Statement of Purpose 제1지망 전공 Major

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Statement of Purpose

제1지망 전공 Major


수험번호 No.

이름 Name

Abduganiev Islombek

  1. IGSE를 지원하게 된 동기를 기술하세요.

Describe why you applied to IGSE.

The English language is the prime example of cultural convergence on a global scale, so, from my frame of reference, it is of paramount importance to be qualified as a distinguished specialist in it. IGSE is the golden opportunity to realize my future plans and enrich my knowledge thanks to its professional curricula, excellent English education specialists along with Korea’s advanced English Education. Also, it will provide an opportunity to work with both English and Korean professors as well as international students, enhancing the potential to broaden my horizon and knowledge.

Moreover, I consider IGSE as a great opportunity to get in touch with Korean culture and educational system. Although it is not so long since it was founded, IGSE has gained a great deal of reputation among both internal and external boundaries, as evidenced by its position in the top ranks of university’s size, entrance exam score, and distinguished graduates. Also, I am very curious about different approaches to the educational system at the foreign university.

On top of this, I would enjoy the chance to learn the Korean language as well.

  1. 대인 관계 또는 협업과 관련하여 자신의 장점과 단점에 대하여 기술하세요.

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