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Test 1

Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.

1. Here is a picture of _____ village where I was born. It is about ten

minutes by _____ car from Wellington, _____ big town.

A) the / __ / a B) the / the / __

B) __ / the / __ D) the / __ / __

2.The two kinds of _____ dog that I detest most are _____ snow dogs

and _____ lap dogs.

A) the / __ / __ C) __ / __ / __

B) __ / the / the__ D) the / __ / __

Choose the best answer

3 My father takes a nap ______ dinner.

A) with B) after C) on D) at

4.Turn left ______ the corner. The shop is ______ the left side.

A) on / at B) in / to C) at / on D) in / at

Choose the best alternative.

5.We have got plenty of time. We _____ hurry.

A) needn’t B) didn’t use to C) mustn’t D) didn’t need to

6.. If the sun ______ the world ______ dark.

A) won’t rise / will be B) hadn’t risen / would have been

C) doesn’t / will be D) didn’t rise / would be

7.”Are you ready?” she asked. She asked ______ ready.

  1. if I was B) when I am C) to be D) why I was

8. “Are you free now?” He asked her if ______ then.

  1. I was free B) is she free C) she was free D) was she free

9. ______, I wouldn’t have told you.

A) If it was a piece of bad news B) If I failed the driving test

C) If you were dismissed D) If I’d known you were going to be upset

10.Let’s get ___________ lettuce.

A) head of B) a head of C) head of a D) a head

11. It wasn’t as clear__________ today.

A) day as B) day as is C)a day as D) is a day

12.My chest hurts ____________ I breathe.

A) whenever B) whatever C) wherever D) whichever

13.The nurse is very _______. She spoke _______.

A) politely /politely B) politely /polite C) polite/ politely D) polite /polite

14. A: I’m afraid we can’t expect _______ temperatures over the holiday.

B: I’m _______ sorry about it.

A) extreme /extremely B) extremely /extremely C) extremely /extreme D) extreme/ extreme

15. A: They are not fond of chips. B: Neither__________.

A) do I B) am I C) I am D) I don’t

16. She deserves ________ the prize.

A) winning B) to win C) having won D) to have won

17. I’m so tired _____________ your complaints.

A) from B) about C) of D) in

18. I didn’t ____ ring her up for she did herself.

A) had to B) could C) must D) have to

19. Neither Colin nor Digby _______ there. A) are B) isn’t C) wasn’t D) was

20.There were ___________ snow on the car.

A) two feet of B) two feet C) a two feet D) a foot

21. You don’t need as fast ____________ she bought.

A) a car as B) car as one C) car as D) as a car
22. You must do __________ he says.

A) whomever B) whatever C) whenever D) wherever

23.The poor girl looked _________ ___________.
A) miserable/ unhappy B) miserably/ unhappy C) miserable/ unhappy D) miserably/ unhappily
24.The child looked __________.
A) neglected B) a beggar C) hunger D) poverty
25.In ________ past _________ most people lived by ___________ agriculture.

We’ve ____________ in Ankara since 1992.

A) be B) being C) to be D) been

26. It is no use __________ over _________ milk.

A) crying/spilt B) crying/ spilling C) to cry/ spilt D) cry/ spilt

27. Ronald Reagan ______ president for 8 years before he___________.

A) had been / has retired B) was/ retired C) was/ had retired D) had been/ retired
28.They promised that they _______ Mike next year.
A) visit B) will visit C) would visit D) won’t visit

29. A pack of cards ________________ scattered over the table.

A) is B) are C) were D) have been
30. I guess I didn’t buy her___________ gift.

A) expensive enough B) an expensive enough C) expensive enough a D) an enough expensive.

Express the meaning of each phrase in one word.

31. A very common reddish-yellow round fruit with a bitter sweet taste and a thick skin

o__ __ __ __ e

Put the words in correct order.

Find the definition of the following idiom

33. a quick tongue_______________________________________________________

Complete the proverb

34. An hour in the morning is worth _________________________________________

Complete the sentence.

35. Which planet is nearest the sun?____________________________________

Answer to the following questions.

36. Which language is spoken by most people in the world?

37. What does UNESCO stand for?

  1. What should you say in English if somebody sneezes?

  2. What natural phenomena are measured

by the 'Richter scale'?

  1. What is the opposite of ‘innocent’?

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Download 115.28 Kb.

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