Unusual hobbies

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Everyone has different hobbies. It can be doing things, making things, collecting things or learning things. You are doing it to relax or to belong.
Some people like to dress up as anime characters while others collect coins. Some think a little bit outside the box and take up hobbies you might not even know existed. Here is a list of the most unusual hobbies we found:


It’s a very cool hobby in which you train living trees and other woody plants into artistic shapes or useful structures. Think about growing your own chair! It might take a while though.


Choose different types of beetles to fight against each other. Beetle fighting enthusiasts sometimes breed different species of beetles for fighting. You can find videos about it online, but while some might find it interesting, others may think it's a bit gross!


This consists of appearing as a bystander in the background of television shows. Very few have the resolve, planning skills, and perfect star-alignment to call this a hobby and not just a mere pipe dream. There has only been one truly great newsraider, Paul Yarrow, from the UK. He has appeared in many many broadcasts. Check out a collection here!


Yes, it’s a competitive sport, also known as “EI”. Extreme ironing consists of ironing clothing in different, usually extreme, situations like while rock climbing, surfing, on a kayak…


Yes it’s exactly that. You take a nice oval stone and you try to make it bounce on water as many times as possible. The current record holder managed a 51 bounce throw.

6. Entomology

This hobby is about the study of insects. Bug collecting is another name for it, where you can find all different types of bugs in the same species, or in a variety of them, to store in jars, containers, or more.

We think this one falls under the category of the weird and slightly creepy hobbies out there, but lots of people do it and love it.

7. Geocaching

Who doesn’t love searching for hidden treasures? Geocaching is the modern version of treasure hunting as players use technology to discover hidden containers. The cool thing is that the activity allows you to meet new people and make friends from all over the world (there are both global and local treasure hunts).

8. Drifting

While it may not be as weird as Extreme Ironing, drifting is not exactly something anyone can do. You need to have the right car and the right set of skills for this, but the results are spectacular for both drivers and spectators.
Furthermore, there are even organized events where drivers get to compete to be proclaimed as the drift king or queen.

9. Airsoft

There is something extremely attractive in playing military simulation game like airsoft; and the most serious players progress by using the best airsoft guns and other specialized gear and accessories. The thrill of the chase, the overcoming of obstacles, and having fun in an outdoor setting is enticing and many people seem to like this as a hobby.

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