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11336. Isaac Byers, 77, died Friday at his home in Topeka. The body was brought to Holton Monday and burial made in the Holton cemetery. The Holton Signal, January 20, 1921.
11337. Newton Jasper Foster was born in Pleasant Hill (now Selma) in McLean county, Illinois, in the year of our Lord 1837, July 25th, and departed this life January 16, 1921, aged eighty-three years, five months and twenty-one days. N. J. Foster came west with his parents in 1856, they settled near Leavenworth, in Leavenworth county; in the spring of 1857 they came to Circleville in Jackson county, where they settled down again, and there he spent most of his life. In June on the 7th day, 1859, he united in marriage with a young widow by the name of Mary Blackerby. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Chapman. She having two children by her first husband, William and Sarah Elizabeth Blackerby. To this union were born ten children, George D. Foster of Auburn, Neb., Robert M. Foster of Wilsey, Kan., George D. Foster of Salem, Neb., Marinda May Foster dying in infancy, Arminta E. Meeks of Wichita, Kan, Martha J. Hoover of Tacoma, Wash., Julia A. Arnold of Latimer, Kan., Mary M. Spiker of Holton, Kan., John W. Foster of Puyallup, Wash., and Newton Foster dying in his youth. His wife, three children, Marande M. and Mary M. Spiker, and Newton Foster, preceded him to the bright beyond. In the border ruffian war, he was with Jim Lane, and in 1862 he enlisted in the Union army, served three years; he was in Company B, of the 11th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry. He soldiered in Missouri and Arkansas, helped to drive Price out of Westport near Kansas City, Mo. He was with Major Plumb and others, on the Powder river expedition, in Wyoming … He was converted early in life … united with the Methodist Episcopal church … He was a member of the G. A. R. at Circleville, Jackson county, Kansas. About a year ago he went to the state of Washington to visit some children living in that state, while there, he was riding in his son’s car, when another car struck their car broadside, it came near killing him at the time … His sickness was from his hurt while in the car, causing an abscess which caused his death … On the morning of the 16th, he passed peacefully away at the home of his daughter Mrs. Julia A. Arnold, where he made his home most of the time. He leaves to mourn his loss, seven children, two step-children, thirty-six grand children, fifty-two great grand children … After services, his remains were taken to Wilsey, Kan., where it was laid to rest by the side of his wife … The Holton Recorder, January 27, 1921.
11338. Mary Harden Eaden, the second daughter of Granville and Margaret Eaden, was born near Camden Point, Mo., on Feb. 4, 1867, and departed this life at the family home northeast of Circleville, on Jan. 19, 1921. She came to Kansas with her parents in 1876, and located near Circleville, where she has spent her life. In November, 1887 … became a member of the church at Circleville … Hardie, was she was familiarly known … She leaves to mourn her departure her aged parents, two brothers, J. R. Eaden of Almena, and C. G. of Circleville; two sisters, Mrs. Emma J. Robinson, of Circleville, and Mrs. Jessie M. Manley, of Deerfield, Kan. ….
Pea Ridge. … Interment in the Circleville cemetery … The Holton Recorder, January 27, 1921.
Card of Thanks. … death of our daughter and sister Hadie … Mr. and Mrs. Granville Eaden. Mr. C. G. Eaden. Mr. and Mrs. George Manley. Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Robinson. The Holton Recorder, February 3, 1921.
11339. The news of the death of Mr. Joe Perry, of Shawnee, Okla., was received here by his relatives last week. Mr. Perry died on Monday, January 10, 1921, at the age of 83 years and 11 months, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John Pring, of Shawnee, after a short illness from blood poisoning which resulted from an injury to one limb he received while chopping wood. The funeral was held at Shawnee and the body brought to Neodesha, Kan., for burial in the cemetery where his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Perry, and sister, Mrs. Sam Blandon, are buried. Mr. and Mrs. Perry had been married 60 years. Mr. Perry and his family lived here many years ago and it was he and his brother, Mr. Reed Perry, of Holton, who in 1869, built and operated the flour mill north of town now known as the B. F. Reser Mill. Mr. Perry is survived by his wife and three daughters, his brother, Reed Perry of Holton; his sister, Mrs. Sue Fredrickson of Denver, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Haas and his niece, Mrs. Frank Stumbaugh of Rossville. - Rossville Reporter. The Holton Recorder, January 27, 1921.
11340. Little Cleva May Kern, daughter of Benjamin O. and Emma Maloney Kern, was born October 10th, 1916, and died January 19, 1921 … Besides the father and mother, four brothers and sisters are left … Interment was Friday in the South Cedar cemetery, Denison. The Holton Recorder, January 27, 1921.
11341. Alpha Lucile Tillotson, daughter of Mrs. Rosa Tillotson, was born April 16, 1913, at Onaga, Kansas. She died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jontra, near Havensville, at 1:30 Saturday morning, January 15, 1921, aged 7 years, 8 months and 29 days. She leaves to mourn her departure, the grief stricken mother … two sisters, one brother, grandparents, uncles, aunts … Burial was in the Havensville cemetery. Owing to the physical condition of Mrs. Jontra, who was away from the house under doctor’s care, she was deprived of being at home during the sickness and death of little Lucille. Card of Thanks … Mrs. Tillotson and children. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jontra. The Soldier Clipper, February 2, 1921.
11342. Imri A. McDonald was born in New Concord, Ohio, Oct. 22, 1858, and passed away at Holton, Kansas, Jan. 26, 1921, having reached the age of 62 years, 3 months and four days. In the spring of 1872 he came with his parents to Kansas. The family settled on a farm west of Holton, where he grew to young manhood. After his arrival here, he spent, with the exception of about five years, his entire life in Jackson county. On Oct. 31, 1891, he was united in marriage with Angie Welch. To this union were born one son, William of Holton. In 1900 he moved into Holton and has resided here continuously from that time. On March 21, 1914, his companion preceded him in death. About eight years ago … united with the Evangelical church … for the past ten years he has been afflicted with the lingering and painful disease known as creeping paralysis … His son, William, who stood so nobly by his father all the years of his isolation and suffering … In addition to his son, he is survived by two brothers, Everett, of Holton, and Charles, of Topeka, and one sister, Mrs. Mahala Ozburn of LeRoy, Kan. … Interment was made in the Holton cemetery. The Holton Recorder, February 3, 1921.
11343. Circleville. Haynes Armstrong who had gone to Chanute to visit his sister was called home Sunday by the death of his 18 months old daughter who died suddenly of pneumonia. The Holton Signal, February 3, 1921.
Lena Grace, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hays Armstrong was born near Circleville, July 30, 1919, and departed this life January 29, 1921. She leaves to mourn her loss a loving mother and father, five sisters and two brothers, a grandmother, and a number of aunts and uncles … laid to rest in the Circleville cemetery. The Holton Recorder, February 10, 1921.
… aged 1 year, 5 months and 29 days … The Holton Recorder, February 3, 1921.
11344. Witchewah. We extend sympathy to Miss Mabel in her sorrowing moments and bereavement of her uncle. The Holton Recorder, February 3, 1921.
Rock Brook. Miss Mabel Coombs was called home last week by the death of her aunt. The funeral was last Friday. She returned back to school Sunday. The Holton Signal, February 10, 1921.
11345. Denison Department. Mrs. Eugene Marriot died at her home north of town Tuesday night and was buried Friday. [Later in column.] Mrs. Marriot of Eureka came up Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. M. E. Marriot … The Holton Recorder, February 3, 1921.
Mary Jane Woods was born November 27, 1859, at Larkinburg, Kan., and departed this life January 25, 1921, aged 61 years, 1 month and 28 days. From infancy she has been a continuous resident of Jackson county, Kansas, with but one brief exception - living then at Manhattan, Kansas, for one year. Early in life she became a member of the Christian church, later uniting with the Methodist Episcopal church in Denison, Kansas. She was united in marriage to M. E. Marriott of Denison, November 6, 1879, to which union were born three sons, Lloyd D., William, and Walter D. … She leaves to mourn her loss her husband M. E. Marriott, and two sons Lloyd of Denison and Walter of Maybutte, Alberta; three brothers Wm. Woods of Denison, John Woods of Kansas City, S. H. Woods of Fulton, Mo., and one sister Mrs. Emma Coombs of Larkinburg … interment was made in the cemetery south of town. The Holton Recorder, February 10, 1921.
11346. Carbon. Mrs. Mary Moore and Sam Law returned home from Galesburg, Ill., where they were called by the death of an aunt. Mrs. Moore received a letter while there, stating that her boys were sick, so she left immediately for her home here. The Holton Recorder, February 3, 1921.
Drake. Sam Law was called to Illinois Tuesday evening by the death of his mother. Mr. Law had just came home from there a little over a week ago, after attending the funeral of an aunt. The Holton Recorder, February 17, 1921.
Carbon. … death of his mother at Galesburg, Ill. … The Holton Signal, February 17, 1921.
11347. Bancroft. Mrs. George Dittman received word Saturday, of the death of Dick Morris’ baby in Kansas City. The mother had left the two children in the house for a few minutes. The older child about three years old, set the baby’s clothes on fire with matches. The funeral was held Monday in Centralia. The Holton Recorder, February 3, 1921.
11348. Bancroft. Miss Anna DeKay attended the funeral of her cousin, Mrs. Steefler at Seneca Sunday. The Holton Signal, February 3, 1921.
11349. Brief Local News. Mr. and Mrs. Z. C. Calvin were in Ottawa last week to attend the funeral of Mrs. Calvin’s mother. The Holton Signal, February 3, 1921.
11350. Mrs. J. H. Gordon passed away at her family residence at Whiting, Kansas, Thursday afternoon January 27, 1921. The funeral services were held at St. Leo’s Catholic Church at Horton, Kansas and the burial was in Horton cemetery … Margaret Mullady was born in Pike County, Ill., July 3, 1859 and lived in Griggsville, Ill. until her marriage to James H. Gordon May 28, 1885, when she and her husband moved to Whiting, Kan. For several years previous to her marriage she was a successful teacher in the Pike County, Ill., school, her last teaching being in Griggsville Public Schools. About six weeks ago she contracted a cold which later developed into a serious complication of liver and heart trouble. Her sisters, Jennie Mullady and Mrs. Catherine Morrison were with her in her last illness. She leaves other sisters, Winifred and Elizabeth Mullady of Denver, Co. Mame and Teresa Mullady of St. Louis, Mo. Two brothers Thomas Mulladay of Trumbull, Neb., and Martin Mulllady of Minneapolis, Minn. These with the bereaved husband and son Harris are left to mourn. The Whiting Journal, February 4, 1921.
Whiting. Mrs. James Gordon passed away on Thursday morning at her home east of town …. She leaves … three granddaughters, two brothers, Tom Mullady of Nebraska, Mart Mullady, Dakota, Miss Minnie Mullady, Miss Libbie Mullady of Denver … Mrs. Kit Morrison of Jacksonville, Ill., and Miss Jennie Mullady of Whiting. Her funeral was held at St. Leo’s church in Horton … Burial was in the Catholic cemetery. The Holton Signal, February 3, 1921.
11351. Sunny Slope. February 8, 1921. Gilbert Pendlebury and family attended the funeral of their nephew, Walter Pendlebury in Horton Monday. Whiting Journal, February 11, 1921.
Northeast Jackson. Gilbert Pendlebury and family attended the funeral of his sister’s baby near Muscotah Tuesday. The Holton Recorder, January 12, 1922.
11352. J. P. Crume was born at Alton, Ill., August 19, 1846. He died at his home in Soldier, Kans., February 4, 1921. Aged 74 years, 5 months and 15 days. He was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Phoebe Annetta Cline, December 17, 1882. To this union were born six children, two boys - and four girls. Both boys have preceded him to the land beyond. Perry Ira died in infancy and Maxwell died while in service of the world war in 1919. The girls, Mrs. Minnie Frager, Mrs. Ethel Romjue, Mrs. Inez Brumfield and Mrs. Nellie Streeter, survive … Mr. Crume came to Kansas in 1882 and has been a resident of this community since that time, most of this time was spent in business … He united with the Baptist Episcopal Church in 1910. … He leaves to mourn his loss, a faithful wife, four loving children, five grandchildren … The burial was conducted by Soldier Lodge No. 240 A. F. & A. M., of which he was a member. He was also a member of the Eastern Star. … The Soldier Clipper, February 9, 1921.
James Crume, father of Mrs. Ralph Streeter … The Holton Signal, February 10, 1921.
11353. Mayetta News. We met our friend George McAtee, who was a neighbor in western Kansas, going through on the train Monday. He had been in Hiawatha attending the funeral of his sister who died from sleeping sickness. The Holton Signal, February 10, 1921.
11354. Delia. Mr. and Mrs. Vaught have the sympathy of the entire community in the loss of their twin sons. The little fellows was just about a month old and both were doing fine until they contracted the prevailing bad colds and fever. … The Holton Signal, February 10, 1921.
11355. Flossie Madelon, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Randall, was born May 14, 1902, near Havensville, Kans., and died In Kansas City, Mo., at 5:30 on February 9, 1921, after an illness of less than a week. She graduated from the Soldier High School as a member of the class of 1920, and after working in a bank in Circleville, for a few months, decided to take a course in college. And it was while attending college in Kansas City she became ill and died. She spent the greater part of her life near Havensville and Soldier … Flossie became a Christian while living at Princeton, Franklin county, Kans. ... when about 12 years of age. She was a member of the congregation worshiping at this place … having served as pianist for about three years. She leaves to mourn her death, a father, mother, one sister, Christine, besides number of aunts, uncles, and two grand-parents … the body was laid away in the Soldier cemetery. … The Soldier Clipper, February 16, 1921.
11356. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Onion received the sad intelligence on Monday of the death of their grandchild at Columbus, Kansas. … The Soldier Clipper, February 16, 1921.
11357. Lafayette Crane, a former citizen of Jackson county, brother of Alfred E. Crane, died at Sinton, Texas, Monday night. His body is expected to arrive on the 8:30 train this morning … Mr. Crane died of dropsy. The Holton Recorder, February 17, 1921.
Lafayetta F. Crane was born May 11, 1858, in Atchison county, Kansas, and died at Sinton, Texas, Feb. 14, 1921. He left surviving him four children, Mrs. Claudia Hill of Sedgwick, Kan.; Mrs. Josephine Hayward, of Sheridan, Wyoming; Arthur E. Crane, of California; Mrs. Lucille Haas, of Circleville, Kan. He also left two brothers, A. E. Crane of Topeka, and C. C. Crane of Sinton, Texas; two sisters, Mrs. John Tork, of Topeka, and Mrs. Josephine Blossom of Vermont, and a father, Columbus Crane, of Topeka. He also left a large number of nieces and nephews …
Mayetta Department. Lafe Crane was born in the year 1866, May 11 on Stranger Creek in Leavenworth county, and died in Oden, Texas where he was living at the home of his brother, Cal, Tuesday morning, February 15, 1921, making his age 64 years, 8 months and 28 days … The last time we saw him, something over two years ago he was complaining of not feeling well. He spent most of his life around what is known as Old South Cedar. He went to school there, and remained there until he was grown, when he took a notion to travel. He has been over the United States from ocean to ocean and has seen many sights. He was one of the best men around horses and knew all about the nature of a horse. If Lafe couldn’t work a balky horse, there was no need of anyone trying. He was always good to the poor and gave away many a dollar to poor people. … laid to rest in the Holton cemetery. He leaves a father, two brothers, A. E., and C. C., and half-brother, Ira Daniels, and two sisters, Mrs. John Tork of Topeka’s, Mrs. John Blossom, of Rutland, Vermont, and one half-sister, Mrs. Charles Phillips of Holton. The Holton Recorder, February 24, 1921.
Mrs. Mark Hayward … The Holton Signal, February 24, 1921.
Christopher C. Crane was born March 28, 1936, and died on July 4, 1921, at the home of his son, A. E. Crane, of Topeka. He belonged to a family of 13 children, eight of whom are still living. Two brothers, Stephen and Robert Crane, attended the funeral. J. H. Crane, his father, removed to Kansas in 1854. At that time the deceased was about 19 years old. He was married in 1857 to Permelia Jones and there were five children born as a result of this marriage. Fayette died in February, 1921, and the other four survive him. They are Mrs. Emma Tork, of Topeka; Mrs. Josephine Blossom, of Rutland, Vermont; A. E. Crane, of Topeka, and Calvin C. Crane of Sinton, Texas. The mother has been dead 49 years … Burial was in the Holton cemetery. The Holton Recorder, July 7, 1921. (cont’d)
11357. (cont’d) Mayetta Department. … Many years ago he lived on Stranger creek and grew up and went west, where he lived for a great many years. From there he came to live with his son Alfred until his death. The remains were taken to Holton and laid to rest by the side of his son Lafe, who died a few months ago. He leaves two sons and two daughters. The Holton Recorder, July 14, 1921.
Mayetta News. C. C. Crane, a pioneer of Jackson county, died on Monday morning at the home of his son, Alfred crane in Topeka. … the deceased formerly lived in Texas until about two years ago when he came to Topeka and has since made his home with his son, A. E. Crane and family. The Holton Signal, July 7, 1921.
11358. Wm. Lawles, whose remains were shipped to Delia, was the oldest son of Mr., and Mrs. John Lawles, who came to Kansas in the early days and went back to his birthplace. There were two boys older and one younger and one younger sister buried in Joliet, Ill. He was taken to the Sacred Heart church where there was high mass said … Fenton McInerny, his grand-nephew and another neighbor boy served. He was taken to Holy Cross and laid to rest by his parents and second oldest sister, Miss Julia Lawles. He leaves to mourn his loss his brothers, Dan and John, and Miss Margaret Lawless and oldest sister, Mrs. Mary Shehan; four nephews, William P., Kelly, Edwin and Daniel, and Miss May Shehan and Mrs. Raymond Siegle; Mrs. Tom McInerny, Maden, Nanie, Miss Nellie Kelly, five grand-nephews, Fenton, Aloysus, Brnand, Donald, Marie McInerny and little Robert Siegle of Emmett. The Holton Recorder, February 17, 1921.
11359. Amanda Townsend, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Townsend, was born Feb. 27, 1837, in Armstrong county, Penn., and died at her home in Topeka, February 10, 1921, aged 83 years, 11 months and 14 days. Her girlhood days were spent on her father’s farm near Apollo, Penn., coming to Holton, Kan., with her parents in the spring of 1860. In March, 1861, she was united in marriage to William Boettcher. To this union were born five daughters and two sons, one daughter having died in infancy, the remaining children are Joseph Boettcher, Mrs. Tillie Coombs, Mrs. Hall Patterson, Mrs. Anna Allison, Miss Bettie Boettcher and William Boettcher, all living in Topeka. In the year 1877 her husband passed away. About 30 years ago she with her children moved to Topeka, where she spent the rest of her life. Mrs. Boettcher was a charter member of the First Presbyterian church at Holton … She leaves to mourn her loss her children, one brother, Mr. Sherman Townsend; one sister, Mrs. Herman Boettcher, grandchildren and great-grandchildren … The following grandsons of the deceased served as pall-bearers: Scott Coombs, Clarence Boettcher, William Coombs, Horace Pond, James Coombs, Charley Conley. Interment in the Mount Hope cemetery in Topeka. The following Holton relatives attended the funeral: Mr. and Mrs. Herman Boettcher, Mr. and Mrs. Nels Rasmussen, Mr. Albert Boettcher, Mr. and Mrs. James Haas, Mrs. David Minor, Miss Mary Jackson, Miss Elizabeth Townsend, Miss Clara Boettcher, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Kaul, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hochuli, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Boettcher, Otto Boettcher and Walter Kaul. The Holton Recorder, February 17, 1921.
Bill’s Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kaul and son Walter drove to Topeka this morning to attend the funeral of an aunt of Mrs. Kaul’s. The Holton Signal, February 17, 1921.
11360. Emma L. Waychoff was born in Green county, Pa., Feb. 27, 1862. Being left motherless while still a child, the care of four smaller children devolved upon her. She was married Oct. 29, 1880, to George W. Black, at Clarksville, Pa., where they resided until 1891, coming from there to this state, where they have since lived with the exception of a few years, which they spent in Oklahoma. To this union were born seven children, all of whom with the husband, survive, with the exception of one son Daniel B. who died in infancy. The children surviving are William A., Chauncey F., Gertrude M., Eva M., Harry E., and Freeda E. also six small grandchildren are left to mourn her loss. Mrs. Black at an early age united with the Hewitt Cumberland Presbyterian church in Pennsylvania, where her membership still remains … She departed this life Wednesday, February 9, 1921, at 4:20 p. m., aged 58 years, 11 months and 13 days. Card of Thanks. … loss of out beloved wife, mother and grandmother … Geo. W. Black. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Black and children. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Black. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Richmond and Children. Mr. and Mrs. Leonhardt and Children. Harry E. Black. Frida E. Black. (cont’d)
11360. (cont’d) Point Pleasant. … buried in the Cedar cemetery. The Holton Recorder, February 17, 1921.
11361. Mrs. William Gray of near Whiting was buried at Netawaka Feb. 7, 1921. Elizabeth Norman was born Oct. 5, 1821, in Monroe county, Indiana. She was united in marriage to Wm. Gray, Jan. 24, 1860. In 1870 they came to Kansas and located on the farm where they lived nearly 51 years. To this union five children were born; Alva who died in 1904; Josephine, who died in 1916. The surviving children are David P., of Hiawatha; Mary and Katherine, at home. In 1882 she became a charter member of the Christian church in Whiting, with her husband, who died in 1908 … The Holton Recorder, February 17, 1921.
… She died February 5, 1921, aged 79 years and 1 month. … Whiting Journal, February 11, 1921.
Whiting. … Burial was in Netawaka in the family lot. She leaves one son, David of Hiawatha, Mary and Kittie at home, one granddaughter, Mrs. Eula Belmere and one great grandchild, David Gray Belmere, Kansas City, besides other relatives …
… Mrs. Gray is the mother of Miss Katherine Gray, formerly a teacher in the Holton schools. The Holton Signal, February 10, 1921.
11362. Arrington. Will McCalla of Augusta, who has spent several months here helping care for his brother George during his last illness, returned home Saturday. [Later in column.] Chas Cole and wife of Miltonville; Robt. Williams and wife of Pueblo, Colo.; Mrs. Joe Buzzard of Omaha, Neb.; Mrs. Anna Snavely of Huron; Ed Williams, of St. Joseph, Mo.; Clarence Williams of Kansas City, Mo.; Charlie Neely and wife of Soldier; Charlie Williams and wife of Burlingame; Mrs. Frank Newton of Kansas City, Mo., and Will McCalla of Augusta, attended the funeral of Geo. McCalla [Later in column.] G. W. McCalla was born near Rushville, Mo., Feb. 10, 1860, and passed away at his home in Arrington, Feb. 6, 1921. In 1865 his parents moved here and settled on what is known as the old Stauffer place, where he grew to manhood, and in 1883 was married to Miss Jennie Williams. To this union one daughter was born, Mrs. Rose Cole, of Miltonville. He is survived by his wife, daughter, two grandchildren, two sisters and three brothers … interment was made in the Moore cemetery at Larkinburg … The Holton Recorder, February 17, 1921.
George McCalla was born February 14, 1854 in Missouri … at one time conducted the hotel at Arrington. The Holton Signal, February 10, 1921.

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