SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Revolyutsion : (Russian) revolutionary.

Revolyutsioner : (Russian) revolutionary.

Revolyutsionlash  : v.i. To be infused with revolutionary ideas; to become revolutionary. [revolyutsionlashtir ]

Revolyutsionlik : revolutionary character.

Revolyutsiya : (Russian) revolution (s. Inqilob).

Reyd : (Russian) raid.

Reyka : (Russian) lath; measuring rod.

Reys : (Russian) run, trip, flight.

Rez : drumming, beat.

Rez"ba : (Russian) threading (e.g., on a bolt).

Rez"bali : threaded.

Reza : small, trifling; tiny; small bit or piece; spice(s).

Rezala  : v.t. To chop into small pieces, to mince. [rezalan ]

Rezaparvar : one who takes good care of his vegetable plants; expert or careful at whatever he does.

Rezavor : knickknack(s), trifle(s), bric a brac; vegetable(s); spices. ~ bog' vegetable garden.

Rezavorchi : seller of knicknacks; greengrocer; spice seller.

Rezavorchilik : trade in rezavor.

Rezavorfurush : seller of knicknacks and sundries.

Rezerv : (Russian) reserves. Mehnat ~i labor resources.

Rezgi : leather strips or scraps. Olamning ~si/~ olam dwarf.

Rezidentsiya : (Russian) residence.

Rezina : (Russian) rubber.

Rezinka : (Russian) elastic; eraser. ~ qil /qilib cho'z  to stretch out, to put off; to draw out, to talk on and on.

Rezolyutsiya : (Russian) resolution; directions, instructions.

Rezonans : (Russian) resonance; echo.

Rezonator : (Russian) resonator.

Rial : riyal.

Ribo : (Arabic) usury.

Riboxo'r : usurer.

Richag : (Russian) lever.

Richagli : lever operated.

Rido : arch. (Arabic) cloak (worn by imams or dervishes).

Riel" : (Russian) (Cambodian) riel.

Riksha : (Russian) rickshaw.

Rim (?) : ~ raqami Roman numerals. ~ papasi the Pope.rind lit.fast liver, idler, playboy.

Ring : (Russian) (sports) ring.

Rioya : (Arabic) respect, esteem, deference; obedience. ~ qil  to respect, to show deference towards.

Rioyagarchilik : showing respect, deference.

Rioyali : respectful, courteous, deferential.

Rioyasiz : disrespectful, irreverent.

Rioyasizlik : disrespect, irreverence.

Rishta : thread, cord; bond, tie; (zool.) Guinea worm.

Rishva(t) : bribe.

Rishva(t)xo'r : bribe taker.

Risola : (Arabic) treatise; epistle; brochure. ~dagi real, genuine. ~dagiday right out of the catalogue, the genuine article.

Ritm : (Russian) rhythm.

Ritmli : rhythmical.

Ritorik : (Russian) rhetorical.

Ritorika : (Russian) rhetoric.

Ritsar" : (Russian) knight.rivoch bot.rhubarb (some species thereof).

Rivoj : (Arabic) development, flourishing. ~ ol /~ga min  to develop, to flourish, to reach fruition.

Rivojlan  : v.i. To develop. [rivojlantir , rivojlantiril ]

Rivoya : (Arabic) narration.

Rivoyat : (Arabic) legend, tale; precedent in Islamic law.

Rivoyatchi : storyteller.

Rixtagar : founder, caster of metalsl, maker of cast metal items.

Riyo : hypocrisy. Ahli ~ ~ ahli hypocrites. ~ qil  to play the hypocrite, to be hypocritical; to ruin, to be the undoing or downfall of.

Riyokor : dissembler, imposter, fake.

Riyokorlik : dissembling, deceit, fraud.

Riyokorona : deceitfully, fraudulently, duplicitously.

Riyozat : difficulty, ordeal?

Riyoziy : mathematical (s. Matematik).riyoziyot arch.mathematics (s. Matematika).

Rizo : add two more : rijo (obs.) Hope. And rizvon (obs.) Satisfaction, conentment.

Rizolik : willingness, consent.

Rizq rizqi ro'z : sustenance; means of subsistance; lot, fate. ~i ro'z daily bread, daily subsistance.

Rizqlan  : (+ bilan/+dan) to subsist on, to live off of

Rizqli : providing sustenance; nutritious.

Ro'baro' : facing, opposite.

Ro'dapo zool. : octopus; monster, fright; awkward, lumpish, clumsy, ungainly.

Ro'ja coll. : s. Ro'yjo.

Ro'kach : (display) model, sample (displayed in front merchandise of inferior quality to catch the customer's eye). ~ qil  to strut, to make a show of; to use as an excuse.

Ro'mol : scarf, headscarf.

Ro'molcha : small scarf, kerchief.

Ro'para : facing or opposite side. ~ bo'l /~ qil  to bring face to face with; to have meet; to bring forth, to come forth with.

Ro'poch dial. : woman who covers her face in a flirtatious manner.

Ro'shnolik : the good life, happy and comfortable life. ~ka chiq  to move up in the world, to get on in the world.

Ro'vak bot. : wood small reed, bush grass; tussock, panicle (e.g. Of reeds).

Ro'y : surface, face. ~i jahon/~ ber  to come about.

Ro'ya : surface. Hovli ~si courtyard (area). Oftob ~ sunlit.

Ro'yan bot. : madder.

Ro'yinatan : extremely crafty or sly.

Ro'yirost : straightforwardly, plainly; straightly, directly; in its entirety. Masalani ~ qo'y  to spell out the matter in its entirety.

Ro'yixotir : respect, homage, deference.

Ro'yixush : affability, cordiality. ~ ber  to treat cordially.

Ro'yixushlik : cordiality.

Ro'yjo : plain or patterned sheet.

Ro'yob : ~ga chiq  to be realized, to come true; to come to light, to appear; to come out into the light; to get on in the world.

Ro'yxat : list, roster, register, etc. Aholi ~i census.

Ro'yxatchi : compiler of a list; registrar.

Ro'z lit. : day (s. Kun).

Ro'za : fast(ing); (coll.) Ramadhan. ~ tut  to fast. ~ hayiti the feast at the end of Ramadhan.

Ro'zg'or : household; household goods, belongings. ~ qil  to start a family; to provide for one's family, to make a living. ~ tebrat /tut  to feed a family, to make ends meet.

Ro'zg'orchilik : daily life, everyday problems and responsibilities in getting by.

Ro'zg'orli : married and having a household.

Ro'znoma : agenda, order of the day; newspaper.robita obs.tie, connection, bond.

Robot : (Russian) robot.

Rodiy : rhodium.

Rogatka : (Russian) slingshot, catapult.

Roh obs., rare : road (s. Yo'l).

Rohat : (Arabic) pleasure, ease, comfort. ~i badan s. Rohatbadan.

Rohat farog'at : (Arabic) pleasure and relaxation, ease and comfort.

Rohatbadan : a type of silk dress material, usually decorated with apple designs; soothing, balmy.

Rohatbaxsh : comfort giving, soothing, pleasant.

Rohatijon : soul comforting, pleasant, soothing; a sweet made from shaved ice and fruit syrup.

Rohatlan  : v.i. To find pleasure or enjoyment; to be at ease, to repose.

Rohatli : pleasant, relaxing

Rohib : (Arabic) monk, mystic.

Rohiba : (Arabic) nun.

Rohila : (Arabic) beast of burden, pack animal, mount.

Roja : raja.

Rokirovka : (Russian) (chess) castling.

Rol" : (Russian) role, part.

Rolik : (Russian) (porcelan) cleat; roller, castor.

Rolikli : adj. Of rolik. ~ podshipnik roller bearing.

Rom 1 : ~ ~ qil  to tame; to subdue. Kounglini ~ qil  to win over, to seduce. ~ kel  to suit?

Rom 2 : (Arabic) fortunetelling. ~ och /ko'r  to tell s.o.?S fortune.

Rom 3 : (Russian) window frame.

Rom 4 : (Russian) rum.

Roman : (Russian) novel.

Romanchi : novelist.

Romanchilik : abstr. Of romanchi; the novel (as a genre).

Romans : (Russian) romance.

Romantik : (Russian) romantic; romanticist.

Romantika : (Russian) romance.

Romantizm : (Russian) romanticism.

Romb : (Russian) rhombus; a rhombus shaped insignia worn by the Soviet Army's high command until 1943.

Rombik : (Russian) rhombic.

Romchi : fortuneteller.

Rondo : (Russian) rondo.

Rosa : very well, completely; really, very; fine, great. ~ charchadim I'm really tired.

Rosala  coll. : v.t. To fill out, to complete.

Rosalik : fullness, completeness.rosh dial.sediment dug up while dredging a canal.rosla  coll.s. Rostla .

Rost 1 : straight, right, proper; true, real; the truth. ~ gapga zavol yo'q Telling the truth is always best. ~gapning ~i/~ini aytsam actually, to tell the truth... ~ kel  to suit. ~ ko'tar  to pick up easily. ~ ko'cha qolib past ko'cha bilan in a devious or underhand way.

Rost 2 : the fifth type of shashmaqom.rostakam coll.real, true, genuine; really, quite much.

Rostakamiga : really, quite a lot.

Rostchi : truth teller.

Rostgo'y : truthful, straight.

Rostgo'ylik : truthfulness.

Rostla  : v.t. To straighten out, to set straight or upright; to repair, to get into working order. Nafasini ~  to catch one's breath. Belini ~  to straighten one's back, to straighten o.s. Og'iz ~  to be ready to say s.t. [rostlan ]

Rostlik : truth, verity; straightness.

Rota : (Russian) (mil.) Company.

Rotaprint : (Russian) mimeograph??.

Rotator : (Russian) duplicator, duplicating machine.

Rotatsion : (Russian) ~ mashina rotary press.

Rotatsiya : (Russian) s. Rotatsion mashina.

Rotmistr hist. : (Russian) captain (of cavalry in Tsarist army).

Rotor : (Russian) rotor.

Roviy : (Arabic) storyteller.rovoch dial.s. Ravoch.

Rovon : glassed in porch.

Roy(i) : ~i keldi complaisant, obliging, easy to get along with.

Royal" : (Russian) (grand) piano.

Royalist : (Russian) royalist.

Royalizm : (Russian) royalism.

Royikorchi : teacher.

Royish : obedient, obliging.roz lit.secret. ~i dil/dil ~i secret of the heart.

Rozetka : (Russian) electrical socket.

Rozi : (Arabic) contented, satisfied; willing, consenting, in agreement.

Rozi rizolik : last goodbyes.

Rozichilik : consent, approval.

Rozidil : s. Roz.

Rozilash  : v.i. To bid farewell, to say one's goodbyes.

Rozilik : willingness, consent, agreement. ~ tila /so'ra  to ask for consent.

Rozmarin bot. : (Russian) rosemary.

Rub'i maskun : obs. (Arabic) inhabited quarters of the Earth.

Rubej : (Russian) (mil.) Line.

Rubidiy : (Arabic) rubidium.

Rubil"nik : (Russian) knife switch.

Rubob : a five stringed plucked instrument.

Rubobchi : a rubob player.

Ruboiy : (Arabic) quatrain.

Ruboiynavis : poet who writes quatrains.

Ruboiyot : (Arabic) collection of quatrains.

Rubrika : (Russian) heading; column, section.

Ruchka : (Russian) pen; (coll.) Handle.

Ruda : (Russian) ore.

Rudali : adj. Of ~ qatlam vein.

Ruh 1 : (Arabic) spirits, mood, demeanor; spirit, soul. ~i yengil tortdi/yengillashdi to feel relieved or uplifted.

Ruh 2 : (Arabic) zinc.

Ruhafzo : uplifting, cheering.

Ruhan : (Arabic) spiritually, in spirit.

Ruhiy : (Arabic) spiritual; mental, psychological. ~ kasallik psychological illness. ~ ataka psychological blow or attack. ~ Ezilish mental anguish.

Ruhiya : obs. (Arabic) ahvoli ~ temperament.

Ruhla  : v.t. To zinc plate. [ruhlan ]

Ruhlan  : v.i. To become animated, enlivened. [ruhlantir ]

Ruhli : high spirited, lively.

Ruhoniy : (Arabic) spiritual, religious person.

Ruhsiz : spiritless, soulless.

Ruhsizlan  : v.i. To lose spirit or vigor, to become dispirited. [ruhsizlantir ]

Ruhsizlik : spiritlessness, lifelessness.

Ruju 3pp. ~i : (Arabic) passion, infatuation (for s.t.). ~ qil  to be given to, to be carried away by.

Rukn : arch. (Arabic) column, pillar; line of poetry.

Ruku 3pp. ~i : (Arabic) bowing position assumed while praying.

Rul" : (Russian) (steering) wheel. ~da at the wheel, driving.rulchi coll.driver.

Ruletka : (Russian) tape measure.

Rulon : (Russian) roll.

Rumin : (Russian) Romanian.

Runik : (Russian) runic.

Rupiya : (Russian) rupee.

Rupoh : a type of silk cloth.

Rupor : (Russian) megaphone.

Rus : (Russian) Russian.

Ruscha : Russian (language).

Ruschala  : v.i. To speak in Russian.

Ruslash  : v.i. To become russified. [ruslashtir , ruslashtiril ]

Ruslashtirish : russification.

Rusta : a desert (parvarda) made with almonds or apricot pits added.

Rustam : hero, warrior.

Rustamday : like a hero, like a champion.

Rustamona : heroically, valiantly.

Rusum : (Arabic) traditions, customs, practices.

Rusumot : obs. Pl. Of rusum.

Rutba : arch. (Arabic) grade, rank, degree.

Rutubat : (Arabic) dampness, humidity.

Rutubatli : damp, humid.

Rux : rook (in chess).

Rux arch. Poet. : face, countenance. Gul ~ with a face like a flower.

Ruxsat : (Arabic) permission, leave. Endi bizga ~ With your permission, we'd like to leave. ~ ol  to get permission. ~ ber /qil /Et  to give permission.

Ruxsatnoma : written permission, pass.

Ruxsatsiz : w/o permission, w/o authorization, illegally or unofficially.

Ruxsor : face, countenance; looks, appearance.

Ryadovoy : (Russian) common soldier.

Ryukzak : (Russian) backpack, rucksack.

Ryumka : (Russian) shot glass.

S'ezd : (Russian) congress, session.

S'yomka : (Russian) shooting (of a picture). ~ qil  to shoot a picture.

S. Javdar; (bot.) ?? [zoynik golyy] :

S. Sharmanda :

Sa'va zool. : (Arabic) finch.

Sa'y : (Arabic) effort, labor, striving.

Saba : a large skin sack used for storing and churning milk products, esp. Qimiz/kumiss.

Sabab : (Arabic) reason, cause; excuse. ~ shuki... The reason being that... Shu ~dan for that reason. ~ Ergash gap subordinate clause. ~i tirikchilik for the sake of getting by or making a living. ~ki because, the reason being... Uzrli ~ acceptable or pardonable excuse. Uzrsiz ~ unacceptable excuse.

Sababchi : cause, reason, initiator; agent, factor.

Sababdor rare : s. Sababchi.

Sababiy : (Arabic) causal.

Sababiyat : (Arabic) causality.

Sababkor lit. : s. Sababchi.

Sababli : excusable, for good reason; causal; because of, due to. Kecha men maktabga ~ kelmadim Yesterday I didn't come to school for good reason. Shu o'qituvchi kelmaganligi ~ dars bo'lmadi Due to that teacher not coming, there was no class.

Sababsiz : for no reason, pointless; inexcusable, unpardonable.

Sababsizlik : pointlessness.

Sabash : s. Savash.

Sabil : abandoned, neglected; dang, blasted, wretched. ~ bo'l /~ qolsin/qolgur! Dang...! Blasted...!

Sabiy : obs. (Arabic) infant, babe; infantile, naive.

Sabiylik : immaturity; infancy. ~ fe'l atvori immature character.

Sabo : (Arabic) morning breeze.

Saboh : (Arabic) early morning, dawn.sabon arch.plow (s. Omoch).sabonchi zool.jungle cat.

Saboq : (Arabic) lesson; lessons.

Saboqdosh : classmate.

Sabot : (Arabic) resolve, determination.

Sabot matonat : resolution, steadfastness.

Sabotaj : (Russian) sabotage. ~ qil  to sabotage.

Sabotajchi : saboteur.

Sabotajchilik : sabotage.

Saboteur :

Sabotkor : s. Sabotkor.

Sabotli : resolute, determined.

Sabotlilik : resolution, resoluteness.

Sabotsiz : irresolute.

Sabotsizlik : irresoluteness.

Sabr : (Arabic) patience. ~ qil /~im chidamadi I couldn't stand it., I couldn't wait any longer. ~ qilsang, g'o'radan halvo bitar All things come to those who wait for them. ~ bardosh patience and fortitude. ~ kosasi to'lib toshdi He came to the end of tether., He ran out of patience. Biroz ~i qiling Have a little patience.

Sabr qanoat : s. Sabr toqat.

Sabr qanoatli : patient and self controlled.

Sabr qaror : s. Sabr toqat.

Sabr toqat : patience and self control.

Sabrli : patient, enduring.

Sabrsiz : impatient.

Sabrsizlan  : to become impatient.

Sabrsizlik : impatience.

Sabz : green. ~ ur  to sprout.

Sabza : green growth, verdure; covered with green growth, verdant; fuzz, down (on face of youth); raisins dried in the shade which have greenish hue. ~ ur  to sprout.

Sabzak : tan, dark brown, dark complexioned; a type of melon.

Sabzavot : vegetables. ~ do'koni vegetable stand, green grocer's.

Sabzavotchi : vegetable growing; vegetable farmer or seller.

Sabzavotchilik : market gardening; vegetable farming.

Sabzavotkor : vegetable growing. ~ kolxoz state vegetable farm.

Sabzavotkorlik : vegetable farming.

Sabzazor : place covered with luxuriant green grass, field, meadow.

Sabzi : carrot. Yovvoyi ~ margaritenem (sp.??). Qum ~ giant fennel.

Sachoq : tassle, bangle; a spray of hair above a horse's heel.

Sachra  : v.i. To splash, to splatter, to spray; to jump or leap. Uchqunlar ~b ketdi Sparks flew/fire blazed from his eyes. [sachrat , sachrattir ]

Sachrandi : splashes, spray; splinter, fragment.sachratqi 1 bot.chicory.sachratqi 2 dial.rash, eruption.

Sad : (Arabic) s. Sad(d).

Sad : hundred. ~ bor 100 times. ~i pok 100 days of winter. ~i pok bo'ldi the days of winter are over.sada bot.a type of elm.

Sad(d) : (Arabic) protective wall, ramparts. ~i chiniy the Great Wall of China (s. ~i Iskandar(iy) Alexander?S Rampart. ~ bog'la /qur /chek  to erect a wall or barrier.

Sadaf : (Arabic) pearl oyster ; mother of pearl. ~ tish pearly white teeth.

Sadaqa : (Arabic) alms, charity; sacrifice. ~ng bo'lay You dear thing! (lit., 'I would give up myself for you.') ~i s. Sadqa.

Sadaqachi : beggar.

Saddi bast : build, stature.

Sado : (Arabic) sound. ~ chiqmadi There was not a sound to be heard.

Sadoq : quiver (s. Tirdon, o'qdon).

Sadoqat : (Arabic) devotion.

Sadoqatkor : devoted.

Sadoqatli : devoted, faithful.

Sadoqatsiz : disloyal, unfaithful.

Sadoqatsizlik : unfaithfulness, disloyalty.

Sadpora poet. : 100 pieces, bits and pieces.

Sadqa : (Arabic) jon ~ worth sacrificing one?S soul for. ~i ko'z yoshing not worth the tears cried over it. ~i odam ket to Hell with you. ~i sar nevermind, pay it no mind; good for him/them (sarcastic).

Sadqayisar : s. Sadqai sar.

Sadr 1 hist. : (Arabic) official in charge of religious trust affairs.

Sadr 2 : (Arabic) extasy (in Sufi zikr); wailing (at funeral).

Saf : (Arabic) line, row; rank. ~ga kir /~dan chiq  to stand out; to leave the ranks; to be lost, to be put out of commission.

Safar 1 : (Arabic) trip, journey; time, turn. Narigi dunyoga ~ qil  to pass on to the next world.

Safar 2 : (Arabic) the second month of the Islamic lunar calendar. ~ qochdi the practice of driving away from a village an old lady dressed in rags to banish any evil which may have entered the village during the ill omened month of Safar. ~ qochdi qil  to carry out the above rite; to drive off or banish.

Safarbar : ready (for battle). ~ qil /Et  to make ready; to conscript.

Safarbarlik : conscription; battle readiness.

Safarboshi : head of a group of travelers or tourists.

Safarchi : traveler, voyager.

Safardosh : traveling companion.

Safbasta : ranged or standing in rank or file.

Safboshi : leader, chief, commander.

Safdosh : companion in arms, comrade.

Safha poet. : (Arabic) page, leaf.

Safil : obs. (Arabic) lowly, despicable.

Safla  : v.t. To line up in a row, to form in ranks. [saflan ]

Safma saf : row after row.

Safo : (Arabic) clear, limpid; enjoyment, delight.

Safobaxsh poet. : heart lifting, delightful.

Safogoh poet. : delightful place, place of joy.

Safohat : obs. (Arabic) idiocy, stupidity.

Safolat : (Arabic) misery, wretchedness; corruption, depravity.

Safolatli : s. Safil.

Safoli : joyful, delightful.

Saforat : obs. (Arabic) embassy.

Saforatxona : obs. Embassy building or compound.

Safoyil : (Arabic) a musical instrument consisting of metal rings attached to a stick played by wandering dervishes.

Safro : (Arabic) bile. ~ tashla  to vomit bile. ~si qaynadi to become enraged.

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