Press release date: 6 December 2013 mp endorses strategic role of Scotland’s only cement plant

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Date: 6 December 2013

MP endorses strategic role of Scotland’s only cement plant
East Lothian MP Fiona O’Donnell has reiterated the importance of Lafarge Tarmac’s Dunbar cement plant to the economy and jobs in East Lothian – a move that has been warmly welcomed by plant manager Florin Stoiean.
In a recent House of Commons motion, Ms O’Donnell acknowledged the strategic significance of the cement industry and the contribution it makes to the UK economy and society. She added that the Lafarge Tarmac Dunbar cement plant was hugely important for both the East Lothian and wider Scottish and UK economies.
She said: “It provides skilled jobs and apprenticeships for local people, and, as Scotland’s only cement works, is vital to the construction industry in Scotland and northern England. I will continue to support and promote the valuable contribution it makes to the county.”
Mr Stoiean, who took over as plant manager in July, warmly welcomed the comments, saying he was delighted Ms O’Donnell recognised the importance of the site.
“We continue to be one of the biggest employers in East Lothian and support our local communities,” he said. “But it’s also our ability to produce quality Scottish cement using ever-more waste-derived fuels and recycled raw materials that makes us unbeatable – economically and environmentally. This is why we are investing heavily to ensure the site is well-equipped to become a key partner in Scotland’s future economic success over the coming decades.”

Notes to Editors

About the Dunbar Cement plant

The Dunbar Cement plant has 130 employees and is estimated to contribute more than £8 million to the local economy each year through salaries, rates, contracts with local suppliers and donations.  The site started operations in 1963 and is the only cement works in Scotland.  It has benefited from some £100 million of investment since it was built, including a highly efficient kiln and landmark preheater tower and the £20 million gas scrubber built in 2007, which has halved sulphur and dust emissions. The Dunbar plant has made significant inroads into reducing its greenhouse gas emissions in recent years by sourcing 20% of its power requirements from the methane produced by a neighbouring landfill site, maximising use of its own raw materials, shifting significant numbers of vehicle movements from road to rail and utilising increased levels of waste-derived fuels that leave no by-product.

About Lafarge Tarmac

Lafarge Tarmac is the UK’s leading sustainable construction solutions group. Its diverse range of high products spans aggregates and asphalt; cement; lime and powders; and readymix concrete. It is also the largest road maintenance and highways services company in the UK, and has significant recycling operations throughout the country.  Lafarge Tarmac’s unparalleled experience and technical expertise helps the business to work in collaboration with customers to deliver unrivalled choice and flexibility. Its innovative solutions cater for all projects, from a modest DIY job at home to some of the most complex,  high profile projects in the UK, including Heathrow Terminal 5; Olympic Athletes’ Village and Aquatics Centre diving platforms; and The Shard. The company is committed to continuously improving safety performance across its business and the wider industry, and delivering shared social, economic and environmental value from its operations.

 Lafarge Tarmac was formed in January 2013 as a 50:50 joint venture between the UK operations of Lafarge (excluding plasterboard) and Anglo American (Tarmac).  Lafarge Tarmac operates independently, but is owned by Lafarge SA and Anglo American, who are equal shareholders. Lafarge Tarmac  has an unrivalled heritage, combining  more than 150 years’ experience and has  grown organically and through acquisitions, including household names such as Tarmac, Blue Circle and Redland. The leadership team includes Cyrille Ragoucy as CEO, and Guy Young as CFO.
Press contacts

Contact Amy Jackson on or 07917 773756

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Lafarge Tarmac, Portland House, Bickenhill Lane, Solihull, Birmingham, B37 7BQ

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