The hunt for big foot

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Rod Plimpton

Mullan District Camping Chair

1929 East Broadway

Missoula Mt, 59802

December 23, 2016

Dear Scouter:

Announcing the Mullan Trail and Bitterroot District 2017 spring camporee to be held May 12ththru the 14th 2017 at Featherhorn Ranch, THE HUNT FOR BIG FOOT!!! Registration fees are $10 per participant and are due by May 1st 2017. Late registrations will be $15 per participant. Please register with number of scouts attending and send monies to Rod Plimpton at 1929 East Broadway Missoula MT 59802. Make checks payable to Montana Council BSA.

As part of the camporee a scout skills competition will be conducted Saturday and all troops attending should provide an activity/ skill at their campsite for the participants to test themselves on. For completion of that skill or activity each troop will provide a “Bait Item” that will be eventually placed in a cage by the patrols that earn that item to attract Big Foot and help rid the Bitterroot valley of that scourge once and for all. Bait items should be something related to the skill or activity and probably should be made as a result of that activity or representative of that activity I.E Fire building activity gets string as a bait item or geo caching gets gold colored stones because we all know Big Foot likes shinny things. Use your imaginations and have fun. Please contact Rod Plimpton with what your activity and bait item will be by April 1st.

The afternoon will end with the closing ceremony and a wonderful Pig Feed for all attending. Mullan Trail expert chefs will be cooking the pig all day and will need troops to provide a side dish or desert. Please advise us of what you bring by May 1st. All troops will provide their own utensils and dishes.

Your scouts can be a huge part of this camporee. We need a patch design for the camporee!! Have your scouts who are artists or even those who aren’t provide us with a design by February 14th 2017 and if their design is chosen the scout will win a nice prize and their troop will be first in line for the feast.

This camporee will be great opportunity for testing our skills, comradery and networking of all we are doing as scouts. Please attend and avail your trop of an event they will remember for years!!. Contact Rod Plimpton at 1929 East Broadway Missoula Montana or Calls may be also be made to 406-240 5980 or Thomas Huether at 406-780-0690.

Thank you, yours in scouting.

Rod Plimpton.

Download 12.84 Kb.

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