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Lesson 2. Types of Phobias

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Lesson 2. Types of Phobias
Speaking practice

Exercise 1. Look at the common fears. Choose one that has caused you to feel afraid. Describe your experience.

Closed spaces elevators flying heights public speaking snakes spiders water fire darkness open spaces storm a bite from dog public transportation

Vocabulary preview
Exercise 2. Circle the correct word to complete these sentence.

1. To confront means to __________ a difficult situation.

a) face b) ignore
2. If you overcome a problem, you ________ effective.

a) fall at it b) struggle against what to do it

3. If things impact you, they ________ you.

a) confuse b) affect

4. A reluctant person is ________ to do something.

a) unwilling b) willing

5. If you run out of something, you don’t ____________.

a) have any more of it b) remember what to do it.

6. Symptoms are signs that someone has _____________.

a) a new job b) an illness .

7. If something is excessive, it’s __________________.

a) less than usual or necessary b)more than unusual and necessary.

8. To panic means to __________ and not know what to do about it.

a) be thrilled b) have a sudden fair.


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Reading skill

Reading comprehension

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