SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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b”la  : v.i. ~b gapir  to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin).

j”la  : v.i. ~b gapir  to pronounce initial "y" as "j"; to insert a "j" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin)."j"lovchilar ling.Ozbeks that speak Qipchaq dialects, i.e., that pronounce initial "y" as "j".

+ki : introduces subordinate clauses . That. Oqibat shunday bo'ldi~... The result was such that... U aytdi~... He said that...+la poet.with (s. Ila).

 chi : and?, well?; and, so. Endi ~? And now? Siz ~? And what about you? Ayt ~! Say it!; Tell! Yozsang ~! So write!

 da : conj. Particle (emphatic particle) well, but, right; and, and then; even if, even though. To'g'ri ~! Well, that's right! That's sure right! Xatni bukladi ~, kitobning ichiga soldi He folded the letter and (right away) slipped it inside the book. de coll.s.  da.

 e : particle indicating surprise, joy, emphasis, etc. Yo'g' e! No way! Qo'ying e! Aw, come on!

 ey :  o! ku coll.emphatic particle. Bor ~! There are! U ochmagan ~! But he didn't open it!.

 oq : just, exactly; as soon as. Hozirdan~ right now. Uyga kelib~ as soon as he came home.

 u ( yu) : and; emphatic particle. Keldiyu ketdi He came and he went. Yeru ko'k heaven and earth. ya (after vowels)huh?, what?,  oh!.

 yoq : s.  oq. yu (after vowel)and; but, yet. Kecha ~ kunduz night and day. Kitob o'qiydi ~, ma'nosiga tushunmadi He reads books, but doesn't understand the meaning. yu (after vowel)emphatic particle (s.  seni qara ~! Well look at you! Bo'ldi ~! That's enough already! Nima bo'ldi ~ What the heck happened?

A : and (what about)...?, but what about...? ~ qizlar chi? And what about the girls?

A : interjection used as an intensifier; huh? Right?. Qarang ~, qanday bahor! Will you just look, what a spring! U juda quv Ekan ~! He's really slick, isn't he? Men ham boraman, ~? I'm going too, right?

A'lam : arch. (arabic) head mufti (interpreter of islamic law).

A'lo : (arabic) superb, excellent, high in quality. ~ deb bil /~ ko'r  to like better, to prefer.

A'lochi : straight A student; exemplary (worker, etc.).

A'mol : obs. (Arabic) activity, activities, work.

A'rof : (Arabic) ~da qolgan left not knowing what to do; between the Devil and the deep blue sea.

A'yon(lar) : obs. (Arabic) officials, notables.

A'zam : obs. (Arabic) great, revered. Vazir(i) ~ the grand vizier.

A'zo : (Arabic) organ, part; member. ~i badan the entire body.

A'zolik : membership.

Abad : (Arabic) eternity; eternal. To ~ for all eternity.

Abaditylashtir  : v.t. To immortalize.

Abadiy : (Arabic) eternal.

Abadiya : obs. (Arabic) saodati ~ eternal happiness.

Abadiyan lit. Rare : (Arabic) forever, for all time.

Abadiyat lit. Rare : (Arabic) eternity.

Abadiylash : immortalization.

Abadiylik : eternalness, eternity.

Abadulobod : arch. (Arabic) forever, until the end of time.

Abajur : (Russian) lampshade.

Abas : obs. (Arabic) vain, useless.

Abbat : (Russian) abbot.

Abbosiy : (Arabic) Abbasid.

Abbreviatura : (Russian) abbreviation.

Abdol : obs. (Arabic) pious, ascetic; dervish, vagabond.

Abdolvash : obs. (Arabic) dervish like, simple.

Aberratsiya : (Russian) aberration.

Aberratsiyon : (Russian) aberrant, unusual.

Abgor : in deplorable condition, ruined, abject. ~ qil  to ruin utterly.

Abgorlik : abstr. Of abgor; abject or deporable condition.abira lit.great grandchild (s. Evara).

Abiturient : (Russian) freshman in secondary school.

Abjad : (Arabic) enumeration system in which each letter of the Arabic alphabet indicates a number from 1 1000 (~ hisobi or hisobi ~ enumeration using this system.

Abjaq : ~ bo'l /~i chiq  to be smashed to bits, to be totally destroyed or ruined. ~ qil /~ini chiqar  to smash to bits, to destroy, to bust.

Abjaqla  rare : v.t. To smash to bits, to ruin. [abjaqlan ]

Abjir : quick, adept, dexterious.

Abjirlik : adeptness, quickness.

Ablah : (Arabic) idiot.

Ablahlarcha : idiotic(ally).

Ablahlik : idiocy.

Ablahona : s. Ablahlarcha.

Ablaq : (Arabic) dappled.

Abonement : (Russian) subscription (s. Obuna).

Abonent : (Russian) subscriber (s. Obynachi).

Abort : (Russian) abortion (s. ~ qil  to perform an abortion

Abortiv : (Russian) adj. Of abort; abortive; stunted.

Abr : obs. Cloud (s. ~i nayson spring raincloud. ~i navbahor early spring cloud. Chun ~i navbahor just like an early spring cloud.

Abraziv(lar) : (Russian) abrasive(s).

Abrishim : arch. Silk (s. Ipak); silk material.

Abro' poet. : brow (s. Qosh).

Abro'kamon poet. : arched eyebrows.

Absenteizm : (Russian) absenteeism.

Absolyut : (Russian) the absolute; absolute. Aholining ~ o'sishi absolute population growth.

Absolyutizm : (Russian) absolutism.

Abstrakt : (Russian) abstract.

Abstraktlashtir : v.t. To make abstract. [abstraktlashtiril ]

Abstraktlik : abstractness.

Abstraktsionist : (Russian) abstract artist.

Abstraktsionizm : (Russian) abstract art.

Abstraktsiya : (Russian) abstraction.

Abstsess : (Russian) abscess.

Abstsissa : (Russian) abscissa.

Abxaz : Abkhazian.

Abzal : harness, gear (for riding animals).

Abzalla  : v.t. To saddle, to harness. [abzallan , abzallat ]

Abzats : (Russian) indention; paragraph.acha dial.grandmother; great grandmother; mother.achchiq miya bot.sophora.

Achchiq chuchuk : salad made of thinly sliced onions and tomatoes; ups and downs, good and bad times; caustic, biting, sarcastic. Dunyoning ~lari ups and downs of life, good and bad times.achchiq tirsiq dial.s. Achchiq tizziq.

Achchiq tizziq : biting, caustic (language).

Achchiq : sour, bitter; (spicy) hot; strong tasting, sharp; biting, cutting; caustic, scathing; painful, heart rending; anger, wrath; pains, difficulties, sorrows. Tili ~ sharp tongued. ~i chiqdi/~i ~ choy strong or bitter tea. ~ qil  to be cross or angry. ~i bilan crossly, angrily. ~ kul  to laugh viciously. ~ini tarqat  to vent one's anger. ~idan tush  to calm down.

Achchiqlan  : v.i. To lose one's temper. [achchiqlanish , achchiqlantir ]

Achchiqlash  : v.i. To get angry at one another, to exchange angry words.

Achchiqlik : abstr. Of achchiq.

Achchiqmag'iz : having a bitter pit or stone (e.g., apricot)

Achchiqtosh : alum.

Achi  : v.i. To go sour, to go bad; to sting, to burn; to use harsh or sarcastic language. ~b bijib yotibdi to be piled all over, to have piles and piles of. Yuragi ~di to suffer pangs of remorse. Miyasi ~b ket  to go out of one's mind, to have one's head spin. Miyasi ~ qol  to go out of one's mind. [achin , achit , achish ]

Achimsiq : sour, acrid.

Achin  : v.i. To pity, to feel sorry for; to feel distressed for, to feel hurt and angry for. [achinish , achintir ]

Achinarli : pitiful, pathetic, deplorable.

Achinishli rare : s. Achinarli.

Achipti : a type of knucklebones game.

Achish  : v.i. To sting, to burn. Ichi ~yapti to have hunger pains; to feel pity. Yuragi ~di to feel pity. [achishtir ]

Achit  : v.t. Caus. Of jon(ni) ~  to cause physical pain. Miyani ~  to cause a headache, to make s.o. Go out of one's head. Yurakni ~  to make feel pity.

Achitma : fermented, leavened.

Achitqi : leavening, yeast, culture, ferment.

Achom : children's speech, hug. ~ qil  to give a hug.

Achom achom : a children's game wherein an adult catches a running child up in his arms.

Achomla  : children's speech; v.t. To hug. [achomlash ]

Ad'yutant : (Russian) aide de camp.

Ada : dad, father. ~si form of address used by women to their husbands.

Adab : (Arabic) proper behavior, decency, conduct, manners. ~ ber  to teach good manners. ~ini ber  to scold, to chew out, to work over. ~ini ye  to be taught a lesson. ~ saqla  to behave properly, to use the proper manners.

Adabiy : (Arabic) literary.

Adabiy publitsistik : pertaining to journalism on literature and current affairs?? [literaturno publitsisticheskiy]

Adabiyot : (Arabic) literature.

Adabiyotchi : scholar of literature; writer.

Adabiyotchilik : writing, authorship.

Adabiyotshunos : scholar of literature.

Adabiyotsunoslik : literary studies.

Adabli : well mannered, polite, well behaved.

Adablilik : good breeding, well manneredness.

Adabsiz : ill mannered, impolite, rude, uncivil, lewd.

Adabsizlik : poor manners, bad behavior; impoliteness.

Adad : (Arabic) unit, piece, number.

Adadsiz : innumerable.

Adak chechak : s. Atak chechak.

Adam : obs. (Arabic) lack, dearth. ~ qil /ayla  to do away with, to eliminate.

Adaptatsiya : (Russian) adaptation.

Adash 1 : having the same name as s.o. Else.

Adash 2 : missing its match (of a pair); mistakenly, in error.

Adash  : v.i. To get lost, to go astray; to err, to make a mistake; to lose, to be separated from; to be mixed up or jumbled, lost. [adashtir , adashtiril ]

Adashtir  : v.t. Caus. Of adash ; to lead astray.

Addoiy : arch. (Arabic) your humble servant (lit., 'who invokes (your) blessings'  used by the writer of a letter).

Adekvat : (Russian) identical, coincident. ~ tarjima accurate translation.

Adekvatlik : identicalness; accuracy.

Adi badi : ~ aytish  to wrangle. ~ aytmay w/o carrying on.

Adib : (Arabic) writer.

Adiba : (Arabic) fem. Of adib.

Adiblik : asbtr. Of adib; authorship.

Adibona : in a literary manner.

Adigey : Adigey.??

Adil : (Arabic) straight; just. ~ qomat upright, comely figure. Qomatini ~ tut  to straighten one's figure.

Adillik : abstr. Of adil; justice, fairness.

Adip : piping, trim, border material.

Adipla  : to sew on piping or trim.

Adir gazalar : hilly area; hills.

Adir : hills, slopes, heights.

Adirli : hilly.

Adirlik : hills, hilly area.

Adl : (Arabic) justice, fairness. ~ tur  to uphold justice or truth.

Adl insof : justice and compassion.

Adliya : arch. (Arabic) justice (s. Yustitsiya).

Administrativ : (Russian) administrative.

Administrator : (Russian) administrator.

Administratorlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to administer, to serve as an administrator.

Administratsiya : (Russian) administration.

Admiral : (Russian) admiral.

Admirallik : abstr. Of ~ unvoni title of admiral.

Adno : obs. (Arabic) lowest, worst, lowliest.

Ado : (Arabic) end, completion, fulfilment. ~ bo'l  to be finished, to be done; to be done in (by s.t.), to be worn down (by s.t.). ~ bo'lgur! Drop dead! ~ yet /~ qil  to carry out, to complete, to fulfill; to wear out, to do in.

Adolat : (Arabic) justice. ~ axtar /izla  to strive for justice.

Adolatli : just, fair.

Adolatparvar : supporting or nurturing justice.

Adolatparvarlik : patronage of justice.

Adolatsiz : unjust.

Adolatsizlik : injustice.

Adovat : (Arabic) enmity, hostility. ~ qil /et  to harbor enmity.

Adovatchilik : s. Adovat.

Adovatli : hostile, full of enmity.

Adovatsiz : cordial, free of enmity.

Adovatsizlik : lack of enmity, cordiality.

Adoyi : ~ tamom bo'l  to be done in or completely worn down (by s.t.).

Adras : a mixed cotton and silken material.

Adrasbof : weaver of adras.

Adres : (Russian) address. ~ stoli/~lar daftari address book. ~iga directed at one's person.

Adresant : (Russian) sender.

Adresat : (Russian) addressee.

Adreslan  : to be addressed.

Adsorbtsiya : (Russian) adsorption.

Advokat : (Russian) lawyer.

Advokatlik : abstr. Of advokat.

Advokatura : (Russian) lawyer work, lawyering; lawyers.

Adyol : (Russian) blanket.

Aerochana : (Russian) propeller driven sled.

Aerodinamik : (Russian) aerodynamic.

Aerodinamika : (Russian) aerodynamics.

Aerodrom : (Russian) aerodrome.

Aerofotos'yomka : (Russian) aerial photograph.

Aeroklub : (Russian) flying club.

Aeromexanika : (Russian) airplane mechanics.

Aeronavigatsiya : (Russian) aerial navigation.

Aeroplan : arch. (Russian) aeroplane.

Aeroport : (Russian) airport.

Aerostat : (Russian) balloon.

Aerostatika : (Russian) aerostatics.

Aerovokzal : (Russian) airport terminal.

Afandi (Ott.) : sir, gentleman, esquire; teacher; nickname for Xo'ja Nasriddin; silly person, fool, knucklehead; joke, tale.

Affiks : (Russian) affix

Affrikat : (Russian) affricative.

Afg'on 1 : Afghan.

Afg'on 2 lit. : cries, wailing, lamentation.

Afg'oniy : Afghan.

Afif : obs. (Arabic) pure, chaste.

Afifa : obs. (Arabic) fem. Of afif.

Afisha : (Russian) poster, announcement.

Afkor : arch. (Arabic) thought(s). ~i omma/umum/umumiya public opinion.

Aflotun : Plato. ~ miya genius (lit., with a brain like Plato's).

Aforistik : (Russian) aphoristic.

Aforizm : (Russian) aphorism.

Afsar : crown.

Afsona : legend; (tall) tale. ~ bo'l  to be a legend. ~ to'qi  to weave a tale.

Afsonachi : storyteller.

Afsonaviy : fantastic; fictitious, made up; unbelievable.

Afsonavor : unbelievable, fantastic.

Afsun : spell, sorcery, witchcraft, magic. (s. Jodu).

Afsunchi : s. Afsungar.

Afsungar : sorcerer, witch, caster of spells (s. Jodugar).

Afsunkor : s. Afsungar.

Afsunla  : v.t. To cast a spell on, to bewitch.

Afsus : sorry, regret; alas, unfortunately, regrettably, too bad. ~ki unfortunately,... ~ ye /~li regrettable, lamentable.

Afsuslan  : v.i. To feel sorry, to regret.

Aft : face; countenance, appearance. ~iga kel  to regain one's former self. ~ing qursin Damn you.

Aft angor : a person's face and appearance.

Aft bashara : face, looks; inner thoughts.

Aft bosh : s. Aft bashara.

Aftidan : apparently.

Aftoda : arch. Destitute, helpless.

Aftodahol : destitute, helpless; on one's deathbed.

Afv : (Arabic) forgiveness, pardon. ~ Et /~ Etasiz Excuse me,... ~ umumiy general amnesty.

Afyun : (Arabic) opium.

Afzal : (Arabic) better, superior, more desired. ~ ko'r /sana /hisobla /bil  to consider superior, to prefer.

Ag'ana  : s. Ag'na .

Ag'dar  : v.t. To topple, to fell; to tip over, to empty (dish); to turn inside out; to turn over (in plowing); to heap (blame). Birovga bo'hton ~  to slander. Yil ~  to figure s.o.?S age according to the 12 year animal cycle. Ko'ngli ~ildi to feel sick to one's stomach. Ko'nglini ~  to turn one's stomach, to make nauseated. O'ziga ~  to attract or divert to o.s.??; to shunt towards, to get possession of? [ag'daril , ag'darish , ag'dart ]

Ag'dar to'ntar : topsy turvy.

Ag'dargich : tipple, dumper; release mechanism?? [sbrasyvatel']

Ag'darma : reversible; self unloading; self unloading cart. ~ Etik boots with outer leather faced inward. ~ qilib haydash plowing to turn over the soil [vspashka v razval]??

Ag'na  : v.i. To toss and turn, to writhe; to topple, to fall or roll over. [ag'nat , ag'natil , ag'natish , ag'nash ]ag'ray  coll.s. Angray .

Ag'yor : obs. (Arabic) others, strangers; rival(s).

Agar(da/chi) : if; had...; should... ~ magar if, should it happen that...

Agent : (Russian) agent.

Agentlik : abstr. Of agent; spying; agency.

Agentura : (Russian) intelligence service; agents.

Agglyutinativ : (Russian) agglutinative.

Agglyutinatsiya (Russian) : agglutination.

Agitator : (Russian) political agitator, campaigner, propagandizer.

Agitatorlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to work as a propagandizer.

Agitatsiya : (Russian) political agitation, campaigning.

Agitatsiyon : (Russian) adj. Of agitatsiya.

Agitbrigada : (Russian) political agitation brigade.

Agitkollektiv : (Russian) political agitation collective.

Agitpoezd : (Russian) political agitation train.

Agitpunk : (Russian) (= agitatsiya punkti) political agitation center.

Agnostik : (Russian) agnostic.

Agnostitsizm : (Russian) agnosticism.

Agrar : (Russian) agrarian.

Agrarchi : ?? [agrarnik]

Agregat : (Russian) unit, assembly; aggregate.

Agressiv : (Russian) aggressive.

Agressivlik : aggressiveness; aggression.

Agressiya : (Russian) aggression.

Agressiyachi : aggressor.

Agressiyachilik : abstr. Of agressiyachi; aggression.

Agressor : (Russian) aggressor.

Agressorlik : abstr. Of agressor; aggression.

Agribiologik : (Russian) agrobiological.

Agrikul"tura : (Russian) agriculture.

Agrobiologiya : (Russian) agro biology.

Agrocanoat : agro industry.

Agrokul"tura : (Russian) agriculture.

Agromeliorativ : (Russian) pertaining to agricultural improvement.

Agromelioratsiya : (Russian) agricultural improvement.

Agronom : (Russian) agronomist.

Agronomik : (Russian) agronomic.

Agronomiya : (Russian) agronomy.

Agronomlik : abstr. Of agronom.

Agrotexnik : (Russian) adj. Of agrotexnika; agricultural technician.

Agrotexnika : (Russian) agricultural technology.

Agrouchastka : (Russian) agricultural land.

Agroximiya : (Russian) agricultural chemistry.

Aha : Aha!

Ahamiyat : (Arabic) importance, concern. ~ ber  to pay attention to, to consider important. ~i yo'q It?S not important; It?S nothing.

Ahamiyatli : important.

Ahamiyatlilik : importance.

Ahamiyatsiz : unimportant.

Ahamiyatsizlik : unimportance.

Ahbob : obs. (Arabic) friends, fellows, companions.

Ahd : (Arabic) oath, promise; agreement, pact. ~ qilish  to make a pact. ~ tuz  to forge an agreement. ~ qil  to swear, to give one's word.

Ahd(u) paymon : pact, agreement, oath; period, time. ~ qil  to make a solemn oath, to give one's word.

Ahdlash  : v.i. To make a pact.

Ahdlashuvchi : v.n. Of ahdlash ; contracting or agreeing (party), signer (of a pact).

Ahdnoma : pact, agreement.

Ahil : (Arabic) friendly, amicable; in harmony, together..

Ahilchilik : s. Ahillik.

Ahillik : harmony, friendliness, togetherness.

Ahl : (Arabic) people, members of a group, men; inhabitants; attendant, participant. Adabiyot ~lari people of literature. Dehqon ~(lar)i farming folk, farmers. Saroy ~li courtiers. Majlis ~lari participants at a meeting. Xotin ~i womenfolk. ~i kosib craftsmen. ~i ma'rifat intelligentsia, educated people. ~i rasta merchants, tradesmen. ~i nag'ma musicians. ~i hojat the needy. Shahar ~i citydwellers, city inhabitants. ~i san'at people in the arts. Mehnat ~lari working people. ~i qubur the dead.

Ahmoq : (Arabic) idiot. ~larning ~i fool of fools. ~qa to'qmoq dynamometer. ~ qil  to make a fool of. ~qa chiqar  to consider a fool.

Ahmoqchilik : foolishness, idiocy. S. Ahmoqlik qil .

Ahmoqgarchilik : stupid thing or action, foolishness.

Ahmoqlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to do s.t. Foolish; to play the fool.

Ahmoqona : foolish, lame brained.

Aholi : (Arabic) population, inhabitants.

Ahvol : (Arabic) situation, condition, state; health, well being. ~lar yaxshimi? How are things?, How are you doing? ~(i) ruhiya (arch.) Disposition, demeanor. ~ so'ra  to inquire after one's health, to ask how s.o. Is doing. Bu ~ this state, this situation. Bu ~da in this case, in this situation.

Ahvolot lit. : (Arabic) situation, conditions, circumstances.

Ahyon : (Arabic) ~da/~ ~da from time to time; here and there.

Ajab : (Arabic) amazing, astounding, strange. ~ bo'ldi/~ qildi Good for him! Right on! ~mi e Really?; No way!??

Ajablan  : v.i. To be amazed or surprised. [ajablantir ]

Ajablanarli : amazing.

Ajabo : (Arabic) For goodness' sake! My lands!

Ajabsin  : v.i. To be somewhat surprised.

Ajabtovur coll. : fine, outstanding.

Ajal : (time of) death. ~i yet  to have one's time be up. ~ olsin/~idan besh kun burun before its time. ~ haydab kelgan Ekan said of one who dies in a certain place he has just traveled to.

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