SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Qasmoq : grime, filth; upper crust. ~ bog'la  to be covered with grime; covered with a crust of dandruff and dirt.

Qasmoqla  : v.i. To become covered with a layer of grime. [qasmoqlan ]

Qasos : (Arabic) revenge. ~ ol  to get revenge.

Qasoschi : s. Qasoskor.

Qasoskor : avenger.

Qasosli : vengeful. ~ dunyo merciless world, life.

Qasqon : hoop; steamer. ~ o'yna  to play with a hoop.

Qasr : (Arabic) palace.

Qassob : (Arabic) butcher.

Qassobchilik : the trade of a butcher.

Qassoblik : abstr. Of qassob; section of a bazaar where the butcher shops are located.

Qat 1 : layer, fold; page; row, line.

Qat 2 : time(s).qat 3 coll.s. Qayer.qat 4 arch.a small tablet made of bone used for cutting the tip of a reed pen upon.

Qat 5 : (Arabic) s. Qat'.

Qat'an : arch. (Arabic) s. Qat'iyan.

Qat'inazar : despite, in spite of.

Qat'iy : (Arabic) definite, final, absolute; decisive, serious. ~ va'da firm promise. ~ baho fixed price. ~ ishonch firm belief. ~ talab absolute demand. ~ man Etiladi absolutely prohibited.

Qat'iyan : (Arabic) categorically, absolutely, definitely.

Qat'iyat lit. : (Arabic) resolve, firmness.

Qat'iyatli : resolute, firm.

Qat'iyatsiz : indecisive, irresolute.

Qat'iyatsizlik : indecision, lack of resolve.

Qat'iylash  : v.i. To become definite; to become fixed. [qat'iylashtir ]

Qat'iylik : definiteness, finality, seriousness; sternness.

Qat(') : obs. (Arabic) ~ Et  to overrun; to cut off.

Qat qat : layer upon layer, layers and layers; innumberable, unbounded (happiness); time and again.qatag'on arch.prohibited, disallowed.

Qatim : distance thread is pulled out by the hand during sewing (app. One hand's breadth); stitch; thin thread, fiber, filament. Bir ~ ip enough thread for one sewing one stitch. ~ tort  to stitch.

Qatimla  : v.t. To divide thread into hand's breadths; to stitch.

Qatiq : yoghurt. Miyaning ~i brains. Oftobshuvoqda ~ ichishgan/oftobda ~ ichishgan qarindosh distant relatives. Moshxo'rdaga ~ bo'l  to butt into everything.

Qatiqchi : one who makes and sells yoghurt.

Qatiqfurush : s. Qatiqchi.

Qatiqla  : v.t. To add yoghurt to; to spread yoghurt on. [qatiqlan ]

Qatirma : fried unleavened bread; (collar, etc.) Stay; hardened grime, filth.

Qatirmalan  : v.i. To become covered with a hardened layer of grime.

Qatl lit. : (Arabic) killing, murder. ~ qil  to murder. ~(i) bedod merciless killing. ~i nafs suicide. ~i om massacre.

Qatla  : v.t.

Qatla : time(s).

Qatlam qatlam : in layers and layers; wrinkly, wrinkled.

Qatlam : layer, stratum.

Qatlama : flat, layered fried bread.

Qatlamla  : v.t. To stack in layers; to separate into layers. [qatlamalan ]

Qatlamli : layered, stacked.

Qatlan  : v.i. Pass. Of ~ib yotibdi/turibdi to be in piles and piles, tons and tons.

Qatma qat : layers and layers, rows and rows; accumulated, amassed.

Qatna  : v.i. To go or travel back and forth, to commute; to attend. [qatnal , qatnat , qatnash ]

Qatnash  : v.i. Coop. Of qatna ; to attend. [qatnashtir ]

Qatnashchi : participant.

Qatnashuvchi : attendee, s.o. Present.

Qatnov : v.n. Of ~ yo'li route.

Qatnovchi : active part. Of qatna ; out , commuting (student, patient, etc.).

Qator : (Arabic) line, row, rank, series; in rows or lines; many, numerous. ~ga kir /~ga ol  to include. Odam ~iga qo'sh  to consider a respectable human being; to make a respectable human being of. ... Bilan bir ~da together with. ~dan qol  to fall out of respectability, to go bad. ~ bo'l  to form a row. ~ masalalar many, many issues. ~ida equal to, like.

Qator qator : rows and rows, lines and lines; flocks and flocks (flying birds).

Qatorasiga : all at once, in one motion; side by side.

Qatori : like, equal to, similar to; equal in age to. Sen ~ bolalar kids your age.

Qatorla  v.t., : v.i. To put in rows; to form a row or file. [qatorlan ]

Qatorlash  : v.i. To form a row or file; to be numerous, to be spread all over. [qatorlashtir ]

Qatorma qator : row upon row; row by row.

Qatqaloq : frozen ground surface; veneer, layer of ice. ~ sovuq cold snap, freezing spell.

Qatqorin : paunch (1st stomach of ruminant).

Qatra : (Arabic) drop. Bir ~ qon qolguncha until (not) one drop of blood is left.

Qatra qatra : drops and drops, beads (sweat).

Qatron 1 : (Arabic) ~ qil  to make spic and span.

Qatron 2 : (Arabic) tar.

Qatronla  : v.t. To make spic and span; to sterlize, to disinfect. [qatronlan ]

Qattiq qurum : s. Qattiq quruq.

Qattiq quruq : dried up, hard and tough; sharp, harsh.

Qattiq quttuq : s. Qattiq quruq.

Qattiq : hard, tough, strong, firm; solid; loud; fierce, harsh, sharp, deep, extreme; dangerous, serious; tight fisted. ~ ogohlantirish/~ teg /o'ziga ~ ol  to take badly. ~ tur  to stand firm. ~ tut  to hold on rigidly to, to control, to restrict. ~ qara  to stare hard. ~ kunlar dark, difficult times. ~ kurash fierce struggle. ~ intizom strict order. ~ sovuq fierce cold. ~ mast bo'l  to be extremely drunk. ~ gapir  to speak loud or harshly. ~ matonat extreme courage. ~ aloqa strong bind or relationship. ~ shikast serious damage. ~ qo'lli strict, harsh.

Qattiqchilik : difficulty, difficult times.

Qattiqla  coll. : v.i. To harden; to tighten, to secure. [qattiqlan ]

Qattiqlash  : v.i. To harden; to intensify; to become more difficult; to become tightfisted.

Qattiqlik : hardness; fortitude, toughness; difficulty; sternness, heavy handedness.

Qattiqqo'l : heavyhanded, strict; tightfisted.

Qattiqqo'llik : heavyhandedness; tightfistedness.

Qattol : (Arabic) murderer; murderous, killing, fierce.

Qavar  : v.i. To become calloused; to bulge out. [qavaril , qavart /qavartir ]

Qavarchiq : small blister or swelling.

Qavarinqi : bulging, convex.

Qavariq : calloused; convex.

Qavariqli : calloused; blistered, covered with bubbles. ~ temiratki herpes simplex??

Qavartir  : v.t. Caus. Of qavar ; to exaggerate.

Qavartma : calloused.

Qavat qavat : piles and piles, layers and layers; lines and lines, rows and rows.

Qavat : layer, stratum; story, floor; row, file; (rare) time; suit. ~iga to the whole, all at once.

Qavatla  : v.t. To stack, to pile; to twist or wind several strands at a time. [qavatlan , qavatlat ]

Qavi  : v.t. To pad, to stuff, to line. [qavil , qavit ]

Qavima : stuffed, padded, quilted.

Qaviq : quilting. ~ nina quilting needle.

Qaviqchi : quilter.

Qavl : (Arabic) word; conviction. ~i yo'q odam man who cannot keep his word.

Qavm : (Arabic) tribe, clan, nation, people; sect; congregation; congregant.

Qavm qarindosh : family, kin.

Qavom : (Arabic) people.qavrak bot.Cousinia.

Qavs : (Arabic) parentheses.

Qavs : (Arabic) Sagittarius.

Qavsob : irrigation of fields in late November or early December.

Qay : which?, what kind?

Qaybir : some, certain.

Qaychi : scissors. Barmoqlarini ~ qil  to make a scissoring motion with the fingers. ~ quda s. Qarshi quda.

Qaychibarg : palmate leaf. ~ kartoshka a type of potato with palmate leaves.

Qaychila  : v.t. To cut with scissors, to trim. [qaychilan , qaychilan ]

Qayd lit. : (Arabic) affirmation, noting, mentioning; registering, listing; registration. ~dan o't  to be registered. ~ Et  to mention, to note; to enroll, to register, to write down.qayda coll.s. Qayerda.qaydam coll.How should I know?Qaydan coll.s. Qayerdan.qaydin arch.s. Qayerdan.

Qaydsiz : unregistered, unnoted.

Qayer : what place?, where?

Qayerda : (at) where? ~daligini bilmayman I don't know where it is.

Qayerdadir : somewhere or other.

Qayerdagi : of what place?

Qayerdan : from where?.

Qayerdandir : from somewhere or other.

Qayerga : (to) where?

Qayergadir : (to) somewhere or other.

Qayerlik : of what place?, where from? ~siz? Where are you from?, What city (county, country, etc.) Are you from?

Qayg'u alam : grief and woe.

Qayg'u : grief, misery; anxiety. ~ qil  to grieve; to feel anxiety.

Qayg'udosh : partner in grief, sympathizer.

Qayg'uli : full of grief or anxiety.

Qayg'ur  : v.i. To grieve, to lament; to feel anxiety over. [qayg'urish , qayg'urtir ]

Qayg'usiz : free of grief or anxiety.qayga coll.s. Qayerga.qayil  coll.s. Qayril . [qayilish ]

Qayilish : v.n. Of qayil ; turn, bend.qayilma coll.s. Qayrilma.

Qayin 1 :  in law. ~ ota father in law (s. Qaynata).qayin 2 bot.beech.qayin anor bot.a type of pomegranate.

Qayinbo'yin : in laws.

Qayinzor : grove or stand of beeches.

Qayiq : (row)boat, caique.

Qayiqchi : boatman.

Qayiqsoz : maker of small boats.

Qayiqsozlik : boat making.

Qayir  : v.i. To turn down, to fold over; to bend, to twist, to turn; to turn back or around; to return; to pilfer. (makka)jo'xori ~  to pick corn. ~ib tashla  to shout back at, to retort; to reject, to shoot down. [qayirgiz , qayirish , qayirtir ]

Qayir : floodplain.

Qayirma : folded, bent, turned down; trigger. ~ pichoq folding knife. ~ yoqa turn down collar.

Qayish  : v.i. To slump, to bend; to warp; to submit; to feel sorry for. Beli ~  to stoop; to have one's back grow stiff. Qovurg'asi ~  to reel with pain; to agonize over. [qayishtir ]

Qayish : plain leather; strap, belt.

Qayishqoq : flexible, bendable, elastic.

Qayla : sauce made of sauteed meat and vegetables; (dial.) S. Ugra; a type of paste used in shoemaking.qayliq dial.s. Qalliq.

Qaymoq : cream; skin of cream on top of milk; fruit, product. ~ choy tea with cream. ~dek yoqdi It pleased very much. ~ bog'labdi to have cream form at the top (milk); to form a skin on the top, to be covered with a thin layer of ice (water). ~ini ol  to take the cream of; to reap the rewards of.

Qaymoqdon : small earthenware dish for storing cream.

Qaymoqlan  : v.i. To form a layer of cream (milk); to be covered with cream.

Qaymoqlash  coll. : v.i. To have an earnest chat; to become thick or intense.

Qaymoqxo'r : fond of cream.

Qaymoqxo'rlik : fondness for cream; eating a lot of cream at one time.

Qayna  : v.i. To boil; to cook; to ferment; to surge, to gush forth, to seethe, to rage; to teem. Yurakdan ~b chiqqan bursting forth from the heart, passionate. [qaynat , qaynatil , qaynattir , qaynash ]

Qaynag'a : older brother in law.

Qaynama : whirlpool; culvert.

Qaynana : mother in law.

Qaynata : father in law.

Qaynatma : boiled (not fried); boiled solution of some material.

Qaynegachi : older sister in law.

Qayni : younger brother in law.

Qaynini : s. Qayni.

Qaynoq : boiling, boiling hot; bustling, raging; fervid; seething, teeming.

Qaynov : v.n. Of bir ~i ichida/kam short on brains.

Qaynsingil : younger sister in law.qayon obs.which way?, whither?

Qayoq : which direction?, which way?

Qayoqda : which way?, (in) which direction?

Qayoqdadir : some direction/way or another.

Qayoqdagi : of which direction?, of what place?

Qayoqdan : from which direction?, from where?

Qayoqdandir : from some direction/where or other.

Qayoqqa : which way?, (to) where?

Qayoqqadir : some direction/way or other.qayqi dial.bent, crooked; creased, folded.

Qayra  : v.t. To sharpen; to set against. Tishini ~  to sit tight; to sharpen one's teeth/claws; to gnash one's teeth. [qayral , qayrat , qayrash ]qayrag'och bot.elm.

Qayrag'ochzor : grove of elms.

Qayril  : v.i. Pass. Of qayir ; to turn around; to stoop; to take notice of, to heed. ~ib qara  to look back; to stoop and look at; to heed. [qayriltir ]

Qayrilish : v.n. Of qayril ; turn, bend.

Qayrilma : arched; folding, collapsible. ~ qosh arched eyebrows.

Qayroq : whetstone, grindstone; a kind of stone castanets. ~ tosh whetstone, grindstone; small stones of all shapes. ~ burun long, flat nose; s.o. With such a nose.

Qayroqboz : player of castanets (s. Qayroq).

Qayroqbozlik : playing or dancing with castanets (s. Qayroq).

Qayroqi : ~ yer/~ Ekin crops grown on such land. ~ (bug'doy) a type of wheat (grown on qayroqi land).

Qaysar : (Arabic) caesar, emperor; stubborn, obstinate.

Qaysarlan  : v.i. To be stubborn.

Qaysarlik : stubbornness, obstinacy.

Qaysi : which? ~ bir whichever, whatever; which one? ~ kuni which day?; whichever day it was, some days back.

Qaysiki : who, which; whosoever.

Qayt coll. : (Arabic) ~ qil  to gag, to retch. ~ bo'lib qol  to feel nauseated at, to be unable to stand.

Qayt  : v.i. To return, to go back; to reflect; to diminish, to dwindle; to be returned; to become dull (blade). Asliga ~  to return to one's former self or condition. Balo qazo ~di the calamity has passed away. [qaytar , qaytaril , qaytarish , qaytartir , qaytil , qaytish ]

Qayta qayta : again and again.

Qayta : again, once more, over again; time. ~ boshdan once more. Uch ~ three times. ~ yoz  to write over, to rewrite. ~ ishla  to remake. ~ ko'r  to review, to go over again. ~ qur  to rebuild. ~ qurish perestroika.

Qaytadan : once more, yet again.

Qaytaga : to the contrary; better yet.

Qaytala  : v.t. To repeat; to recur. [qaytalan ]

Qaytalovchi : recurring.qaytaman dial.What can I do?Qaytanga coll.s. Qaytaga.

Qaytar  : v.t. Caus. Of choyni ~  to mix tea by pouring a cup back into the teapot. Qo'lini ~  to refuse (s.t. Proffered). [qaytartir , qaytarish , qaytaril ]

Qaytargich : suppressor, reflector. Nur ~ light reflector. To'lqin ~ wave reflector. Ovoz ~ sound proof?? Moy ~ grease repelling.??

Qaytariq : repetition; change; measures taken (e.g., prayers, incantations) to turn back misfortune or illness; an object meant to serve as a receptacle for carrying away sickness or misfortune.

Qaytarish : v.n. Of qaytar ; repetition.

Qaytarma : folded, turn down (collar); measures taken to ward off illness (s. Qaytariq).

Qaytaruv : v.n. Of qaytar ; repetition.

Qaytaruvchi : active part. Of qaytar ; reducing agent.qaytasan dial.What can you do?Qaytay(in) dial.What should I do?, What can I do?

Qaytim : change.

Qaytish : v.n. Of ~da on return, while coming back.

Qaytmas : fearless, balking at nothing.

Qaytoq(i) rare : folded, pleated.qaz  coll.s. Qazi . [qazdir , qazdiril , qazdirtir , qazil ]

Qazg'oq : dandruff; animal droppings (e.g. Of silkworms, calves, etc.) Mixed with dregs of animal feed.

Qazi  : v.t. To dig, to excavate; to mine. [qazil , qazit , qazitil , qazish ]

Qazi qarta : qazi and qarta (i.e., rich food).

Qazi : breast and belly meat of a horse; smoked sausage made of horse meat and fat.

Qazilma : mineral; excavation; (archeological) find.

Qazna : course silk made from low grade cocoons and leavings.

Qaznoq(cha) : small storage room.

Qazo : (Arabic) death. ~ qil  to die; to fail to perform one's prayers at the proper time. ~ bo'l  not to be performed on time (prayers). ~sini (keyin) o'qi  to perform one's prayers late (to make up for missing them at the proper prayer time).

Qazoyi muallaq : certain death; villain, scoundrel.

Qazuv : digging, excavation.

Qazuvchi : digger, excavator.

Qibla : (Arabic) the direction of the Ka'aba in Mecca (faced when praying); (arch.) Westerly direction. To'rt tomining ~! You're free to go whichever way you like!

Qiblagoh : direction of Mecca; extremely dear or respected person; direction or place to which is looked (up) to.

Qiblanoma : device for showing the direction of Mecca; compass.

Qicha  dial. V.i., : v.t. To rush, to hurry; to urge on, to prod. [qichat ]

Qichi  v.i., : v.t. To itch; to scratch. Qo'li ~  to feel like doing s.t. Or hitting s.o. [qichit , qichish ]

Qichima : mange.

Qichin  : v.i. To scratch. [qichintir ]

Qichiq : itch; coquetry, flirtatious behavior; flirtatious. ~ atlas a type of wildly patterned atlas.

Qichiqlik : flirtatious behavior.

Qichish  : v.i. Coop. Of qichi ; to itch, to feel itchy. [qichishtir ]qichitqi bot.~ tukcha (bot.) Stinging hair.

Qichov : v.n. Of qicha ; hurry, rush.

Qichqir  : v.i. To scream, to screech; to yell out. [qichqirish , qichqirt , qichqirtir ]

Qichqiriq : yelling, screaming; cock's crow.

Qichqiroq : loud( voiced).

Qidir  : v.t. To look for, to search for; (dial.) To go around, to travel. [qidiril , qidirish , qidirt , qidirtir ]

Qidirish : v.n. Of qidir ; search, hunt, exploration for; (dial.) Travel.

Qidirmish : s. Qilmish qidirmish.

Qidiruv : v.n. Of qidir ; search, hunt, exploration for.qig' qig' ono.warbling or chirping sound (as made by starlings, etc.)

Qig'illa  : v.i. To warble or chirp.

Qil  : v.t. To do; to make. Ovqat ~  to cook. Uy ~  to build; to make a family. Joy ~  to set a place; to build. Gapni ikki ~  to talk back, to wrangle; to make one ask to do s.t. Twice. Nima ~di? What happened? Nima qipti? So what? [qildir , qildirish , qilin , qilish ]

Qil : hair, whisker, bristle. ~ qalam writing brush. ~ ko'prik bridge of a hair's breadth which one must cross to get to Paradise (s. Oralaridan ~ (ham) o'tmaydi close as two peas in a pod. ~(ning) ustida on a cliff edge. ~ni qirq yor  to go through with a fine toothed comb; to interpret (the shari'ah) as one pleases. ~day a hair's breadth, very narrow; very little.

Qilcha(lik) : dim. Of qil; tiny amount, small bit. Unda ~ ayb yo'q He's not the least bit guilty.

Qilg'ilik : unacceptable behavior or action.

Qilich : sword. ~ o'ynat /~dan o'tkaz /~idan qon tomadigan (w/ a bloody sword) ruthless.

Qilichbog' : sword belt.

Qilichboz : swordsman.

Qilichbozlik : swordsmanship; swordplay, sword fighting.

Qilichday/dek : sharp or flashing like a sword; solid, compact, tough.

Qiliq : conduct, behavior, habit, actions.

Qilish qilmish rare : qilmish.

Qilli : hairy, bristly.

Qilmish : act, deed. ~ qidirmish Crime does not pay., As you sow, so shall ye reap.

Qilpang'i : s. Qiyshang'i.

Qilpangla  : v.i. To put on airs, to act in an uncouth manner; to fawn.

Qilpilla  : v.i. To flounce, to sashay; to fawn, to behave ingratiatingly towards, to kiss up to. [qilpillat ]

Qilquyruq : zool. A sturgeon like fish??

Qilt : ~ Et  to twitch, to rustle, to make a sound.qiltab dial.cross eyed (s. G'ilay).

Qiltanoq : bone (of a fish); awn; skinny as a rail.

Qiltilla  : v.i. To barely move; to barely keep o.s. Alive; to move. [qiltillat , qiltillash ]

Qiltiq : awn.

Qiltiriq : s. Qiltanoq.qiltomoq coll.throat cancer; s.o. Afflicted with this disease; light eater.

Qilvir : scoundrel, rascal, rogue.

Qilvirlik : cheating, underhandedness, trickery.

Qimir qimir : ~ qil  to swarm or crawl about; to potter around (s. G'imir g'imir).

Qimir : ~ Et  to move, to make a move.

Qimirla  : v.i. To move. ~b qol  to get up, to move; to rise (prices). Bozor ~b qoldi Market prices have gone up. [qimirlat qimirlatish , qimirlash ]

Qimiz : kumiss, fermented mare's milk.

Qimizak : sour (s. Nordon).

Qimizxo'r : kumiss drinker.

Qimizxo'rlik : (sitting and) drinking kumiss.

Qimmat : (Arabic) dear, expensive. ~ga tushdi It cost dearly. Bir pulga ~ not worth a cent.

Qimmatbaho : expensive, valuable, priceless. ~ toshlar precious stones.

Qimmatchilik : time or situation of high prices, expensive times.

Qimmatfurush : merchant with higher prices than others.

Qimmatlan  : v.i. To become expensive.

Qimmatlash  : v.i. To become more and more expensive. [qimmatlashtir ]

Qimmatli : expensive, dear; precious, priceless.

Qimmatsira  : v.t. To consider too expensive.

Qimmatsiz : worthless.

Qimmatsizlan  rare : v.i. To become cheaper, to go down in price; to become worthless.

Qimor : (Arabic) gambling. ~ o'yna  to gamble.

Qimorboz : gambler.

Qimorbozlik : asbtr. Of qimorboz; gambling.

Qimorxona : gambling house.

Qimron : fermented camel's milk.

Qimti  : v.t. To purse (lips), to squeeze between the lips; to flex, to move. O'zini ~  to be uptight. [qimtil , qimtin ]

Qimtin  : v.i. Pass. Of qimti ; to feel hesitant or shy; to move, to rouse o.s.

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