Meeting minutes east wenatchee, washington

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Members Present – Commissioners Cindy Carter, John Marshall, Steve Jenkins, Sheilah Kennedy
Staff Present – Bruce Buckles, Tammy Harvey, Valerie Graber, Erin Nelson, Diane Tribble, Jill Dempsey
Guests –Tom Cash, Union Representative; Betty Rae Adams, Staff Representative
Meeting – Cindy Carter called the Columbia River Council of Governments (COG) meeting to order at 1:30 pm.
Public Comment – None
Minutes – Sheilah Kennedy moved to approve the minutes from the December 4, 2014 meeting as submitted. Steve Jenkins seconded, and the motion carried.
Budget & Expenditures Expenditures were reviewed and discussed. Steve Jenkins moved to approve the expenditures for Checks 59019-59128, DD 9935, EFTPS 11, DRS 21 & 22 and Checks 59129-59272, DD 9936-DD 100033, EFTPS 12 & 13, DRS 23 & 24, ET 10, AMEX 7 & 8. Cindy Carter seconded, and the motion carried.
Personnel Update –Ashley Green has accepted the position of Case Aide in East Wenatchee effective 12/08/14. Pauline Jensen has accepted the position of Health Home Coordinator P/T in Moses Lake effective 2/3/15.
Monitoring Reports –Jill Dempsey reviewed and explained the monitoring report for ResCare Home Care and Beneficial In-Home Care.
Executive Director’s Report – Bruce Buckles reported on the fast moving activities of the NCW Accountable Community Health Accountable Care Organizations and the RSA/RSN’s designated by the Health Care Authority that is putting together organization for this region. Bruce participates in the planning board representing the interests of the aging and disabled community population AACCW serves. Bruce requested direction from the Commissioners regarding their concerns and desired outcomes. There was discussion on the challenges ahead for the counties represented. Diane Tribble reported on the huge turn-out for a recent workshop presented by Joan Acres of the Alzheimer’s Association called Activities: Planning the day for the Person with Dementia. Another workshop on an Alzheimer’s topic will be held on March 26th in Okanogan County and April 28th in East Wenatchee. She additionally announced ongoing planning for the upcoming Alzheimer Walks scheduled for September 12th in Wenatchee and September 19th in Moses Lake. Diane reported on a new Dementia Capable Systems grant AACCW received for developing and providing support groups and option counseling for people in early stages of dementia and their family caregivers.
Executive Session- None
Cindy Carter adjourned the meeting at 2:00 p.m.

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