SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Ra'ya coll. : (Arabic) s. Rioya.

Ra'ya andisha : deference, homage.

Rab(b) : (Arabic) Lord, God. ~imsan deb with a heave and a ho.

Rabbano : (Arabic) Our Lord.

Rabbiy : (Arabic) My Lord.

Rabfak : (Russian) schools set up in the early years of the Soviet Union to prepare workers for higher education.

Rabiulavval : (Arabic) the third month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

Rabiuloxir : (Arabic) s. Rabiussoniy.

Rabiussoniy : (Arabic) the fourth month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

Rabot hist. : (Arabic) guardhouse, guard tower (e.g., on a city wall); outpost, fort; caravansaray, inn; dwelling distant from town.

Rad 3pp. ~di : (Arabic) refusal, rejection. ~di balo averter of misfortune. ~di ma'raka outcast, castaway. ~ javobi negative response. ~ Et /~ ber  to repulse.

Raddiya : (Arabic) refutation.

Radial : (Russian) radial.

Radiator : (Russian) radiator.

Radiatsion : (Russian) radiation...

Radif : (Arabic) word(s) repeated at the end of every line of poetry.

Radikal : (Russian) radical.

Radikalizm : (Russian) radicalism.

Radio : (Russian) radio.

Radio'zel : (Russian) radio relay center.

Radioaktiv : (Russian) radioactive.

Radioaktivlik : radioactivity.

Radiochi : radio operator.

Radioelektronika : (Russian) radio electronics.

Radiogramma : (Russian) radio telegram, wireless message.

Radiokarnay : (loud)speaker.

Radiola : (Russian) radiogram.

Radiolash  : v.i. To become equipped with radio equipment. [radiolashtir , radiolashtiril ]

Radiolokator : (Russian) radar set.

Radiolokatsion : (Russian) adj. Of radiolokatsiya.

Radiolokatsiya : (Russian) radar.

Radionavigatsion : (Russian) radar navigation...

Radioperedatchik : (Russian) (wireless) transmitter.

Radiopriyomnik : (Russian) radio receiver, radio set.

Radiosignal : (Russian) radio signal.

Radiostantsiya : (Russian) radio station, broadcasting station.

Radiotelegraf : (Russian) radio telegraph.

Radiotexnika : (Russian) radio engineering.

Radiozond : (Russian) radio sounding apparatus.

Radist : (Russian) s. Radiochi.

Radius : (Russian) radius.

Radiy : (Russian) radium.

Raf : windowsill.

Rafinad : (Russian) lump sugar.

Rafiq : (Arabic) fellow; spouse, husband.

Rafiqa : (Arabic) fem. Of rafiq; wife.

Raft omad, raftu omad : close relations, relationship, or dealings. ~ini ol  to learn everything about s.t.

Raftor : obs. Behavior, conduct.

Rag'a : oidium.

Rag'at : circle, company, club.

Rag'bat : (Arabic) enthusiasm, desire, zeal.

Rag'batlan  : v.i. To become inspired, to gain enthusiasm. [rag'batlantir , rag'batlantiril ]

Rahbar : leader, guide, advisor; director. Sinf ~i teacher in charge of a class of students.

Rahbarlik : leadership, guidance.

Rahm : (Arabic) mercy, pity. ~ qil  to have pity on.

Rahm shafqat : (Arabic) mercy and kindness.

Rahmat : (Arabic) thanks, gratitude; grace, goodness. Xudo ~ qilsin May he rest in peace.

Rahmatli : the decease, the late.

Rahmdil : merciful, compassionate.

Rahmli : merciful.

Rahmsiz : merciless.

Rahnamo lit. : leader, guide.

Rahnamolik : leadership, guidance. ~ qil  to lead, to guide.

Rais : (Arabic) head, chief, director, president, chairman; (hist.) Man in charge of the performance of religious rites and duties as well as weights and measures.

Raisa : (Arabic) fem. Of rais.

Raislik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to head, to chair.

Raisxona hist. : office of the rais or muhtasib.

Raiyat : obs. (Arabic) populace, subjects.

Rajab : (Arabic) the seventh month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

Rajo : obs. (Arabic) hope, expectation, desire.

Rak : (Russian) cancer.

Rakaat : (Arabic) a unit of ritual Islamic prayer consisting of bending at the waist, followed by two prostrations. Ikki ~ namoz o'qi  to pray a ritual prayer consisting of two sets of prostrations.

Raketa : (Russian) rocket, missile.

Raketasozlik : rocket building.

Rama : (Russian) frame, chassis.

Ramaqi : emaciated.

Ramaqijon : s. Ramaqi.

Ramazon : (Arabic) Ramadhan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, the month of fasting; name of a song sung door to door by children and beggars during this month. ~ ayt  to sing the Ramadhan chant.

Ramka : (Russian) (picture) frame; framework.

Ramz : (Arabic) symbol; figure of speech, gibe.

Ramziy : (Arabic) symbolic.

Ramzli : symbolic; sarcastic, acerbic.

Randa : plane.

Randala  : v.t. To smooth down, to plane. [randalan , randalat ]

Ranets : (Russian) knapsack.

Rang 1 : color, tone, tinge. ~i o'chib ketdi to turn pale.

Rang 2 : (Russian) rank.

Rang 3 bot. : chamiso sedge.

Rang barang : varicolored, brightly colored; variegated, various.

Rang qut : color and composure. ~i o'ch  to go pale and lose one's composure.

Rang ro'y : outward appearance.

Rang ruxsor : s. Rang ro'y.

Rang tus : color and hue.

Rangdor : colored; flowery (speech).

Rangin : colored.rangla  coll.to color.

Rangli : colored. ~ metallar non ferrous metals.

Rango rang : multi colored, variegated.

Rangpar : pale, faded.

Rangsiz : colorless, pale, faded; insipid.

Rangsizlik : colorlessness; insipidness.

Rangvor : assortment of colors (for a specific purpose).

Ranj : pain, suffering, grief; toil, trouble. Ko'nglini ~ qil  to hurt s.o.'s feelings. (birovdan) ranj top  to be hurt by someone.

Ranji  : v.i. To become angry. [ranjit , ranjitil , ranjish ]

Ranjida : qadam ~ qil  to honor by visiting.rap coll.s. Raf.

Rapida : a kind of mit worn to place bread in a hot tandoor.

Raport : (Russian) report.

Rappa raso : just exactly.

Raqam : (Arabic) numeral, number.

Raqamla  : v.t. To number. [raqamlan ]

Raqamli : numbered.

Raqib : (Arabic) competitor, rival, opponent.

Raqiba : (Arabic) fem. Of raqib.

Raqiblik : abstr. Of raqib; rivalry, competition.

Raqobat : (Arabic) rivalry, competition. ~ qil  to compete.

Raqobatchi : competitor.

Raqqos : (Arabic) dancer.

Raqqosa : (Arabic) fem. Of raqqos.

Raqs : (Arabic) dance, dancing. ~qil /tush  to dance.

Rasad 1 lit. : (Arabic) observation of the heavens.

Rasad 2 coll. : (Russian) ~ qil  to replant seedlings.

Rasadxona : observatory (s. Observatoriya).

Rasamad coll. : share, allotment. ~i bilan evenly, equally; orderly.

Raschyot : (Russian) calculation, estimation; bookkeeping, accounting; (coll.) Getting even, revenge; (mil.) Crew, team, detachment.

Rashk : (Arabic) jealousy, enmity.

Rashk hasad : (Arabic) enviousness; enmity.

Rashkchi : s. Rashkli.

Rashkli : jealous, spiteful.

Rasida : obs. Mature, ripe; adult.

Raskladushka : (Russian) cot.

Rasm : (Arabic) drawing, picture, illustration; photograph; practice, custom, ceremony. ~ ol  to draw; to take a photograph ~ sol  to illustrate. ~(ni) tushir  to draw or decorate with a picture. ~ bo'l  to become customary, to become a common or popular practice. ~ qil  to make a common practice. ~i kushod inauguration, opening ceremmony. ~ ishlat  to have a portrait made.

Rasm rusm : (Arabic) customs, practices; rites and ceremonies.

Rasman : (Arabic) officially, formally; out of mere formality.rasmana coll.s. Rasmona.rasmchi coll.drawer, illustrator; photographer; artist.rasmi coll.usually, traditionally.

Rasmiy : (Arabic) official; formal; ordinary, common. ~ ravishda officially, in an official capacity. ~ kiyim ordinary clothes.

Rasmiyat : (Arabic) formalities, official matters.

Rasmiyatchi : formalist, doctrinaire, bureaucrat.

Rasmiyatchilik : empty formalities, bureaucracy, red tape.

Rasmiylash  : v.i. To become official. [rasmiylashtir , rasmiylashtiril ]

Rasmli : illustrated, decorated with pictures.

Rasmona : normal, ordinary, commonplace.

Raso : full, complete, entire; fully developed, perfect. ~ qil  to fill out, to make complete; to bring to perfection.

Rasola  : v.t. To fill out, to complete. [rasolan ]

Rasolik : fullness, completeness; maturity, perfection.

Rassom : (Arabic) artist, painter.

Rassomlik : abstr. Of rassom; painting (as a profession).

Rasta 1 : row of shops of the same type.

Rasta 2 coll. : maturity, full development. ~ bo'l  to reach maturity.

Rasta rasta : rows and rows (of shops).

Rastrat : (Russian) embezzlement.

Rastrat(a)chi : embezzler.

Rastrata : (Russian) s. Rastrat.

Rasul : (Arabic) prophet, messenger.

Rasvo : lowly, despicable, disgusting, disgraceful; vile, foul; spoiled, ruined. ~ bo'ldi/chiqdi to be in disgrace; to be ruined; to go bad. ~ qil /~sini chiqar  to bring down in disgrace; to disgrace; to ruin. ~i olam/jahon bo'l  to be disgraced in front of all.

Rasvochilik : s. Rasvogarchilik.

Rasvogarchilik : disgraceful acts or behavior; disgrace, dishonor, shame; debauchery, immoral lifestyle. ~ qil  to carry on disgracefully; to lead a dissipated life.

Rasvolik : lowliness, debauchery.

Ratifikatsiya : (Russian) ratification.

Ratsion : (Russian) ration.

Ratsional : (Russian) rational.

Ratsionalist : (Russian) rationalist.

Ratsionalizator : (Russian) rationalizer.

Ratsionalizatorlik : ~ takliflari rationalization proposals, proposals for improving production methods.

Ratsionalizatsiya (Russian) : rationalization, improvement.

Ratsionalizm : (Russian) rationalism.

Ratsionallash  : v.i. To rationalize, to improve. [ratsionallashtir , ratsionallashtiril ]

Ratsiya : (Russian) walkie talkie set.

Ratusha hist. : (Russian) town council; town hall.

Rav : moment, instant; in a jiffy, in a flash.

Ravak ravak : ~ bo'l  to be in pieces. ~qil  to smash to pieces.

Ravish : state, condition; manner, way, mode (forms adverbials when following an adjective and suffixed with +shu ~da in this manner, thus. Amaliy ~da in practice, through action. Maxfiy ~da secretly. To'xtovsiz ~da without stopping. Qat'iy ~da strictly, rigorously.

Ravish raftor : conduct, behavior, movement.

Ravishdosh : gerund.

Ravnaq lit. : brilliance, sparkle, beauty; splendor, glory.

Ravnaqli : bright, splendid; magnificent, in full prime.

Ravo : admissible; proper, suitable. ~ ko'r  to consider appropriate, becoming, or worthy. Ular bizga hech narsani ~ ko'rmas Edi They didn't consider us worthy of anything. Hojatini ~ qil  to fulfill one's needs, to carry out one's desires.

Ravon : smooth(ly); flowing smoothly; straight and smooth (road); eloquent; moving or working easily or smoothly. ~ bo'l  s. Ruhi ~ soul. Sarvi ~ graceful, elegant.

Ravona : ~ bo'l  to set out towards; to flow.

Ravoq : (Arabic) arch, vault, portico; palace, castle.

Ravot : s. Rabot.

Ravshan (Soghd.) : bright; sharp (eyes); clear; obvious. Dunyosi ~ bo'ldi/ta'bini ~ qil  to comfort, to put at ease.

Ravshanlan  : v.i. To brighten. [ravshanlantir , ravshanlantiril ]

Ravshanlik : brightness, clarity.

Ravza : obs. (Arabic) flower garden; garden; the Garden of Paradise.

Rax coll. : material (s. Raxt).

Raxit : (Russian) rickets.

Raxna : crack, fissure, hole. ~ sol  to harm, to damage. Yurakka ~ sol  to dishearten.

Raxt : welp (of footwear).

Raxtli : welped.

Rayhon bot. : (Arabic) basil.

Rayhoniy : (Arabic) ~iy rang dark green. Xatti ~iy a type of Cufic writing.

Rayijrokom : regional executive committee.

Raykom : district committee.

Raykomxoz : district committee of collective farms.

Rayohin arch. Poet. : (Arabic) pl. Of rayhon; fragrant herbs.

Rayon : (Russian) district; region, area; district center.

Rayonlararo : inter district.

Rayonlashtir  : v.t. To divide into districts; to designate for a given zone. [rayonlashtiril ]

Rayono : (Russian) district committe of public education.

Raysovet : (Russian) district soviet.

Raz'ezd : (Russian) siding, side track.

Razil : (Arabic) despicable, low; accursed, infernal.

Razillash  : v.i. To become (more and more) despicable. [razillashtir , razillashtiril ]

Razillik : despicableness, wretchedness, lowliness; accursedness.

Razilona : despicable; in a despicable manner.

Razm : ~ sol /qo'y /solib qara  to look over.

Razmer : (Russian) size, measurements (of clothing).

Raznochinets hist. : (Russian) Russian intellectual not of the upper class.

Razolat : (Arabic) vileness, baseness, despicableness.

Razryad : (Russian) class, rating, category; discharge.

Razryadli : belonging to a certain class or category.

Razvedka : (Russian) (geological) prospecting; (mil.) Reconnaissance, intelligence; reconnaissance party; intelligence service.

Razvedkachi : scout; secret service agent, spy; reconnaissance (vehicle); prospector.

Razverstka : (Russian) allotment, apportionment.

Razzoq : (Arabic) the Provider (an epithet of God).

Reabilitatsiya : (Russian) rehabilitation.

Reaktiv : (Russian) reagent; reactive.

Reaktsion : (Russian) reactionary.

Reaktsioner : (Russian) reactionary.

Reaktsiya : (Russian) reaction.

Real : (Russian) real; realizable, practicable, realistic.

Realist : (Russian) realist.

Realistik : (Russian) realist; realistic.

Realizm : (Russian) realism.

Reallash  : v.i. To be realized, to be implemented. [reallashtir ]

Reallik : reality; practicability.

Rechitativ : (Russian) recitative.

Redaktor : (Russian) editor (s. Muharrir).

Redaktorlik : editorship..

Redaktsion : (Russian) editorial, editing.

Redaktsiya : (Russian) editorial staff; editorial office; editing, edition.

Rediska bot. : (Russian) radish.

Redkollegiya : (Russian) editorial board.

Redordli : adj. Of ~ unum record harvest.

Reduktor : (Russian) reducing gear; reducing agent.

Reestr : (Russian) list, roll, register.

Referat : (Russian) abstract, synopsis; paper, essay.

Referendum : (Russian) referendum.

Referent : (Russian) speaker, reader of a paper; consultant.

Refleks : (Russian) reflex.

Reflektiv : (Russian) reflex.

Reflektor : (Russian) reflector.

Refletorli : having a reflector; reflective.

Reforma : (Russian) reform.

Reformator : (Russian) reformer.

Reformist : (Russian) reformist.

Reformistik : (Russian) reformist.

Reformizm : (Russian) reformism.

Refraktor : (Russian) refractor.

Refraktsiya : (Russian) refraction.

Refrijerator : (Russian) cooler, condenser; refrigerator truck or ship.

Regional : (Russian) regional.

Registrator : (Russian) registrar.

Registratsiya : (Russian) registration.

Reglament : (Russian) rules of order.

Regress : (Russian) regress.

Regressiv : (Russian) regressive.

Regulyator : (Russian) regulator.

Reja : line, string (used in setting things straight); plan; order, organization. ~ga tush  to fall into place.

Rejachi : planner.

Rejacho'p : yardstick (s. Gazcho'p).

Rejala  : v.t. To plan, to order. [rejalashtir , rejalashtiril ]

Rejali : in order, ordered, planned; frugal, thrifty.

Rejasiz : disorderly; spendthrift.

Rejasizlik : disorder, chaos; unplannedness; wastfulness, uneconomicalness.

Rejim : (Russian) regime; routine; conditions; diet.

Rejissura : (Russian) (theatrical) production.

Rejissyor : (Russian) director.

Rejissyorlik : directorship.

Reklama : (Russian) advertisement (s. ~ qil  to advertise.

Rekognostsirovka (Russian) : reconnaissance; reconnoitering.

Rekomendatsiya (Russian) : recommendation.

Rekonstruktsiya (Russian) : reconstruction.

Rekonstruktsiyala  : v.t. To reconstruct. [rekonstruktsiyalan ]

Rekord : (Russian) record. ~ qo'y  to set a record.

Rekordchi : record maker.

Rektor : (Russian) rector, president (of a university).

Rektorat : (Russian) rector's office.

Rekvizitsiya : (Russian) requisition.

Rel"ef : (Russian) relief.

Rel"s : (Russian) rails, tracks.

Rel"sli : adj. Of ~ transport rail transportation.

Rel"ssiz : non rail...

Rele : (Russian) relay.

Relyativist : (Russian) relativist.

Relyativistik : (Russian) relativistic.

Relyativizm : (Russian) relativity.

Remilitarizatsiya (Russian) : remilitarization.

Remont : (Russian) repair(s), maintenance. ~ qil  to repair, to overhaul.

Remontchi : repair worker, repairman.

Remontxona : repair shop.

Renegat : (Russian) renegade.

Renegatlik : desertion.

Renta : (Russian) income (from investments or gov't securities).

Rentabel : (Russian) paying, profitable.

Rentabellik : profitability.

Rentabelsiz : unprofitable.

Rentgen : (Russian) X ray treatment.

Rentgenografik : (Russian) adj. Of rentgenografiya.

Rentgenografiya : (Russian) radiography.

Rentgenogramma : (Russian) X ray photograph.

Rentgenolog : (Russian) radiologist.

Rentgenologiya : (Russian) radiology.

Rentgenoskopik (Russian) : roentgenoscopic.

Rentgenoskopiya (Russian) : roentgenoscopy.

Rentgenoterapiya : (Russian) X ray therapy.

Reostat : (Russian) rheostat.

Reparatsiya : (Russian) reparation.

Repatriatsiya : (Russian) repatriation.

Repertuar : (Russian) repertoire.

Repetitsiya : (Russian) practice, rehearsal.

Reportaj : (Russian) reporting; report.

Reporter : (Russian) reporter.

Reporterlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to serve as a reporter; to make reports.

Repressiv : (Russian) repressive.

Repressiya : (Russian) repression. ~ qil  to subject to repression, esp. To purge.

Reproduktor : (Russian) loudspeaker.

Reproduktsiya : (Russian) reproduction.

Reps : (Russian) rep(p) (fabric).resha obs.root.

Respirator : (Russian) respirator.

Respublika : (Russian) republic (s. Jumhuriyat).

Respublikachi : republican.

Ressora : (Russian) spring (of vehicle).

Restavrator : (Russian) restorer; supporter of restoring a former regime.

Restavratsiya : (Russian) restoration.

Restoran : (Russian) restaurant.

Restoranchi : restaurant owner or keeper.

Resurs : (Russian) resource.

Retranslyatsiya : (Russian) relay(ing).

Retsenzent : (Russian) reviewer.

Retsenziya : (Russian) review.

Retsept : (Russian) prescription; recipe.

Retsidiv : (Russian) relapse, recurrence; repeat offense.

Retsidivist : (Russian) recidivist.

Retush" : (Russian) retouching.

Retushchi : retoucher.

Retushla  : to retouch. [retushlan ]

Revansh : (Russian) revenge.

Revanshist : (Russian) revanchist, revenge seeker.

Revanshistlik : abstr. Of revanshist.

Revanshizm : (Russian) revanchism.

Reversal :

Revizion : (Russian) adj. Of ~ kommissiya inspection committee.

Revizionism : (Russian) revisionism.

Revizionist : (Russian) revisionist.

Reviziya : (Russian) inspection, audit; revision.

Revizor : (Russian) inspector.

Revkom : (Russian) revolutionary committee.

Revmatizm : (Russian) rheumatism.

Revol"ver : (Russian) revolver. ~ stanok capstan or turret lathe.

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