Final control work on Practical English Variant IV group: 11 a 16 fqgr student’s name: Ravshanova Gulxayo Overall point gained: /30

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Final control work on Practical English Variant IV

Group:11 A 16 FQGR

Student’s name: Ravshanova Gulxayo

Overall point gained: /30

1. I’ve made _____ many mistakes in this letter. I think I’ll type it again.

A) such B) so C) very D) too

2. The poor girl looked ______ ______.

A) miserable/unhappy B) miserably/unhappy C) miserable/unhappily D) miserably/unhappily

3. This is not______.

A) a big enough van B) big a enough van C) an enough big van D) a van enough big

4. The boss looked at him ______.

A) astonishing B) unhappy C) angrily D) hardly

5. It was ______ hot in the train.

A) extreme B) intolerable C) worse D) terribly

6. She ran ______ to the telephone. A) very quick B) hopefully C) impatient D) miserable 7.____ car would you like to buy?’ ‘Well, I’d like to buy a BMW, but I can’t afford it.’ A)how B)what C)that D)why 8.You ____ stop acting like a 5-year-old. You’re a father now. A)do B)can C)should D)may 9. She went ______ a sheet when she heard the news.

A) as white as B) as light as C) as mute as D) as deaf as

10. The ______ the problem ______ it is to find a solution.

A) more complicated / hardly B) most complicated / the hardest

C) more complicated / the harder D) more complicated / the hardest

11. ______ we leave, ______ we’ll arrive.

A) The sooner/the earlier B) Sooner/earlier C) The soonest/the earliest D) The soonest /earlier

12. The car went______ and ______ down the hill.

A) very fast / dangerous B) silently / safe C) faster / faster D) later / slow

13. Although we hear about terrible air crashes, flying is still the ______ way to travel. It is much ______ than walking down the road!

A) safer / a lot safe B) safest / safer C) less safer / safer D) least / a lot safer

14. She turned this way and that, admiring ______ in the mirror.

A) himself B) herself C) hers D) him

15.The couple in the flat upstairs are making ______ unpopular by shouting ______ at the top of their voices every night.

A) themselves /each other B) them /one another C) herself /one another D) as/each other

16. It’s____ low season now, and____ most of____ hotels are half empty.

A) the / _ / the B) a / _ / the C) _ / _ / the D) a / _ / _

17. ______ great improvement in ______ patient’s condition was brought about by ______ use of ______ newly developed antibiotic.

A) _ / the / _ / a B) A / the / _ / _ C) The / the / _ / _ D) A / the / the / a

18. A: Where is Ken?

B: I think he ______ a bath.

A) was having B) has C) is having D) took

19. Sarah ______ Simon for a long time.

A) has known B) knew C) doesn’t know D) didn’t know

20. Robert de Niro began acting in the 1970s. He has been ______ for about 35 years.

A) acted B) acting C) acts D) to act

21. It started raining on Saturday. It hasn’t ______ since then.

A) stopping B) stops C) had stopped D) stopped

22. When did Fatih Sultan conquer Istanbul? Istanbul ______ by Fatih Sultan in 1453.

A) was conquered B) conquered C) be conquered D) is conquered

23.The computer ______ delivered tomorrow.

A) are B) was C) has D) will be

24. Experiments are often ______ by scientists.

A) do B) done C) doing D) been

25. A patient ______ by a doctor.

A) examined B) is examining C) will examine D) is examined

Write definition with your own words to each word below: 26.Bristle- a short stiff hair 27.Sputnik- a satellite of the type that was put into space 28.Planetraium- a building in which moving images of the sky at night are shown 29.Aperitif- an alcoholic drink 30.Mozzarella- a soft white Italian cheese
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