Meeting minutes east wenatchee, washington

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Members Present – Commissioners Ron Walter, John Marshall, Steve Jenkins, Sheilah Kennedy
Staff Present – Bruce Buckles, Tammy Harvey, Valerie Graber, Erin Nelson, Diane Tribble, Jill Dempsey
Guests –Tom Cash, Union Representative; Betty Rae Adams, Staff Representative
Meeting – Ron Walter called the Columbia River Council of Governments (COG) meeting to order at 1:40 pm.
Public Comment – None
Minutes –John Marshall moved to approve the minutes from the August 7, 2014 and October 2, 2014, meetings as submitted. Steve Jenkins seconded, and the motion carried.
Budget & Expenditures Expenditures were reviewed and discussed. John Marshall moved to approve the expenditures for Checks 58486-58613, DD 9474-DD 9560, EFTPS 7, DRS 13 & 14, ET 5, AMEX 3, ESD 2, Lnl 2; Checks 58614-58740, DD 9561-DD 9648, EFTPS 8, DRS 15 & 16, ET 6, AMEX 4; Checks 58741-58870, DD 9649-DD 9742, EFTPS 9, DRS 17 & 18, ET 7, AMEX 5. Sheilah Kennedy seconded, and the motion carried.
Funding Request- Tammy requested additional items added to the agenda regarding the following funding requests:
Resolution No. 14-02: to authorize an increase in salary for Manager of Community Services; Community Service Specialist; and I&A Specialist. Steve Jenkins moved to approve Resolution No. 14-02. John Marshall seconded, and the motion carried.
Resolution No. 14-03: to authorize changes to the Area Plan Budget for 2014 to increase the budget for Nutrition, Aging Network Chore, and Information & Assistance using the residual Transportation funding; and 2015 to increase the budget for Information & Assistance and Personal Emergency Response System using the residual Transportation funding. John Marshall moved to approve Resolution 14-03. Steve Jenkins seconded, and the motion carried.

Personnel Update – Pam Draggoo accepted the position of Resource/Program Specialist in East Wenatchee effective 10/15/14. Sharon Heimbigner accepted the position of Case Manager P/T in East Wenatchee effective 10/1/14. Jenalle Wentworth resigned from the position of Case Aide in Moses Lake effective 10/17/14.
Monitoring Reports –Jill Dempsey reviewed and explained the monitoring report for In-Home Care of Central Washington.
Executive Director’s Report – Bruce Buckles reported on the outcome of the state audit with no findings and no recommendations by the auditor and the recent seminar with Teepa Snow with over 600 people in attendance. Diane Tribble reported on the results of the Alzheimer’s Walks held in Moses Lake and Wenatchee and plans for the future.
Executive Session- Steve Jenkins moved to enter into executive session for contract negotiations. John Marshall seconded and the motion carried.
The Board entered onto executive session at 2:30 pm and reconvened at 2:40 pm. No decisions were made.
The meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

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