SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Pionerlik : abstr. Of pioner; membership in the Young Pioneers.

Pipetka : (Russian) pipette; medicine dropper.piq ono.peal, yelp (of laughter); sob.

Piqilla  v.i. Ono. : to let out peals of laughter, to chortle; to sob, to cry in sobs. [piqillash ]piqir ono.wimper; giggle.

Piqirla  v.i. Ono. : to wimper or giggle.

Pir 1 : elder, father; (Sufi) master; patron (saint), master. ~i badavlat bo'ling Live long and prosper. ~ urgan the worst, the lowest.

Pir 2 : hafsalasi ~ bo'ldi to lose faith, to become disheartened.pir 3 ono.flitting or fluttering sound.

Piramida : (Russian) pyramid.

Piramon : shelf over a window or door.

Pirildoq : pinwheel.

Pirilla  ono. : v.i. To flutter, to flap; to totter about. [pirillat ]

Pirlik : abstr. Of pir.

Pirog : (Russian) pie.

Pirojniy : (Russian) cake, pastry.

Piroq : (Arabic) mythological flying horse (s. Buroq).

Pirovard : end, finish, conclusion, termination.

Pirpira  ono. : v.i. To flutter rapidly; to twitch. [pirpirat ]

Pirpirak : whirligig.pirq ono.snuffling or snorting noise.

Pirqilla  ono. : v.i. To snort.

Pirqira  ono. : v.i. S. Pirqilla .

Pirra : a kind of card game; a win in this card game. ~ qil  to win a certain number of points; to do an astounding job (of s.t.).pirs pirs ono.crackling or sputtering noise.

Pirsilla  : v.i. To crackle, to pop, to sputter (e.g., wet firewood).pirsiyon coll. Arch.Persian.pirt ono.indicates a popping or plunging motion. Qo'limga ~ Etib nina kirdi The needle went "zing!" into my arm. Olcha danagi ~ Etib uchib ketdi The sour cherry pit went "zing!" into the air.pirting chirting coll.trifling, unimportant, idle (talk).

Pirxona : house or abode of a holy man, i.e., place of reverence.pis ono.hissing noise, "psss".

Pisand : attention, regard. ~ Emas not important, not under consideration. ~ qilmaslik not to have regard for, to look down upon.

Pisanda : condition, provision. ~ qil  to put forth a condition; to stress, to emphasize.

Pish  1 : v.i. To ripen, to mature; to cook, to finish cooking, to be done; to bake; to become hardened, tough, or inured. Palov ~di The pilaf is done. [pishir , pishiril , pishirish ]

Pish  2 : v.t. To soak. [pishil ]pish pish 1 ono.sound used for calling cats.pish pish 2 ono.snuffling noise.

Pishak dial. : cat (s. Mushuk).pishang arch.lever (s. Richag).

Pishi  1 : v.i. To be ready, set; to become experienced or toughened. Qulog'i ~di to get used to hearing; to come to understand through hearing over and over. [pishit , pishitil ]

Pishi  2 v.i. Rare : to soak up much water, to swell up with water.

Pishilla  : v.i. To make snoring or snorting noises through the nose.

Pishiq  v.i. Rare : to turn red, to swell up (from exertion); to become toughened. [pishiqtir ]

Pishiq pishiq : clearly, precisely, straightforwardly.

Pishiq puxta : clearly, precisely; strong, durable.

Pishiq : ripe, mature; strong, tough, durable, sturdy; tightly spun, strong (thread); baked (brick). ~ ip strong, well spun thread. Etti qovun ~i bor still a long way off (lit., 'There are still seven ripenings of the melon [before then].')

Pishiqchilik : ripening season, time when everything is becoming ripe.

Pishiqla  : v.t. To instruct on how to do s.t. Properly.

Pishiqtir  : v.t. Caus. Of pishiq ; to train, to instruct.

Pishit  : v.t. Caus. Of pishi  1; to make ready, to get squared away.

Pishkak : churnstaff.

Pishloq : a kind of cheese.

Pishloqchi : one who prepares pishloq.

Pishpishla  : v.i. To say 'pish pish' (when calling a cat).

Pishqir  v.i. Ono. : to neigh, to snort, to blow (through the nose); to panic, to dash about. [pishqirish ]

Pishqiriq : neigh, snort; blast.pisht ono.sound used to drive away a cat.

Pisilla  ono. : v.i. To make the sound "psss".

Piska ?? Vulgar (??) : slanty eyed.

Pismiq : secretive, sneaky.

Pismiqlik : secretiveness.pisqin dial. Arch.biting sarcasm.

Pista : pistachio. ~ dahan having a small, comely mouth. ~ po'choqqa jo qil /joyla  to put s.o. In their place, to give it to s.o. Hot.

Pistachka : (Russian) sunflower seed(s).

Pistazor : pistachio grove.

Pistirma : ambush, hiding place.

Pistolet : (Russian) pistol. ~ pulemyot

Piston : (Russian) (percussion) cap; sequin.

Pistoqi : pistachio colored.

Pitilla  : s. Pitirla . [pitillat , pitillash ]

Pitir pitir : thrashing or writhing motion; dashing about; fidgety, busy.

Pitirla  : v.i. To thrash about. [pitirlat , pitirlash ]

Pitomnik : (Russian) nursery. Baliqchilik ~i fish hatchery.pitpildiq ono.warbling sound made by a bedana.

Pitpiliq : s. Pitpildiq.

Pitra : (gun) shot, slug.pitrak dial.active, busy.

Pitro'za coll. : alms given towards the end of Ramadhan (s. Fitri ro'za).

Pivo : (Russian) beer.

Pivoxona : beer hall.

Pix 1 : spur (on a male bird's foot). ~i qayrilgan or ~(ini) yorgan jaded, worldly, devious.

Pix 2 children's speech : ~ qil  to cut or slice.pix 3 ono.hissing noise.pix 4 dial.mold (s. Po'panak, mog'or).

Pixilla  ono. : v.i. To hiss (of a cat); to wheeze. [pixillash ]

Piyma : (Russian) felt boots.

Piyoda : on foot; footsoldier; pawn (in chess). ~ o'choq separate, solitary cooking stove; tandoor that faces upwards.

Piyodalab : (going) on foot.

Piyodalash  : v.i. To walk on foot as a group.

Piyola : (handleless) teacup.

Piyon coll. : (Russian) drunk.

Piyonista coll. : (Russian) drunkard, alcoholic.

Piyonistalik : drunkenness, alcoholism.

Piyova : meatless soup.

Piyoz : onion; bulb. Lola ~i tulip bulb. ~i ansuriy a type of wild onion. ~ning po'stiday paper thin (like onion skin). Qorni ~ning po'stday bo'ldi to be famished.

Piyozdog' : browned onions.piyozgul bot.lily.

Piyozi : a thin woolen material.

Piypa  : v.t. S. Piypala .

Piypala  : v.t. To trample, to squash; to feel, to grope. [piypalan , piypalat , piypalash ]

Piypasla  : v.t. S. Paypasla .

Pizilla  : v.i. To dash around.

Plagiat : (Russian) plagiarism.

Plagiator : (Russian) plagiarist.

Plagiatorlik : abstr. Of plagiator; plagiarism.

Plakat : (Russian) placard; poster, bill.

Plakatchi : poster artist.

Plan : (Russian) plan(s); plane, range (in filming). Yirik ~da in close up.

Planerchi : s. Planerist.

Planerist : (Russian) glider pilot.

Planerizm : (Russian) gliding.

Planeta : (Russian) planet (s. Sayyora).

Planetalararo : interplanetary.

Planetariy : (Russian) planetarium.

Planimetriya : (Russian) plane geometry.

Planirovka : (Russian) laying out; layout.

Planlashtir  : v.t. To plan, to plot out. [planlashtiril ]

Planli : planned out, well planned.

Planshet : (Russian) (surveying) plane table; geodesic plan; map case.

Plansiz : unplanned, not well planned out; not part of a plan.

Plantaj : (Russian) deep plowing.

Plantatsiya : (Russian) plantation.

Planyor : (Russian) glider.

Plastik : (Russian) plastic, pliant.

Plastika : (Russian) the plastic arts (e.g., engraving and sculpture); eurhythmics.

Plastilin : (Russian) plastiline.

Plastinka : (Russian) plate; (phonograph) record.

Plastinkali : working with or containing a plate. ~ fotoapparat camera with photographic plate.?? [plastinochnyy fotoapparat]

Plastir" : (Russian) plaster, tape.

Plastmassa : (Russian) plastic.

Platforma : (Russian) platform; open bed truck.

Platina : (Russian) platinum.

Platsdarm : (Russian) base; bridgehead; beachhead.

Platsh(ch) : (Russian) raincoat.

Platskarta : (Russian) reserved seat (on a train).

Platskartali : ~ bilet reserved seat ticket. ~ vagon car with reserved seats.

Plazma : (Russian) plasma.

Plebistsit : (Russian) plebiscite.

Plenar : (Russian) plenary.

Plenum : (Russian) plenum, plenary session.

Plevra : (Russian) pleura.

Plevrit : (Russian) pleurisy.

Pleyada : (Russian) pleiad.

Pleyer, pleer coll. : (Russian) tape player.

Plintus : (Russian) skirting board.

Plita : (Russian) plate, slab; tile; stove.

Plitka : (Russian) tile, slab, bar; burner.

Plomba : (Russian) (lead) seal; (dental) filling.

Plombala  : v.t. To seal with lead; to fill (a tooth). [plombalan , plombalat ]

Plotina : (Russian) dam.

Plug : (Russian) plow.

Plutokrat : (Russian) plutocrat.

Plutokratik : (Russian) plutocratic.

Plutokratiya : (Russian) plutocracy.

Pluton : (Russian) Pluto.

Plutoniy : (Russian) plutonium.

Plyaj : (Russian) beach (s. Qumloq, oftobro'ya sohil).

Plyonka : (Russian) film.

Plyonkali : using or containing film. Tor ~ fotoapparat camera taking narrow width film.

Plyus : (Russian) plus.

Pnevmatik : (Russian) pneumatic.

Pnevmatika : (Russian) pneumatics.

Pnevmokokk : (Russian) pneumococcus.

Pnevmoniya : (Russian) pneumonia.

Po'choq : rind, peel; any vegetable refuse (e.g., used as animal feed). ~ pul (coll.) Devalued, valueless money.

Po'k 1 : hollow; outgrowth, tumor (on tree); flabby; stopper, cork. ~ ber  to babble, to spill the beans. ~ uch  to be taken (by a lie).

Po'k 2 : hollow sound, 'pong!'

Po'kach : (Russian) ~ to'pponcha pop gun, toy pistol.po'kak bot.cork; empty, hollow.

Po'killa  ono. : v.i. To make a hollow noise.

Po'kon : large intestine. ~idan el o'tmagan untried, unexperienced, never experienced hardship.

Po'la : gone hollow inside (from a blow or from being overripe, said of a melon). Boshi ~ bo'ldi to get a concussion, to get a hard knock on the head.

Po'lat : (Arabic) steel; invincible, secure, solid. ~ iz railroad tracks. ~ ot tractor. ~ qush airplane.

Po'lotiy : a type of large tandoor bread.po'm children's speech.not talking, on bad terms.

Po'ng'illa  : v.i. To mumble, to grumble. [po'ng'illash ]

Po'ng'irla  : s. Po'ng'illa .po'ngqarg'a dial. Zool.rook (s. Go'ngqarg'a).po'pak dial.s. Popuk.po'panak bot.mold; moss. ~ o't lichen.

Po'pisa : threat. Quruq ~ idle threat.

Po'q coll. Euphemism : poop, crap.

Po'rim : (Russian) snazzy, flashy, pretentious.po'rsildoq 1 bot.bladder fern.

Po'rsildoq 2 : swollen place, blister, sore. ~ bog'la  to become swollen and cracked (e.g., lips).

Po'rsildoq 3 : puffy, puffed up (e.g., bread).

Po'rsilla  : v.i. To swell up, to puff up.po'rt ono.sound made by a needle or thorn entering the skin.

Po'rtana lit. (Ital.) : storm.

Po'rtaxol : arch. (Arabic) orange (s. Apel'sin).

Po'sht : Make way!; call used by strange men to warn the women of the house that they are coming.

Po'sht po'shtla  : v.i.

Po'skalla : gapning ~si the long and short of the matter, the truth of the matter.

Po'st : skin, peel; dermis. ~i ustuxonga yopishgan just skin and bones.

Po'stak : (animal) hide (e.g., sheepskin). ~ini qoq  to rake over the coals.

Po'stdumba : skin from the tail of a fat tailed sheep, used in food.

Po'stin : fur coat; sheepskin coat.

Po'stinbop : suitable for making a po'stin.

Po'stindo'z : maker of fur coats.

Po'stinlik : enough (hide) for making a po'stin.

Po'stloq : bark, husk.

Po'ta : a unit of measure equal to 9.3 dm2.

Pocha : shank, calf; lower pant leg; decorative hem; leg (of furniture); rung. Qizil ~ (coll.) Stunted (cotton plant).

Pochapo'stin : fur coat made from the shank fur of foxes, etc.pochaqirqar bot.oneleaf rose.

Pochcha : brother in law (husband of one's older sister or older brother of one's husband); (arch.) Epithet of respect; (dial.) Term of address used for people older than o.s.

Pochin : (Russian) initiative; beginning, start.

Pochta : (Russian) post, mail. ~ kaptari carrier pigeon.

Pochtachi : s. Pochtal'on.

Pochtal"on : (Russian) mailman.

Pochtamt : (Russian) main post office.

Pochtaxona : post office.

Pochti coll. : (Russian) nearly, almost. (s. Deyarli).

Pod'ezd coll. : (Russian) entranceway (of an apartment building).

Poda : herd, flock. ~dan oldin chang chiqar  to make a fuss about s.t. Way before it happens.

Podachi : herder, herdsman.

Podachilik : abstr. Of podachi; herding.

Podagra : (Russian) gout, podagra.

Podarka coll. : (Russian) present (s. Sovg'a).

Podaxona : barn or enclosure for a herd.

Podbor : (Russian) gleening cotton left on the ground after harvest.

Podborka : (Russian) set, selection (of articles under the same heading).

Podborshchik : (Russian) catcher (on a combine)??

Podpol"e : (Russian) the underground.

Podpolchi : member of an underground organization.

Podpolkovnik : (Russian) lieutenant colonel.

Podporuchik hist. : (Russian) second lieutenant.

Podruchka : (Russian) arm in arm.

Podshipnik : (Russian) bearing(s).

Podsho(h) : padishah, shah, king, monarch. Oq ~ the Tsar.

Podsho(h)lik : abstr. Of podwo(h); kingship; kingdom, realm; property of the king.

Podsho(h)parast : monarchist.

Podstantsiya : (Russian) sub station.

Podval : (Russian) basement, cellar; feuilleton.

Poema : (Russian) poem.

Poetik : (Russian) poetic(al).

Poetika : (Russian) poetics; theory of poetry.

Poezd : (Russian) train. ~ yo'l tracks, rails.

Poeziya : (Russian) poetry.

Pog'ona : rung, step.

Pog'onali : consisting of steps or rungs; successive, progressive.

Pogon : (Russian) epaulet, shoulder strap.

Pogrom : (Russian) pogrom, massacre.

Pogromchi : person taking part in a pogrom.

Pogromchilik : pogroms, massacres.

Pojalista : (Russian) please.

Pok 1 : pure, clean, unsullied; straight, honest, true.

Pok 2 : completely, entirely.

Pok pokiza 1 : absolutely pure, perfectly unsullied.

Pok pokiza 2 : completely, totally.

Pokdil : pure hearted.

Pokdomon lit. : chaste.

Pokiza : pure, clean; good, true.

Pokizala  : v.t. To clean, to cleanse. [pokizalan ]

Pokizalik : cleanliness.

Pokla  lit. : v.t. To purify, to cleanse. [poklan ]

Poklik : abstr. Of pok 1.

Pokrishka : (Russian) outer covering; (outer) tire.

Pol 1 : a unit of cropland (surrounded on all sides by a raised border so that it can be irrigated by flooding with water); (coll.) The raised border surrounding such a field (s. Marza).

Pol 2 : (Russian) floor.

Pol"ka : (Russian) polka.

Poligon : (Russian) firing range, testing ground.

Poligrafist : (Russian) printing worker.

Poligrafiya : (Russian) printing trade, polygraphy.

Poliklinika : (Russian) clinic.

Polimer : (Russian) polymer.

Poliomielit : (Russian) polio.

Polisemantik : (Russian) polysemantic.

Polisemiya : (Russian) polysemy.

Polismen : (Russian) policeman (in foreign countries).

Politeizm : (Russian) polytheism.

Politexnik : (Russian) polytechnic(al).

Politexnika : (Russian) polytechnics.

Politexnikum : (Russian) polytechnic school.

Politexnizm : (Russian) polytechnic educational system.

Politruk : (Russian) political instructor (in armed forces).

Politseyskiy coll. : (Russian) s. Politsiyachi.

Politsiya : (Russian) police (in foreign countries).

Politsiyachi : policeman.

Politsiyachilik : police... ~ hukumat police state.

Politsmeyster hist. : (Russian) chief of police.

Politura : (Russian) polish, varnish.

Poliz : field for growing crops that grow along the ground (esp. Melons).

Polizchilik : cultivation of melons, cucumbers, etc.

Polk : (Russian) regiment.

Polka : (Russian) shelf; berth.

Polkovnik : (Russian) colonel.

Polli : floored, having a floor.

Polniy coll. : (Russian) fully, completely, fluently. O'zbekchhani ~ bilasizmi? Do you know Ozbek fluently?

Polnostiy coll. : (Russian) fully, completely, entirely.

Polosa : (Russian) type page.

Polotno : (Russian) linen; canvas (= painting); (railway) bed.

Polvon : big and strong (boy or man); wrestler; nickname for excavators, cranes, etc.

Polvonlik : abstr. Of polvon; bravery, manliness.

Polyak : (Russian) Polish.

Pomeshchik hist. : (Russian) landowner, landlord.

Pomidor bot. : (Russian) tomato.

Pona : wedge. ~ qoq  to drive a wedge.

Ponsad hist. : officer (in charge of 500 men??).

Ponton : (Russian) pontoon, pontoon bridge.

Pop 1 : (Russian) priest.pop 2 ono.popping noise.

Popilla  ono. : v.i. To make a popping or plopping noise. [popillat ]popiltiriq coll.panicle; tassle.popishak zool.hoopoe.

Poplin : (Russian) poplin.

Popop : (Russian) embroidery. ~ mashina embroidery machine.

Popuk : tassle, ball, pompon; fringe; a candy wrapped in fringed paper; term of endearment used towards girls.

Pora 1 : piece, fragment, chip, shred; (obs.) Group, bunch; (obs.) Chapter, section.

Pora 2 : bribe. ~ ol /e  to take or accept bribes.

Pora pora : in pieces, broken to bits, torn to shreds.

Porala  rare : v.t. To tear to pieces or break to bits. [poralan ]

Poraxo'r : bribe taker.

Poraxo'rlik : bribe taking, corruption.

Porchilloq : chapped, cracked (skin).

Porilla  : v.i. To shine brightly, to gleam.

Porla  : v.i. To shine. [porlat ]

Porloq : shining, bright.

Porom : tasteful, comely, attractive.

Poroshok : (Russian) powder.

Porox : (Russian) gunpowder.

Porshen" : (Russian) plunger, piston.

Porsilla  v.i. Ono. : to become cracked or chapped (e.g., lips).

Porsin : s. ~ bog'la  to become chapped or cracked.

Port 1 : (Russian) port.

Port 2 : bursting or popping noise; loud or brisk flapping noise.

Portativ : (Russian) portable.

Portfel" : (Russian) briefcase; portfolio.

Portla  : v.i. To blow up, to explode. [portlat ]

Portlovchi : explosive; plosive.

Portret : (Russian) portrait.

Portretchi : portrait artist.

Portretist : (Russian) s. Portretchi.

Portsigar : (Russian) cigarette case.

Portsiya : (Russian) portion, serving.

Portsiyali : ?A carte.

Portugal : s. Portugaliyalik.

Portugaliyalik : Portuguese.

Posangi : rock or coin place on a scale to serve as a counterbalance; balance wheel of a clock.

Posbon lit. : guardian, sentinel, protector.

Posbonlik : guardianship; protection.

Poshna : heel (on footwear).

Poshnala  : v.t. To put a heel on (a shoe); to prod, smash or kick with one's heel. [poshnalat ]

Poshnali : heeled; high heeled.

Poshsha : an endearing epithet used for women and girls.

Poshshaxon : epithet for women or girls indicating endearment or respect; the best, the champ.poshsho coll.s. Podsho.

Posilka : (Russian) parcel, package.posira 1 hist.parcel of land set aside for use by sharecroppers; (dial.) Private plot.

Posira 2 : stores, reserves.

Post : (Russian) post.

Postament : (Russian) pedestal, base.

Postanovka : (Russian) production, show; staging.

Postovoy : (Russian) at one's post, on duty.

Postoyanniy coll. : (Russian) always, constantly. Kechki payt ~ uydaman I'm always home in the evening.

Posyolka : (Russian) outlying township or suburb; town.

Potash : (Russian) potash.

Potentsial : (Russian) potential.

Potinjon : eggplant (s. Baqlajon); (dial.) Tomato (s. Pomidor).pov ono.pow, whoosh, psst.

Povar : (Russian) cook, chef.

Povestka : (Russian) notice, notification.

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