SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Support : (Russian) support.

Supra : (Arabic) a leather mat used for making dough upon. Oti ulug', ~si quruq all show, not putting his money where his mouth is. ~ qoqdi treating close friends to the leftovers of a feast; a child born to a man well advanced in years. Quloq ~si auricle.

Supta : petite, diminutive.

Supur  : v.t. To sweep; to sweep or clear away. [supuril, supurish , supurtir ]

Supurgi : broom. Xotinak ~ short handled broom. Erkak ~ long handled broom. Qorovul ~ a large broom used by watchmen. ~ puli "broom money" paid by students in traditional schools for school upkeep. Muloyim ~ having a pleasant demeanor but cold or devious at heart. Qo'li kosov, sochi ~ virtual household slave (often said referring to daughters in law).

Supurgichi : broom seller.

Supurgichilik : abstr. Of supurgichi.

Supurib sidir  : v.t. To clean up, to get rid of. [supurib sidiril ]

Supurindi : sweepings, refuse.

Supuruvchi : sweeper, cleaner; supplementary worker (in cotton picking or processing).

Suq  : v.t. To drive, to plunge, to stick (into). Burun ~  to stick one's nose into. Cho'ntagiga) qo'l ~  to stick one's hand into another's pocket or purse. Gapni gapir uqqanga, jonni jonga ~qanga Speak to those who will listen or care. [suqil , suqilitir , suqish , suqtir ]

Suq : greedy, grasping; the evil eye. ~im tushdi to hunger for, to be envious of. ~i kirdi lusted after (said of food seen by another who desires it, whose envious glance is believed to make the person eating it ill).

Suqatoy : greedy, envious child.

Suqil  : v.i. Pass. Of suq ; to snuggle up to or into; to infiltrate, to worm one's way into. Bag'riga/quchog'iga suqil  to snuggle up to. Gapga/so'zga suqil  to poke one's nose into a conversation.

Suqla  : v.t. To relieve a person from effects of the evil eye (s. Suq kir ); to say, "suq suq" so that no one will eat s.t.

Suqlan  : v.i. To look at with an evil eye, to lust after. [suqlantir ]

Suqli : desirous, covetous, envious.

Suqlik : desire, covetousness. ~ qil  to covet, to lust for.

Suqma : inserted, thrust in.suqsuq zool.shoveller.suqsur dial.s. Suxsur.

Suqtoy : s. Suqatoy.

Suqut : obs. (Arabic) blank, gap; lacuna.

Sur 1 : dried, smoked.

Sur 2 : thick skinned, impudent, brazen.

Sur 3 : light brown karakul; dark gray in color.sur 4 dial.imposing demeanor.

Sur'at : (Arabic) speed, tempo.

Sur  : v.t. To push, to shove, to move; to drive; to lead, to direct; (coll.) To rub in or wipe on (s. Oldinga ~  to move or drive forward. Chetga ~  to push aside. ~ib bor  to drive forward. ~ib ket  to drag along; to run off with (a horse); to bring to ruin. ~ib chiqar  to drive out. Suyak ~  to pass from generation to generation. Tirnog'i ~ibdi to have a new nail replace an old, damaged one. Umr ~  to live, to spend one's life. Qalam ~  to pen, to write. [surdir , suril , surin , surish ]

Sur sur : commotion, hubbub; fracas.

Sura : (Arabic) chapter of the Koran. Uzun ~ boshla  to begin a long talk or speech.suralay(i) g'oz zool.ruddy sheldrake.

Surat : (Arabic) picture, drawing, painting; photograph; looks, outward appearance; numerator. ~i odam outwardly human (but rotten inside). Xuddi ~ pretty as a picture. ~ bo'lib ~(ga) ol /~ini ol /~ga tushir  to take a picture of.suratchi coll.painter; photographer.

Suratchilik : abstr. Of suratchi.

Suratkash : drawer, painter; photographer.

Suratkashlik : abstr. Of suratkash.

Suratlan  : v.i. To emerge, to appear. [suratlantir ]

Suratli : illustrated; in the guise of.

Suratxona : photographic studio; picture gallery.

Surayyo : (Arabic) the Pleiades; lover, mistress.

Surbet : brazen faced, impudent, unblushing.

Surbetlarcha : brazenly, impudently.

Surbetlash  : v.i. To become brazen faced.

Surbetlik : insolence, brazenness.

Surg'uch : sealing wax.

Surg'uchla  : v.t. To seal with sealing wax. [surg'uchlan ]

Surg'ul  : v.i.

Surga  : v.t. S. Sudra . [surgal ]

Surgi 1 : laxative, purgative.surgi 2 dial.face towel.

Surgun : banishment, expulsion, exile; banished, exiled. ~ qil  to banish or exile. ~da bo'l  to be in exile.

Surik : (Russian) minium, red lead.

Suril  : v.i. Pass. Of sur ; to backslide.

Surilma : sliding; landslide.

Surish  v.t. : v.i. Coop. Of sur ; to be involved in a chess game; to settle accounts with one another.

Surish : v.n. Of sur ; battle, war.

Surishtir  : v.t. To move about, to shuffle; to question, to keep asking, to investigate.

Surka  : to wipe on or against; to smear or rub with. [surkal , surkalish , surkaltir , surkan , surkat , surkattir , surkash ]

Surkama : lubricating, lubricant.

Surlik : brazenness, impudence.

Surma 1 P : antimony; kohl. ~ rang dark gray. So'qir ko'zga ~ a useless thing.

Surma 2 : sliding.

Surmacho'p : a stick used to apply kohl to the eyes.

Surmadon : kohl bottle or container.

Surmali : antimonial; made up with kohl.

Surnay : a loud, nasal, clarion like instrument. ~ingni tortma stop your crying. So'k oshiga ~ making a big fuss over nothing.

Surnaychi : a surnay player.

Surnaychilik : abstr. Of surnaychi.

Surob : ~i to'g'ri bo'ldi to be utterly exhausted; to get thoroughly chewed out. ~ini to'g'rila /tort to exhaust, to wear out; to chew out good and well, to read the riot act to.

Suron : clash, roar, din; pomp, splendor. ~ sol /ko'tar  to raise a din, to make a commotion.

Suronli : loud, raucous, clamorous; tumultuous.

Surp : calico. Xom ~ coarse calico.

Surra : a wide striped multi colored silken material; a coat made from this material.

Surrang : light gray or brown.

Surrogat : (Russian) substitute.sursat arch.tithe, tribute.

Surt  : v.t. To wipe or rub on; to wipe. Burniga kesak ~  to lead down the garden path. Oyog'iga yuz ~  to kiss the feet of. [surtil , surtin , surtish , surttir ]

Surtish : v.n. Of surt ; wiping?? [obtirka]surtki 1 dial.towel.

Surtki 2 : ~ dori ointment.

Suru(v) : flock of goats and/or sheep.

Surunka rare : s. Surunkasiga.

Surunkali : continuous, uinterrupted. ~ kasallik chronic disease.

Surunkasiga : continually, non stop.surup coll.s. Surp.

Surur : (Arabic) joy.

Surx : young, new. Novda new growth, young sprout.

Surxon : name of a type of grape; raisins made from this grape.

Surxun : s. Surx.

Sus : ko'ngli ~ ketdi to crave, to have cravings for.susar zool.marten.

Susay  : v.i. To quiet down, to slacken. Me'dasi ~ibdi to suffer from indigestion. [susayt , susaytir , susaytiril ]

Sushilka : (Russian) drying apparatus; drying room or house.

Suspensiya : (Russian) suspension.

Sust : slow; slowly. ~ me'da ?? [vyalyy zheludok]

Sustkash : one who works or moves slowly.

Sustkashlik : abstr. Of sustkash; slowness, slowly working.

Sustlan  : v.i. To slow down, to lessen. [sustlantir ]

Sustlash  : v.i. To get slower and slower; to fall apart, to disintegrate, to get looser. [sustlashtir , sustlashtiril ]

Sustlik : slowness.

Sut : milk. Og'zidan ona ~i ketmagan or ona ~i og'zidan kelib turgan still wet behind the ears. ~ bilan kirgan, jon bilan chiqadi What?S learned young is learned for life. ~dan oq, suvdan tiniq pure or innocent as can be.sutak zool.nightjar, goatsucker; idiot, buffoon (s. So'tak).

Sutchi : milker, milkman or milkmaid.

Sutchilik : abstr. Of sutchi; dairy farming.

Sutka : (Russian) a full (24 hour) day. Besh ~ yo'l yurdik We traveled for five whole days.

Sutkali : 24 hour, round the clock; per diem.

Sutkalik : 24 hour, full day.sutlama bot.spurge, euphorbia.

Sutli : containing milk; milky.sutqon bot.a poisonous species of euphorbia.

Sutsimon : milk like.

Sutsiz : milkless.

Sutsizlik : lack of milk.

Sutun : column.

Sutxo'r : milk loving, big milk drinker.

Sutxo'rlik : abstr. Of sutxo?R; enthusiastic drinking of milk.

Suv : underwater, submarine. ~ kema(si) submarine.

Suv : water; juice; watery, tasteless; straight or feather stitch (embroidery); (arch.) A land measure of 10 qancha qancha ~lar oqdi it's been a long time, a lot of water has passed under the bridge. Hayot ~i the water of life. Og'zining ~i keldi to have one's mouth water. Tagiga ~ ketdi to be undermined. O't bilan ~day like fire and water (incompatible). ~balosi floods, flooding. ~ ber  to water. ~ bog'la  to divert canal water onto a field. ~ burgut (zool.) Sea eagle. ~ bo'l  to be wet; to be covered with sweat; to melt. ~ga oqiz /~ga ur  to float away, to disappear w/o a trace. ~ga tushgan nondek bo'shash  to soften up or give in (like bread in water). ~ga tushsa quruq chiqadigan very slippery, sly. ~ga urib ket  to disappear. ~ga qon  to have one's fill of water; to become saturated with water. ~day bo'l /~da maza bor, bunda maza yo'q Water has more taste than this does. ~day serob bo'ling Be prosperous. ~dan halvo yasaganday trashy, worthless. ~ ilon (zool.) Water snake. ~ini tort /~ ich  to drink water; to be irrigated. ~ yo'li waterway. ~ yo'g'ida tayammum in the land of the blind, the one eyed is king. ~ kelsa  simirib, tosh kelsa  kemirib to make do with or withstand whatever come's one's way. ~ ko'rak/~ni ko'rmay, Etik chechma Don't be hasty (lit., 'Don't take your boots off before you see the water.'). ~ning ko'tarilishi rising of waters; rising tide. ~ning tushishi receding of waters; ebb, ebb tide. ~ olib ket  to be washed away; to come to nothing. ~ ombori reservoir. ~ parisi nymph. ~ piyoz (bot.) ?? [susak zontychnyy]. ~ sur  to divert irrigation water. ~ tara  to leak water (through cracks in floor). ~ tekin practically free. ~ xo'jaligi management of water resources. ~ chechak chicken pox. ~ chumchuq (zool.) Dipper. ~ yalpiz (bot.) Purple loosestrife. ~ qalampir (bot.) Spotted lady's thumb. ~ qog'oz watermarked paper. ~ qil /~ qilib ich /~dek ich(ib yubor)  to master well or quickly. ~ quygandek (tinch/~ qo'y  to irrigate.
Suva  : v.t. To plaster, to cover or seal with plaster, mud, etc.; to cover up, to whitewash. [suval , suvat , suvattir , suvash ]suvarak zool.cockroach.

Suvchi : person in charge of irrigation, esp. Irrigation of cotton fields; water man, water supplier, water carrier; water seller; life guard.

Suvchilik : profession and duties of an irrigator or water carrier.

Suvdon : water dish (for birds); water flask; water container.

Suveren : (Russian) sovereign.

Suverenitet : (Russian) sovereignty.

Suverenlik : sovereignty.suvgul bot.frogbit.suvir dial.s. Sug'ur.suviziq dial.weak, feeble, thin, sickly.

Suvla  : v.t. To moisten; to drink. [suvlan ]

Suvlan  : v.i. Pass. Of suvla ; to water (mouth).

Suvli : watery, juicy; watered.

Suvlilik : wateriness; juiciness; state of being watered or irrigated.suvliq coll.s. Suvluq.

Suvloq : watering place.

Suvlov : s. Suvloq.

Suvluq : (horse's) bit. Og'ziga ~ solib ol  to bridle.suvmurch bot.s. Suvzamchi.suvo't bot.seaweed, water plant.

Suvoqchi : plasterer.

Suvoqchilik : abstr. Of suvoqchi.

Suvori : horseman, cavalryman; name of a folk tune.suvot dial.watering place.suvpiyoz bot.s. Suv piyoz.suvqovoq bot.gourd.suvrang bot.sedge.

Suvsa  : v.i. To become thirsty (s. Chanqa ). [suvsat ]suvsar zool.sable. Tosh ~ a mountain dwelling variety of sable.

Suvsira  : v.i. To thirst greatly, to crave water.

Suvsiz : empty (of water); anhydrous; waterless, dry; not juicy.

Suvsizlik : abstr. Of suvsiz.

Suvsoq : parched, dry.

Suvsoqliq : parchedness.suvzamchi bot.peppery waterwort.

Suxan : words, talk; conversation. Shirin ~ sweet tongued.

Suxanbozlik : discussion, chatter.

Suxanchi(n) : informer, stool pigeon.

Suxandon : well spoken; articulate.

Suxanvar : eloquent, well spoken; talkative; smooth tongued.
Suxanvarlik : abstr. Of suxanvar; pleasant conversation.

Suxari : (Russian) zwieback like chunks of bread.suxsur zool.pintail duck; beautiful like a pintail.

Suy  coll. : v.t. To love, to adore; to play with, to caress. [suydir , suyil , suyilish , suyish ]

Suya  : v.t. To lean or prop against s.t.; to support. [suyal , suyalish , suyaltir , suyan , suyanil , suyantir , suyat , suyash ]

Suyag'ich : support, prop.

Suyak : bone; bony; offspring. ~i yo'q a fool for, can't say no to. ~i tinch untroubled. ~i tinchib qoldi to become free of troubles. Tilning ~i yo'q one's tongue is uncontrollable, it will say whatever comes to mind. Biror ishda ~i qotgan to harden o.s. At s.t. ~iga/~ ~iga singi  to sink into one's bones. Borib ~ka qadaldi/taqaldi/etdi/tegdi to have more than one can withstand.

Suyakdor : big boned.

Suyaklanish : ossification.

Suyakli : s. Suyakdor.

Suyaksiz : boneless.

Suyam : the distance between the tips of the extended forefinger and thumb (as a unit of measurement). Besh ~ about one meter. Bir ~ a little, a small piece.

Suyan  : v.i. To lean on; to rely on. Suvga ~  to build on sand. ~gan tog'i mainstay, support. [suyanil , suyanish , suyantir ]suyan zool.a kind of fish ??.

Suyanch : pillar of support, prop.

Suyanchiq : armrest; support.

Suyka  : v.t. To wipe on, to smear with, to daub (s. Surka ). [suykal , suykaltir , suykan , suykanish , suykat , suykash ]

Suykal  : v.i. Pass. Of suyka ; to rub up against. [suykaltir ]

Suyog'liq : leaning on, propped against.

Suyri : tapered, streamlined.

Suyuk(li) : v.i. Beloved, dear, favorite.

Suyul  1 : to become thin or runny; to melt. Miyasi ~ibdi to become dull headed. Qarib quyulmagan, achib ~magan said of someone who is advanced in age but continues to do silly or untoward things. [suyultir , suyultiril , suyut ]

Suyul  2 : v.i. To get out of hand (from being spoiled). [suyultir ]

Suyultirish : v.n. Of suyultir ; liquefaction.

Suyumli : s. Sevimli.

Suyumsiz : s. Sevimsiz.

Suyun  : s. Sevin . [suyunish , suyuntir ]

Suyunarli : s. Sevinarli.

Suyunch : s. Sevinch.

Suyunchi : present to a bringer of good news.

Suyunchli : s. Sevinchli.

Suyuq : liquid, thin, runny, weak; empty, insipid; loose, promiscuous. ~ osh a kind of noodle soup. ~ oyoq loose, floozy.

Suyuqlan  : v.i. To become liquid, thin, or runny. [suyuqlantir ]

Suyuqlash  : v.i. To become liquid; to become frivolous; to become licentious.

Suyuqlik : liquid; thinness, diluteness; frivolousness, vacuousness; licentiousness.suyurg'ol hist.land awarded by a khan or king to his officials or officers.

Suyut  rare : v.t. Caus. Of suyul  1. [suyutil ]

Suz  1 : v.t. To strain, to sieve, to filter; to serve (food). [suzdir , suzil , suziltir , suzish ]

Suz  2 : v.i. To swim; to float. [suzdir , suzish , suzishtir ]

Suz  3 : v.t. To gore, to butt, to ram. Er ~  to stare at the ground. Pul(ni) ~ib oladi to make fistfulls of money. [suzdir , suzish , suzishtir ]

Suzag'on 1 : good at swimming.

Suzag'on 2 : wild, likely to butt.

Suzgich 1 : sieve; filter.

Suzgich 2 : float.suzgich 3 zool.water beetle.

Suzgich 4 : fin, flipper.

Suzgichli : finned.suzgir dial.swimmer.

Suzgun : s. Suzik.

Suzik : droopy, languid (eyes).

Suzil  : v.i. Pass. Of ko'zi ~di to have the eyelids droop; to glance at languidly.

Suziltir  : v.t. Caus. Of ko'zlarini ~  to look at languidly.

Suzma : a kind of cheese made from strained yoghurt.

Suzong'ich : s. Suzag'on 2.

Suzuk : languid.

Suzuvchi : v.n. Of suz  1; server; dealer.

Suzuvchi : v.n. Of suz  2; swimmer.

Svarka : (Russian) welding.

Svarkachi : welder.

Svecha : (Russian) spark plug; lamp candle power.

Svejiy coll. : (Russian) fresh (meat).

Svetofor : (Russian) traffic light.

Sviter : (Russian) sweater, pull over.

Svodka : (Russian) summary, report.

Svyazist : (Russian) signal man.

Sxema : (Russian) diagram, chart; sketch, outline; circuit.

Sxematik : (Russian) schematic; general, simplistic.

Sxematiklik : over simplification, use of ready made formulas.

Sxematizm (Russian) : oversimplification, overuse of generalizations or pat formulas.

Sxolast(ik) : (Russian) scholastic.

Sxolastika : (Russian) scholasticism.

Sympathizer, :

Syujet : (Russian) subject; plot.

Syuzeren : (Russian) suzerain.

Ta'b : (Arabic) nature, character, temperament; wishes, wants; taste. ~i tirriq/~ olindi to be upset by s.t. ~ ochildi to return to good spirits. ~i tortadi or ~ga yoqadi to be to one's liking. ~imiz chog' We're in good spirits. ~ingiz olinmasin Don't take this badly. ~ingiz uchun for your amusement. Birovning ~iga qara  to try to please, to take into account s.o.'s likes and dislikes. Agar ~ingizga kelib qolsa if you ever feel like... ~ingiz as you like, it's up to you. ~ingni qara ya! What (strange) taste you have!

Ta'bir : (Arabic) expression, phrase; interpretation (of dream or vision). ~qil /~ joiz bo'lsa if one may say so,...

Ta'birla  : v.t. To phrase, to express; to interpret (dream). [ta'birlan , ta'birlash ]

Ta'birnoma : book of dream interpretations.

Ta'kid : (Arabic) s.t. Emphasized or stressed; confirmation, assertion. ~ qil /Et  to stress, to emphasize.

Ta'kidla  : v.t. To emphasize, to stress, to underscore, to point out; to affirm, to confirm. [ta'kidlan ]

Ta'lif : arch. (Arabic) written work, essay, book. ~ qil  to compose, to write; to edit.

Ta'lim : (Arabic) study, studies, learning, instruction, teaching; training, upbringing; directions, instructions. Oliy ~ higher education. Umumiy majburiy ~ mandatory public education. ~ tarbiya ishlari educational and pedagogic issues.

Ta'limiy : (Arabic) educational.

Ta'limli : well trained, well mannered.

Ta'limomuz : in an advisory tone, as though giving advice or direction.

Ta'limot : (Arabic) teaching, doctrine; directions, instructions. ~ ber  to give instructions.

Ta'limsiz : uneducated; having no upbrining, ill mannered.

Ta'm : (Arabic) taste, flavor.

Ta'min : (Arabic) ~ qil /Et  to supply or provide with; to provide for, to ensure; to satisfy, to be enough.

Ta'minla  : v.t. S. Ta'min qil . [ta'minlan ]

Ta'minot : (Arabic) security, provision(s).

Ta'mir : obs. (Arabic) building, construction; repair(s). ~ qil  to construct; to repair.

Ta'mirot : obs. (Arabic) construction.

Ta'mli : tasty, flavorful.

Ta'msiz : tasteless.

Ta'na : (Arabic) reproof, rebuke; gratitude. ~ qil  to accuse (of), to charge with. Xasis deb ~ qil  to accuse of or reproach for being greedy.

Ta'na malomat : blame and reproof.

Ta'nachi : critical, censorious person.

Ta'nali : accusatory, reproachful.

Ta'naomuz : reproachful, (seemingly) full of reproach.

Ta'qib : (Arabic) surveillance, following, pursuit; persecution. ~ qil/Et  to pursue; to observe, to watch; to harrow.

Ta'qibchi : tracker, tail.

Ta'rif : (Arabic) description; definition. ~icha according to (the description of).

Ta'rifi(y) : (Arabic) superb, worthy of praise.

Ta'rifla  : v.t. To describe; to explain. [ta'riflan , ta'riflash ]

Ta'rifot lit. : (Arabic) description; praises.ta'sip coll.~ qil/Et  to follow the example of, to follow suit.

Ta'rifot tavsif : (Arabic) lengthy and thorough description.

Ta'sir : (Arabic) effect, impression, influence. ~iga beril  to fall under the influence of. ~i yo'q ineffective, ineffectual. ~ ol  to be influenced by. ~ doirasi sphere of influence.

Ta'sirchan : effective, potent; impressive; impressionable, sensitive.

Ta'sirchanlik : abstr. Of ta'sirchan.

Ta'sirla  : v.t. To affect, to make an impression on, to influence.

Ta'sirli : effective, effectual; impressive; influential.

Ta'sirot : (Arabic) effect(s), impression(s), influence(s).

Ta'sirsiz : ineffectual; unimpressive; uninfluential.

Ta'sis : (Arabic) ~ Et /~ majlisi constituent assembly, founding session.

Ta'til : arch. (Arabic) vacation, holiday.

Ta'viya : (Arabic) ugly, hideous. ~ bo'l  to become a laughing stock (from one's bad looks).

Ta'viya taraqqos : hideous, repulsive.

Ta'xir lit. : (Arabic) postponement, delay. ~ga sol  to postpone. ~ga tush  to be delayed.

Ta'yin : arch. (Arabic) s. Tayin.

Ta'zim : (Arabic) bow, respectful greeting. ~ qil  to bow (down to). Etti bukilib ~ qil  to bow and scrape.

Ta'ziman rare : (Arabic) with great respect, bestowing great honor.

Ta'zimkor : respectful, full of homage.

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