SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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O'rdugoh : army encampment.o'rgamchi dial.s. O'rgimchak.

O'rgamchik : training , practice ; apprentice. ~ tarzda for practice, for experience.

O'rgan  : v.t. (+aql ~  to take advice on. [o'rganil , o'rganish ]

O'rgat  : v.t. To teach, to instruct; to accustom, to make used to. [o'rgatil , o'rgatish , o'rgattir ]

O'rgil  : v.i. To give one's all for s.t. ~ay lit., 'I would give my soul!' or 'I would give all I have!'  expresses extreme delight, e.g., qoshingdan ~! Well bless your pretty eyebrows! Aylanib ~  to be crazy about s.t. Qilgan osh, aylanib ham ichasan, ~ib ham yours forever, you can't get rid of it.??O'rgimchak zool.spider. ~ uyasi spider web.o'rgimchakkana zool.spider mite, red spider.o'rik bot.apricot.

O'rikfurush : seller of apricots.

O'rikzor : apricot grove or orchard.

O'rim 1 : harvest.

O'rim 2 : braid, plait; bunch, bundle.

O'rim o'rim : clumps and clumps, bunches and bunches (of hair).

O'rim terim : s. O'rim yig'im.

O'rim yig'im : harvesting, reaping, gathering.

O'rin w/poss ourni : place; seat; position; bed. ~ini bos  to take the place of. Ko'ngli ~iga tush  his heart is back where it belongs, he has recovered. ~iga keltir /~i bilan ~ va payt Ergash gap ~ payt kelishigi locative case. ~ holi adverbial modifier?? [obstoyatel'stvo mesta]. ~ ol /qalbdan ~ ol  to have a place in (s.o.'s) heart. ~iga o't  to replace. ~ida ko'r  to consider, to regard. ~idan tur  to get up. ~idan ol  to remove from one's position. ~ sol  to lay out a bed (of quilts). ~(ni) yig'  to gather together bedding. ~iga in place of, instead of. ~ida instead of. ~ bo'l  to find approval, to be okay. ~ qil  to do properly.

O'rinbosar : deputy, replacement.

O'rindiq : seat, bench.

O'rindosh : deputy; person holding more than one office.

O'rindoshlik : performance of two jobs at once. ~ yo'li bilan by performing two jobs at once.

O'rinla  : v.t. To execute, to carry out; to work out. [o'rinlat , o'rinlash ]

O'rinli :  seater,  person (vehicle); fair, appropriate, worthy; warranted, sensible, proper.

O'rinsiz : inappropriate, uncalled for, out of place.

O'rinsizlik : inappropriateness.o'ris coll.Russian (s. Rus).o'rischa coll.Russian (language) (s. Ruscha).

O'rish : v.n. Of o'r ; warp (of fabric).

O'rkach : (camel) hump.

O'rkachdor : having large humps (camel).

O'rkachlan  : v.i. To bulge, to swell.

O'rla  : v.i. To climb uphill. [o'rlat , o'rlash ]

O'rma : braided, plaited.

O'rmak : loom.

O'rmala  : v.t. To crawl; to seep, to flow. [o'rmalat , o'rmalash ]

O'rmalovchi traktor : caterpillar tractor.

O'rmon : forest.

O'rmonchilik : forestry.

O'rmonli : forested.

O'rmonlik : s. O'rmonzor.

O'rmonshunos : forester.

O'rmonshunoslik : forest science.

O'rmonzor : forested place.

O'rna  : s. O'rnash .

O'rnak : example, model.

O'rnakli : exemplary, model.

O'rnash  : v.i. To be situated, to be found; to establish o.s., to settle down; to become fixed; to become settled, to take up a position. [o'rnashtir , o'rnashtiril ]

O'rnat  : v.t. To place, to install, to put in place, to set up; to establish. [o'rnatil , o'rnatish , o'rnattir ]

O'rog'li : wrapped, bundled, wound with.

O'rol : opening line, opening remark.

O'roq bolg'a : hammer and sickle.

O'roq : sickle. Mashina ~ combine. Chalg'i ~ scythe. Qo'l ~ sickle. ~ o'r  to reap with a sickle. O'tganning ~ini, ketganning ketmonini ol  to trouble everyone one comes across. Qaddini ~ qil  to kneel down in submission.

O'roqchi : sickle maker; harvester, mower, reaper

O'roqchilik : abstr. Of o'roqchi; section of bazaar where sickles are sold.

O'rov : encirclement. ~da qol  to be encircled, to be surrounded.o'roz arch.hope.

O'rta  : v.t. To burn, to agitate. [o'rtan , o'rtantir ]

O'rta miyona : mediocre, medium( sized).

O'rta : middle, center, midst, midsection; space between; space around one, vicinity; middle, central; grade of 'satisfactory'. ~da in the middle, between, among; in the vicinity, nearby; held in common, (shared) among; in the meantime. ~ga tush  to intercede, to act as a go between; to set out to do; to become a reason, to serve as an excuse. ~ ma'lumot secondary education. ~ maktab middle school. ~ (hol) dehqon farmer of average means. ~ hol neither poor nor rich, middle class. ~miz buzilib qoldi We've had a falling out. ~ga ol  to put in the middle, to surround; to call to task or petition as a group. ~ga sol /~ga to'k  to come out with, to say openly. Ikki ~da between a rock and a hard place, thanks to the disagreement. ~mizda qolsin Let this stay just between us. ~dan ko'tar  to get rid of. ~ asrlar the Middle Ages. ~ yoshdagi odam person of middle age. ~ qo'l/~ga ot  to say, to come out with; to throw out (e.g., slogan). ~ga sukut cho'kdi all became silent. ~ga qo'y  to place in the middle; to put forth; to propose. ~ baho fair, satisfactory grade. ~sida between, among; in the middle or center of. ~sidan from the middle of; from among.

O'rtaasrchilik : medievalism.

O'rtacha : medium, medium sized; so so, okay, not bad.

O'rtalik : intervening space, surroundings; intermediate.

O'rtancha : middlemost child.

O'rtapishar : ripening in mid season.

O'rtoq : friend, fellow; comrade; spouse; common, shared.

O'rtoqchilik : friendship, friendliness.

O'rtoqlarcha : in a friendly manner.

O'rtoqlash  : v.i. To become friends; to share (ideas, feelings).

O'rtoqlik : friendship. ~ bilan as friends, amicably. ~dan chiq  to no longer be a friend.

O's  : v.i. To grow; to increase. Ko'ngli ~di to feel relief in one's heart. [o'stir , o'stiril ]

O'sal : chronic or terminal illness; nasty, foul, bad. ~ bo'l  to become very sick, to take a turn for the worse; to be shamed or embarrassed. ~ tort  to feel extremely awkward. ~ qil  to shame.

O'sallash  : v.i. To have one's health deteriorate.

O'sallik : dire health; shame, humiliation.

O'sha o'sha : just like before, the same old.o'sha w/ case endings, o'shan+that, that one. ~ er there, that place. ~ yoqlar (over) there. ~ yoqda over there, on that side. ~ yili that year. ~ kuyi in that manner. ~ning o'zi that very thing. ~nga for that reason. ~nda at that time, moment. ~ndan beri/~nday like that, in that way. ~nday bo'lsa if that's the case. ~ncha(lik) that much, as much.o'shal arch.s. O'sha.

O'shanaqa : s. ~si like that, in that same way.o'shanaqangi coll.s. O'shanaqa.o'shandaqa coll.s. ~si s. O'shanaqasi.o'shandayin coll.s. O'shanday.

O'shandayligicha : (in) the same way, not changed a bit.o'shandoq coll.s. O'shanday.

O'shqir  : v.i. To bark or at, to bellow.

O'shshay  : v.i. To pout, to sulk, to brood; to stare blankly, with confused looks.

O'sim arch. Rare : growth; fine, penalty.

O'simlik : plant.

O'simta : growth, outgrowth, tumor; dendrite.

O'siq : overgrown, grown out or long. ~ qamish long, tall reed.

O'siqcha : s. O'simta.

O'siqlik : abstr. Of ~lik darajasi degree of growth.

O'sir  : v.i. To fart. [o'sirish , o'sirtir ]

O'siriq : fart.

O'sma 1 : ?? [us'ma] (plant from which a kohl like substance is prepared); mascara made from this plant.

O'sma 2 : tumor.

O'smali : lined with o'sma.

O'smir : youth, young teenager (app. 12 16 yrs. Old).

O'smirlik : youth.

O'smoqchila  : v.i. To feign ignorace, to play the fool (to discover information from s.o. Else).

O'smoqla  rare : s. O'smoqchila .

O'spirin : boy, young man.

O'spirinlik : youth, childhood.

O'stir  : v.t. Caus. Of o's ; to grow, to raise. [o'stiril ]

O'suvchan : fast growing.

O'suvchanlik : abstr. Of o'suvchan.

O't 1 : fire. ~ chiqdi fire broke out. ~ qo'y  to light a fire; to set fire to. ~ bilan suvdek like fire and water. ~ ol  to catch fire, to blaze up. ~ chiqqanday said when s.t. Heroic is performed by an unlikely person. ~ga kerosin sep  to pour kerosine on a fire. O'zini ~ga (ham) suvga/~ och  to open fire. ~ ochish nuqtasi weapon emplacement. ~ oldir  to light, to ignite. ~ o'chir  to extinguish a fire. ~ o'chirish komandasi fire brigade, firefighting team. ~ yigit fiery young man. ~iga kuy  to grieve for. ~dek kuy  to suffer greatly.

O't 2 : grass, herbs.

O't 3 : bile, gall; gall bladder. ~i yorildi to be scared nearly to death.

O't  v.i., : v.t. To pass (by, through, over, from, to), to go through; to pass by, to go by, to be over (time); to move (to, on), to go, to transfer; to travel; to cut through (knife); to cross; to surpass, to exceed; to be felt, to affect, to influence, to hurt; (+yorib ~  to split through. Yog'ib ~  to rain and then pass on. Kechib ~  to pass through. Kirib ~  to stop by. Ko'rib ~  to take a look at, to look through. Esiga solib ~  to remind (in passing). To'xta(li)b ~  to pause on, to discuss. Uchib ~  to fly through or by. Uqdirib ~  to emphasize. Ko'z yumib ~  to close one's eyes (for s.t.). Qayd Etib ~  to mention, to point out. Qochib ~  to run off to, to escape to. Olamdan ~  to pass away, to die. Jon jonidan ~  to hurt deeply. Birovning qo'lidan ~  to pass out of one's hands, to no longer be in one's control. Bir qoshiq qonidan ~  to pardon, to spare the life of. Inobatga ~  to be worthy of notice. Kuni ~adi to get by. Ko'zi ~maydi His eyes cannot see (well). Nomeri ~madi His trick didn't work. Yuzidan ~  to be disrespectful of. O'zingizdan ~ar gap yo'q You know all there is to know. Chuv ~maydigan plashchh waterproof raincoat. Nur ~maydigan muhit medium impervious to light. ~gan yil last year. ~gan kuni the other day. 19 yanvarga ~ar kechasi the night of January 18th. Boshqa ishga ~ish munosabati bilan on the occasion of transferring to another job. Gapdan ishga ~  to switch from talk to action. Fikrim ~di my idea was accepted. Undan go'sht ~maydi He can't digest meat. ~maydigan mol goods which do not sell well. Uning ota bobosi ham ishchi ~gan His ancestors were also laborers. Mendan ~di It was my fault. Unga hech gap ~di Nothing you say to him has any effect. Sendan kaltak ham ~maydi Even hitting has no effect on you. Mendan unga yuz so'm ~di He borrowed 100 soum from me. ~maydigan pul invalid money. ~inglar! Come visit! Bunisi ~ib tushdi That went well. Undan ~ar kishi yo'q No one surpasses him. [o'til , o'tkaz , o'tkazil , o'tkazish o'tkiz , o'tkizil , o'tkizish , o'tqiz , o'tqizdir , o'tqizil , o'tqizish ]

O't alaf : (all kinds of) grasses.

O't dalali : grassland/crop rotation. ~ dehqonchilik sistemasi grassland/crop rotation agricultural system. ~ almashlab ekish rotation of grassland and crops.

O't o'lan : grasses.

O't olov : fire and flame, flames; fiery.

O'ta  : v.t. To carry out (duty), to serve as. [o'tal , o'tat , o'tash ]

O'ta  : v.t. To weed. [o'tal , o'tat , o'tash ]

O'ta : impf. Form of ~ ko'rinadigan transparent.

O'tacha rare : s. O'taketgan.

O'taka : ~si yoril  to be frightened nearly to death.
O'taketgan : uncommon, extreme, quite the...

O'tar o'tmas : no sooner had... Gone by that..., within. Bir yil ~ turmush qurdik We were married within a year.

O'tar : herd of sheep.

O'tgan ketgan : passing by; bygone, dead and gone. ~lar passersby; those who have passed on.

O'tgan : past. Part. Of ~ zamon past time; past tense.

O'timli : transitive.

O'timsiz : intransitive.

O'tin  : v.i. To plead, to beg.

O'tin cho'p : firewood, kindling.

O'tin : firewood. ~ yor  to chop firewood.

O'tinch : plea, entreaty.

O'tinchi : woodcutter, seller and gatherer of firewood.

O'tinfurush : firewood seller.

O'tinkash : s. O'tinchi.

O'tinkashlik : abstr. Of o'tinkash; firewood collection.

O'tinxona : firewood shed.

O'tir  : v.i. To sit; to get on (transport), to ride; to occupy a position; to stay, to live; to settle; to suit, to fit; (after V+(i)b) denotes continuous action, e.g., nima qilib ~ibsan? What are you doing? Sizdan so'rab ~armidik? Would we be sitting here asking you? Uyda ~  to stay at home. Poezdga ~  to get on, to take the train. Turmada ~  to lie in prison. [o'tiril , o'tirish , o'tirt , o'tirg'iz ]

O'tirg'ich : seat.o'tirik arch.lie.o'tirik arch.liar.

O'tirish : v.n. Of o'tir ; party, gathering, celebration.

O'tish : v.n. Of o't ; crossing; mutual debt.

O'tkar  : s. O'tkaz .

O'tkaz  : v.t. Caus. Of bir biridan ~ to outdo one another. Muhokamadan ~  to subject to discussion. Tirikchilik ~  to get by. Temir yo'l ~  to build a railway. [o'tkazdir , o'tkazil , o'tkazish ]

O'tkazgich : conductor.

O'tkazuvchan : conductive, conducting.

O'tkazuvchanlik : conductivity.

O'tkinchi : passerby; passing, transitory.

O'tkir : sharp; moving, effective, powerful.

O'tkirla  : v.t. To sharpen. [o'tkirlan , o'tkirlat ]

O'tkirlash  : v.i. To become sharp, to sharpen. [o'tkirlashtir ]

O'tkirlik : sharpness; effectiveness, power.

O'tla  : v.i. To graze; to digress. [o'tlatil , o'tlat , o'tlash ]

O'tli 1 : fiery; passionate, impassioned.

O'tli 2 : grassy.

O'tli shudli : energetic; capable.

O'tloq : pasture.

O'tlov : s. O'tloq.

O'tmas : dull, not sharp. ~ burchak obtuse angle. ~ mol slow moving or non selling item. Fikri ~ dull witted.

O'tmaslan  : v.i. To become dull. [o'tmaslantir ]

O'tmaslash  : v.i. S. O'tmaslan . Aqlini/zehnni/fikrni o'tmaslashtir  to dull the mind. [o'tmaslashtir ]

O'tmaslik : dullness.

O'tmish : the past.

O'tog'asi : leader, elder.

O'toq 1 : weeding.

O'toq 2 : surpassing, superior.

O'tov : yurt. ~ tik  to set up a yurt. Oy ~ tikibdi The moon has rings around it.

O'tparast : fire worshipper.

O'tparastlik : fire worship.

O'tqaz  : v.t. Caus. Of ~gani jo'y topmadi to treat well. Boshga ~  to honor, to treat with great respect; to appoint the head of. [o'tqazdir o'tqazil , o'tqazish ]

O'troq : settled.

O'troqlash  : v.i. To become settled.

O'tsochar : flame thrower.

O'ttiz : thirty.

O'ttizinchi : thirtieth.

O'ttiztacha : around thirty.

O'txo'r : grass loving (animal).

O'txona : firebox.

O'tzor : grassland, pasture.

O'tzorlik : s. O'tzor.

O'xchi  : v.i. To gag, to retch. [o'xchit , o'xchish ]

O'xchiq : gagging noise. ~i tutdi to feel like gagging.

O'xsha  : v.i. To resemble, to look or be like; to seem like; to turn out well. [o'xshal , o'xshat , o'xshatil ]

O'xshamagan :

O'xshash : v.n. Of o'xsha ; similar, same, identical.

O'xshashlik : similarity.

O'xshashsiz : incomparable, matchless.

O'xshat  : v.t. Caus. Of o'xsha ; to liken, to consider similar to; to do well, to do a good job of. [o'xshatil ]

O'xshatish : v.n. Of o'xshat ; likening, comparison, analogy.

O'xshatma : s. O'xshatish.

O'xshovsiz : unsightly, ugly; unbecoming.

O'y  : v.t. To gouge out, to carve out, to hollow out, to scoop out; to bore through; to pinch hard; to engrave, to etch, to chisel. ~ib ol  to put in one's place, to tell off. [o'ydir , o'ydiril , o'yil ]

O'y : thought; intention; aptitude, smarts. ~iga et  to decide, to come to a conclusion. ~ sur  to ponder.

O'ychan : pensive; tranquil.

O'ychanlik : pensiveness; peacefulness, tranquility.

O'ychi : thoughtful, pensive.

O'ydim chuqur : s. O'nqir cho'nqir.

O'ydim chuqurlik : s. O'nqir cho'nqirlik.

O'yin kulgi : fun and games, merrymaking.

O'yin mazax : fun and joking.

O'yin : game, playing; dance; entertainment, fun; joke, joking. Loy ~i playing with mud, making mud pies. ~ buzuqi spoilsport, sourpuss. ~ga tush  to dance. ~ tush  to prance, to dance about. ~ qil  to play a game, to play around, to joke around.

O'yinboz : merrymaker.

O'yinchi : dancer; player; playful.

O'yinchiq : s. O'yinchoq.

O'yinchoq : toy, plaything.

O'yinqaroq : (child) constantly at play.o'yinxona coll.playhouse, theater.

O'yiq : hollowed out, gouged out, grooved; hollow place, pit.

O'yla  : v.t. To think (of, about), to consider. ~b top  to figure out. ~lab chiqar  to think of, to make up. ~b netib o'tirmay to do s.t. W/o sitting and thinking about it. [o'ylan , o'ylantir , o'ylat , o'ylattir , o'ylash ]

O'ylamsira  : v.i. To appear to be thinking; to fall into thought.

O'ylan  : v.i. Reflex. Of o'yla ; to ponder, to consider, to reflect on, to be deep in thought. [o'ylantir ]

O'ylashimcha : in my way of thinking, the way I think.

O'yma : hollowed out, gouged out; carved, engraved; stamped, printed.

O'ymakor : engraver; engraved, etched, chiseled.

O'ymakorlik : engraving, carving; abstr. Of o'ymakor.

O'ymala  : v.t. To make pitted, full of holes; to pinch, to tweak (hard, over and over).

O'ymoq 1 : pit, cavity.o'ymoq 2 dial.thimble (s. Angishvona).

O'yna  : v.t. To play; to dance; to play with, to cajole, to joke with; to jump or prance about, to move about; to move, to vibrate, to be loose. Qalliq ~  to meet secretly with one's fiancee. [o'ynal , o'ynat , o'ynatil , o'ynash ]

O'ynash  v.t., : v.i. Coop. Of o'yna ; to have an affair with.

O'ynash : v.n. Of o'yna ; lover.

O'ynashlik : s. O'ynash.

O'ynoq : playful, dashing, lively.

O'ynoqi : playful, frisky, lively; invigorating; loose, licentious; flirtatious.

O'ynoqilik : playfulness, liveliness; looseness licentiousness.

O'ynoqla  : v.t. To frisk or dash about; to be flirtatious. [o'ynoqlan , o'ynoqlat , o'ynoqlash ]

O'ynovchi : player, dancer.

O'yuvchi : active part. Of o'y ; caustic.

O'z  : v.t. To surpass, to outstrip; to carry on, to continue. Kim ~di o'yna  to race. [o'zdir ]

O'z : own; self. ~ uyim my own house. ~im myself. ~ boshiga by himself. ~ so'zli resolute, steadfast, immovable. ~ ~iga to oneself. ~ ~idan by itself. ~ ~idan ma'lum self evident. ~ ~icha (de ) (to say) to o.s. ~iga kel  to come to o.s. Again, to pull o.s. Together, to be one's old self again; to understand a problem correctly. ~iga ol  to take offense at. ~iga ~i qil  to do s.t. To o.s. ~ida yo'q extremely, out of one's head with (e.g., happiness). ~idan ket  to pass out. ~ingizdan o'tar gap yo'q There's nothing that you don't know about. ~ini ~i eb qo'y  toe eaten up (by grief, etc.). ~ini qo'lga ol  to get control of o.s. ~ qo'li bilan by his own hands. ~ingiz bilasiz It's up to you., As you like. ~ini bos /~ini yo'qotib qo'y  to lose control of o.s., to lose one's head. ~icha just like it is, just the way it was; in one's own way; on one's own, for no reason. Nega kelding?  ~im Why did you come?   No special reason. Bu nima ~i? What is this thing? ~i nima gap? What is the matter/story? O'sha kunning ~ida that very day. ~ ixtiyori It's up to him.

O'zag'on : swift, fleet (outstripping all others).

O'zak : core, pith; root, origin.

O'zakdosh : (word) from a common root.

O'zan : channel, riverbed.

O'zaro : common, shared, private. ~ gap private matter.

O'zbek : Ozbek, Uzbek.

O'zbekcha : Ozbek (language, etc.).

O'zbekchala  : v.i. To speak in Ozbek.

O'zbekchasiga : in Ozbek language or fashion. ~ bu narsaning oti nima? What do you call this thing in Ozbek?

O'zbekchilik : Ozbek customs, ways of doing things, "Ozbek stuff".

O'zbeklik : Ozbekness.

O'zbelgilash : self determination.

O'zbilarmon : know it all.

O'zbilarmonlik : willfulness.

O'zboshimcha : willful, self willed.

O'zboshimchalik : license, willfulness, arbitrariness; unconstrained or unprincipled behavior or goings on.

O'zg'ir : fast, fleet (outstripping others); foremost, leading.

O'zga : strange; stranger; other, different. Undan ~ in addition, furthermore.

O'zgacha : different, in a different way. ~ (qilib) aytganda to put it in other words. ~ bir hodisa unique occurrence.

O'zgalik : difference, distinction.

O'zgar  : v.i. To change. [o'zgarish , o'zgart , o'zgartir , o'zgartiril , o'zgartirish , o'zgartish ]

O'zgarish : v.n. Of o'zgar ; change.

O'zgarishsiz : w/o change.

O'zgarmas : unchanging, constant. ~ tok direct current. ~ miqdor (math) constant.

O'zgartirish : change, alteration.

O'zgaruvchan : variable, shifting, changing, fluctuating, alternating. ~ tok alternating current. ~ yulduzlar variable stars. ~ havo changing weather.

O'zgaruvchanlik : changeableness; inconstancy, variability.

O'zgaruvchi : variable, changing. ~ miqdor (math) variable.

O'zibo'larchilik : indifference, unconcern. ~ yo'li bilan unconcernedly, apathetically. Ishni ~ka tashla  to let s.t. Go its own way.

O'zishmachoq : race, competition.

O'zishuv : v.n. Of o'zish ; race, competition.

O'ziyurar : self propelled. ~ shassi tractor on which various pieces of farm machinery can be mounted ?? [samoxodnoe wassi].

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