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본인이 바라는 IGSE 졸업 후 자신의 모습에 대해 기술하세요

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본인이 바라는 IGSE 졸업 후 자신의 모습에 대해 기술하세요.

How do you picture yourself after graduating from IGSE?

As an Uzbek, I think studying this Master will allow me to know Korea, its people, educational system, culture and language, and help me contribute to the mutual cultural, social, and educational exchange and hopefully strengthen the bonds between both countries through this particular field. There are undoubtedly many unexplored educational opportunities that could be detected and we can get to know them the more we share, such as making use of efficient techniques and methods in the curriculum to have a more effective learning process of the English language.
So, after studying this master, and gaining that wonderful experience of living and studying in Korea, I would like to be able to take all that knowledge to continue on the improvement of Uzbek national educational system and work in a correct and effective way proposing and applying different methods for different types of students that will help them deal with troublesome cases in various aspects of languages.
After this program, I will put in practice what I have learnt so far and apply it to the different types of teachers, professors, students, and linguists I strongly believe that pursuing this path will allow me to grow as a person and as a professional, having an international performance, which is a very important aspect because of our globalized world. After concluding my master's degree in TESOL, I will be able to expand much more on the subject of English in the comprehensive approach while working as a language instructor, taking into account the efficacy that Korean educational system has.

If I get accepted to IGSE, this opportunity would be more than a complement to my professional training, in addition, I would be living in a rich cultural exchange, not only with Korean people but from the world too, being able to take all this experience to the work field, either Korean or Uzbek.

  1. IGSE에서 석사과정을 마치면 우리나라 영어교육 발전을 위하여 자신이 어떤 기여를 할 수 있다고 생각하는지 기술하세요.

Describe how you can contribute to ELT in Korea by earning your master’s degree.
As mentioned above, I will participate in different voluntary ELT projects. I will put into practice whatever I will have gained at IGSE and help improve the Korean educational system. I will teach the Korean generation comprehensive methods of learning English and how to make progress in it on the grounds of my gained knowledge at IGSE.
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