to insult.

Haqoratla  : v.t. To insult. [haqoratlan ]

Haqoratli : insulting.

Haqoratomuz : seemingly insulting or derisive.

Haqqast rost : very true (said when s.o. Sneezes during a conversation, as if what is being said has been confirmed as true).

Haqqoniy : (Arabic) just, equitable, fair.

Haqqoniyat : (Arabic) justice, equity.

Haqqoniyatsiz : unjust, unfair.

Haqqoniyatsizlik : injustice, unfairness.

Haqqoniylik : justice, equity, fairness.haqqush zool.heron.haqquv zool.s. Haqqush.

Haqraha : easement, path separating two neighbors; roadway directly in front of one's door.

Haqrost : true, correct.

Haqsevar : lover of truth and justice.

Haqsiz : having no right or claim, in the wrong; unjustly, wrongly. ~ ravishda wrongly, unfairly.

Haqsizlik : injustice; wrongfulness.

Har : each, every, all. ~ bir each. ~ ikki each two, both. ~ ikki tomon both sides. ~ kim each person, everyone. ~ vaqt/~ gal every time. ~ doim always, all the time. ~ yoqlama/~ yoqlamalik thoroughness. ~ tomonlama yordam every possible kind of aid. ~ to'g'rida about everything. ~ xil/~ xillik variety, diversity, heterogeneity. ~ xil tushunish mumkin It can be understood in different ways. ~ yerda/~ zamon all the time. ~ nima/~ holda apparently, probably. ~ qalay apparently, probably; in any case. ~ qayerda everywhere, every which where. ~ qaysi each. ~ qanaqa/~ qancha however much. ~ qachon always.

Harakat : (Arabic) action, motion, movement, act. ~ qil  to try, to make an effort. To'g'ri chiziqli ~ linear motion. ~ga keltir or ~ Ettir  to set in motion. ~ga keltiruvchi moving, driving. Urush ~lari military operations. ~ nomi verbal noun, gerund?? [imya deystviya].

Harakatchan : active, lively, energetic, hardworking.

Harakatlan  : v.i. To move. [harakatlantir ]

Harakatlantir  : v.t. Caus. Of harakatlan ; to move, to push, to drive, to propel.

Harakatlantiruvchi : ~ kuch driving force.

Harakatli : moving, in motion; lively, energetic.

Harakatsiz : motionless; lethargic.

Harala tarala : ~ qil  to wander idly enjoying o.s.

Haram : (Arabic) holy, sacred; harem, women's quarters. ~ og'asi chief eunuch of a harem.

Haramxona : harem.

Harb : obs. (Arabic) war, battle. ~ olish  to fight, to wrangle.

Harb zarb, harbu zarb : (Arabic) war, fighting.

Harba : (Arabic) weapons, arms.

Harbiy : (Arabic) military. ~lar military men, soldiers. ~da in the army. ~ xizmatchi serviceman. ~ qismlar military units. ~ dengiz floti navy.

Harbiycha : military, like a soldier. ~siga like a soldier.

Harbiylashtir  : v.t. To militarize. [harbiylashtiril ]

Harchand : no matter how.

Harchi : s. Har qalay.

Hardamxayol : irresolute.

Hardamxayollik : irresoluteness.

Harf : (Arabic) letter. ~ teruvchi typesetter (s. Naborshchik).

Harfiy : (Arabic) literal, spelling , typographical. ~ belgilar letter mark.

Harfma harf : letter by letter; literal, word for word.

Harfxo'r : nitpicker, formalist.

Harfxo'rlik : nitpicking; formalism.

Hargiz : not ever.

Harif : (Arabic) partner; rival; guy, jerk, clown.

Harifdosh : partner; rival.

Harifona : obs. S. Halfana.

Harina : dardi ~ persistent or inescapable problem or affliction.

Harir : (Arabic) fine silk fabric; fine fabric of any sort; pure, clear.

Haris : (Arabic) mad about; greedy, avaricious.

Harislik : avariciousness; passion, fanaticism.

Harisona : greedy; greedily.

Harna : whatever; however possible; no matter how much; however much; all, completely; any sort, any. Shu ham ~ [i to xleb]. Bir oz yordam bersang ham ~ da It would be nice if you could lend a hand. Uyga ~ tezroq borganim The faster I get home, the better. ~ boringni ber Give whatever you have.

Harnechuk : whatever, of any kind.

Harom : (Arabic) canonically unclean, not ~ o'l /qo'ychivon ko'p bo'lsa, qo'y ~ o'ladi Too many cooks spoil the broth. ~ qotgur! Wretched, blasted, damned. ~ qil  to defile. ~ qoravoy (zool.) Cormorant. ~ mag'iz spinal cord. ~ qon bad blood.

Harom harish : s. Harom.

Haromi : bastard.

Haromla  : v.t. To defile, to dirty; to violate.

Haromlik : vileness, evil; wrongness.

Harommag'iz : s. Harom mag'iz.

Haromnamak rare : s. Haromtovoq.

Haromtomoq : dirty, vile, immoral person.

Haromtovoq : freeloader, parasite.

Haromxo'r : eater of unclean, forbidden food; vile, dirty person; scavenger (bird).

Haromxo'rlik : eating of unclean food; freeloading, parasitism.

Haromzoda : s. Haromi.

Haromzoda(garchi)lik : swindling, cheating, evil doings. ~ qilma! Don?T be a cheat!

Harorat : (Arabic) heat; temperature; fervor, fire, enthusiasm.

Haroratli : hot, warm.

Haroratsiz : tepid, cold.hars hars ono.panting or gasping sounds.

Harsilla  : s. Hansira . [harsillash ]hartugul coll.somehow or other; amazingly, luckily.

Harvona : arch. Female camel (s. Lo'k??).haryona coll.s. Hayrona.

Hasad : (Arabic) envy.

Hasadchi : envious person.

Hasadgo'y : s. Hasadchi.

Hasadgo'ylik : envy.

Hasadlan  : v.i. To envy.

Hasadli : envious.

Hasana : (Arabic) qarzi ~ interest free loan.

Hasanot : (Arabic) qadamlariga ~ welcome (s. Xush kelibsiz).

Hasayni bot. : a type of grape.

Hash pash : ~ deguncha in no time, lickety split.

Hasham : (Arabic) adornment, decoration; pomp, splendor; busyness, running about. ~ zo'r magnificent, splendid.

Hashamat : (Arabic) splendor, magnificence.

Hashamatli : magnificent, splendid, sumptuous.

Hashamdor : s. Hashamatli.

Hashamsiz : simple, plain, ordinary.

Hashar : (Arabic) voluntary gathering of people to help perform work (similar to a barn raising or bee). ~ qil  to take part in collective work; to devour (food). ~ga chiq  to take part in collective work.

Hasharboshi : one who acts as a foreman for collective work.

Hasharchi : one who participates in hashar.

Hasharot : (Arabic) insect.

Hasharotxo'r : insectivorous.

Hashtak pashtak : dried apricots stuffed with a nut (s. Ashtak pashtak).

Hashtiyak hist. : 1/8th of a deceased?S belongings (which pass on to the wife according to the shariah).

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