SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Traditsiya : (Russian) tradition (s. An'ana).

Traektoriya : (Russian) trajectory.

Trafaret : (Russian) stencil.

Tragediya : (Russian) tragedy.

Tragik : (Russian) tragic.

Tragikomediya : (Russian) tragicomedy.

Tragikomik : (Russian) tragicomic.

Trakt : (Russian) highway; tract.

Traktat : (Russian) treatise.

Traktir : (Russian) inn.

Traktor : (Russian) tractor.

Traktorchi : tractor driver.

Traktorsozlik : tractor manufacturing.

Tramplin : (Russian) trampoline, springboard.

Tramvay : (Russian) tramway.

Tramvaychi : tramway worker.

Transformator : (Russian) transformer.

Transformatsiya (Russian) : transformation.

Transformatsiyala  : v.t. To transform.

Transheya : (Russian) trench.

Transkriptsion (Russian) : transcriptional.

Transkriptsiya : (Russian) transcription.

Transkriptsiyala  : v.t. To transcribe. [transkriptsiyalan ]

Transliteratsiya (Russian) : transliteration.

Translyatsion : (Russian) relay(ing).

Translyatsiya : (Russian) transmission, broadcast.

Transparant : (Russian) transparent material used for banners; black lined paper.

Transport : (Russian) transport; supply ship.

Transportchi : transport worker.

Transporter : (Russian) conveyor; carrier.

Transportir : (Russian) protractor.

Tranzistor : (Russian) transistor.

Tranzit : (Russian) transit.

Trap : (Russian) gangway.

Trapetseidal : (Russian) trapezoidal.

Trapetsiya : (Russian) trapezoid.

Trassa : (Russian) line, course, route.

Travma : (Russian) trauma.

Travmatizm : (Russian) traumatism, trauma.

Traxoma : (Russian) trachoma (s. Shilpiq).

Tred yunion : (Russian) trade union.

Tred yunionist : (Russian) trade unionist.

Tred yunionistik (Russian) : trade unionistic.

Tred yunionizm (Russian) : trade unionism.

Trek : (Russian) track.

Trener : (Russian) trainer, coach.

Trenerlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to serve as a coach.

Trest : (Russian) trust.

Trevoga : (Russian) alarm, alert, warning. Havo ~si air raid warning.

Tribun : (Russian) tribune.

Tribuna : (Russian) tribune, platform; stands.

Tribunal : (Russian) tribunal.

Trigonometrik : (Russian) trigonometric.

Trigonometriya : (Russian) trigonometry.

Triko : (Russian) tricot; tights.

Trikotaj : (Russian) knitwear.

Trillion : (Russian) trillion.

Trilogiya : (Russian) trilogy.

Trio : (Russian) trio.

Triod : (Russian) triode.

Tripper : (Russian) gonorrhea (s. So'zak 1).

Tritiy : (Russian) tritium.

Trolleybus : (Russian) trolley bus.

Tromb : (Russian) blood clot.

Trombon : (Russian) trombone.

Tromboz : (Russian) thrombosis.

Tropik : (Russian) tropic; the tropics; tropical. ~lar the tropics. ~ yil tropical year.

Troposfera : (Russian) the troposphere.

Tros : (Russian) cable, hawser.

Trotskiychi : Trotskyite.

Trotskizm : (Russian) Trotskyism.

Trotuar : (Russian) pavement, sidewalk.

Truba : (Russian) pipe, tube; trumpet.

Trubachi : trumpet player.

Trubka : (Russian) tube, pipe; receiver; tobacco pipe.

Truboprovod : (Russian) pipeline.

Truboprovodchi : pipeline worker.

Truborez : (Russian) pipe cutting machine.

Truppa : (Russian) troupe.

Tryumo : (Russian) pier glass.

Tsapfa : (Russian) pin, pivot.

Tsarist regular policeman :

Tseillofan : (Russian) cellophane.

Tsel"siy : (Russian) Celsius.

Tselluloid : (Russian) celluloid.

Tsellyuloza : (Russian) cellulose.

Tsement : (Russian)

Tsentner : (Russian) centner (app. 100 kg.).

Tsentnerchi : yuz ~ one who produces 100 centner of cotton per hectare.

Tsentnerchilik : yuz ~ harakati campaign to increase yield to 100 centner per hectare.

Tsentnerli : weighing a centner.

Tsentralizm : (Russian) centralism.

Tsentrifuga : (Russian) centrifuge.

Tsentrist : (Russian) centrist.

Tsentrizm : (Russian) centrism.

Tsenz : (Russian) limitation (on rights).

Tsenzor : (Russian) censor.

Tsenzura : (Russian) censorship.

Tsex : (Russian) (work)shop, section.

Tseytnot : (Russian) exceeding the time permitted for a move (in chess).

Tseziy : (Russian) cesium.

Tsian : (Russian) cyanogen.

Tsianli : cyanic.

Tsiferblat : (Russian) dial, face (of clock).

Tsiklik : (Russian) cyclic(al).

Tsikllashtir  : v.t. To group into cycles.

Tsiklli : cyclical.

Tsiklon : (Russian) cyclone.

Tsiklotron : (Russian) cyclotron.

Tsilindr : (Russian) cylinder; top hat.

Tsilindrik : (Russian) cylindrical.

Tsinga : (Russian) scurvy.

Tsink : (Russian) zinc.

Tsinkograf : (Russian) zincographer.

Tsirk : (Russian) circus.

Tsirkchi : circus performer.

Tsirkul" : (Russian) compasses; dividers.

Tsirkulyar : (Russian) instruction(s).

Tsisterna : (Russian) cistern.

Tsitata : (Russian) quotation.

Tsitatabozlik : quotation mongering.

Tsitrus : (Russian) citrus.

Tsivilizatsiya : (Russian) civilization.

Tsokol" : (Russian) socle, plinth, cap.

Tu tu : sound used for calling chickens.

Tub tomir : s. Tag tomir.

Tub : bottom, base, foot, lowest part; origin, root. ~da completely; (w/neg.) At all. ~dan completely, entirely. ~ joyli xalq indigenous population. ~ sifat qualitative (??) Adjective. ~ so'z root word.

Tuban : low; lowly, base; beneath, below. Tanqiddan ~ not worthy of criticism. ~ga down. ~da below, following. ~dagi the following...

Tubanlash  : v.i. To lower, to sink.

Tubanlik : low place; lowliness. ~ bilan meanly, in a lowly way; humbly.

Tubli : well founded, sound; fundamental.

Tubsiz : bottomless; unsound, unfounded.

Tubsizlik : bottomlessness; unsoundness.tubulgi bot.

Tuf 1 : sound made by spitting. ~ de  to spit; to make a spitting sound to ward off the evil eye.

Tuf 2 : (Russian) tufa, tuff.

Tuf tuf : s. Tuf 1.

Tufayli 1 : (Arabic) because of, due to. U kasallik ~ majlisga kela olmadi He was unable to attend the meeting due to illness. ~dan due to, thanks to.

Tufayli 2 : arch. (Arabic) freeloader.

Tufdon : spittoon.

Tufla  : v.t. S. Tupla . [tuflash ]

Tufli : (Russian) shoe.

Tug'  : v.t. To give birth, to bear; (dial.) To lay (egg). To'rttani ~  to have a cow (in anticipation of or waiting for s.t.). Kun(i) ~di to have one's day dawn. Oy ~di to have a new moon. [tug'dir , tug'diril , tug'il , tug'ish ]

Tug' : standard made of a yak tail surmounted by a crescent moon or open hand insignia; standard, banner, flag.

Tug'aloq : prolific, fertile.

Tug'asi rare : s. Tug'ma.tug'doq dial.s. Tuvaloq.

Tug'dor : marked by a standard; standard bearer.

Tug'ishgan : born of the same mother, kin.

Tug'ma : natural, stemming from birth; born... ~ pedagog a born teacher.tug'ro obs.monogram; king's seal on a document; emblem.

Tug'uruq : birth; celebration similar to a baby shower (s. Beshik to'yi).

Tug'uruqxona : maternity ward.

Tug'yon : flood; rush (of emotion); disturbance, unrest, uprising.

Tug  : v.t. To knot, to twist; to tie into a bundle; to fold into shape, to make (wontons (yurakka ~  to carry in one's heart, to bear in one's mind, to brood on, to fix on. Musht ~  to clench one's fist. [tugdir , tugil , tugish ]

Tuga  : v.i. To run out, to be finished, to be all gone, to be used up; to pass away, to die. [tugal , tugat , tugatil ]

Tugal  rare : v.i. S. Tuga ; to be concluded; to be eradicated.

Tugal : complete, whole. To'rt ko'z ~ in one piece, safe and sound.

Tugalla  v.t./i. : to complete; to be completed. [tugallan , tugallat ]

Tugallama : denouement, resolution.

Tugallanma : suffix.tuganak dial.s. Tugunchak.

Tuganmas : inexhaustible.

Tugat  : v.t. Caus. Of tuga ; to use up; to eliminate; to close (establishment). [tugatil ]

Tugin  rare : v.i. Pass. Of ichida(n) ~ib qo'y  s. Ko'ngilga tug .

Tugma : button; counter piece (of an abacus). ~ni sol /il  to fasten a button.tugmabosh bot.celery leaved crowfoot.

Tugmacha : (small) button.tugmacha qo'ng'iz zool.ladybug (s. Xonqizi).

Tugmachaday/dek : tiny, pint size.tugmachagul bot.marsh mallow, hollyhock; white aster.

Tugmador : buttoned up, buttoned; covered with buttons.tugmagul bot.s. Tugmachagul.

Tugmala  : v.t. To button. [tugmalan , tugmalat ]

Tugmali : buttoned up, buttoned.

Tugul : not only, not even, much less. Bu kitobni sen ~, otangga ham bermayman I wouldn't give this book to your father, much less to you.

Tugun tersak : bundle, parcel, load. Ko'tar ~ingni Pack up your things and go!

Tugun : knot; bundle.

Tugunak : tuber.

Tuguncha : small bundle; (bot.) Ovary.

Tugunchak : small bundle; s. Tugunak.

Tuhfa lit. : (Arabic) present, gift.

Tuhmat : (Arabic) slander, calumny, aspersion; trouble, headache(s). Birovga ~ qil  to slander s.o. ~ga qol  to be slandered, to be scandalized. Quruq ~ open slander; pure headache or trouble. Xizmatga ~ ingratitude, biting that hand that feeds you.

Tuhmatchi : slanderer.

Tuhmatchilik : slander, scandal mongering.

Tujjor : obs. (Arabic) merchant, trader.

Tujurka : (Russian) double breasted jacket.

Tuk : (body) hair, fuzz. (bir) ~i o'zgamas or bir ~ has kam Emas spitting image.

Tukli : hairy, wooly, fuzzy.

Tuksiz : hairless.

Tul : widow or widower.

Tulim rare : s. Tolim.

Tuliy : (Russian) thulium.tulki zool.fox. It olgan ~day messed up, scratched up.

Tulkilik : crafty behavior.

Tulla  : v.i. To shed, to molt. [tullat ]

Tullak : older quail; sneaky, crafty.tullakxona arch.stable for fattening horses (for slaughter).

Tulpor : steed, charger, thoroughbred; winged horse. Xosa ~ well trained steed.

Tulum : calf stuffed with straw (used to induce a cow whose calf has died to give milk); stuffed animal; water skin.

Tum : booming noise made by a kettle drum.

Tuman 1 : mist, haze, fog.tuman 2 arch.ten thousand; 10,000 so'm of gold; military division of 10,000 cavalry.tuman 3 hist.pre revolutionary administrative district.tuman 4 dial.s. Yuznini ~ qil  to put to shame.

Tuman 5 : tuman (former Iranian currency).

Tumanlan  : v.i. To mist, fog, or haze over.

Tumanlash  : to become hazy. [tumanlashtir ]

Tumanli : hazy, foggy, misty.

Tumanlik : haziness, fogginess; obscurity.

Tumbochka : (Russian) bedside table.

Tumonat : crowd, throng, all the people. ~ni (boshiga) yig'  to gather a crowd.

Tumoq : (dial.) Fur cap w/ear flaps; hunting falcon's hood.

Tumor : triangular amulet containing a written charm or verse from the Quran; women's ornament hung from the neck or shoulder; anything triangular in shape.

Tumorcha : small tumor.

Tumornusxa : triangular.

Tumortaxlit : s. Tumornusxa.

Tumov : common cold.

Tumovla(n)  : v.i. To catch a cold. [tumovlan ]

Tumsa : barren (female).

Tumsay  : s. Tumtay .

Tumshay  : to sulk, to pout; to become gloomy (weather).

Tumshuq : beak; snout, muzzle. Kemaning ~i bow of a ship. ~ tiq  to stick one's nose into (s.t.). ~i tor botinka narrow toed shoe. ~i uchgan choynak teapot with a broken off spout.

Tumshuqcha : dim. Of tumshuq; stigma.

Tumshuqli : pointed.

Tumshuqlik : muzzle, halter.

Tumtaraqay : ~ bo'l /~ qil  to scatter, to send running in all directions.

Tumtay  : v.i. To sulk, to be grumpy. [tumtayish ]tumush  dial.s. Tumshay .tun kun, tunu kunnight and day.

Tun : night, nighttime.

Tuna  : v.i. To spend the night. [tunal , tunat , tunash ]

Tund : quiet, reserved; curt; cold, hostile.

Tundlash  : v.i. To become rude or uncivil.

Tundlik : rudeness; reservation, quietness.

Tundra : (Russian) tundra.tungan coll.s. Tungoni.

Tungi : adj. Of ~ chmena night duty.

Tungoni : Chinese muslim.

Tunnel" : (Russian) tunnel.

Tunov kuni : the other day.tunovgi coll.adj. Of ~ to'y the wedding/celebration which took place the other day.

Tunqot  : v.i. To keep awake all night; to keep watch all night.

Tunqotar : night watchman.

Tunuka : sheet metal.

Tunukachi : tin smith.

Tunukachilik : tin smithing.

Tunukali : covered with sheet metal.

Tunukasoz : maker of tin roofs; tin smith.

Tunukasozlik : abstr. Of tunukasoz; making of tin roofs; tin smith shops' area of a market.

Tup : individual plant or bush. Bir ~ daraxt one (single) tree. Bir ~ g'o'za or g'o'za ~i one cotton plant. Ikki ~ nok Ekdim I planted two pear trees.

Tupik : (Russian) dead end street, cul de sac.

Tupka : bir ~ning tagida or bir ~da in the boondocks.

Tupla  : v.t. To spit. [tuplash ]

Tuppa tuzuk : just fine, fine and dandy; fit as a fiddle.

Tuppa : noodles (pinched off or cut from dough) used in soup; a soup made with such noodles.tuppak coll.tube used as a blowgun.

Tuppakchi : blowgunner.

Tuproq : earth, dirt, soil; remains; land. Bu erning ~i og'ir It's difficult to leave this land. ~i shu erdan olingan created from this soil; born and raised here on this land. ~ini yala  to be educated (in a certain place). ~qa qorishtir  to rub (s.o.'s) nose in the dirt. ~dan tashqari alive, living.

Tuproqlik : dirt pile.

Tuproqshunos : soil scientist.

Tuproqshunoslik : soil science.

Tupuk : spit, saliva.

Tupukla  : v.t. To moisten with spit, to spit on.

Tupur  : to spit. [tupurin ]

Tupuruk rare : s. Tupuk.

Tupurukla  rare : s. Tupukla .

Tuq : clunking sound.

Tuqqan : past. Part. Of tugh ; kin (born of the same mother).

Tur 1 : kind, type, sort; species, variety; manner. Shu ~da in this manner.

Tur 2 : (Russian) turn.Tur tog'i geo.Mt. Sinai.

Tur  : v.i. To stand, to get up, to rise up; to be, to be found; to live, to abide; to wait; to stop; to stay; to last; to cost; (after V+ (~ibdi indicates present continuous action. Stol uy o'rtasida ~ibdi The table is in the middle of the room. Sen shu erda ~ You stay here. Uning qo'lida pul ~maydi Money slips through his fingers. Qaerda ~asiz? Where do you live? Qaerda ~ibsiz? Where are you living? Men bu erda ikki yil ~dim. I lived here for two years. Qattiq shamol ~di A fierce wind rose up. Dunyo ~guncha ~ing Live long (lit., 'as long as the Earth'). Soat yurib ~ibdi The clock is running. Sizni ko'rib ~ibman I see you. Nima qilib ~ibsiz? What are you doing? Ishlab ~ib o'qi  to study while working. U fel'etonni o'qib ~ib, birdan kulib yubordi He laughed out suddenly as he was reading the cartoon. Kasaldan ~  to recover from an illness. Uyqudan ~  to rise from sleep. So'zida ~  to keep one's word. ~a qoch  to flee, to run away. ~ib ber  to endure. ~ib ol  to stand still; to stand one's ground. ~ib qol  to wait (on one's feet); to stand idle. ~, jo'na/~ e! Go on!, Get lost! ... U yoqda ~sin never mind (the)... Ustun ~  to be superior, to predominate. O'rtada ~  to be in the middle; to act as a go between. Bu qancha ~adi? How much does this cost? Qarab ~  to stare (at); to watch; to sit ('stand') and watch; to help (out). Qil ustida ~  to hang by a thread. [turil , turish , turg'iz ]turang'i bot.bloomy poplar.

Turanga bot. Rare : s. Turang'i.

Turar : ~ uy place of residence. ~ joy residence.

Turbat : obs. (Arabic) tomb.

Turbina : (Russian) turbine.

Turbinachi : turbine maker or repairman.

Turbobur : (Russian) turbo drill.

Turbogenerator (Russian) : turbogenerator.turbut bot.tog' ~i white ash.

Turdosh : similar, of the same type.

Turfa : (Arabic) amazing, wonderful.

Turg'iz  : v.t. Caus. Of oyoqqa ~  to set on one's feet. Yotqizib ~  to push or boss around, to have at one's command. [turg'izdir ]

Turg'un : resident, dweller, permanently residing; permanent, unchanging; stagnant.

Turg'unlash  : v.i. To become settled; to become stagnant.

Turg'unlik : settledness; stability, permanence; stagnation. ~ davri the 'Age of Stagnation' (in Brezhnev era).

Turgan bitgani : the entire..., all there is to this is... Bu go'shtning ~ suyak This meat is nothing but bones.

Turib turib : standing for awhile; more and more, as time goes on; after all that time, after that much thought.

Turil  : v.i. Pass. Of materiallar ketma ket yetkazib ~di the materials kept coming in one after another.

Turish : v.n. Of yarim ~ comma (s. ~ ber  to withstand, to endure. Quyoshning ~ nuqtasi solstice.

Turist : (Russian) tourist.

Turistik : (Russian) touristic.

Turizm : (Russian) tourism.

Turk : Turk.

Turkcha : in Turkish manner or style; the Turkish language.

Turkchi : pan turkist.

Turkchilik : pan turkism.turkigo'y arch.turkophone.

Turkiy : Turkic.

Turkman : Turkmen, Turkoman.

Turkmancha : Turkmen (language, etc.).

Turkmani : Turkoman; name of a type of grape.

Turkolog : (Russian) turkologist.

Turkologiya : (Russian) turkology.

Turkona : Turkic; home brewed, folk (medicine).

Turkshunos : s. Turkolog.

Turkshunoslik : s. Turkologiya.

Turkum turkum : groups and groups.

Turkum : group; series; (biol.) Order. So'z ~lari parts of speech.

Turkumla  : v.t. To group; to classify into (biological) orders.

Turla  : v.t. To vary, to diversify; to decorate (with matching colors); to conjugate (noun). [turlan ]

Turlan  : v.i. Pass. Of turla ; to glimmer, to shimmer; to vascillate. [turlantir ]

Turlanish : v.n. Of turlan ; shimmering; conjugation (of nouns).

Turli tuman : of all kinds.

Turli : various, varied, different; (rare) similar, like. Bir ~ the same; peculiar, special, unusual. Ikkinchi ~ qilib aytganda put another way...

Turlicha : in several or various ways; in every way possible.

Turlilik : variety.

Turlovchi : v.n. Of so'z ~ affikslar case endings, case suffixes.

Turma : (Russian) prison, jail.

Turmachi : prison gaurd.

Turmak : knot, ball.

Turmakla  : v.t. To tie in a bundle; to tuck, to gather. [turmaklan ]

Turmal  rare : v.i. To be wrapped in a knot or bun (e.g., of hair).

Turmush : life, lifestyle; married life. ~ga chiq  to get married (woman).

Turmushbuzar : marriage breaking, family breaking.

Turmushla  : v.t. To tuck into one?S belt; to wrap tightly.turna zool.heron, crane. ~ qator standing or assembled in a row or line.

Turnik : (Russian) horizontal bar (gymnastics).

Turnir : (Russian) tournament.

Turob : obs. (Arabic) dirt, earth.turoq lit.refrain.

Turoqli : adj. Of turoq.

Turp 1 : turnip.

Turp 2 : pulp, mash (left behind after squeezing the juice from s.t.); husk.

Turptarash : grater, peeler.

Turq atvor : looks, appearance, state; looks and demeanor.

Turq : countenance, looks. ?Gan ~i bor he seems (about to)?, he looks as if? ~ing qursin! Damn you! Gapning ~ini o'zgartir  to change the tone?

Turshak : dried apricot (w/ the pit intact). ~ suvi apricot nectar made by boiling dried apricots.

Turt  : to bump, to nudge, to prod, to poke; to pester, to harass; to mention, to point out. ~ib chiq  to bulge. [turtil , turtin , turtish , turttir ]

Turtin  : reflex. Of turt ; to bump against; to get bruised, to get knocked around, to have difficulty. [turtinish ]

Turtinib surtinib : (to) bump against this and that.

Turtki : prod, push, nudge; impetus, stimulus. ~ ye  to be shoved or jostled; to be harassed.

Turtkich :

Turtkila  : v.t. To (continually) poke at or jostle; to harangue, to badger. [turtkilan , turtkilash ]

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