In this unit you will learn how to

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Listening practice
Exercise 5. Match the vocabulary with the correct definition and write a-h next to the numbers 1-8. seem bad or evil

b. to laugh uncontrollable way

c. to lose consciousness

d. excited or worried

e. to cause something to start

f. escaping or running away

g. causing great emotional shock

h. to be potentially dangerous

1.________ to faint

2.________ to freak someone out

3.________ sinister

4._________ flight

5. _________ to pose a threat

6._________ to giggle

7. _________ to trigger something

8. _________ traumatic


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Grammar focus

Grammar Focus

Questions and Answers

Question with YES/NO

  • Questions with Yes/ No answers begin with an auxiliary or modal verb ( is, are, do, does, can, etc.) which is followed by the subject. We usually answer these questions with Yes/No.

E. g.” Are you tired?” “Yes, I am”.

“Can you drive a car? “ “No, I can’t”.

  • When the main verb of the sentence is the present simple, we form the question with do or does. When the main verb is in the past simple, we form the question with did.

E. g, “Does Maria own a house?” “Yes, she does”

“Did you post the letter?” “No, I didn’t”.

Exercise 6. Write questions and answers for the following statements, as in the example.

1. Paul was tired when he get home.

2. Finally, they reached the top of the mountain.


3. Tom wants to concentrate on his medical studies.


4. People stare at me everywhere I go.


5. The children have breakfast with their parents before they left for school.


6. The mother will have cleaned the house by the time they come back.


7. I will tidy up after we finish cooking.


8. They think that they could have opened another hospital instead.



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Writing skill

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