SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Nozanday : just fine, not bad.

Noz firoq, nozu firoq : capricious or spoiled behavior. ~ qil  to act disdainfully, to set off in an (apparent) huff. .

Noz istig'no, nozu istig'no : affected and capricious behavior.

Noz ne'mat : fruits and bounties, plentiful victuals and viands.

Noz qarashma, nozu qarashma : dalliance, coquettish looks and glances.

Nozanin : well proportioned and beautiful (girl or woman). .

Nozik : fine, delicate; sensitive; graceful; tiny, decorative beads. ~ tabiat/tabiati ~ delicate or sensitive nature. Ko'ngli ~ faint hearted, sensitive. ~ did/didi ~ having refined or superb taste. .

Noziklik : abstr. Of nozik.

Nozilash  : to become fine, elegant, or sensitive; to become delicate or tricky (situation). (v.i.).

Nozir : overseer, superintendent; inspector. (Arabic).

Nozlan  : to dally; to act capriciously. (v.i.)Nuchuk what manner?, what kind? (coll.).

Nufus : population (s. Aholi). (Arabic).

Nufuz : personal influence, weight, or power. (Arabic).

Nufuzli : influential (person).

Nujum : ilmi ~ astrology. (Arabic).

Nuqra : silver. (poet.).

Nuqs : defect, imperfection. ~i urdi to have an effect. (Arabic).

Nuqson : imperfection, defect; shortcoming. (Arabic)

Nuqsonli : defective, imperfect.

Nuqta : point. Ko'p ~ ommission points. Ikki/qo'sh ~ colon. Urinish ~si point of contact. Tayanch ~si fulcrum. ~i nazar point of view. ~li vergul semicolon. (Arabic)

Nuqul : entirely, from top to bottom, every inch; constantly, always. (Arabic)

Nur : light; ray, beam. Ko'z ~i the light/apple of one's eye. ~ alo (ustiga) alo ~ even better yet. ~ kasali radiation poisoning. Ko'z ~ini to'kib to work diligently. (Arabic).

Nura  : to become worn out or delapidated; to become weathered; to fall apart. [nurat ] (v.i.).

Nurafshon : brilliant. .

Nurash : v.n. Of nura ; weathering.

Nurlan  : to shine; to radiate, to beam. [nurlantir ] (v.i.)

Nurlantir  : caus. Of nurlan ; to irradiate. (v.t.).

Nurli : radiant, shining, brilliant.

Nuroniy : shining with light; of noble appearance.

Nursiz : dim; pale, lifeless; lackluster.

Nursizlan  : to grow pale. (v.i.).

Nusqa : s. Nusxa. (coll.).

Nusrat : help, aid; victory. ~ top  to be victorious. (Arabic).

Nusxa : example, specimen; copy, draft; issue, printing; pattern, design; type; mug, face. Asl ~ original copy. Do'ppi ~si pattern for a do'ppi. ~ngni ko'rsatma Don't show your face (around here). (Arabic).

Nutq : speech. ~ qobiliyati speaking ability. Og'zaki ~ spoken language, colloquial speech. ~ tovushlari speech sounds. ~ so'zla  to deliver a speech. (Arabic)

O' : Oh!, Hey!.o'bdan dial.well, thoroughly (s. Obdan).

O'ch 1 : revenge, vengeance. ~ ol  to get revenge. Menda ~ing bormi? Do you have something against me?

O'ch 2 : in love with, mad about, hungry for.
O'ch  : v.i. To go out, to be extinguished; to fade, to disappear; to become quiet; to be expelled. Rangi ~di The color has faded. [o'chir , o'chiril , o'chirish , o'chirtir ]

O'ch adovat : vengeance and enmity.

O'chakish  : v.i. To be on bad terms; to work against, to try to get on the nerves of one another. [o'chakishtir ]

O'chinqira  : v.i. To fade somewhat.

O'chiq : extinguished, out (fire), off (lamp); faded.

O'chir  : v.t. Caus. Of o'ch ; to extinguish, to put out. Ro'yxatdan o'chir  to remove from the list. [o'chiril , o'chirish , o'chirtir ]

O'chirgich : extinguisher; eraser.

O'chiruvchi : o't ~ firefighting ; firefighter.

O'chlik : greed, hunger, passion.

O'choq : usu. Mud built stove for cooking food in a cauldron; a kind of fireplace; (fig.) Hearth, origin. ~ boshi cooking area, area or room where the stove is located. ~qa unna  to set to cooking a meal.

O'dag'ayla  : v.i. To yell, to shout, to holler. [o'dag'aylan , o'dag'aylash ]

O'g'il 3pp o'g'li : son; boy. ~ to'yi circumcision feast (s. ~ bola son; tough, manly. Gapning ~ bolasi truest, most proper words or ideas. ~ bola gap a man's word, swear to God.

O'g'il qiz : sons and daughters, boys and girls, children; young people.

O'g'ilcha : small boy.

O'g'illik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to act like a boy; to be a son to.

O'g'ilsiz : sonless.

O'g'ilsizlik : sonlessness.

O'g'ir : wooden mortar for pounding grain. ~ dasta large wooden pestle.

O'g'irla  : v.t. To steal; to kidnap. Gap ~  to eavesdrop. Joy ~  to take up (needed) space. Fikr ~  to steal the ideas of; to distract. [o'g'irlan , o'g'irlat , o'g'irlash ]

O'g'irlik : abstr. Of o'g'ri; stealing, thievery; stolen.

O'g'irliqcha : s. O'g'rincha.

O'g'it : fertilizer; starter, ferment, leavening; strength. ~ ber  to fertilize. Mahalliy ~ natural fertilizer.
O'g'itla  : v.t. To fertilize. [o'g'itlan ]

O'g'itlagich : manure or fertilizer spreader.

O'g'itli : fertilized. Yuragi ~ full of strength, energetic.

O'g'iz : Oghuz (name of large Turkic group and their languages). ~ shevalari Oghuz dialects (of Ozbek; spoken mainly in western Ozbekistan).o'g'lon lit.son; brave young man; epithet denoting royal lineage.

O'g'ri : thief, robber, crook. Gap ~si eavesdropper. ~ keti quvush crime doesn't pay.

O'g'riboshi : leader of a group of thieves.

O'g'rilik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to steal; to make a living from stealing.

O'g'rincha : sneakily, secretly; secret. ~ kasb secret skill.

O'g'rinchasiga : sneakily, secretly.

O'g'rivachcha : son of a thief.

O'g'rixona : den of thieves.

O'gay : step  (relative). ~ bola stepchild. ~ ko'z bilan qara  s. O'gayla .

O'gayla  : v.t. To treat as a step relative, to abuse, to be inconsiderate towards. [o'gaylan ]

O'gaylik : step relationship; behavior or treatment as a step relative (i.e., abusive or inconsiderate).

O'gir  : v.t. To turn around; to toss (playing piece); to dedicate (money, etc.) To the spirit of a saint, then pour over the head of others (for good luck or to bring success). Boshidan suv ~ib ich  to show the utmost respect to. Kalima ~  to make the Muslim declaration of faith. [o'giril , o'girtir ]

O'girig'li :

O'girma : a method of sewing; a design sewn by this method.

O'git nasihat : advice and guidance. ~ qil  to offer advice, guidance.

O'git : advice, guidance.

O'gitla  : v.t. To advise, to counsel.

O'h : Oh!, Agh!

O'hho' : s. O'ho' 1. For re alphabetizing  see o't  for lots of items shorth listing in alphabetichal order.

O'ho' 1 : Oh oh!, Ahah!O'ho' 2 ono.coughing sound. ~ ~ qil  to cough, to hack.

O'jar : stubborn, bullheaded, obstinate; uncontrollable.

O'jarchasiga : s. O'jarona.

O'jarlik : stubbornness, obstinacy.

O'jarona : stubbornly, obstinately.o'kcha dial.heel (s. Poshna).

O'kil : proxy (for bride or groom at a betrothal ceremony).

O'kin  : v.i. To feel sorrow or remorse, to regret. [o'kintir ]

O'kin : ~ga tush  to feel sorrow or remorse.

O'kinch : regret, remorse.

O'kinchli : sorry, regretful, remorseful.

O'kir  : v.i. To wail; to bellow, to howl. [o'kirish , o'kirtir ]

O'kirik : howl(ing), wail(ing).

O'kra  : v.i. To wail, to sob.

O'kran  : v.i. To snort.

O'ksi  : v.i. To feel pangs of sorrow, regret, or grief, to sorrow, to grieve. [o'ksin , o'ksintir , o'ksit ]

O'ksik : sorrowful, grieved; grief, sorrow.

O'ksiklik : sorrow, grief.

O'ksin  : s. O'ksi .

O'ksiniq : sorrow, grief, sadness.

O'ksiz : orphaned; poor, helpless; grievous, sorrowful.

O'ksizlan  : v.i. S. O'ksi .

O'ksizlik : orphanhood; loneliness; misfortune, misery.

O'ktam : forcible, influential; generous; affable, likeable.

O'ktamlik : generosity; sociability; influence, forcefulness.

O'l  : v.i. To die; to die (down, away, etc.); to go bad; (after V+(may ~! Stop ...ing and drop dead! ~diga chiqar  to announce as dead. Ajaldan besh kun burun ~  to die an untimely death. Nomusga ~  to die from shame. Eti ~  to feel numb; to become unafraid of, inured; to become unfeeling. ~ganning kunidan having no other choice. ~ganning ustiga ko'mgan one misfortune on top of another. ~ib tur /~ib, charchab to be dead tired. ~ib netib qol  to have some disaster befall one. ~ib tirilib or ~ib qutulib tooth and nail, hammer and tongs; by the sweat of one's brow. ~magan mening jonim i've endured worse than this., This is nothing. ~sinki shunday bo'lsa There is no way that it can be this way. ~ a! Hey hey!, a hah! ~ay agar I swear to God (lit., 'May I die if...'). Voy ~ay! Oh my God! ~ma(ng)! May you live long! ~masam! Well, i'll be! ~gan ish dead issue, bygone thing. ~gan tsement cement which has gone bad. ~maydigan mol product which never loses its value. ~maydigan hunar skill which is always in demand. ~ deydigan odam/~dim ~dim deguncha until the very last moment; a very little bit at a time. ~masning kuni in order not to die, to preserve one's life. ~sa o'ligi ortiq incomparably better. [o'ldir , o'ldiril , o'ldirtir ]

O'la o'lguncha : for the rest of one's days.

O'laksa : corpse, carcass; half dead.

O'laksaxo'r : carrion eater, scavenger; vulture; freeloader, parasite.

O'lan 1 : grass.

O'lan 2 : song (esp. One sung at a wedding or other celebration).

O'lanchi : singer.

O'lanzor : field, meadow.

O'larcha : extremely, terribly, horribly.

O'larday : s. O'larcha.

O'larligin : until nearly dead.

O'larmon : greedy, voracious; hooked on, crazy about.

O'larmonlik : greed, uncontrollable desire. ~ qil  to show greed towards; to desire uncontrollably.

O'laroq lit. (as, being, in the capacity of. Birinchi martaba ~ for the first time.

O'lasi : ~ qilib ur  to beat until nearly dead.

O'lat : plague. ~ teg  to have the plague strike.

O'lcha  : v.t. To measure, to gauge; to assess, to weigh. O'z gazi bilan ~  to measure according to one's own yardstick. [o'lchan  o'lchanil , o'lchat , o'lchash ]

O'lchagich : measuring device.o'lchak dial.s. O'lchov.

O'lcham : size, dimensions.

O'lchov : measure, measuring; dimensions.

O'lchovli : bound, finite, limited; measured.

O'lchovsiz : unmeasured; immeasurable, immense.

O'lda jo'lda : messy, in chaos.

O'ldir  : v.t. Caus. Of sirkalab ~  to marinate in vinegar. Etini o'ldir  to numb, to anesthetize. [o'ldiril , o'ldirtir ]

O'lganda : after one is dead, i.e., never; at the very least.

O'lgu(n)day : until nearly dead; extremely, terribly.

O'lguncha : s. O'lgunday.

O'lgur : damn, blasted.

O'lik : dead; corpse, carcass; non living; lifeless; gone bad, unusable; atrophied. ~dek uxla  to sleep like the dead. ~ini bir pul qilib without a thought for o.s., without sparing o.s. ~ ko'tar  to carry a corpse on a bier to the graveyard for burial. ~ tabiat the inorganic world. ~ Et atrophied flesh. Yaraning ~i lump of dead flesh within a wound.

O'likxona : morgue (s. Murdaxona).

O'lim yitim : death and loss.

O'lim : death. ~ jazosi death penalty. ~ to'shagida yotibdi on one's deathbed.

O'limlik : money or goods set aside to cover the costs of funeral rites.

O'limnoma : death sentence.o'limsa dial.corpse, dead body.

O'limsaxo'r : s. O'laksaxo'r.

O'limtik : dead body, corpse; half dead; greedy, insatiable.

O'limtiklik : greediness, insatiability.

O'lja : prey,quarry; booty, spoils. ~ qil /ol  to capture, to carry off.

O'lka : country; province.

O'lkashunos : student of a certain region's culture and economy.

O'lmas : undying, eternal; never losing its value (product).

O'lmaydigan : s. O'lmas.

O'lpon : land tax.

O'lponchi : tax collector.

O'lsa yitmas : durable, tough.o'ltang dial.water distributor, weir.o'ltir  arch.s. O'tir . [o'ltirish ]

O'ltirish : s. O'tirish.

O'mar  coll. : v.t. To run off with, to filch. [o'maril , o'martir ]

O'mboq do'mboq : bumpy.o'mgak coll.s. O'mgan.

O'mgan : breast.

O'mganla  : v.i. To forge ahead. [o'mganlat ]

O'mildiriq : breast strap attached to a saddle??

O'miz : shoulder.

O'mrov : breast, chest.

O'mrovdor : s. O'mrovli.

O'mrovla  : v.i. To push or forge ahead.

O'mrovli : broad chested.

O'n : ten.

O'naqay : right handed; convenient, handy, easy; right(hand). ~ Etik right boot. ~ oshiq knucklebone from the right leg of an animal.

O'nboshi : commander of ten men; brigade leader.

O'nboshilik : abstr. Of o'nboshi.

O'ng 1 : right, right hand. ~ ko'zi bilan qara  to treat well. ~ ko'zing chap ko'zingga oshna bo'lmaydigan (a time when) even friends can't be trusted.

O'ng 2 : reality. Ko'z ~i qorong'ilashdi his sight became blurry. Ko'z ~ida in front of one's eyes. Ko'z ~idan o'tdi to pass before one's eyes. ~ kel  to come true.

O'ng 3 : front, top, face (of an object); right occasion, chance. Ish ~idan keldi things worked out well. Orqa ~iga qaramasdan without looking, haphazardly. Orqa ~ini ol  to put o.s. In order.

O'ng'al  : v.i. To right o.s., to straighten out.

O'ng'almas : irremediable, irreparable.o'ng'ar  coll.s. O'ngla .

O'ng'aril  : v.i. Pass. Of o'ng'ar ; to get better, to get well.

O'ng'ay : convenient, opportune; easy, simple.

O'ng'aylan  : s. O'ng'aylash .

O'ng'aylash  : v.i. To become easy.

O'ng'aylik : convenience, ease.

O'ng'aysiz : awkward, uncomfortable.

O'ng'aysizlan  : v.i. To feel awkward or uncomfortable. [o'ng'aysizlantir ]

O'ng'aysizlik : uncomfortable or awkward feeling or position.

O'ng  1 : v.i. To fade. [o'ngit ]

O'ng  2 : v.i. To improve, to straighten out.o'ng so'l, o'ngu so'lright and left, on all sides.

O'ng ters : front and back, all sides. ~iga qarab looking at all sides, considering all angles.

O'ngar  : v.t. To hoist on one's shoulders; to carry over one's saddle or behind the saddle on a horse; to put right, to improve, to straighten out. [o'ngaril , o'ngarish ]o'ngchilik arch.rightist tendencies, conservatism.

O'ngir : hollow, pit, cavity.

O'ngla  : v.t. To set straight, to straighten out. Nafasini ~  to catch one's breath. Og'zini ~  to make ready to say s.t. Es hushini ~  to collect one's thoughts. O'zini ~  to straighten o.s. Out, to get a hold of o.s. [o'nglan , o'nglat , o'nglash ]

O'nglash  v.t. : v.i. Coop. Of o'ngla ; to swing to the right.

O'nglik 1 : convenience, handiness.

O'nglik 2 : truth, veracity.

O'nglik 3 : rightism, rightist tendency.

O'ngmagan 1 : unsuccessful; failure, unlucky person; (dial.) Inapt.

O'ngmagan 2 : not faded, fresh.

O'ninchi : tenth.

O'nlab : tens, dozens; ten at a time.

O'nlar xonasi : decimal point.

O'nlarcha : (in) tens, dozens.

O'nli : decimal . ~ kasr decimal fraction. ~ tarozi metric balance.

O'nlik : unit of ten; ten (of cards). ~ kasr decimal fraction.

O'nqir cho'nqir : bumpy, rough, pitted.

O'nqir cho'nqirlik : rough or bumpy place.

O'nqir : hole, hollow.o'nqov coll.chance, opportunity, possibility. ~i yo'q not at all possible. ~ini qil  to pull off.

O'nta : ten (of countable, non unit nouns).

O'ntacha : around ten.

O'ntalab : in tens, dozens.o'ntalik coll.pack of ten; ten so'm bill.

O'p  : v.t. To kiss. Onasi ~magan chaste, innocent. [o'pish , o'ptir ]o'pich dial.kiss (s. O'pish, bo'sa).

O'pir  : v.t. To knock down, to smash through, to destroy; to decimate. [o'piril ]

O'pirilish : v.n. Of o'piril ; breakdown, disintegration.

O'pish : v.n. Of o'p ; kiss (s. Bo'sa).

O'pka 1 : lung. ... Desa ~si ko'rinadi sensitive, ready to cry or break down at the slightest provocation. ~si yo'q or ~sini qo'ltiqlagan fussy, whining; braggart, boaster. ~si og'ziga tiqilib to be in a flutter (with excitement or alarm). ~si to'ldi on the verge of crying. ~si to'lib yig'la  or ~sini tutolmay yig'la  to break down crying. ~ngni bos! Calm yourself! ~sini rostla  to take a erst. ~sini tut  to stop o.s. From crying. ~sini qo'ltiqlab chop /yo'talaverib ~si tushdi to cough one's lungs out (i.e., violently).

O'pka 2 : resentment, bitterness. ~ saqla  to feel resentment.

O'pka gina : grudge, resentment, hostility.o'pkachi coll.easily upset, touchy.

O'pkala  : v.i. (+dan) to feel resentment towards, to bear a grudge against. [o'pkalash ]

O'pkali : resentful, bitter.

O'pkasiz : free of fighting, trouble; braggart, boaster.

O'poq : o'tirsa , ~, tursa so'poq de  to find fault with.

O'pqin : swirl, whirl, eddy; s. O'pqon.

O'pqinlik : bottomless well.

O'pqon : underground chasm or hole (formed by the earth giving way under or next to a water channel); bottomless pit. Ichingda ~ing bormi?/~ing ochildimi? Do you have a hollow leg?

O'pqonlik : bottomless pit.

O'q 1 : arrow; bullet, shell. ~ yog'dir  to rain down bullets or arrows upon. ~ tovushi shot, report. ~ e  to take a bullet, to be hit. ~ing o'zganmi? Are you better than everyone else? ~day fast as a bullet; strong, straight.

O'q 2 : shaft, axle; axis; main, principle. ~ ariq main canal. ~ ildiz tap root. ~ poya main stem.

O'q dori : ammunition.

O'q yoy : bow and arrow; (dial.) Rainbow.o'qaloq zool.gadfly larva.

O'qaloqla  : v.i. To stamp, to thrash about (as when a gadfly larva bores through the skin).

O'qchi  : s. O'xchi .

O'qchi : maker of arrows; rifleman, gunner.

O'qdon : quiver (s. Sadoq); ammunition case; cartridge chamber. ~ kamar bandolier, ammunition belt.

O'qi  : v.t. To read; to study; to recite (esp. Prayers, etc.) ; to give (lecture); to work on, to win around. Duo ~  to recite a prayer, to make a prayer. Namoz ~  to perform one's prayers. ~b ber  to read to. ~gan educated. [o'qil , o'qit , o'qitil , o'qittir , o'qish ]

O'qimishli : erudite, learned.

O'qish o'rganish : learning and study.

O'qish yozish : reading and writing.

O'qish : v.n. Of ~ga ketyapsizmi? Are you going to school? ~ga kir  to start school.

O'qit  : v.t. Caus. Of o'qi ; to teach. [o'qitil , o'qittir ]

O'qitish : teaching.

O'qituvchi : teacher, instructor.

O'qituvchilik : abstr. Of o'qituvchi.

O'qla  : v.t. To load (gun). [o'qlan , o'qlat , o'qlash ]

O'qli 1 : loaded.

O'qli 2 :  axled.

O'qlog'i : rolling pin.

O'qloq : s. O'qlog'i.

O'qlov 1 : v.n. Of o'qla .o'qlov 2 dial.s. O'qlog'i.

O'qra : s. O'qaloq.

O'qray  : v.i. To glare, to scowl. [o'qrayish , o'qrayt , o'qraytir ]o'qsochar arch. Coll.machine gun.

O'qta  : v.t. To point.

O'qtal  : v.t. To threaten with, to hold out as if to strike with. [o'qtalish ]

O'qtin o'qtin : from time to time, every so often.

O'quv : v.n. Of ~ soati class period. ~ yili school year. ~ plani curriculum.

O'quvchi : reader; student, pupil (of grammar school).

O'quvchilik : abstr. Of o'quvchi; student days.

O'r 1 : pit; trench; dropoff.

O'r 2 : stubborn; ignorant.

O'r  1 : v.t. To gather, to harvest. [o'rdir , o'ril , o'rish ]

O'r  2 : v.t. To braid, to weave. [o'rdir , o'ril , o'rish ]

O'r  3 v.i. Dial. : s. O'rla .

O'ra  : v.t. To wrap, to cover; to roll up; to surround, to encircle. Pilla ~  to weave a cocoon. [o'ral , o'ralish , o'raltir , o'ran , o'rantir , o'rat , o'rash ]

O'ra o'ra : lots of (lit., 'pits and pits full').

O'ra : pit for storing root crops. Chigit ~ small pool used for soaking cottonseeds before planting.

O'ral  : v.i. Pass. Of o'ra ; to be busy with; to wind around, to become entwined. [o'ralish , o'raltir ]

O'rala  : s. O'rla .

O'ralash  : v.i. To mill around; to teem, to throng; to get underfoot; to wrap o.s. (in s.t.); to be occupied, busy, or tied down doing s.t.

O'ralish  : v.i. Coop. Of o'ral ; to be occupied (s. O'ralash ).

O'ram 1 : ball, skein, coil; packet, bundle, roll; enough to wrap, or roll or twist at one time. Bir ~ maxorka one cigarette worth of loose tobacco.o'ram 2 dial.neighborhood, district.

O'rama : square pieces of thinly rolled dough rolled together and fried in oil ??; wound, wrapped around. ~ belbog' girdle, sash.

O'ramala  : v.t. To wrap, to swathe.

O'rash  v.t., : v.i. Coop. Of o'ra ; to cling to, to climb, to wind around.o'rda hist.horde, confederation; headquarters or head camp (of Turkic or Mongol confederation). Oltin ~ the Golden Horde.o'rdak zool.duck.

O'rdalik : resident of a horde; official of a horde.o'rdu arch.troops, army.

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