In this part you should write 2 types of letters: informal and formal

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2. Writing

In this part you should write 2 types of letters: informal and formal.
(Ushbu qismda siz 2 turdagi xat yozishingiz kerak: norasmiy va rasmiy)
(В этой части вам нужно написать 2 типа писем: неформальные и официальные)
You received this email from the president of the technology club. Read it and then write two letters. Write the first letter to your friend (informal) and the second email to the president of the club (formal). Follow the rules oа writing informal and formal letters.
(Siz bu xatni texnologiya klubi prezidentidan oldingiz. Uni o'qing va keyin ikkita hat yozing. Birinchi xatni do'stingizga (norasmiy xat) va ikkinchi elektron xatni klub prezidentiga yozing (rasmiy xat). Norasmiy va rasmiy xatlar yozish qoidalarga rioya qiling)
(Вы получили это письмо от президента технологического клуба. Прочтите и напишите два письма. Напишите первое письмо другу (неформальное), а второе письмо президенту клуба (формальное). Соблюдайте правила написания неформальных и официальных писем.
Dear Member,
We are writing to inform you that the trip to the science centre to see the robotics display has unfortunately been cancelled. Although many of you were looking forward to this excursion, we did not reach the necessary number of participants to continue. However, we hope to reschedule this event for next month. Please let us know if you would like a refund or if you would like to hold your spot for the new date.
1. Write a short email to your friend (about 100 words). Tell your friend your feelings about this and what you plan to do.
Dear friend!today in his letter I will tell you about their plans for the summer holiday. I finished the year well , and now my family thinks, where to go in the summer. the options are numerous: in the village to the grandmother, on the sea in the summer camp, or may be in another country... most of all I want to go to UK. in English class we have learnt much new about this country, and I dream to get there. it would be cool to go there with
2. Write an email to the president of the club (about 120-150 words). Tell them your thoughts about this and what you would like to do.
Formal Letter Sample
D-11 Adarsh Society.
DS Marg. Lower Parel
Mumabai 400 008.
11th June 2020
The Editor-in-Chief,
Hindustan Times, Main Street.
Mumbai 400 001
Subject Potholes in our locality is causing difficulties
Dear Sir,
With due respect, I would like to inform you that due to potholes in roads
we are facing a lot of difficulties in our area. Monsoon season has already
started a few days ago and is increasing our problems.
Ihere is a risk that people might get hurt wnile driving on the roads
having potholes especially with the childrens who play Outside. Even for
pedestrians it has become quite difficult to walk through the road.
ThereforeI wish to draw the attention of the concerned authorities with
the help of your newspaper. Hopefully. you will be able to help us in
drawing their attention and resolving this matter at the earliest.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,
Name & Signature
Which person …

  1. incorporates social media in their lessons? B

  2. was hesitant to use smartphones in class? A

  3. learned more about technology from a colleague? C

  4. uses technology as a reward? D

  5. relies on technology in the classroom? B

  6. wants to help teachers adapt? C

  7. accepts regular feedback? A

4. Grammar and vocabulary






















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