SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Ta'zimla  : v.t. To treat with great respect, to do honor to.

Ta'zir : (Arabic) reproof, chastisement. ~ ber  to reprove, to chastise. ~ini ber  to berate soundly, to teach a lesson to. ~ini e  to get a tongue lashing.

Ta'ziya : (Arabic) mourning.

Ta'ziyachi : mourner, one who assists at a funeral; s.o. In mourning.

Ta'ziyanoma : obituary notice.

Ta'ziyaxona : house in which a mourning ceremony is taking place.

Taaddi : obs. (Arabic) oppression, violence, cruelty; threat, menace.

Taajjub : (Arabic) marvelous, amazing, astonishing; surprise, astonishment. ~da qol  or ~ga tush  to be amazed or astonished.

Taajjublan  : v.i. To be amazed or astonished. [taajjublantir ]

Taajjublanarli : amazing, astonishing, surprising.

Taajjubli : s. Taajublanarli.

Taalluq : (Arabic) relation, connection; connected, related to; spouse.

Taalluqdor : s. Taaluqli.

Taalluqli : related to, pertaining to, concerning; belonging to.

Taalluqsiz : unrelated, unconnected.

Taammul : obs. (Arabic) reflection, thought, consideration. ~ qilib qol  to ponder, to be lost in thought.

Taarruz : obs. (Arabic) opposition, resistance, interference.

Taassub : (Arabic) blind imitation; fanaticism.

Taassuf : (Arabic) regret, sorrow. ~ga qarshi unfortunately, regrettably. ~ qil  to grieve, to feel sorry.

Taassuflan  : v.i. To regret, to feel sorrow.

Taassurot : (Arabic) impression(s).

Tab coll. : ~ bosdi qil  to soothe, to calm, to pacify.

Tab' 1 : obs. (Arabic) s. Ta'b.

Tab' 2 : (Arabic) ~ Et  to print.

Tabaa : obs. (Arabic) subject, citizen.

Tabaalik : nationality, citizenship.

Tabaasozlik : following, imitation; desire to please, eagerness to please.

Tabaddul lit. : (Arabic) change, alteration, break.

Tabaq : obs. (Arabic) plate; printer's sheet.

Tabaqa : (Arabic) wing (of a double door), shutter; class, caste, rank; stratum, layer; grade, sort.

Tabaqachilik : class differences.

Tabaqalan  : v.i. To be divided into strata, classes, etc.

Tabaqalanish : v.n. Of tabaqalan ; differentiation, stratification.

Tabaqalashtir  : v.t. To separate into strata or classes; to differentiate. [tabaqalashtiril ]

Tabar : ax; battle ax.

Tabarruk : (Arabic) honorable, revered; dear, precious; sacred.

Tabassum : (Arabic) smile. ~ qil /Et /ayla  to smile.

Tabband : arch. S. Tabgir.

Tabbat : (Arabic) name of the 111th sura of the Koran. O'qimay ~ga tushgan to attain a high position without training.

Tabdil : obs. (Arabic) change, shift.

Tabel" : (Russian) table; time sheet or board; attendance sheet.

Tabelchi : timekeeper.

Tabgir : fever reducing; warming, heartening.

Tabiat : (Arabic) nature; environs, natural setting; character; mood, spirits; (sense of) taste. Jonli ~ the natural world. Past ~ lowly, greedy. So'fi ~ Sufi like, monkish; light sleeper. ~im ko'tarmaydi/tortmaydi I don't care for it.

Tabiatan : (Arabic) naturally.

Tabiatshunos : naturalist.

Tabiatshunoslik : natural science.

Tabiatsozlik : desire to please, conformance to one's wishes or character.

Tabib : (Arabic) doctor; folk healer.tabibchilik coll.s. Tabiblik.tabibgarchilik coll.s. Tabiblik.

Tabiblik : abstr. Of tabib; medical practice.

Tabiiy : (Arabic) natural; naturally. ~ chegaralar natural borders.

Tabiiylik : naturalness.

Tabiiyot : (Arabic) natural science.

Tabiiyun : arch. (Arabic) materialist.

Tabla dial. : (Arabic) stable.

Tabletka : (Russian) tablet.

Tablitsa : (Russian) table, chart.

Tablo : (Russian) indicator board, scoreboard.

Tabobat : (Arabic) medicine, medical science.

Tabobatxona : hospital.

Tabor : group or camp of wandering Gypsies.

Tabrik : (Arabic) congratulation.

Tabrikla  : v.t. To congratulate. [tabriklan , tabriklash ]

Tabriknoma : letter of congratulation.

Tabriz bot. : a type of grape; raisins made from this grape.

Taburet(ka) : (Russian) stool.

Tachanka : (Russian) a kind of 4 wheeled cart drawn by two horses.

Tachka : (Russian) wheelbarrow (s. Zambilg'altak).

Tadbir : (Arabic) measure, plan; means, solution.

Tadbirkor : s. Tadbirli.

Tadbirkorlik : prudence, care, foresight.

Tadbirli : provident, thoughtful; cautious.

Tadbirsiz : improvident, thoughtless, careless.

Tadbirsizlik : abstr. Of tadbirsiz.

Tadorik : (Arabic) preparations.

Tadqiq : (Arabic) ~ qil  to research.

Tadqiqiy : (Arabic) research.

Tadqiqot : (Arabic) research, study.

Tadqiqotchi : researcher.

Tadqiqotchilik : abstr. Of tadqiqotchi.

Tadrij lit. : (Arabic) advancement, development, evolution.

Tadrijan : (Arabic) gradually, by degrees.

Tadrijiy : (Arabic) gradual, consistent; evolutionary.

Tadrijiylik : gradualness; consistency.

Tafakkur : (Arabic) thinking, thought.

Tafovut : (Arabic) difference, distinction.

Tafriq(a) : obs. (Arabic) distinction; difference(s).

Tafsil : (Arabic) detail.

Tafsiliy : (Arabic) detailed, in detail.

Tafsilla  : v.t. To describe in detail, to elaborate on.

Tafsilli : detailed.

Tafsilot : (Arabic) details, detailed explanation or description.

Tafsir lit. : (Arabic) explanation, commentary; Quranic commentary.

Tafsirchi : commentator.

Tafsirla  : v.t. To interpret, to make a commentary upon.

Taft : heat; ardor. ~ini bos /yoz /pasayt /ko'tar  to cool down or off; to cool one's temper.

Taftish : (Arabic) inspection, inquiry, check(ing); search. ~ qil  to check, to inspect; to search for.

Taftishchi : inspector.

Tag : bottom, underside; base, foot, foundation; origin; depths, bowels; background; dregs. ~ida (~iga, ~idan) underneath; at the base of; next to. Osh ~iga olipti the food burned (on the bottom). ~i ~iga et  to reach the heart of, to get to the bottom of; to do in, to destroy. ~ jiyak a strip of material sewn as the base of an embroidered hem (s. Jiyak).

Tag'ayyur : obs. (Arabic) change, transformation.tag'i coll.another, one more; again.

Tag'in : further, more; (yet) again.

Tag'ofil lit. : (Arabic) feigned ignorance, pretending to not see. O'zini ~ga sol  to pretend not to see; to feign ignorance or play the fool.tag'oyi obs.s. Tog'a.

Tag taxt : origins, background.

Tag taxtli : blue blooded, of noble origin.

Tag tomir : roots.

Tag tub : origins; roots.

Tag tubli : s. Tag taxtli.

Tag tug : s. Tag tub.

Tag zamin : essence, crux, gist; basis.

Tagcharm : sole.

Tagdo'zi : (a do'ppi) having embroidered designs on a silk background of one color.

Tagdon : lower part; informant for a gang of thieves.

Tagdor : blue blooded, of noble background; well founded.

Tagkursi : seat; base, foundation.

Taglama : stand, support.

Tagli joyli : having a set place of residence, established

Tagli tubli : well born, of an established background.

Tagli : having a bottom,etc.; of good background.

Taglik : capable of serving as a base or foundation; diaper, nappy.

Tagnusxa : original manuscript.

Tagobi bot. : a type of grape; raisins or wine made from this grape.

Tagsinch : beam serving as the foundation for a sinch wall.

Tagsiz : bottomless; limitless; unfounded.

Tagsizlik : abstr. Of tagsiz.

Tah batah : in layers (s. Qatma qat); double (multi petalled).

Tahammul : obs. (Arabic) forebearance, endurance. ~ qil /Et  to endure, to withstand; to make do with.

Tahayyur : obs. (Arabic) amazement, bewilderment. ~ barmog'ini tishla  to bite one's finger in amazement.

Tahdid lit. : (Arabic) threat. ~ qil  to threaten.

Tahdidli : threatening.

Tahlika : (Arabic) danger, threat. ~ga sol  to put in danger.

Tahlikali : dangerous.

Tahlil : (Arabic) analysis; prayers recited over the grave at a funeral. ~ qil  to analyze.

Tahorat : (Arabic) ablutions. ~ ushat /sindir  to relieve o.s. (lit., to break one's purity).

Tahoratxona : ablutions room; lavatory, bathroom.

Tahqiq : obs. (Arabic) investigation, inquiry. ~ qil /Et  to investigate; to inquire.

Tahqiqla  : v.t. To investigate, to inquire. [tahqiqlan ]

Tahqir lit. : (Arabic) insult, insulting act. ~ qil /Et  to insult.

Tahqirla  : v.t. To insult, to slur. [tahqirlan  tahqirlash ]

Tahqirlash : v.n. Of tahqirla ; insult, denigration.

Tahqirli : insulting.

Tahqirlovchi : v.n. Of tahqirla ; insulting, derogatory.

Tahqiromuz : (seemingly) insulting.

Tahqirona : insultingly, in an insulting tone.

Tahrir : (Arabic) editing; (arch.) Writing, composition. ~ qil  to edit. ~ hay'ati editorial board.tahrirchi coll.editor.

Tahririy : (Arabic) editing, editorial. ~ xato error in editing.

Tahsil : (Arabic) (pursuit of) study, education. ~ qil /~ ol /ko'r  to have an education.

Tahsin : (Arabic) praise, admiration; bravo, congratulations. ~ o'qi /ayt  to praise, to voice one's admiration.

Tahsinla  : v.t. To praise, to acclaim.

Tajalli : obs. (Arabic) brightness, shine, luster.

Tajammul : arch. (Arabic) set (of jewelry).

Tajang : (Arabic) hot tempered. ~ bo'l  to become aggravated. ~ qil  to upset.

Tajanglan  : v.i. To become upset or aggravated.

Tajanglash  : v.i. To become more and more upset or aggravated.

Tajanglik : aggravation, irritation.

Tajassum : obs. (Arabic) incarnation, embodiment.

Tajassumlan  : v.i. To embody, to incarnate.

Tajnis : (Arabic) pun, play on words; rhyming poem composed of homonyms.

Tajovuz : (Arabic) aggression. Nomusiga ~ qil  to violate.

Tajovuzchi : s. Tajovuzkor.

Tajovuzchilik : s. Tajovuzkorlik.

Tajovuzkor : aggressor.

Tajovuzkorlarcha : aggressive; aggressively.

Tajovuzkorlik : aggression, aggressiveness.

Tajovuzkorona : s. Tajovuzkorlarcha.

Tajriba : (Arabic) experience; experiment. ~ ko'r /ol /orttir  to gain experience.

Tajribachi : experimenter; s.o. Engaged in practical work.

Tajribachilik : abstr. Of tajribachi.

Tajribador : s. Tajribakor.

Tajribakor : experienced; experimenter.

Tajribakorlik : experience, practice.

Tajribali : experienced.

Tajribasiz : inexperienced.

Tajribasizlik : lack of experience.

Tajribaviy : experimental; practical, based on experience.tak tak ono.s. ~ka turmaydigan stubborn, unruly.tak ono.rattling or banging noise; call made to stop a horse.

Taka puka : full of fear.taka taka ono.~ qil  to make a commotion.taka tum ono.boom boom.taka zool.male goat, billy goat. O'zini aka, echkisini ~ deb obsequiously. ~ turkman a tribe of the Turkmens.

Takabbur : (Arabic) proud, haughty.

Takabburlan  : v.i. To become proud or haughty.

Takabburlik : haughtiness, arrogance.

Takabburona : proudly, arrogantly.

Takalluf : (Arabic) formality, ceremonial gesture.

Takallufli : courteous, full of refinement; bombastic.

Takallufot : (Arabic) ceremony(ies), formalities.

Takallufsiz : unceremonious, straightforward.

Takallufsizlik : unceremoniousness.

Takallum lit. : (Arabic) speaking, talking. ~ qil /Et /ayla  to speak.

Takasaltang : idler, loaf.

Takasaltanglik : idleness, lackadaisicalness.

Takasoqol : goatee.

Takavor : dashing, spirited (like a billy goat).

Takbas : (Arabic) ~ qil  to fill a pipe bowl with tobacco.

Takbir : (Arabic) to say "Allahu akbar" (God is great).

Takdo'zi : ~ do'ppi a type of decorated skullcap (s. Chamandagul do'ppi).

Takfin : (Arabic) shrouding (a corpse).

Takfinla  : v.t. To shroud (a corpse).

Takilla  v.i. Ono. : to make tapping or rattling noises, to chatter (teeth).

Takir tukur : tapping, plinking, or drumming noises.

Takkash : saddle girth (s. Qorinbog'); stand, support.

Taklif : (Arabic) proposal, motion; offer; invitation; supply (vs. Demand). ~ kirgiz / ~ qil  to invite.

Taklifnoma : (letter of) invitation.

Takmil lit. : (Arabic) completion, perfection. ~ Et  to perfect. ~ top  to reach perfection.

Takmilla  : v.t. To complete, to finish. [takmillan , takmillat , takmillash ]

Takomil : (Arabic) development, evolution; perfection, completion.

Takomilla  : v.t. S. Takmilla . [takomillan , takomillat ]

Takomillash  : v.i. To reach perfection, to develop fully. [takomillashtir , takomillashtiril ]

Takomillik : perfection, full development.

Takror : (Arabic) repetition; again, repeatedly. ~ ayt  to repeat, to say again. ~ qil  to repeat.

Takror takror : again and again, over and over.

Takroran : (Arabic) again, once more.

Takroriy : (Arabic) repeated, recurring. ~ fe'l iterative verb.

Takrorla  : v.t. To repeat. [takrorlan , takrorlat ]

Taksa : (Russian) (fixed) rate. ~ pich /qo'y  to fix the rate.

Taksi : (Russian) taxi.

Taksichi : taxi driver.

Taksist coll. : (Russian) s. Taksichi.

Taksometr : (Russian) taxi meter.

Taksomotor : (Russian) taxi.

Takt : (Russian) time, measure; stroke, cylce (of mechanism).taktak bot.bulbous barley.

Taktik : (Russian) tactician; tactical.

Taktika : (Russian) tactics.

Taktikali : tactful.

Taktikasiz : tactless.

Taktli : adj. Of takt.

Takya 1 : (Arabic) ~ qil  to lean on.

Takya 2 : (Arabic) place of repose; opium or hashish den.

Takyagoh : obs. Person or place of refuge or support.

Takyaxona : s. Takya 2.

Tal"k : (Russian) talc.

Tal'at : obs. (Arabic) face, countenance. Moh ~ moon faced.

Tala  : v.t. To pillage, to plunder; to attack, to set upon, to bite (animals). [talan , talat , talatil , talash ]

Tala tala : ~ qil  to plunder. ~ bo'l  to be plundered.

Talab : (Arabic) request, demand; needing, requiring; goal, object. ~ va taklif supply and demand. ~ yo'lida in pursuit of a goal. ~ qil /~ qo'y  to make a request.

Talaba : (Arabic) student.

Talabchan : demanding, exacting.

Talabchanlik : abstr. Of talabchan.

Talabgor : one who wants or wishes; volunteer; claimant.

Talabnoma : written request, demand.

Talaf : (Arabic) ~ bo'l  to be destroyed or ruined.

Talaffuz : (Arabic) pronunciation. ~ qil /Et  to pronounce.

Talafot : (Arabic) losses, casualties.

Talant : (Russian) talent.

Talantli : talented.

Talantsiz : untalented.

Talantsizlik : untalentedness.

Talash  v.t./v.t. : coop. Of bo'y ~  to grow even with, to vie for height. Jon ~  to fight for one's life. [talashil , talashtir ]

Talash tortish : squabbling and arguing.

Talash : v.n. Of tong ~ the break of dawn.

Talashuv : v.n. Of talash ; fight, argument, quibble.

Talay : how many/much, so many/much. Bir ~ quite a few.

Talbis : obs. (Arabic) forged, fake; deception, trick.

Talinka coll. : (Russian) s. Taryelka.

Talitin : a type of leather.

Talkative :

Talla  coll. : v.t. S. Tanla .

Talliy : (Russian) thallium.

Tallon : (Russian) a 12 year old horse; stooped old man.

Talmovsira  : v.i. To lose one's head, to be disoriented; to feign stupidity, to play dumb.

Talmud : (Russian) the Talmud.

Talmudchi : one who blindly memorizes.

Talmudchilik : blind dogmatism, literal interpretation.

Talon 1 : plunder, pillage

Talon 2 : (Russian) coupon, stub.

Talon taroj : pillage and plunder.

Talonchi : plunderer, pillager.

Talonchilik : pillage, plundering.

Taloq 1 : (Arabic) word uttered to divorce one's wife. Uch ~ repudiated three times, i.e., irrevocably divorced. Xotin ~ scoundrel (lit., 'one who has divorced his wife').

Taloq 2 : spleen.

Taloqnoma : letter of divorce.

Taloqsiz : w/o a bill of divorce, illegally (thrown out, of a woman).

Taloqxat : divorce certificate.

Taloto'p : confusion, chaos, unrest.

Talov : v.n. Of tala ; plunder, attack.

Talovchi : plunderer, pillager.

Talovchilik : abstr. Of talovchi; pillage, plunder.

Talpangla  : v.i. To waddle; to totter.

Talpin  : v.i. To flap one's wings (in order to take off); to strive after. Yuragi ~di to have one's heart beat or flutter. [talpintir ]

Talqin : (Arabic) sermon; commentary, interpretation; an independent part of the main melody of a shashmaqom.

Talqinchi : orator, preacher; commentator; (dial.) Singer.taltangla  dial.s. Talpangla .

Taltay  : v.i. To put on airs, to lose o.s. In conceit or pride; to sit with arms and legs splayed out; to become spoiled. [taltayish , taltaytir ]

Talvasa : (Arabic) grief, agony. Jon ~si death pains; great agony or anxiety.

Talvasala(n)  : v.i. To be in great agony or anxiety.

Talx : bitter.

Talxa bot. : Russian knapweed (s. Kakra).

Tam tam : kettle drum.

Tama 3pp tamai : (Arabic) cupidity, covetousness; desire, craving. ~ qil  to lust after, to crave.

Tamachi : s. Tamagir.

Tamada : (Russian) toastmaster.

Tamaddi : (Arabic) to eat lightly. Bir ~miz o'tib turibdi We're getting by.

Tamaddilan  : v.i. To have a light meal.

Tamaddun : obs. (Arabic) culture, civilization (s. Madaniyat).

Tamaddunlash  : v.i. To become civilized.

Tamagir : covetous person.

Tamagirlik : covetousness.

Tamaki : tobacco.

Tamakichi : tobacco grower or seller.

Tamakichilik : s. Tamakikorlik.

Tamakidon : tobacco box or pouch.

Tamakifurush : tobacco seller.

Tamakikor : tobacco grower.

Tamakikorlik : tobacco cultivation.

Tamakishunos : tobacco growing expert.

Tamakizor : tobacco field.

Tamakor rare : s. Tamagir.

Tamal obs. (Greek) : foundation, basis.

Tamalan  rare : v.i. To covet, to desire.

Tamali : covetous, desirous.

Tamanno : (Arabic) flirtatious gesture. ~ qil /Et , ayla  to act flirtatiously or coquettishly; to ask for, to wish for.

Tamannoli : flirtatious, coquettish.

Tamba : bolt (of a door).

Tambal coll. : (Arabic) s. Tanbal.

Tambala  : v.t. To bolt (a door).

Tambur : (Russian) platform (of a railroad car).

Tamg'a : brand, mark; emblem; seal, stamp; (hist.) Payment for branding cattle gotten from afar.

Tamg'ador : official in charge of branding and collecting duty for this service; branded.

Tamg'ala  : v.t. To brand, to mark. [tamg'alan , tamg'alat ]

Tamg'ali : marked, branded; affixed with an emblem.

Tamiz : intelligence, intellect; understanding, quick wittedness. Ahli ~ people of intellect.

Tamizli : intelligent; quick witted.

Tamizsiz : unintelligent.

Tamkin : (Arabic) majesty, dignity; sedateness.

Tamli : tasty, good tasting.

Tamom : (Arabic) end, finish; completely; whole, entire; That's the end., That's it. ~ bo'l  to be finished; to be all gone; to be used up; to be done in. ~ qil  to use up; to complete. Adoyi ~ bo'l  to be done in, to be destroyed or put out of service.

Tamoman : (Arabic) completely, entirely; (w/ neg.) Not at all.

Tamomi(y) : (Arabic) complete, whole, entire.

Tamomi(y)la : completely, entirely.

Tamomla  : v.t. To finish, to complete; to use up; to graduate (school). [tamomlan , tamomlat ]

Tamosho lrnd. : (Arabic) s. Tomosha.

Tamoyil : obs. (Arabic) leaning, tendency.

Tamshan  : v.i. To smack one's lips; to pretend to taste s.t.; to speak as though s.t. Is in the mouth.

Tamsiz : tasteless; bad tasting.

Tamtam : beautiful, graceful; flashy, flaunting.

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