The diagrams provide information about the steps that are involved to produce cement and the way of using cement to produce concrete for building purposes

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The given the diagrams illustrateing all steps and equipments regarding how cement is produced, while the second one fluctuates shows the usage from of this cement in the production of concrete for construction. Look at this one to learn something new: The diagrams provide information about the steps that are involved to produce cement and the way of using cement to produce concrete for building purposes.

Looking from an overall perspective, Overall, there are four main stages in the process of cement manufacturing: crushing the raw materials and mixing, heating, also, grinding them, ending into a fine powder. Overall, there are four important stages in cement production while concrete production has only one stage. More over, cement is produced by mixing two elements while concrete is produced by mixing four elements that gravel has the highest proportion.
There are also additional mission that coming from the diagram, in terms of making concrete, after cement is mixed in proportion to the other ingredients, then, the limestone and clay are crushed to form a powder taken for a grinder and burned at a high temperature in a rotating heater that breaks them down. In the next stage of the diagram reveal that it the resulting mixture is ground in a grinder and the ready-made fine powder is given to make packaging. You are writing in a logic order but there are many grammar errors. Next body is the same with yours in meaning but analyze it to correct your grammar: At the first stage, limestone and clay are crushed through crusher machine and changed to powder. These powders are mixed together by mixer and gone into rotating heater which works with heat. After that these materials are gone into grinder and changed to cement which are packed to bags.

When it comes to produce concrete for construction purposes, cement is combined with other compounds in the proportions specified in the concrete mixer, with less than a fifth cement, a quarter sand, half gravel and one in ten water. Finally, after the cements' hydrating procession, it is blinded sand and small stones cause to turn concrete.

How to Vary Your Language

  • Limestone and clay are crushed by a crusher. ➡️ Limestone and clay are broken down by a crusher.

  • The powder is then mixed in a mixer. ➡️ The powder is then blended in a mixer.

  • The powder is heated in a rotating heater. ➡️ The powder is burned in a rotating heater.

  • Cement is mixed in a concrete mixer with other ingredients. ➡️ Cement is combined in a concrete mixer with other ingredients.

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