SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Holbuki : actually, whereas.holsira  coll.s. Holsizlan .

Holsiz : weak, exhausted.

Holsizlan  : v.i. To become weak, feeble, or exhausted. [holsizlantir ]

Holsizlik : weakness, feebleness, exhaustion.

Holva : (Arabic) sweet dish made from flour, sugar, and oil??. Bu hali (ham) ~ This is nothing. O'g'ilmi, ~? A boy or a girl?

Holvachi : maker and/or seller of holva.

Holvafurush : holva seller.

Holvagar : s. Holvachi.

Holvapaz : s. Holvachi.

Holvaytar : sweet pudding made from oil or fat mixed with flour, water, and sugar.

Homila : (Arabic) fetus, baby. Uning ~si bor She is pregnant.

Homilador : (Arabic) pregnant.

Homiladorlik : pregnancy.

Homilali : s. Homilador.

Homiy : (Arabic) benefactor, patron, protector. ~ ber  to support.

Homiylik : patronage, protection, aid.

Homiysiz : patronless, alone.

Homuz : arch. (Arabic) ~i qorbun coal gas?? Carbon dioxide??.

Homuza : (Arabic) s. Hamyoza.

Hopit  : v.i. To bathe (s. Cho'mil ). [hopittir ]

Hor  : s. ~mang said to s.o. Doing work.

Hordiq : weariness, fatigue; rest; day of rest. ~ chiqar /~i chiq  to be rested; to be relieved. ~ kuni day of rest.hordiqxona coll.dormitory, sleeping or resting quarters.

Horg'in : tired, exhausted, weary.

Hori  : v.i. To tire, to become weary. ~ tolib/charchab (becoming) tired, exhausted.

Hormas tolmas : s. Hormas.

Hormas : untiring, indefatigable.

Horseradish : yer sovun bot.

Hoshiya : (Arabic) border, edging, piping, trimming; margin; (hist.) Arabic primer used in traditional schools.

Hoshiyala  : v.t. To border, to edge, to trim. [hoshiyalan ]

Hoshiyali : edged, bordered.

Hosho : obs. (Arabic) God forbid.

Hosil : (Arabic) harvest, crop. ~ga kir  to begin to bear fruit. ~ bo'l  to be produced, to form; to be realized. ~ qil/~ ber  to bear fruit.

Hosila : (Arabic) derivative; derived.

Hosildor : productive, fertile.

Hosilli : productive, fruitful.

Hosilot : (Arabic) s. ~ soveti/kengashi productivity council (charged with increasing crop yields).

Hosilotxona : arch. Crop productivity laboratory.

Hosilsiz : infertile, unproductive.

Hosiyat : (Arabic) virtue, use.

Hotam : (Arabic) generous.

Hotamlik : generosity.

Hotamtoy : s. Hotam.

Hov 1 : that (way over there); that (of a long time ago).

Hov 2 : hey!, ho!Hov 3 ono.barking noise, wow wow.

Hovli (Greek?) : courtyard of a house; house with a walled courtyard; household. Ichkari ~ inner (women's) court.

Hovli joy : household, house and home.

Hovlima hovli : from house to house.

Hovliq  : v.i. To rush, to hurry; to be startled, to jump. [hovliqish , hovliqtir ]

Hovliqma : hasty, reckless; headstrong.

Hovliqmachi : s. Hovliqma.

Hovliqmalik : recklessness, rashness.

Hovoncha : mortar (s. Kelicha, o'g'ircha).

Hovr : s. Hovur.hovriq  coll.s. Hovliq .

Hovuch : cupped hands; amount held by cupped hands; handful. Bir ~ a handful, a bit.

Hovuchla  : v.t. To take handfuls of. Yurak(ni) ~b fearfully, tremulously.

Hovulla  rare : v.i. To bark (s. Vovulla ).

Hovur : steam; heat; anger, rage. ~idan tushdi to cool down; to calm down. ~ini bos  to control one's anger; to calm (s.o.) Down. Og'zinig ~iga osh pishadi capable of doing anything.

Hovurli : steamy, steaming.

Hovuz : (Arabic) pool for storage of water; ceiling decoration. ~dan ho'plam a drop in the ocean.

Hovuzcha : dim. Of hovuz.hovva dial.uh huh, yes.

Hoy huy : ~ qil  to call to saying, "hey! Ho!".

Hoy : hey!

Hoyhoyla  : v.i. To yell, "hey! Hey!".

Hoyhuyla  : s. Hoy huy qil .

Hoynahoy : perhaps, perchance.

Hoziq : arch. (Arabic) skilled, expert. Hakimi ~ skilled doctor.

Hozir : (Arabic) now; in a short while; present; ready, set, prepared. ~lar those present. ~ ham even now, still. ~ning o'zidanoq starting right now. ~gacha up to now. ~dan right now, at the present time.

Hozircha : for right now, for the time being.hozirchalik coll.s. Hozircha.

Hozirgi : of the present, nowadays, modern. ~ zamon fe'li present tense verb.

Hozirgiday : just like now.

Hozirgina : just now.

Hozirjavob : (Arabic) ready with an answer, quick to make a repartee.

Hozirjavoblik : abstr. Of hozirjavob.

Hozirla  : v.t. To make ready, to prepare. [hozirlan , hozirlat , hozirlash ]

Hozirlik : readiness, preparedness; presence, attendance.

Hu 1 : yon, that yonder; oh! (in disgust); He (God).hu 2 ono.cooing sound.hu hu ono.cooing or hooting sound. ~ tort  to coo or hoot.

Hubbulmalik : arch. (Arabic) an ointment formerly used in medicine.

Huda behuda(ga) : for nothing, for no good purpose.hudaychi hist.court official who serves as an interlocutor between petitioners and the ruler.

Hudhud dial. Zool. : hoopoe (s. Popishak).

Hudud lit. : (Arabic) border, limit.hududsiz lit.limitless, unbounded.

Huh 1 : hmph!Huh 2 ono.panting sound.

Huhla  : v.i. To pant. [huhlat ]

Huhula  : v.i. S. Hu hu tort . [huhulash ]

Hujayra : (Arabic) cell.

Hujayralararo : intercellular.

Hujayrali :  celled. Ko'p ~ multicellular.

Hujayraviy : cellular.

Hujjat : (Arabic) document, paper, form.

Hujjatla  : v.t. To put into document form; to document.

Hujjatli : documented, having the appropriate papers; documentary.

Hujra : (Arabic) room, chamber, cell.
Hujum : (Arabic) attack, charge, assault. ~ qil /~ qaytar  to repulse an attack. ~ ostida qol  to be under attack.

Hujumchi : attacker; forward (in football).

Hujumkor : attacking, offensive; aggressive.

Hujumkorona : aggressively, determinedly.

Hukamo : (Arabic) doctors, physicians; sages, scholars, wise men.

Hukm : (Arabic) judgement, decision, sentence; order, command. ~ majlisi sentencing hearing. ~ xati written decree. Birovning ~iga topshir /~ sur  to be in power, to rule. ~ini o'tkaz  to get one's way.

Hukmdor : sovereign, ruler, monarch.

Hukmdorlik : rule, sovereignty. ~ qil  to rule, to reign.

Hukmfarmo : obs. S. Hukmdor.

Hukmikush : death sentence.

Hukmnoma : (written) sentence.

Hukmron : sovereign; ruling, reigning.

Hukmronlik : dominion, sway. ~ qil  to hold sway, to rule.

Hukumat : (Arabic) government; state. ~ axboroti official government communication.

Hukumatdor : high official.

Hulkar : the Pleiades (s. Surayyo).

Hulla : (Arabic) clothing made of fine cloth.

Humo : mythical bird which bestows good fortune to the person upon whose head it alights(s. Davlat qushi).

Humoyun : arch. Imperial, blessed, sacred; s. Humo.

Hunar : skill, craft, handicraft; expertise, vocation; trick, ruse. ~ ishlat  to show skill or dexterity; to show cleverness in escaping from a situation. ~ ko'rsat  to show talent or skill; to be naughty or mischievous.

Hunarli : skilled; clever.

Hunarmand : craftsman, artisan; gifted.

Hunarmandchilik : crafts, handicraft making. ~ kooperatsiyasi handicraft makers' cooperative.

Hunarmandlik : skill, artistry.

Hunarsiz : unskilled.

Huqna : arch. (Arabic) enema. ~ qil  to give an enema.

Huqqa : (Arabic) small jewelry or medicine box.

Huqqaboz : magician; trickster.

Huqqi : ice hole.

Huquq : (Arabic) law; right. Saylov ~i voting right(s). Ilm olish ~i right to an education. ~ ol  to gain rights. ~dan mahrum qil  to deprive of rights.

Huquqiy : (Arabic) legal. ~ tartib legal system. ~ munosabatlar legal relations??

Huquqli : having a right. Teng ~ having equal rights.

Huquqshunos : lawyer, jurist.

Huquqshunoslik : jurisprudence, science of law.

Huquqsiz : having no right; deprived of rights, disenfranchised.

Huquqsizlik : lack of rights.

Huququlilik : legal entitlement.

Hur 1 : (Arabic) free, at liberty.

Hur 2 : (Arabic) houri, virgin of paradise; charming, alluring girl or woman.

Hur  : v.i. To bark. [hurish ]

Huriliqo : (Arabic) beautiful like a houri.

Hurk  : v.i. To jump, to be startled, to panic (animals). [hurkin , hurkit ]

Hurkagich : s. Hurkovich.

Hurkak : skittish.

Hurkovuch : skittish.

Hurlik : liberty, freedom.

Hurmat : (Arabic) respect; honor, dignity. ~ qil  to respect, to show respect. ~ taxtasi display of honored workers.

Hurmatan : (Arabic) out of respect, respectfully.

Hurmatla  : v.t. To respect, to treat respectfully. [hurmatlan ]

Hurmatli : dear, respected.

Hurmatsiz : disrespected; disrespectful.

Hurmatsizlan  : v.i. To lose respect; to become disrespected.

Hurmatsizlik : disrespect; disrespectedness.

Hurmattalab : demanding respect.

Hurpak : tousled, disheveled.

Hurpay  : v.i. To stand on end, to be tousled (hair, etc.); to look out of sorts; to look or become shabby. [hurpayish , hurpaytir ]

Hurriyat : (Arabic) liberty, freedom.

Hurriyatchi : fighter for freedom.

Hurriyatparvar : lover of freedom.

Husayni : a type of grape.

Hush : intellect, sense; ~i yo'q unconscious; bewildered, out of sorts. ~i ket  to be dumbfounded; to be mesmerized by. ~i uch  or ~idan ket /~iga kel  to come to one's senses.

Hushli : intelligent, perceptive, observant.

Hushsiz : unconscious; oblivious, distracted, out of one's senses.

Hushsizlan  : v.i. To fall unconscious; to lose one's senses, to be bewildered, confused. [hushsizlantir ]

Hushsizlarcha : like one out of his senses.

Husht : sound used to shoo animals.

Hushtak : whistle. ~ chal  to whistle.

Hushtakboz : avid whistler.

Hushyor : alert, aware; prudent; cautious. ~ tort  to prick up one's ears; to sober up.

Hushyorlan  : v.i. To come to one's senses; to become circumspect, to become seasoned, practiced; to sober up. [hushyorlantir ]

Hushyorlik : alertness, awareness; circumspection, prudence, caution; sobriety.

Hushyorxona : cell for sobering up, detox.

Husn : (Arabic) beauty; charm. ~ini och  to beautify, to bring out the beauty in. ~i axloq (obs.) Good manners, courtesty. ~i mutlaq (obs.) The Creator. ~i qabul (obs.) Graceful reception of guests. +ga ~ kir  to become beautiful. ~i raso incomparable beauty. ~ ber  to beautify, to grace.

Husnbuzar : blemish.

Husndor : s. Husnli.

Husnixat : beautiful penmanship; calligraphy.

Husniya : (Arabic) axloqi ~ s. Husni axloq.

Husnli : beautiful.

Husnsiz : unbeautiful.hut yut coll.famine and decimation of livestock at the end of winter (s. Yut).

Hut : (Arabic) Pisces.

Huv 1 : s. Hov, hu.

Huv 2 : ~ Et  s. Huvilla  2.

Huvaydo : bright, clear, shining.

Huvhuvla  : v.i. To coo.

Huvilla  1 : v.i. To howl, to whistle (wind).

Huvilla  2 : v.i. To stand empty; to be bare and forbidding. [huvillat ]huyt ono.sound made to scare birds; chirping or whistling sound.

Huythuyla  : v.i. To say, "huyt huyt".

Huyya huy : crooning sounds made to calm a baby.

Huzun : (Arabic) grief, sorrow.

Huzunli : grieving, sorrowful.

Huzur 1 : (Arabic) presence; audience (of ruler); repose, calm, tranquility. ~ qil /~ bag'ishla  to give pleasure or peace. ~ida in the presence of; in audience with. ~idagi belonging to, located next to.

Huzur halovat : (Arabic) peace and comfort, ease and tranquility.

Huzurbaxsh : proffering peace and tranquility; peaceful, tranquil.

Huzurlan  : v.i. To be filled with delight or pleasure. [huzurlantir ]i ono.oh!, ah!.ibi dial.yeah, uh huh.

Iblis : (Arabic) the Devil; devil.

Iblislik : devilishness.

Iblisona : satanic, devilish, fiendish.

Ibn : arch. (Arabic) son of. Xoqon ~ xoqon king, son of a king.

Ibo : (Arabic) shame, decency, honor; abstinence, temperance. ~ qil  to feel shy or awkward; to hold o.s. Back, to shy away from. ~ qilmasdan unashamedly, unabashedly.

Ibodat : (Arabic) worship. ~ qil  to worship; to be obedient, faithful.

Ibodatgoh : place of worship.

Ibodatxona : place of worship, temple, sanctuary.

Iboli : modest, shy; decent, honorable.

Ibora : (Arabic) expression, phrase; word. Frazeologik ~ phrasal expression.

Iborat 1 : (Arabic) consisting of, comprising. Suv vodorod va kisloroddan ~ water consists of oxygen and hydrogen.

Iborat 2 : arch. (Arabic) s. ~ aro beautiful, meaningful.

Ibosiz : shameless; unrestrained, unbridled.

Ibosizlik : shamelessness; unbridledness.

Ibrat : (Arabic) example, lesson. ~ bo'l  to serve as an example, to be a lesson (for).

Ibratli : exemplary.

Ibratomuz : exemplary, serving as a warning.

Ibriy : s. Ibroniy.

Ibroniy lit. : (Arabic) Hebrew, Hebraic. ~ tili Hebrew (language).

Ibtido lit. : (Arabic) beginning, commencement.

Ibtidoiy lit. : (Arabic) primitive; elementary, simple.

Ich  : v.t. To drink; to ingest. Qasam ~  to take an oath. Suvdek ~ /~ib yubor  to comprehend readily, to master. [ichil , ichir , ichiril , ichish , ichkiz ]

Ich : interior, insides; heart. ~im og'riydi my stomach hurts. Uning ~ida gap yotmaydi He can't keep a secret. ~i tushgan qovun overripe melon. ~i qora evil natured. ~i qoralik evil nature. ~ ~idan deep inside, in one's heart. ~idan chiqar  to think of, to come up with. ~i pishdi/~idan pishgan secretive, clever. ~ini bo'shat  to spill one's heart out. ~ini it/~i o't /~i qot  to become constipated. ~ni bo'shat  to defecate, to void o.s.; to spill one's guts, to let it all out. ~ terlamasi typhoid fever. ~i achi  to feel pity for. ~i achish  to grieve. ~i qizi  to envy. ~i g'ash upset or annoyed. ~i kuy  to burn with envy. ~i pish  to feel discontent or impatience. ~i Ezil  to be wrought with pity. ~ida(n) inside, to o.s. ~ ~imdan sevindim I was privately glad. ~idan pishgan secretive. ~iga into, inside. O'z ~iga ol  to include. ~ida inside; internally, to oneself; among, surrounded by; in the bosom of, in ... Conditions; within; during. Bular(ning) ~ida among them. Xalq ~ida among the people. ~idan from (within); from among. ~imdagini top inscrutable, impenetrable, mysterious (person).ichak chovoq, ichak qoringuts.

Ichak : intestines, gut; hose. Ingichka ~ small intestine. Yo'g'on ~ large intestine. Achchiq ~ ?? To'g'ri ~ colon. Ko'r ~ blind gut, cecum. ~day cho'zilgan stretched out out like an intestine. ~ uzdi side splitting (jokes). ~ tutqich mesentery.ichburug' coll.dysentary.

Ichgulik : drinkable, potable.

Ichik  : v.i. To miss; to pine away (from missing one's parents).

Ichikish : v.n. Of ichik ; failing health (of children missing their parents).

Ichimli : drinkable.

Ichimlik : drink, beverage.

Ichin tashin : inner and outer.

Ichishli : sweet, tasty (liquids).

Ichkari : interior, inside; inner court (of trad. C. A. House).

Ichkarigi : interior, inner.

Ichkarila  : to enter; to proceed into.

Ichkarilik : deep interior, middle; quiet, isolated.

Ichketar : diarrhea; dysentery.

Ichki tashqi : inner and outer, internal and external.

Ichki : inner; internal.

Ichkilik : (alcoholic) drink, liquor; drinking.

Ichkilikboz : drinker, boozer.

Ichkilikbozlik : abstr. Of ichkilikboz; drinking, imbibing.

Ichkilikxo'rlik rare : drinking (alchohol).

Ichkilikxona : public house, tavern.

Ichkuyar rare : constant, devoted.

Ichkuyov : husband who lives with his in laws.

Ichra : among, within.

Idda : (Arabic) 100 day period of waiting during which a widowed or divorced woman may not remarry.

Iddao : (Arabic) unfounded claim, pretention; conceit.

Iddaochi : one who puts on conceited airs.

Ideal : (Russian) ideal.

Idealist : (Russian) idealist.

Idealistik : (Russian) idealistic.

Idealistlarcha : idealistically.

Idealizm : (Russian) idealism.

Ideallash  : v.i. To become ideal. [ideallashtir , ideallashtiril ]

Ideallashtir  : v.t. Caus. Of ideallash ; to make ideal, to idealize. [ideallashtiril ]

Ideografik : (Russian) ideographic.

Ideografiya : (Russian) ideography.

Ideogramma : (Russian) ideogram.

Ideolog : (Russian) ideologist.

Ideologik : (Russian) ideological.

Ideologiya : (Russian) ideology.

Ideya : (Russian) concept, idea.

Ideyaviy : ideological.

Ideyaviylik : ideological or progressive character (Marxist).

Idioma : (Russian) idiom.

Idiomatik : (Russian) idiomatic.

Idiomatika : (Russian) the study of idioms.

Idiomatizm : (Russian) s. Idioma.

Idish oyoq : dishes.

Idish tovoq : s. Idish oyoq.

Idish : dish, vessel.

Idishqaytti : a tableful of food (dasturxon) which is sent to the groom?S house in response to one sent by them to the bride?S family as a part of the engagement process; the ceremony which accopmanies the arrival of this food.idishqovoq bot.calabash gourd.idlik coll.s. Iydlik.

Idora : (Arabic) operation, direction, management; office. ~ qil /Et  to manage, to administer; to direct, to conduct; to control.

Idorachilik : administration.

Idoraviy : (Arabic) administrative, managerial.

Idrok : (Arabic) perception, comprehension. ~ Et /qil  to apprehend, to perceive, to comprehend. ~i joyida in one's right mind.

Idrokli : intelligent, comprehending.

Idroksiz : unintelligent, dense.

Idroksizlik : dullness, slowness.

Ie : eh?; huh!.

Ieroglif : (Russian) heiroglyph.

Iffat : (Arabic) uprightness, honesty, chastity.

Iffatli : chaste, innocent, modest, upright.

Iffatsiz : unchaste; dishonest.

Iflos : (Arabic) filthy, vile, dirty; corrupt.

Iflosla  : v.t. To foul, to muck up. [ifloslan , ifloslash ]

Ifloslash  : v.i. Coop. Of iflosla ; to get progressively more filthy or foul.

Ifloslik : filth, dirtiness, foulness; wretchedness, corruption, dirty business.

Ifo : obs. (Arabic) payment (of debt, etc.); fulfillment, performance. ~ qil /Et  to carry out, to fulfill.

Ifoda A : sign, expression; reflection; formulation. ~ qil /o'z ~sini top  to find one's reflection in s.t.

Ifodachi : s. Ifodalovchi.

Ifodala  : v.t. To express; to be an expression of. [ifodalan ]

Ifodali : expressive, meaningful.

Ifodalovchi : exponent, spokesman.

Ifodasiz : expressionless, blank.

Ifrot : obs. (Arabic) excess; excessive.

Ifsho : obs. (Arabic) disclosure, revealing.

Iftiro : obs. (Arabic) slander, calumny.

Iftixor : (Arabic) pride. ~ qil /Et  to pride o.s. On.

Iftixorli : worthy of pride, proud.

Iftor rel. : (Arabic) breaking the fast at sundown during Ramadhan; a feast given at such time.iftorchi coll.one hosting an iftor dinner.

Iftorlik : s. Iftor.

Ig'vo : (Arabic) intrigue, provocation, instigation.ig'vochi coll.s. Ig'vogar.

Ig'vogar : inciter, provocator, agitator.

Ig'vogarona : provocative.igir bot.drug sweet flag. Tog' ~i Solomon's seal.

Igna : needle. ~dek sanchil  to jab like a needle. ~ bilan quduq qazi  to try to dig a well with a needle. ~day narsani tuyaday qil  to make a mountain out of a molehill. ~ sanch  to make stinging remarks; to jab like a needle. ~ teshigidan o'tadigan clever, slick as can be. ~ ustida o'tir  to be on pins and needles.

Ignabarg : needle (of coniferous trees).ignabarglilar bot.angiosperms, conifers.ignachi zool. Dial.dragonfly (s. Ninachi).

Ignasimon : needle like.

Ignasoz : needle maker.igor bot.sweet flag.

Igrek : (Russian) the letter Y.ih ono.huh!, hmph!Ihi ihi ono.hee hee!

Ihonat lit. : (Arabic) contempt, disdain. ~ qil  to despise.

Ihota lit. : (Arabic) barrier, screen, enclosure. ~ daraxtlari windbreak. ~ qil  s. Ihotala .

Ihotala  : v.t. To enclose, to fence in. [ihotalan ]

Ihra  : v.i. To gasp.

Ihrom : (Arabic) pyramid (s. Ehrom).

Ihtilom : (Arabic) nocturnal emission.

Ijara : (Arabic) rent, rental payment. ~ga ol  to rent. ~ga ber /~ga o'tir  to rent (apartment).

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