SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Tamtaroqli : high flown, bombastic.tamug' arch.the underworld, hell.

Tan 1 : body; person. ~ga singdir  to absorb, to take in. ~ tarbiyasi physical education.

Tan 2 : share, lot; initial price or capital. ~ ber  to admit, to own, to acknowledge; to be amazed; to submit to. ~ ol  to admit; to acknowledge.tan jon, tanu jonbody and soul.

Tana 1 : torso, trunk, body. ~ngga o'ylap ko'r/qara Think this over well.

Tana 2 : a 1 2 year old heifer.

Tanacha : small heifer; (small) body; sprout, shoot.

Tanaffus : (Arabic) recess, break, intermission.

Tanakor : borax; adhesive agent.

Tanavor : leather pieces used for making the uppers of a shoe.

Tanazzul : (Arabic) decline, regression. ~ga yuz tut /Et  to fall into a decline.

Tanbal : (Arabic) extremely lazy, slothful.

Tanballarcha : lazily, sluggardly.

Tanballash  : v.i. To become a sluggard.

Tanballik : laziness, slothfulness.

Tanbeh : (Arabic) remonstrance, admonition, scolding. ~ini berib qo'y  to teach a lesson to, to chew out. ~ e  to be remonstrated. ~ini e  to be scolded by.

Tanbehla  : v.t. To remonstrate, to scold; to admonish.

Tanbehlovchi : v.n. Of tanbehla ; admonishing, disapproving.

Tanbur : a 3  or 4 stringed instrument played with a pick. Ho'kizning qulog'iga ~ chert /chal  to explain s.t. To s.o. Who can't understand.

Tanburchi : a tanbur player.tancha dial.under floor stove (s. Sandal).

Tanda : warp (on a loom); thread, strand. ~ qo'y  to pull the warp tight; to shuttle back and forth.

Tandachi : warper.

Tandir : (Arabic) tandoor oven. Supradagi unga qaramay, ~ga o't qalaydigan to be overly generous (w/o inquiring about one's own resources).

Tanfurush : prostitute.

Tanfurushlik : prostitution.

Tang : narrow, tight; straitened, precarious. Fursat ~ time is tight. ~ bo'l  to be in straitened circumstances; to be cross. Uyqusi ~ qildi to become sleepy. Zarbi ~ easily cross. Zahar ~ qildi to feel the urge to urinate.

Tang'i  : v.t. To tether, to tie up; to bind, to wrap tightly. [tang'il ]

Tang'iq(li) : wrapped tightly with s.t., bandaged, bound with cloth, etc.

Tang'ish : v.n. Of tang'i ; wrappings, bandage(s).

Tanga sochiq : coins and other objects thrown at guests at a wedding.

Tanga : coin; a silver coin worth 20 tiyin in the Khanate of Bukhara; scale (of a fish).

Tangacha : small coin; dot, speck, sequin; scale.

Tangaday : small, tiny.

Tangchilik : difficult circumstances.

Tangens : (Russian) tangent.

Tangi : ravine, gorge.

Tanglay : palate. ~ taqillab ketdi/~i quridi to have one's mouth go dry. ~ini ko'tar /~ini... Bilan ko'targan to have a prediliction for s.t. ~ini taqillat  to click one's tongue.

Tanglik : abstr. Of tang; narrow place; dire straits; stinginess; crisis.

Tango : (Russian) tango.

Tangri (Mong.) : celestial spirit, God.

Tanho : solitary, lone, alone.

Tanholik : solitude, loneliness.

Tani  : v.t. To know, to be acquainted with; to recognize, to acknowledge. Oq qorani ~gan experienced, having seen good and bad. Xat ~  to know how to read. Aqlini ~  to come to be able to make reasonable decisions, to reach the age of descretion (of a child). Haqini ~  to know one's rights. [tanil , tanit , tanittir , tanish , tanishtir , tanishtiril ]

Tanil  : v.i. Pass. Of tani ; to be well known.

Taniq : familiar feature, mark; familiar, known. ~ ber  to inform, to let know.

Taniqli : known, familiar, conspicuous (by a certain feature); famous, well known.

Tanish  v.t., : v.i. Coop. Of tani ; to get to know, to become acquainted, to meet. [tanishtir , tanishtiril ]

Tanish bilish : friends and acquaintances; connections.

Tanish : v.n. Of ko'z ~ passing acquaintance.

Tanishlik : familiarity, acquaintance.

Tanishsizlik : unfamiliarity; having no friends or acquaintances.

Tank : (Russian) tank.

Tankchi : tank crew member.

Tanketka 1 : (Russian) small tank, tankette.

Tanketka 2 : (Russian) slipper with slightly raised heel.

Tanla  : v.t. To choose, to select; to discriminate, to be choosy. ~b e  to be a choosy eater. ~b ( ~b) tozisiga uchra  to choose and choose and come up with the worst one. Eshakning ~gani sho'rva to each his own. [tanlan ]

Tanlanish : v.n. Of tabiiy ~ natural selection.

Tanlash : v.n. Of tanla ; selection, choosing.

Tannarx : cost price.

Tanning extract?? [dubil'nyy ekstrakt/sostav] :

Tannoz : (Arabic) coquettish, flashy; graceful, beautiful.

Tannozlik : coquettishness.

Tanob : arch. (Arabic) cord used for land measure; cord; unit of land equal to 1/6 1/2 hectare. ~ tort /yo'l ~ini tort  to shorten the road. Og'zining ~i qochdi to open up, to cheer up. ~ini tort(ib qo'y)  to put in one's place; to cut short, to curtail; to reign in, to subdue.

Tanobchi : land surveyor (who uses a tanob).

Tanobchilik : abstr. Of tanobchi; land surveying.

Tanobla  : v.t. To measure land with a tanob. [tanoblan , tanoblat ]

Tanosib arch. (Arabic) : (inter)relationship; proportion.

Tanosil : (Arabic) sexual. ~ a'zolari genitals, sexual organs. ~ kasalliklari venereal diseases.

Tanovar : name of a classical Ozbek folk dance tune.

Tanovul : (Arabic) ~ qil  to partake of.

Tanqaygan : ~ burun snub nose.

Tanqid : (Arabic) criticism. ~ qil  to criticize.

Tanqidboz : faultfinder, critic.

Tanqidbozlik : fault finding.

Tanqidchi : critic.

Tanqidchilik : abstr. Of tanqidchi; criticism.

Tanqidiy : (Arabic) critical.

Tanqis : (Arabic) rare, insufficient, lacking, wanting.

Tanqislik : insufficiency, lack.

Tansa : (Russian) s. Tantsa.

Tansachi : dancer.

Tansiq : (Arabic) rare; cherished, well loved. ~ ovqat delicacy.

Tansiqlik : rarity.

Tantal : (Russian) tantalum.

Tantana : (Arabic) revelry, celebration; victory. ~ qil  to rejoice, to celebrate.

Tantanaboz : lover of pomp and celebration.

Tantanabozlik : excessive love of pomp and celebration.

Tantanali : festive.

Tantanavor : s. Tantanali.

Tanti : generous, open handed.

Tantilik : abstr. Of tanti; generosity, magnanimity.

Tantiq : spoiled, pampered; ill behaved.

Tantiqlan  : v.i. To come to behave in a spoiled manner, to have one's own way.

Tantiqlik : spoiled or ill behavior.

Tantsa : (Russian) dance, dancing; dance music. ~(ga) tush  or ~ qil  to dance.

Tanur : obs. (Arabic) s. Tandir.

Tanvin gram. : (Arabic) nunnation (of vowel sign in Arabic).

Tanvir : obs. (Arabic) enlightenment.

Taolo : (Arabic) most high, exalted (epithet of God).

Taom : (Arabic) (cooked) food, dish; cooking.

Taomil : (Arabic) practice, custom.tap 1 ono.bumping or thudding noise. ~ Etib with a thud or bounce.

Tap 2 : ~ tort  to be startled.

Tap(pa) taqir : s. Tap taqir.

Tap(pa) tayin : quite reliable.

Tap(pa) tayyor : quite ready, all ready.

Tap taqir : completely bald or barren.

Tap tup : tumbling or clattering sound or motion.

Tapilla  ono. : v.i. To make a thudding or pattering noise. [tapillat , tapillash ]

Tapir(a) tupur : s. Tapir tupur.tapir tupur ono.clattering or pattering noise.

Tapirla  ono. : v.i. S. Tapilla .

Tappa tax(t) : exactly, just; quite ready.tappa ono.(with a) thumping, plopping or crashing noise (indicates quick, abrupt action). O'zini ~ tashla  to throw o.s. Down with a crash or flop.tappak dial.s. Tappi.

Tappi : dung flattened and dried for fuel. ~ tezak cowpies and such (for fuel).

Tappon : hearts (in cards).tappot dial.heat.

Tapt coll. : heat (s. Taft).

Taq  : v.t. To affix, to tack on; to put on, to wear (jewelry, glasses, etc.); to ascribe (fault). [taqil  taqin  taqish ]

Taq tuq : banging and clanging noises.taq ono.knocking or banging sound. Peshanasi ~ Etib devorga tegdi His forehead banged against the wall. ~ desa Eshikka qara  to be waiting on pins and needles.

Taqa 1 : horseshoe.taqa 2 dial.one of a pair.

Taqa  : v.t. To push close up against, to lean against; to put off; to touch upon, to get stuck on (a subject); to subject to. Devorga ~  to lean up against a wall. So'z aylanib yana Yo'lchiga ~ldi The subject got around again to Youlchi. [taqal , taqat , taqash ]taqa taq ono.clacking sound (e.g., of a train).

Taqachi : farrier, blacksmith.

Taqachilik : horseshoe making; blacksmith shop, farriery.

Taqal : ~ qil  to hesitate.

Taqala  : v.t. To shoe (a horse). [taqalan  taqalat ]

Taqashtir  : v.t. To place side by side.

Taqataq : altogether, each and every; completely.

Taqchil : rare.

Taqdim : (Arabic) presentation, offer, proposal. ~ Et /qil  to present, to introduce; to confer, to offer.

Taqdimnoma : written proposal.

Taqdir : (Arabic) fate; future. ~ qil /~ga tan ber  to resign o.s. To fate.

Taqdirla  : v.t. To appreciate, to show appreciation for, to honor. [taqdirlan  taqdirlash ]

Taqdirnoma : letter of appreciation.taqi  coll.to put the blame on (s.o.).

Taqil  : v.i. Pass. Of taq ; to be blamed or defamed.

Taqilla  ono. : v.i. To make a knocking sound. Eshik ~di S.o. Knocked on the door. Eshik ~t  to knock on a door. [taqillat  taqillatish ]

Taqim : the inside of the knee.

Taqimla  : v.i. To grip under the knee while on horseback. [taqimlash ]

Taqinchoq : trinkets, jewelry, etc.

Taqiq : prohibition, ban. ~ qil /Et  to prohibit.

Taqiqla  : v.t. To prohibit, to forbid. [taqiqlan , taqiqlat ]

Taqir tuqur : clanking and banging noises; stuff, junk.

Taqir : barren; barren land; bald; bare (ground); (not) at all, in (no) way.

Taqirla  : v.i. S. ~gan sovuq bone chilling cold. [taqirlat ]

Taqlid : (Arabic) imitation. ~ qil  to imitate.

Taqlidan : (Arabic) in imitation, imitating.

Taqlidchan : good at imitating.

Taqlidchanlik : ability to imitate.

Taqlidchi : imitator.

Taqlidchilik : imitation, copying.

Taqlidiy : (Arabic) imitative, unoriginal.

Taqlidiylik : imitativeness.taqmagul bot.small flowered rose (s. Jingul).

Taqovul coll. : (Arabic) befitting, suitable; like, similar.

Taqozo : (Arabic) demand, condition. Vaqtning ~si bilan as the times demanded. ~ qil  to demand, to force.

Taqqa taq : s. Taqataq.

Taqqa : at once, suddenly, completely. ~ to'xta  to come to a sudden halt.

Taqqos : (Arabic) comparison. ~ qil  to compare.

Taqqosla  : v.t. To compare. [taqqoslan ]

Taqqoslama rare : comparative.

Taqriban : (Arabic) nearly, approximately.

Taqribiy : (Arabic) approximate.

Taqrir : arch. (Arabic) letter; written report, analysis. ~ qil /Et  to write to, to send a letter to; to analyze, to examine; to find worthy.

Taqriz : (Arabic) review (s. Retsenziya).

Taqrizchi : reviewer.

Taqsim : (Arabic) division, partition, distribution. ~ qil /beshga ~ qil  to divide by five. Bir ~ ikki one divided by two (1/2). ~ son distributive numeral (e.g., beshtadan).

Taqsimcha : saucer.

Taqsimla  : v.t. To divide up, to distribute; to divide by. [taqsimlan , taqsimlat , taqsimlash ]

Taqsimlagich : distributor.

Taqsimlovchi : distribution; distributing; divisor. ~ shchit switchboard.

Taqsimot : (Arabic) distribution, division, apportionment. ~ mexanizmi distributive mechanism?? [raspredelitel'nii mexanizm]

Taqsir : arch. (Arabic) (form of address) master, your honor, lord.

Taqvo : (Arabic) piety, fear of God; religious fastidiousness.

Taqvodor : pious, devout; fastidious, chaste.

Taqvodorlik : piety.

Taqya : arch. (Arabic) skullcap made of plain material.

Tar 1 : fresh (not dried, of fruit).tar 2 ono.tearing sound.

Tara  : v.t. To comb; to distribute (irrigation water); to spread out. Yuvib ~b to wash and comb, i.e., to spiff up. Tok(ni) ~  to separate and plant grape vine shoots. [taral , taran , taranish , tarat , taratil ]

Taraddud : (Arabic) hesitation, wavering; troubles, vexations; fuss, bustle, preparation. Youl ~i preparation for a trip. ~ida bo'l /yur  to be busy preparing for s.t.

Taraddudlan  : v.i. To hesitate, to be hesitant; to ready o.s. For s.t.

Taraddudli : hesitant, wavering.

Taraf : (Arabic) side; direction; place of residence, country; aspect; enemy, foe, opponent. To'rt ~ (in) all directions. ~ini ol  to take the side of. ~ yo'q (to have) no equal. Bir ~da on one hand... Sizlarning ~laringda anor bo'ladimi? Do you have pomegranates where you come from? ~idan from the direction of; as concerns, with regard to; on the part of, by, on behalf of.

Taraf bataraf : from side to side, one side against the other, divided into sides.

Tarafayn : (Arabic) the two sides.

Tarafdor : supporter, ally.

Tarafdorlik : support, loyalty.

Tarafkash : supporter, ally; rival, competitor, contestant.

Tarafkashlik : abstr. Of tarafkash.

Taraflama : har ~ in every way, thoroughly. Bir ~ one sided, unilateral. Ikki ~ two sided, from two directions; double entendre, ambiguous.

Tarafli : bir ~ qil  to solve unilaterally. Bir ~ bo'l  to be solved unilaterally.

Taraflik : belonging to a certain area. Andijon ~ kishi s.o. From the Andijan area.

Tarafma taraf : s. Taraf bataraf.

Tarafsiz : having no rival or equal.

Tarahhum : (Arabic) ~ Et /qil /ayla  to pity.

Tarakan zool. : (Russian) cockroach (s. Suvarak).

Tarakana : division, sharing (e.g., of inheritance). ~ qil  to divide, to allot shares.tarakla  ono.to clatter, to chatter. [taraklat ]

Taral  : v.i. Pass. Of tara ; to spread out, to be spread around.

Tarala : enjoyment, fun. Ha ha ~ merriment, gaiety. ~ qilib yur  to enjoy o.s.

Taralabedod : ~ qilib yur  or ~, jon g'animat deb yur  to live free and easy, to be merry.

Taralish  : to spread out in all directions.

Taralla : s. Tarala.

Tarallabedod : s. Taralabedod.

Taram taram : striped, covered with stripes.

Taram : lock, tuft, strand.

Taran : (Russian) battering ram; ramming maneuver.

Taran  : reflex. Of tara ; to comb o.s., to comb one's own hair; to preen o.s. [taranish ]

Tarang : taut. Asabi ~ (tortilgan) having taut nerves, on edge. ~ qil  to make beg, to be obstinate.

Tarangla  : v.t. To pull or make taut. [taranglan , taranglash ]

Taranglik : tautness, tension.

Tarangsoz rare : tuned, in tune (musical instrument).

Tarannum poet. : (Arabic) singing, warbling; music, tune. ~ Et /qil  to sing; to sing praises of.tarap coll.s. Taraf.taraq(a) turuq ono.banging and crashing noises.taraq ono.banging or crashing sound. Bozori ~ (things are) selling like hotcakes, business is good. Ishi ~ business is booming. Kayfi ~ four sheets to the wind, quite drunk.

Taraqla  : v.i. To clatter, crash, or go bang. Ish(i) taraqladi business is booming. [taraqlat ]

Taraqqiy : (Arabic) ~ qil /Et /top  to develop.

Taraqqiylash  : v.i. To develop.

Taraqqiyot : (Arabic) development, progress. ~ yo'lidan bor  to follow the path of progress. ~ bosqichlari steps to progress.

Taraqqiyparvar : progressivist; progressive.

Taraqqiyparvarlik : progressiveness.

Taraqqos zool. : (Arabic) griffon vulture. ~ boyla  to hold the head up jauntily (horse).

Tarash 1 : v.n. Of tara .

Tarash 2 : cutting, planing, smoothing.

Tarasha : kindling; dry, hard. Tomdan ~ tushganday out of the blue.

Tarashaday/dek : hard or dry (as a piece of wood).

Tarashla  : v.t. To cut, to shear, to shave (hair); to scrape clean; to scrape smooth, to plane. [tarashlan , tarashlat ]

Tarashlovchi : shearer; stone cutter, lapidary.

Tarbiya : (Arabic) raising, upbringing, education; breeding, good manners; training, instruction, indoctrination. ~ ol /~ qil /badan ~ physical education.

Tarbiyachi : instructor, trainer.

Tarbiyala  : v.t. To raise, to bring up; to train, to instruct; to indoctrinate; to take care of. [tarbiyalan ]

Tarbiyalanuvchi : trainee, student.

Tarbiyalovchi : trainer, educator.

Tarbiyasiz : poorly brought up; ill mannered, rude.

Tarbiyasizlik : bad behavior or manners.

Tarbiyat : obs. (Arabic) s. Tarbiya.

Tarbiyaviy : educational, training.

Targ'ib : (Arabic) ~ qil /Et  to promote, to promulgate, to propagandize.

Targ'ibot : (Arabic) promotion, propaganda.

Targ'ibotchi : promoter, propagandizer.

Targ'ibotchilik : promotion, propagandizing, campaigning.

Targ'il : brindled, striped.

Tarh 1 : arch. (Arabic) subtraction.

Tarh 2 : (Arabic) plan, scheme, design.

Tarif : (Russian) tariff, rate, price.

Tarilla  ono. : v.i. To sputter, to rattle (e.g., gun, motor).tariq bot.millet (unhusked; cf. So'k).

Tariqa : (Arabic) way, manner. Ne ~ in what way. ~sida as, in the form of.

Tariqcha : (w/ neg.) (the least) bit.

Tariqday/dek : tiny, wee.

Tarix : (Arabic) history; date; chronicle. Kasallik ~i health history.

Tarixan : (Arabic) historically.

Tarixchi : historian.

Tarixiy : (Arabic) historical.

Tarixiylik : historicalness; historicity.

Tarixli : dated.

Tarixnavis : historian, chronicler.

Tarixshunos : historian.

Tarixshunoslik : historical studies.

Tarjima : (Arabic) translation, interpretation. ~i hol autobiography. ~ qil /Et  to translate, to interpret.

Tarjimachi rare : s. Tarjimon.

Tarjimachilik : s. Tarjimonlik.

Tarjimashunos : translation specialist.

Tarjimashunoslik : translation science.

Tarjimon : (Arabic) translator, interpreter.

Tarjimonlik : abstr. Of tarjimon.

Tark 1 : (Arabic) ~ Et /~i dunyo qil  to forsake material things.

Tark 2 : fold, crease.

Tarkash : leather or wooden cup or bowl holder.

Tarkib : (Arabic) composition, make up. ~ top  to be composed of.

Tarkiban : (Arabic) compositionally.

Tarkibiy : (Arabic) compound, composite. ~ qism component. ~ tahlil structural analysis.tarlon zool.long legged buzzard; dappled, skewbald. ~ ochgan splotched. Xayoli ~ bo'ldi scattered, jumbled thoughts.

Tarmash  : v.i. S. Tirmash .

Tarmeva : s. Tar meva.

Tarmoq : branch; division. ~ yoy  to send out branches, to branch out.

Tarmoqla  : v.i. To branch out. [tarmoqlan ]

Tarnov : gutter, trough.

Tarnovcho'p bot. : horsetail; cobbler's contrivance resembling a trough which is placed upon the knee and used for sewing seams upon.

Tarnovday : tall, lanky.

Tarona : tune, melody; part of a ~ qil /Et  to sing, to intone; to sing the praises of.

Taroq : comb; a kind of floral design. ~ nusxa/naqshli having a certain floral design.

Taroqchi : comb maker.

Taroqchilik : comb making; section of a bazaar where combs are sold.

Taroqla  rare : v.t. S. Tara . [taroqlan ]

Tarovat : (Arabic) beauty, purity.

Tarovatli : beautiful, sweet, fresh.

Tarovih : (Arabic) extra prayers performed during the nights of Ramadhan.

Tarozi : scales, balance. Aql ~si bilan tort  to weigh in one's mind. ~ bosadigan weighty, significant; serious. ~ga sol  to weigh; to boast, to sell o.s.

Tarozibon : weigher, keeper of scales.

Tarozibonlik : abstr. Of tarozibon.

Tarozu : s. Tarozi.

Tarqa  : v.i. S. Tarqal . [tarqat , tarqatil , tarqatish , tarqash ]

Tarqal  : v.i. To disperse; to spread out; to break up. [tarqalish ]

Tarqat  : v.t. Caus. Of tarqa(l) ; to issue; to deliver; to terminate, to disband. [tarqatil , tarqatish ]

Tarqatuvchi : spreader, distributor, deliverer.

Tarqoq : spread out, scattered; unorganized.

Tarqoqlik : abstr. Of tarqoq.

Tarqov : v.n. Of tarqa ; s. Tarqoq.tarr ono.tearing sound.

Tarra : s. Tarrak; lethargy which sets in after eating sweet fruits.

Tarrak : a type of large, tasteless cucumber. ~cha maza yo'q tasteless or insipid as a ~ burun(li) long nosed. ~dek qot  to sleep like a log.

Tars turs : s. Tars.tars ono.bursting or popping sound. Tilni ~ yoradi incredibly sweet.

Tarsaki : slap. ~ sol /tushir /ur /qo'y  to slap.

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