SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Povidlo : (Russian) jam.

Povilla  ono. : v.i. To make a squirting or whooshing sound. [povillat ]

Power saw ?? :

Power turbine?? :

Poxod : (Russian) campaign; march; cruise.

Poxol : (wheat or rice) straw. Oldiga ~ sol  to pull the wool over s.o.'s eyes.

Poy : match or one (of a pair); leg or foot. ~ida at one's disposal, at one's beck and call.

Poy chog' : ~ini ol  to look over, to check out.

Poya : stalk, stem; each side of a ladder; leg, support; leg, shank; handle or arm (of bier or barrow); rung; step.

Poyabzal : footwear.

Poyabzalchi : maker of footwear.

Poyafzal : obs. S. Poyabzal.

Poyaki : one who makes a living by carrying around a waterpipe and charging others to smoke from it.

Poyakilik : abstr. Of poyaki; tobacco shop section of a bazaar.

Poyandoz : carpet spread out for entrance of royalty, etc.

Poyas : (Russian) zone, belt.

Poydevor : foundation.

Poydor lit. : solid, well founded, firm.

Poyga : race, competition. ~ qil /qo'y  to race, to compete.

Poygachi : racer, competitor.

Poygah : place of low esteem (near the door, i.e., farthest from the place of honor).

Poygak coll. : s. Poygah.

Poyintar soyintar : incoherent, jumbled, muddled; wobbling, unsteady.

Poyko'p : hammer like part of a rice watermill which moves up and down, threshing the rice grains on its descent.poyko'pchi dial.miller.

Poyko'pxona dial. : watermill.

Poyla  : v.t. To wait for; to safeguard, to watch over; to follow, to trail; to aim for. Payt ~  to wait for the appropriate time. Gap ~  to eavesdrop. Og'zini ~  to wait for s.o. To say s.t. [poylan , poylat , poylash ]

Poyloq : sentry post or station.

Poyloqchi : sentry, guard.

Poyloqchilik : abstr. Of poyloqchi; guard duty.

Poyma poy : unmatched; confused, muddled, jumbled, incoherent.

Poymol : trampled, laid waste. ~ bo'l  to be laid waste, to be done in. ~ qil /Et  to trample, to lay waste to, to do in.

Poynak : the narrow end of an egg; a protective metal cap attached to the end of a leather sheath.

Poynov : outlet (of waterworks). ~ ariq (dial.) A leaky ditch or canal.

Poyon : edge, limit.

Poyondoz : (thick quilt??)

Poyonsiz : limitless (s. Bepoyon).

Poyqadam : foot; footprint, tracks; arrival, coming.

Poytaxt : capital (city).

Poytesha : a large adze.

Pozitiv : (Russian) positive.

Pozitivist : (Russian) positivist.

Pozitivizm : (Russian) positivism.

Pozitron : (Russian) positron.

Pozitsion : (Russian) trench..., positional.... ~ jang trench warfare. ~ mudofaa entrenched defenses.

Pozitsiya : (Russian) position; stand.

Praktik : (Russian) worker with much practical experience; practical person; practical.

Praktika : (Russian) practice; practical, hands on experience.

Praktikant : (Russian) student engaged in practical or field work.

Praktikum : (Russian) practical work, field work.

Pravlenie : (Russian) board of directors, governing body.

Pravo : (Russian) driving license (= shofyorlik ~si).

Pravoslavie : (Russian) orthodoxy.

Predmet : (Russian) object; subject.

Predoxranitel" : (Russian) safety switch or catch.

Prefiks : (Russian) prefix.

Prehistoric : qabo obs.robe, cloak.

Prem"er ministr : (Russian) prime minister.

Prem"era : (Russian) premiere.

Preparat : (Russian) (chemical) preparation.

Press : (Russian) press, punch; (coll.) Paperweight.

Press pap"e : (Russian) paperweight.

Pressla  : v.t. To press, to compress. [presslan ]

Preyskurant : (Russian) price list.

Prezident : (Russian) president.

Prezidentlik : abstr. Of prezident; presidency.

Prezidium : (Russian) presidium.

Pribor : (Russian) device, instrument; set (of equipment).

Prichyoska coll. : (Russian) hairdo.

Prikazchik : (Russian) (arch.) Shop assistant; steward, caretaker.

Prilavka : (Russian) counter (s. Peshtaxta).

Primitiv : (Russian) primitive.

Primus : (Russian) primus (stove).

Printsip : (Russian) principle.

Printsipial : (Russian) based on or guided by principle; in principle; principled.

Printsipiallik : adherence to principle(s).

Printsipli : principled.

Printsipsiz : unprincipled.

Pristan" : (Russian) pier, wharf.

Pristav hist. : (Russian) police officer.

Pristuf coll. : (Russian) s. Pristav.

Pritsep : (Russian) trailer.

Priyomnik : (Russian) receiver, radio set.

Prizma : (Russian) prism.

Prizmatik : (Russian) prismatic.

Proba : (Russian) standard, gauge. 96 ~li oltin 96 carat (pure) gold.

Probirka : (Russian) test tube.

Probka : (Russian) cork, stopper (s. Tiqin); (coll.) Fuse.

Problema : (Russian) problem.

Problematik : (Russian) problematic.

Problematika : (Russian) problems.

Proekt : (Russian) project, design; draft.

Proektla  : v.t. To plan, design, project. [proektlan ]

Proektsiayla  : v.t. To project. [proektsiyalan ]

Proektsion : (Russian) projecting. ~ fonar' projector.

Proektsiya : (Russian) projection.

Proezd coll. : (Russian) (transportation) fare.

Professional : (Russian) professional.

Professor : (Russian) professor.
Profil" : (Russian) profile; cross section.

Profilaktik : (Russian) prophylactic; preventive.

Profilaktika : (Russian) prophylaxis; preventive measures, precautions.

Prognoz : (Russian) prognosis; forecast.

Programm : (Russian) adj. Of ~ nutq program speech, speech announcing the program.

Programma : (Russian) program.

Progress : (Russian) progress.

Progressiv : (Russian) progressive.

Progressivlik : progressiveness.

Progressiya : (Russian) progression.

Progul : (Russian) absence (from school or work).

Progulchi : absentee; truant.

Projektor : (Russian) searchlight.

Prokat 1 : (Russian) rolled iron.

Prokat 2 : (Russian) hire. ~ga mashina ol  to hire a car.

Prokatchi : rolling mill operator.

Prokatka : (Russian) rolling (in metal production).

Prokatkachi : s. Prokatchi.

Proklamatsiya : (Russian) leaflet.

Prokuratura : (Russian) office of the public prosecutor.

Prokuror : (Russian) public prosecutor.

Proletar : (Russian) proletarian.

Proletariat : (Russian) proletariat.

Proletarlash  : v.i. To become proletarianized; to become poor.

Prolog : (Russian) prologue (s. Muqaddima).

Propaganda : (Russian) propaganda.

Propagandist : (Russian) propagandist.

Propeller : (Russian) propeller.

Propiska : (Russian) residence permit.

Proportsional : (Russian) proportional; proportionate.

Proportsionallik : proporionality; proportion.

Proportsiya : (Russian) proportion, ratio.

Propusk(a) : (Russian) pass, permit; order.

Prorab : (Russian) foreman.

Prorektor : (Russian) pro rector, vice chairman.

Prospekt : (Russian) avenue.

Prospekt : (Russian) prospectus, summary.

Prosto coll. : (Russian) just, simply, only. ~ qilmoqchi Edim I just wanted to do it.

Prostokvasha : (Russian) yoghurt made w/o added culture.

Protektorat : (Russian) protectorate.

Protest : (Russian) protest.

Protez : (Russian) prosthesis, artificial limb.

Protezist : (Russian) prosthetist.

Protivogaz : (Russian) gas mask.

Protokol : (Russian) minutes, record of proceedings; statement; protocol.

Proton : (Russian) proton.

Protoplazma : (Russian) protoplasm.

Prototip : (Russian) prototype.

Protsent : (Russian)

Protsentchi : one who fulfills the plan at a certain percentage; one who lends at a certain rate.

Protsentli : (based on) percentage. Uch ~ sirka 3% vinegar solution.

Protsess : (Russian) process; legal proceedings, trial, lawsuit, case.

Protsessual : (Russian) adj. Of ~ muddat time limit for legal proceedings. ~ kodeks legal codex.

Provintsialiazm (Russian) : provincialism.

Provintsiya : (Russian) province; the provinces.

Provodnik : (Russian) (train) conductor.

Provokator : (Russian) agent provocateur; instigator.

Provokatsion : (Russian) provocation.

Proxodchi : shaft or tunnel worker.

Proxodkachi : s. Proxodchi.

Proza : (Russian) prose.

Prozachi : prose writer.

Prozaik : (Russian) prose writer, prosaist; (in) prose.

Prujina : (Russian) (technical) spring.

Prujinali : adj. Of ~ karavot spring bed. ~ o'yinchoq spring driven toy.

Pryanik : (Russian)

Psixiatr : (Russian) psychiatrist.

Psixiatrik : (Russian) psychiatric(al).

Psixiatriya : (Russian) psychiatry.

Psixik : (Russian) psychical, mental.

Psixika : (Russian) state of mind, psyche; psychology.

Psixolog : (Russian) psychologist.

Psixologik : (Russian) psycholigical.

Psixologiya : (Russian) psychology.

Psixopatologiya (Russian) : psychopathology.

Psixoterapiya (Russian) : psychotherapy.

Publitsist : (Russian) publicist, commentator on current affairs.

Publitsistik : (Russian) publicistic.

Publitsistika : (Russian) writing on current affairs.

Puch : empty, hollow (esp. A nutshell with only a shriveled nut inside); false, empty. ~ kalla empty headed. ~ga chiq  to turn out to be false or unfounded. Tagi ~ baseless, poorly founded.

Puchak : empty, void; airy; worthless.

Puchaki : s. Puchak.

Puchay  : v.i. To wither, to shrivel, to shrink. Iligi ~ to become exhausted. Karmoni ~di to have one's pockets go empty. [puchaytir ]puchmoq obs.outlying or lowlying area; corner.

Puchqoq : s. Puch.

Puchuq : snub nosed; missing or having a broken spout (teapot); term of endearment for children.

Pud : arch. (Russian) unit of measure equal to 16 kilograms.

Pudrat : (Russian) contract.

Pudratchi : contractor.puf ono.poof! (blowing noise). ~ sassiq sour grapes. ~ desa Buxoroga uchadi light as a feather.

Pufak : bladder; bubble, balloon.

Pufakcha : small bubble.

Pufla  : v.t. To blow, to puff; to spit (out).

Puk(ka) : the rounded side of a knucklebone.

Pul : money; (small) change. ~ bo'l  to be changed for money. ~ qil  to exchange for money, to liquidate; to make money. Uch) ~ one (two, three) cent(s), i.e., small change, nothing much. ~ni ~ bilan o'yna  to make money for nothing, to waste money, to spend money carelessly. ~ining sassig'iga yotolmaydi to be loaded with money, to have money to burn. ~ chiqar  to print money.

Pul : obs. Bridge (s. ~i sirot bridge which Muslims must cross to get to Heaven (s. Qil ko'prik).

Pul"s : (Russian) pulse.

Pul"t : (Russian) music stand; control panel.

Pul"verizator : (Russian) sprayer, atomizer.

Puldor : monied, wealthy.

Pulemyot : (Russian) machine gun.

Pulemyotchi : machine gunner.

Pulla  coll. : v.t. To exchange for money, to liquidate.

Pulley :

Pulli : having money; for a charge, not for free.

Pulmonary surgeon?? :

Pulparast : money lover, materialist; money minded.

Pulsiz : moneyless; free of charge.

Pulsizlik : poverty, insolvency.

Punkt : (Russian) point, spot; center, base; point, item, paragraph.

Punktir : (Russian) ~ chiziq dotted line.

Punktuatsion : (Russian) adj. Of punktuatsiya.

Punktuatsiya : (Russian) punctuation.

Purizm : (Russian) purism.

Purka  : v.t. To spray, to sprinkle. [purkal , purkash ]

Purkagich : sprayer, atomiser.

Purviqor lit. : stately, majestic.

Pus  dial. : v.i. To lie in wait (s. Pis ).

Pushaymon : regretful, sorry.pushmon coll.s. Pushaymon.

Pusht : embryo; generation. ~i kuyish to become barren. ~i kamar (male) seed; fruit of one's loins. Etti ~ seven generations.

Pushta : furrow; empty space left between rows of grape vines.

Pushtan : saddle girth.

Pushti : pink.

Put 1 dial. : leg; crotch, groin.

Put 2 coll. : (Russian) s. Pud.putur coll.harm, damage (s. Futur).

Putyovka : (Russian) travel pass, authorization.

Puxta : stout, durable, strong; skilled, proficient, experienced; well founded, well thought out, solid.

Puxtala  : v.t. To settle, to arrange, to make firm; to do or absorb s.t. Thoroughly, to master. Og'zini ~  to seal the lips of, to make sure that s.o. Doesn't talk. [puxtalan ]

Puxtalik : abstr. Of puxta.

Qa'da : (Arabic) a mourning rite performed in the house of a close relative of the deceased. ~ qarimas no hurry, will be done in due time.

Qa'r : (Arabic) depths.

Qabar  : s. Qavar .

Qabarinqi : s. Qavarinqi.

Qabariq : s. Qavariq.

Qabih : (Arabic) wretched, disgusting, lowly.

Qabihlash  : v.i. To become increasingly wretched or lowly. [qabihlashtir ]

Qabihlik : abstr. Of qabih; wretched, lowly, or disgusting act.

Qabil : (Arabic) ~i/~ida/~idan such as, like. ~dagi such.

Qabila : (Arabic) tribe; such.

Qabilachilik : tribal system; tribal way of doing things.

Qabiladosh : fellow tribesman; belonging to the same tribe.

Qabilaviy : (Arabic) tribal.

Qabl : (Arabic) s. Qabil.

Qablaalmilod : obs. (Arabic) before Christ (B.C.).

Qablattarix : obs. (Arabic)

Qabohat : (Arabic) lowly or disgusting act; appalling, wretched.

Qabohatli : loathsome, disgusting.

Qabr : (Arabic) grave.

Qabriston : graveyard, cemetery.

Qabul : (Arabic) acceptance, admission; reception. ~ qil /dargohida ~ qil  (obs.) To receive. Haji(si) ~ bo'ldi It's finished, done for.

Qabulxona : reception room; (hist.) Orphanage.

Qabz : (Arabic) s. ~ Et  to catch.

Qabza : (Arabic) handle, butt; width of one palm; handful.

Qabziyat : (Arabic) constipation; depression, dispiritedness.

Qabzlan  : v.i. To become touchy or upset.

Qachon : when? Har ~ or ~ bo'lsa always. ~ bo'lmasin whenever. ~dan beri/buyon since when?; for so long.

Qachondir : for so long; so long ago; at some time or other.

Qachongacha :

Qachongi : of what time?; of so long ago.

Qachonki : whenever.

Qachonlar : long, long time ago.

Qad 3pp. Qaddi : build, figure; torso; height. ~di raso well built, handsome in figure; grown straight and tall. ~ ko'tar  to grow; to be built, to appear.

Qad qomat : s. Qaddi qomat.

Qada  : v.t. To lean or prop against; to thrust, to stick, to drive into; to fasten, to nail; to inlay with. Kiprigini ~  to stare fixedly at. [qadal , qadaltir , qadat qadattir , qadash ]

Qadah : (Arabic) drinking glass.

Qadal  : v.i. Pass. Of ~ib o'tir 

Qadam : (Arabic) step; pace; visitation, frequenting; movements, actions, behavior. ~i yet /~ bos  to walk, to take steps; to come, to visit; to move, to take action. ~ ot /~ qo'y  to walk, to move; to set foot in, to enter; to undertake, to commence. Unga ikki dunyo bir ~ a great distance is nothing to him. Birovning ikki dunyosini bir ~ qil  to make one's life short. Har ~da every step of the way, on each hand.

Qadam baqadam : s. Qadamma qadam.

Qadama : fastened, attached; inlaid.

Qadamgoh rare : s. Qadamjo(y).

Qadamjo(y) : place of pilgrimage.

Qadamla  : v.i. To move forward, to take steps forward; to measure in paces.

Qadamlovchi : active part. Of qadamla . ~ Ekskavator self propelled excavator (s. Odimlovchi Ekskavator).

Qadamma qadam : right on the heels of, following step by step; step by step.qadaq dial.fire shovel (s. Xokandoz).

Qadar 1 : (Arabic) like, as; as much as, as many as; nearly, about; up to, until. Bir ~ quite some, to a large degree. U ~ that much. ~ qadar so much. Mumkin ~ as much as possible. O'n minut ~ nearly ten minutes, approximately ten minutes. Uyga ~ as far as home. Qishga ~ until winter.

Qadar 2 : obs. (Arabic) fate.qadarli coll.until, up to.

Qaddi bast : s. Qaddi qomat.

Qaddi qomat : build, stature, figure.

Qadim : (Arabic) ancient times; ancient. ~dan from ancient times; for a long time. ~ ~ very ancient; in very ancient times.

Qadimcha : old fashioned, traditional.

Qadimgi : ancient. ~ tarix ancient history. ~ dunyo tarixi history of the ancient world.

Qadimgicha : as before; old fashioned, traditional.

Qadimgiday : as before, just like way back when.

Qadimgilar : the ancients.

Qadimiy : (Arabic) ancient.

Qadimiylik : ancientness, old age.

Qadimona rare : old fashioned, traditional.

Qadoq 1 : pound (weight). ~ tosh one pound weight.

Qadoq 2 : callus. ~ qo'l(li) or qo'li ~ calloused hands; hardworking.

Qadoq 3 : nail like clamp for mending broken china (s. Chega); fastened with such a clamp.

Qadoqchi : s. Qadoqlovchi 1, 2.

Qadoqchilik : making a living mending chinaware.

Qadoqchoy : tea sold in one pound packages.

Qadoqla  1 : v.t. To measure in pounds; to pack in one pound quantities. [qadoqlan , qadoqlat ]

Qadoqla  2 : v.t. To mend with a qadoq/chega (s. Chegala ). [qadoqlan , qadoqlat ]

Qadoqlovchi 1 : one who packs things in one pound quantities.

Qadoqlovchi 2 : mender of chinaware.

Qadr : (Arabic) worth, value. ~ qil /~iga yet /~ini bil  to respect; to appreciate. ~i o'tdi to have one's loss felt.

Qadr qimmat : worth and value, esteem.

Qadrdon : boon companion, valued friend; dear, beloved. Ota ~im respected friend of my father's.

Qadrdonlash  : v.i. To become devoted friends.

Qadrdonlik : strong, devoted friendship.

Qadrla  : v.t. To respect, to hold in esteem; to value, to appreciate. [qadrlan ]

Qadrli : honorable, dear, beloved; valuable.

Qadrnoshunos lit. Rare : unappreciative, ungrateful.

Qadrshunos : appreciative.

Qadrshunoslik : appreciation.

Qadrsiz : unrespected, having no esteem; valueless, worthless.

Qadrsizlan  : v.i. To lose respect or esteem; to lose value, worth.

Qafas : (Arabic) cage. Ko'krak ~i rib cage.

Qag' qug' : s. Qag'.qag' ono.cawing sound.

Qag'anoq : s. Qaqanoq.

Qag'illa  : v.i. To caw. [qag'illat , qag'illash ]

Qag'qag'la  : s. Qag'illa .

Qah qah : s. Qahqaha.

Qahat : (Arabic) in short supply; starvation, famine. O'g'riga mol ~mi? Thieves (or go getters) never lack for anything. (+~ kelganmi? Are... In short supply?

Qahatchilik : famine, starvation; in short supply.

Qahatlik : dearth, lack.

Qahqah(a)la(b kul)  : v.i. To cackle, to guffaw. [qahqah(a)lash ]

Qahqaha ono. : (Arabic) laughing, cackling sound. ~ ur /~ urib/otib/solib kul  to cackle, to guffaw.

Qahr : (Arabic) wrath, rage. ~ ayla /~iga ol /~i qattiq odam wrathful or malicious person.

Qahr g'azab : wrath and anger.qahr zahr, qahru zahrwrath and malice. ~ini soch  to rant and rave.

Qahramon : hero, heroine. Sovet Ittifoqi ~i a Soviet military honor. Sotsialistik Mehnat ~i ~ the highest Soviet award for labor. Shahar city which showed great valor during WWII.

Qahramonlarcha : heroically.

Qahramonlik : heroism.

Qahramonona : s. Qahramonlarcha.

Qahraton : bitterly cold, severe (cold).

Qahrlan  : v.i. To become filled with wrath.

Qahrli : wrathful, furious; fierce (cold, etc.).

Qahva : arch. (Arabic) coffee.

Qahvachi : one who deals in coffee; owner of a coffee house.

Qahvaxona : coffee house.

Qal'a : (Arabic) fortress, castle; citadel; (dial.) City.qal'achi hist.merchants which traded with other cities, esp. Russian cities.

Qala  : v.t. To pile, to stack; to build (fire). [qalan , qalat , qalash ]qala dial.city (s. Qal'a).qalacha arch.city style or manner.qalachi coll.s. Qal'achi.

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