SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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An'anaviy : (Arabic) traditional.

Ana mana : this and that, nothing in particular, idle gossip. ~ deb yur  to make all kinds of excuses.

Ana : over there, yonder; See?, There you go! ~ u that one (there); that (mentioned before). ~ shu that very; that (mentioned before).

Anabioz : (Russian) anabiosis.

Analitik : (Russian) analytic(al).

Analiz : (Russian) analysis.

Analizator : (Russian) analyzer.

Analogik : (Russian) analagous.

Analogiya : (Russian) analogy.

Ananas bot. : (Russian) pineapple; a type of melon.

Anarxist : (Russian) anarchist.

Anarxistik : (Russian) anarchical.

Anarxistlik : abstr. Of anarxist; anarchy.

Anarxiya : (Russian) anarchy.

Anarxiyachi : s. Anarxist.

Anarxizm : (Russian) anarchism.

Anarxo sindikalist (Russian) : anarcho syndicalist.

Anarxo sindikalizm (Russian) : anarcho syndicalism.

Anatom : (Russian) anatomist.

Anatomik : (Russian) anatomic(al).

Anatomiya : (Russian) anatomy.

Anavi : that there; that (mentioned before). ~ kuni the other day.

Anbar 1 : (Arabic) ambergris.

Anbar 2 : cloth covering a funeral bier.

Anbarafshon : fragrant, wafting the scent of ambergris.

Anbiyo : (Arabic) prophets.

Ancha muncha : quite a lot, quite many.

Ancha : quite a lot; quite some time; rather, quite, much. ~gacha for quite awhile. ~dan beri for quite some time now.

Anchaki : s. Anchayin.anchar bot.upas tree (s. Zaqqum).

Anchayin : trifling, of no importance; so so, mediocre; superficial, for show only.anchiki coll.s. Anchayin, anchaki.

Andak : a short while; a little, a bit; small, tiny, trifling.

Andalib zool. : obs. (Arabic) nightingale (s. Bulbul).

Andarmon : busy, occupied. ~ bo'l  to be engrossed in; to be attached to.andaryagiga coll.for the whole thing, for the whole kit and caboodle.

Andaryak : s. Andaryagiga.

Andava : plasterer's trowel.

Andavala  : v.i. To smooth over (plaster) with a trowel; to smooth over, to cover up. [andavalan , andavalash ]

Andaza : measure, proportion; pattern, pattern (for sewing, etc.). ~si kelishgan well tailored; well proportioned. ~ ol/~si yo'q out of proportion.

Andazali : proportioned, balanced; having a pattern; well made, well built; well ordered, well planned out.

Andazasiz : made without a pattern; badly made; incomparable, unequalled, unlimited.andi arch.newcomer, latecomer; common, lowly.andin arch.= undan.

Andisha : prudence, care, circumspection, foresight, tact, thought; shame, self respect. ~ qil  to think over; to pay respect to; to be bashful. ~ga bor /~si yo'q odam shameless person.

Andishali : prudent; respectful, tactful; conscientious.

Andishalilik : prudence, sense; sensitivity, courtesy.

Andishasiz : reckless, heedless; disrespectful, shameless.

Andishasizlik : recklessness, heedlessness; shamelessness, brazenness.

Andom : figure, build; body.andoq obs.s. Shunday.

Andoza : s. Andaza.

Anduh : obs. Grief, pain, torment.

Anemometr : (Russian) anemometer.

Aneroid : (Russian) aneroid.ang'irt zool.red duck, ruddy shelduck.

Ang'iz : field which has been harvested; stubble.ang ang ono.yelping noise. ~ qil  to yelp.

Angar : (Russian) hangar.

Angidrid : (Russian) anhydride.

Angilla  : v.i. To yelp.

Angina : (Russian) tonsillitis.

Angishvona : thimble.

Angla  : v.t. To comprehend, to grasp, to understand; to realize the importance of. [anglan , anglat , anglatil , anglash , anglashil ]

Anglashil  : v.i. To be understood, to have its meaning dawn on s.o.

Anglashilarli : understandable, comprehensible.

Anglashilmas : inexplicable, unaccountable, incomprehensible.

Anglashilmaslik : ~ darajada (to the point of being) incomprehensible.

Anglashilmovchilik : misunderstanding.

Anglat  : v.t. Caus. Of angla ; to tell, to mean.

Angor : Angora.

Angray  : v.i. To stare vacantly; to be dumbfounded.

Angrov : vacant, vapid.

Anhor : (Arabic) large canal.

Anilin : (Russian) aniline.

Aniq taniq : very clear.

Aniq : clear, sure, exact, definite; well known, certain. ~ fanlar hard sciences. O'tgan zamon ~ fe'li definite past tense verb (i.e., men ~ bilaman I know for sure.

Aniqla  : v.t. To ascertain, to determine, to verify; to decide on, to establish. [aniqlan ]aniqlanmish gram.

Aniqlash  : coop. Of aniqla ; to become clear. [aniqlashtir , aniqlashtiril ]

Aniqlik : clarity; certainness, definiteness.aniqlovchi gram.attribute.

Aniqsizlik : indefiniteness, vagueness.anjabor bot.geranium.

Anjir bot. : fig. ~ shaftoli a type of peach which looks like a fig. ~ qilib yubor  (coll.) To smash to a pulp.

Anjirzor : fig orchard.

Anjom : household utensils; equipment, supplies.

Anjuman : meeting, forum, assembly; society, company; periodic meeting (between members of a profession).

Anker : (Russian) crutch (in a watch); anchor (in architecture).

Anketa : (Russian) questionnaire.

Anneksiya : (Russian) annexation.

Annotatsiya : (Russian) annotation.

Anod : (Russian) anode.

Anomal : (Russian) s. Anormal.

Anomaliya : (Russian) anomaly.

Anonim : (Russian) anonymous.

Anonimka : (Russian) anonymous letter.

Anons : (Russian) announcement, notice.

Anor bot. : pomegranate.

Anorganik : (Russian) inorganic.

Anormal : (Russian) abnormal.

Anorzor : grove or orchard of pomegranates.anov manov coll.~ deb saying this and that; making all kinds of excuses, carrying on. ~ qilib/o'tkazib one way or another, by one means or another.anov coll.s. Anavi, ana u.

Anoyi : gullible, naive.

Anqay  : v.i. To stare vacantly or dumbly; to stare and do nothing. [anqayish , anqaytir ]

Anqi  : v.i. To waft, to spread, to be fragrant (of a smell). [anqit ]

Anqit  : v.t. Caus. Of anqi ; to waft (a fragrance), to smell fragrant.

Anqo : (Arabic) a fabulous bird living in the ~ning urug'i/~ga shafe rare as hen's teeth.

Anqov : out of it, spaced out, scatter brained; naive, dull.

Anqovlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to do s.t. Scatter brained or naive. O'zini ~likka sol  to feign naivety or dim wittedness.

Anqovsira  : v.i. To act out of it or simple minded; to feign simple mindedness or dull wittedness.

Ansambl" : (Russian) harmony; ensemble.

Ansuriy : s. Piyozi ansuriy.

Antagonist : (Russian) antagonist.

Antagonistik : (Russian) antagonistic.

Antagonizm : (Russian) antagonism.

Antarktik : (Russian) antarctic.

Antenna : (Russian) antenna.

Antibiotik : (Russian) antibiotic.

Antidemokratik (Russian) : antidemocratic.

Antidialektik : (Russian) undialectical.

Antifashist : (Russian) anti fascist.

Antifriktsiyon : (Russian) antifrictional??

Antiimperialistik : (Russian) : anti imperialistic.

Antik : (Russian) antique.

Antimarksistik : (Russian) anti Marxist.

Antimaterialistik : (Russian) antimaterialist.

Antimexanizator : coll. (Russian) anti mechanization.

Antimilitarist : (Russian) anti militarist.

Antimilitaristik : (Russian) anti military.

Antimilitarizm : (Russian) antimilitary stance or activity.

Antipartiyaviy : anti Party.

Antiqa : arch. (Arabic) ancient; amazing, wonderful.

Antiqiy : (Arabic) s. Antiqa.

Antisanitar : (Russian) unsanitary.

Antisanitariya : (Russian) lack of sanitation.

Antisemit : (Russian) anti Semite.

Antisemitik : (Russian) anti Semitic.

Antisemitizm : (Russian) anti Semitism.

Antiseptik : (Russian) antiseptic.

Antiseptika : (Russian) antisepsis; antiseptics.

Antisovet : (Russian) anti Soviet.

Antiteza : (Russian) antithesis.

Antitezis : (Russian) antithesis.

Antitsiklon : (Russian) anti cyclone.

Antologiya : (Russian) anthology.

Antonim : (Russian) antonym.

Antonovka : (Russian) a kind of apple.

Antrakt : (Russian) invterval, intermission.

Antratsit : (Russian) anthracite.

Antropolog : (Russian) (biological) anthropologist.

Antropologik : (Russian) adj. Of antropologiya.

Antropologiya : (Russian) (biological) anthropology.

Antropometrik : (Russian) anthropometrical.

Antropometriya : (Russian) anthropometry.anuv coll.s. Anavi, ana u.

Anvar : (Arabic) radiant.

Anvo(y) : obs. (Arabic) type(s), kinds; all kinds or varieties.

Aorta : (Russian) aorta.

Apatit : (Russian) apatite.

Apel'sin bot. : (Russian) orange.

Apellyatsiya : (Russian) (court) appeal.

Apil tapil : slapdash, hastily.

Apir shipir : slapdash, quickly.

Apogey : (Russian) apogee.

Apolitik : (Russian) apolitical.

Apolitizm : (Russian) apoliticalness.

Apologist : (Russian) apologist.

Apopleksiya : (Russian) apoplexy.

Apoq chapoq : close, buddy buddy.

Apoq chapoqlash  : v.i. To become buddy buddy.

Aposterior : (Russian) a posteriori.

Apostrof : (Russian) apostrophe.

Appa adil : straight as an arrow.

Apparat : (Russian) apparatus, instrument, organs.

Apparatchi : operator; apparatchik.

Apparatura : (Russian) equipment, gear.

Appendiks : (Russian) appendix.

Appenditsit : (Russian) appendicitis.

Applikatsiya : (Russian) appliqu?Ork.

Aprel" : (Russian) April.

Aprior : (Russian) a priori.

Apriorlik : apriority.

Aprobatsiya (Russian) : approbation.apshu ono.a choo!

Apshur  rare : v.i. To sneeze (s. Aksir ).

Aptechka : (Russian) first aid kit.

Apteka : (Russian) pharmacy, chemist.

Aptekachi : pharmacist, chemist.

Aqalli : (Arabic) barely, scarcely, (not) even.

Aqba : obs. (Arabic) mountain path.aqcha dial.money.

Aqida lit. : (Arabic) dogma; article of faith, creed. ~ qil  to consider, to believe.

Aqidaparast : dogmatic; dogmatist. ~lik dogmatism.

Aqiq : (Arabic) carnelian; agate; red, crimson.

Aqiqa : arch. (Arabic) feast given in commemoration of a newborn baby.

Aqir  dial. : v.i. To roar, to bellow (of predatory animals).aqirin dial.slowly; quietly.

Aql : (Arabic) mind, intelligence, smarts, common sense; advice. ~i raso/~ qisqa/~dan oz /~ tishi wisdom tooth. ~ bovar qilmaydi unthinkable, unimaginable. ~ yetmaydi unimaginable; unbelievable; not capable of understanding, slow, dull. ~ga sig'maydi unimaginable. ~i shoshdi/~ini yo'qotdi to lose one?S head. ~ini ol  to distract, to take one?S mind away from everything else. ~ borida while (you've) still got your wits about (you). ~ing joyidami Have you lost your mind?, Is your head okay? ~ga muvofiq ravishda/~ga qarab in a rational, intelligent manner. ~ingga balli! Good thinking! ~ yugurtir  to ponder, to rack one's brains. ~i yetdi to realize, to have s.t. Dawn on one; to admit possible. ~ga to'g'ri keladigan reasonable; plausible. ~iga kel  to occur to, to think of. O'z ~ingdan qolma Do what you think is right.

Aql bosh : brains, smarts.

Aql hush : intelligence, smarts, sense.

Aql tushuncha : intelligence, aptitude.

Aql zehn : (Arabic) intellect, intelligence.

Aqlan : (Arabic) mentally, intellectually.

Aqliy : (Arabic) intellectual.

Aqllash  : v.t. To discuss.

Aqlli hushli : smart, rational, discerning.

Aqlli : smart, intelligent.

Aqllilik : intelligence; smart thing or action. ~ qil  to do s.t. Smart.

Aqlsiz : stupid, brainless; silly.

Aqlsizlik : stupidity; silly or stupid thing or act.

Aqoid rare : (Arabic) (religious) tenets.

Aqrab : Scorpio.

Aqrabo : obs. (Arabic) near and dear ones, relations.

Ar : (Russian) are (unit of land measurement).

Ar"ergard : (Russian) rearguard.

Ar ar 1 : yapping noise. ~ qil  to yap at any and everything.

Ar ar 2 : (Arabic) ~ terak Lombardy poplar.Ar riyod geo.Riyadh.

Arab : Arab.

Arabcha : Arabic (language).

Arabi : Arab, Arabian.

Arabiy : arch. (Arabic) Arab, Arabian; Arabic.

Arabizm : (Russian) Arabism, borrowing from Arabic.

Arabshunos : Arabist.

Arabshunoslik : Arab studies.

Arafa : (Arabic) the day before a holiday, esp. One of the great feast days; eve (of Ramazon hayiti or qurbon hayiti).

Arafagarchilik : preparations for a holiday.

Aralash  : v.i. To mix together, to be mixed up together; to get involved in, to involve o.s. In, to participate in, to interfere; to mingle or associate with. [aralashtir , aralashtiril ]

Aralash quralash : all mixed up, all jumbled up.

Aralash : mixed, part..., part..., half..., half...; together, mixed together. ~ son mixed number. ~ o'rmon mixed forest.

Aralashib quralashib : getting all mixed or jumbled together.

Aralashiga : altogether.

Aralashma : mixture.

Aralashmaslik : non intervention, non interference.arang lit.barely, hardly.

Araq : (Arabic) hard liquor, vodka.

Araqi : cornice.

Araqxo'r : drunkard; alcoholic.

Araqxo'rlik : drunkenness; alcoholism.

Arasot : (Arabic) frightful desert in which the resurrected will assemble on the Day of Judgement; turmoil, chaos, commotion. ~ sol  to make a commotion. ~da qol  to be in a bind.

Arava : (Arabic) wagon, cart. Gumbur ~ brand new wagon or cart. Otash ~ (coll., arch.) Train. Shayton ~ bicycle. ~ni quruq olib qoch  o'z ~ngni o'zing tort Take care of yourself., Pull your own weight.aravak dial.nose ring (s. Buloqi).

Aravakash : wagoner, carter, cart driver; draught (horse).

Aravasoz : cartwright, wagon maker.

Araxis : (Russian) peanut (s. Er yong'oq).

Arayish : leftover material on the inside of a seam of a garment that's being made. ~ini ol  to trim off excess material; to filch, to make off with.

Araz : (Arabic) grudge, resentment, hostility.

Arazchi : easily offended.

Arazla  : v.t. To hold a grudge against, to be hostile towards. [arazlash ]

Arbitr : (Russian) arbiter, arbitrator.

Arbitraj : (Russian) arbitration.

Arbob : (Arabic) prominent figure, notable; village or neighborhood leader in the Khanate of Bukhara.

Arch  : v.t. S. Archi .archa bot.juniper; spruce; Christmas tree. ~ bayrami New Year's holiday.

Archazor : place covered in juniper trees.

Archi  : v.t. To peel, to pare; to strip. [archil , archit , archish ]

Ardob : a kind of porridge; a kind of swill made from flour and fed to livestock.

Ardoqla  : v.i. To take care of, to nurture; to guard carefully; to spoil, to coddle; to show respect towards. [ardoqlan , ardoqlash ]

Ardoqli : dear, cherished, precious.

Arest : (Russian) ~ sol  to sequestrate, to freeze s.o.'s assets.

Arfa : (Russian) harp.

Arfachi : harpist.

Arg'amchi : thin rope, cord.

Arg'imchoq : swing.arg'umoq zool.a Central Asian breed of race horse; steed.

Arg'uvon bot. : Judas tree, redbud; crimson, purple.

Argo : (Russian) slang.

Argon : (Russian) argon.

Argotik : (Russian) slang.

Argotizm : (Russian) slang expression.

Argument : (Russian) argument.

Ari  : v.i. To depart, to be gone. Lablaringdan kulgi ~maydi A smile never leaves your lips. [arit ]

Ari : bee; wasp. Tukli ~ bumblebee. Qovoq ~ hornet. ~dek yopish  to cling to like flies. ~ uyasi/ini beehive; wasp nest.

Arichi : beekeeper.

Arichilik : beekeeping.

Arifmetik : (Russian) arithmetical.

Arifmetika : (Russian) arithmetic.

Arifmometr : (Russian) calculating machine.

Arilla  ono. : v.i. To squall, to bawl.

Ariq : irrigation canal (of various sizes), ditch. ~ oqsoqol village official in charge of irrigation water distribution.

Ariqcha : small ditch or canal.

Arish bot. : (Russian) rye.

Aristokrat : (Russian) aristocrat.

Aristokratik : (Russian) aristocratic.

Aristokratiya : (Russian) aristocracy.

Aristokratizm : (Russian) aristocratic behavior.

Ariston coll. : (Russian) prisoner.

Arit  : v.t. Caus. Of yerning zaxini ~  to drain the soil.arixona coll.place swarming with bees or wasps; (man made) beehive.

Ariya : (Russian) aria.

Ariza : (Arabic) formal petition or request.

Arizaboz : litigious, constantly writing requests or petitions.

Arizabozlik : abstr. Of arizaboz.

Arizachi : petitioner; writer of petitions; one who submits petitions on behalf of a commoner.

Arizacho'p : long wooden case used for depositing petitions in a royal court.

Arizanavis : professional petition writer.

Arjumand : obs. Dear, respected.
Ark 1 hist. : citadel, citadel palace.

Ark 2 coll. : (Russian) s. Arka.

Arka : (Russian) arch.

Arki namakob : extremely salty.

Arkon : obs. (Arabic) high official, notable. ~i davlat high state official, great functionary. ~i harb supreme military commander.

Arktik : (Russian) Arctic.

Arman(i) : Armenian.

Armatura : (Russian) fittings, armature.

Armaturabop : suitable for use as armature.

Armaturachi : fitter.

Armiya : (Russian) army.

Armon : regret, unfulfilled wish. ~ qil /~da qol  to feel pangs of regret, to lament. Ko'ngil ~i heartfelt desire, wish. ~im yo'q I have no regrets. ~dan chiq  to fulfill a dream.

Armug'on lit. Poet. : present, gift.arna dial.canal leading directly off of a river.

Aro : between, among; midst.

Aroba : (Arabic) s. Arava.

Arobakash : (Arabic) s. Aravakash.aroq coll.s. Araq.arosat coll.s. Arasot.arpa bot.barley. ~ngizni xom o'rdimmi? What harm have I done to you?Arpabodiyon bot.anise.

Arpag'on : bot. Myrtle?? [mirtuk vostochniy; Eremopyrum]

Arpapoya : barley field; stalk of barley.

Arqon : rope. ~ sol  to block the arrival party of a new bride to the groom's house with a rope (to extort money from them). Bo'yniga ~ solganday to force s.o. To do s.t. (as if putting a rope around his neck). ~ni uzun tashlab qo'y  to tolerate s.o.'s behavior for the time being, to let slide for now. ~nini ustiga tashlab yubor  to send off, to send packing.

Arqonla  : v.t. To tie up with a rope, to tether. [arqonlan , arqonlat ]

Arqoq : woof, weft (? Ular bir birlari bilan ~ o'rish Close as two peas in a pod.

Arra : saw. ~ qil  to divide in two, to halve.arrachi coll.s. Arrakash.

Arrakash : sawyer.

Arrala  : v.t. To saw. [arralan , arralat , arralash ]

Arrapo'sht : spinal column.

Arsenal : (Russian) arsenal.

Arsh 1 : (Arabic) the throne of God; the heavens; (arch.) Ceiling. ~i a'loga ko'tar  to eulogize, to hold on high.arsh 2 coll.~ qil  to live the high life. ~ingni qil! Get moving!

Arshin : (Russian) archine (app. 28 in./.71 m.).arslon zool.lion; lion like, bold.

Arsloncha : dim. Of arslon.

Arslonquyruq : an extinct animal?? [pustynnik serdechniy; Leonorus ]arslontoy zool.lion cub.

Art  : v.t. To wipe off; to peel, to pare. [artil , artin , artish , arttir ]

Artel" : (Russian) workmen's cooperative. ~ xo'jaligi collective farm?? [artel'noe xozyaystvo].

Arterioskleroz : (Russian) arteriosclerosis.

Arteriya : (Russian) artery.

Artezian n. : (Russian) artesian. ~ qudughi artesian well.

Artikl" : (Russian) (gram.) Article.

Artikul : (Russian) article.

Artikulatsiya : (Russian) articulation.

Artillerist : (Russian) artilleryman.

Artilleriya : (Russian) artillery.

Artilleriyachi : artillery gunner.

Artist : (Russian) performer; actor.

Artistka : (Russian) fem. Of artist.

Aruz : (Arabic) classical Arabic Persian prosody.

Arvoh : (Arabic) spirit (esp. Of dead ancestor); ghost. ~ oshi banquet given in honor of departed ancestors. ~ piri or ~i pir banquet given by a craftsman to masters of his trade upon his graduation from apprenticeship. ~ kapalak moth. ~ urdi to go awry, to be jinxed.

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