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11399. Mayetta News. Mrs. George James went to Alliance, Neb., Friday, having received word of the death of her sister, Mrs. Nellie Gibeson, whose funeral took place on Saturday there. The Holton Signal, March 10, 1921.
11400. Leo Joseph Farrell was born Feb. 23, 1893, and died on March 10th, 1921. Leo was born at Nadeau, where the Indian agency was formerly located, and was graduated from the Brewer school in that vicinity in the 8th grade in June 1913. He then traveled for some time as a solicitor of students for LaSalle Extension University of Kansas City, Mo. At the time of his death, he was employed at one of the postoffices at Kansas City, but was home with his mother here in Mayetta for a few days vacation. He is survived by his parents, Thomas J. Farrell and Rebecca R. Farrell of Mayetta, and one brother, Wm. G. Farrell of Topeka. … laid to rest in the Shipshe Catholic cemetery on the reservation. … The relatives from a distance attending the funeral were J. E. Nadeau and son Erwin of St. Marys, Clayton Murray, of Emmett, Mr. and Mrs. David Nadeau and Mrs. Rose Cottle, of Rossville; Mr. and Mrs. James LeClere and son John of Hiawatha, Mrs. Kate LeClere and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Farrell and children of Topeka. The Holton Signal, March 17, 1921.
Mayetta Department. Leo Farrell, the son of Mrs. Farrell, died at her home in the north part of town very suddenly Friday at midnight, March 10, 1921. It is supposed that he died with heart trouble … He came to Mayetta a few days ago from some long trip. … The Holton Recorder, March 17, 1921.
Leo Joseph Farrell, aged 28, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Farrell of Mayetta, died of tonsillitis, complicated with a weak heart, Thursday, March 10 … The out of town relatives present at the funeral were … Mrs. Kate LeClair of Topeka; C. M. Murray, of Emmett; Mr. and Mrs. James LeClair and son, of Hiawatha, Kan. The Holton Recorder, March 24, 1921.
11401. Edward K. Long was born at Seneca, Kan., on the 11th day of August, 1888, and died in a hospital at St. Joseph, Mo., aged 32 years and 7 months. Edward spent his boyhood days in Seneca, Kan. He came to Holton, Kan., with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Long, in the year of 1904, where he has since made his home. He entered the U. S. military service in August, 1916, and remained in that service until March, 1917. He again entered the U. S. military service in September, 1918, and was in training for overseas duty at Camp Cody, New Mexico. Just prior to the time his company left the United States for overseas a final examination given by the army surgeon, disclosed that Edward was suffering from leakage of the heart, at which time he was given an honorable discharge on account of physical disability, which physical disability caused his death … Edward leaves to mourn his loss his father and mother, two brothers and one sister, Frank E. Long of Kansas City, Kansas; Phillip P. Long, of Holton; Mrs. F. W. Hobbs, of Holton … The Holton Recorder, March 17, 1921.
11402. Isaac Friend, brother of L. Friend, formerly an Atchison clothing merchant, died yesterday at his home in Lincoln, aged 83 years. Isaac Friend often visited Atchison as a clothing salesman. Julius and Nathan Deutsch of Atchison are nephews … L. Friend by the way, still is living, and is a resident of New York City, where he moved after retiring from business here. - Atchison Globe. Isaac Friend is an uncle of Mrs. Max Sarbach, and L. Friend is her father. The Holton Recorder, March 17, 1921.
Mrs. Pauline Sarbach … The Holton Signal, March 17, 1921.
11403. Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Elliott went to Atchison Tuesday to attend the funeral of their cousin, Mrs. W. H. Creitz. Mrs. Creitz and her daughter went to Excelsior Springs Sunday arriving there at 2 o’clock. Mrs. Creitz dropped dead in her apartments at in the Plainston hotel, about 3:30. Mrs. Creitz was born on the old Tucker farm near Holton. Her husband is nephew of John Lutz. Mr. Creitz is in Wyoming at present but is expected in Atchison in a few days. The Holton Signal, March 17, 1921.
L. M. Elliott received a message Sunday night that his cousin, Mrs. Wm. Creitz, of Atchison, dropped dead in Kansas City that evening. The trouble was apoplexy. She was visiting her sister, Mrs. Powers, at the time. She was about 50 years old.
L. M. Elliott received word yesterday that his cousin Robert Duncan, aged 62, of Gridley, Kan., died Monday night. This makes two cousins of Mr. Elliott who have died within a week. The Holton Recorder, March 17, 1921.
11404. Oliver Armel was called to Washington, Kan., last Saturday by the death of his brother-in-law, Clay McNitt. The Holton Recorder, March 17, 1921.
11405. William Ewing was born in Illinois December 20, 1866, and died at Clarks, Nebr., March 12, 1921, at the age of 54 years, 2 months and 20 days. About 1887 he came from Illinois to Kansas and here he made his home until March 20, 1920, when he went to Nebraska to make his home and remained there until his death. He leaves to mourn his loss six brothers, James and Jesse, of Soldier, Walter, of Clarks, Nebr., John, of Fulton, Wyo.; Andrew, of Madison, Conn., and Joseph, of Buffalo, New York; and one sister, Mrs. Hattie Thomas, of Farewell, Texas. He was a member of Soldier lodge I. O. O. F., and Cedar Camp M. W. A. lodge … Interment was made in the Soldier cemetery … The Soldier Clipper, March 23, 1921.
Soldier. Wm. Ewing a former citizen of Soldier, died of apoplexy at this home near Clark, Nebr. … Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ewing and son Dick of Bancroft, Kansas … The Holton Signal, March 24, 1921.
11406. Macon, Mo., March 20. - Frank H. Mercer, 43 years old, a dairyman, was gored to death last night, by a Holstein bull he was feeding on his farm east of Macon. The Soldier Clipper, March 23, 1921.
11407. Marion G. Fairley was born in Brooklyn, New York, October 15, 1879, and died at Topeka, March 17, 1921, being 41 years and 5 months old. She was the youngest in a family of seven children, four boys and three girls. All have proceeded her except one sister, Mrs. Harry Fortune, of Holton. She received her education in the public schools of Holton and Campbell College, of which she was a graduate. For several years she followed her chosen profession and taught school. The last years of her life were spent at home, taking care of an invalid mother. She leaves to mourn her aged mother, her sister and many near and distant relatives … The Holton Recorder, March 24, 1921.
11408. Mary E. Bundy, third child of John M. and Lydia Bundy, was born in Grant County, Ind., Oct. 9, 1865, and came to Kansas in 1880, and with the exception of two years lived in Oklahoma, has lived in Kansas ever since. In 1880 she was married to John S. Thompson. To this union were born eight children: Mrs. Mabel Munson of Garrison, Pa.; Chas. W., of Holton; Mrs. Ina Carpenter, of Holton; Mrs. Caroline Nutter, of Corning; Loran E., of Kansas City, Mo.; Mrs. Martha Draper, of Peabody, Kan.; Mrs. Virgie Hogg, of Holton; Mrs. Annie Kidney, of Holton; all of whom remain and are present today, excepting Ina, who died Oct. 11, 1910, and Virgil, who died Oct. 22, 1918. Mrs. Thompson was raised in the Quaker faith, but later transferred her membership to the Reformed church of which body she has been a consistent member … The end on Tuesday evening … Besides her children and their families, she leaves two sisters, Martha Jane and Ida, one brother, William, and three half-brothers, Joseph, Austin and Lota … Burial was made in the Soldier cemetery. The Holton Recorder, March 24, 1921.
… widow of John Thompson … resided in Soldier many years ago. … The Soldier Clipper, March 16, 1921.
Sarah Lorina Channel, daughter of Joseph and Temperance Channel, was born near Cincinnati, Ohio, January 14, 1849. She departed this life at her home in Holton April 7, 1923, having reached the age of 74 years, 2 months and 25 days. She came to Kansas with her parents in the year 1866 and settled near America City. On March 26, 1872 she was married to John Marion Bundy who proceeded her in death. To this union three sons and one daughter were born. Joe, Austin and Lota living in Holton survive her. Nora, their sister, died when in infancy. There were also three step children, two step daughters and one step son. Mrs. Mary Thompson who died two years ago, Mattie Bundy and Will Bundy both living at Holton. Besides these she leaves to mourn her death, a brother, Alpha Channel, seven granddaughters, three grandsons … As a young girl she united with the United Brethren church. After her marriage she joined the Christian church at Circleville, Kansas and remained an active member thereof until after the death of her husband. After his death her health began to fail and with it her mind failed. … Interment at Holton cemetery. The Holton Recorder, April 12, 1923.
11409. Soldier. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rudy and infant son, Junior of Atchison were in Soldier last week. They came to attend the funeral of Mrs. Rudy’s aunt. The Holton Signal, March 24, 1921.
11410. Ida E. Walker, was born in the state of Illinois, July 8, 1859; died at St. Clere, Kansas, March 17, 1921; aged 61 years, 8 months and 9 days. She was married to Wm. S. Hukle, September 8, 1882, and to this union were born five children, three sons and two daughters; all except the youngest survives her … united with the United Brethren church at Mt. Olive about twenty-five years ago, where she kept her membership … About twenty years ago her husband had an affliction that has caused him to be kept in the state hospital since. She has had the widow’s lot in keeping the little family. She leaves to mourn her departure three sons, William, Charles and Frank Hukle, and one daughter, Jennie May; her mother, Herriot Walker of Holton, two sisters, Mrs. May Olive and Mrs. Jennie Ayers, both of Holton … The remains laid to rest in the Shield’s cemetery.
West Jackson and Vicinity. Mrs. Hukil, an old resident of this community, died at her home in St. Clere March 17th, after a lingering illness, and was laid to rest in the Little Cross Creek cemetery. The Holton Recorder, March 24, 1921.
Emmett. Mrs. Huckle … laid to rest in the Mount Olive cemetery … The Holton Signal, March 24, 1921.
Charlie Hukill, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Hukill, was born at Adrian, Kansas, June 15, 1885, and died at Holton, Kansas, May 17, 1923. Age 37 years, 11 months and 2 days. He leaves to mourn his death, his father, William Hukill, two brothers, Willie and Frank, and one sister, Jennie Mae Hukill. His mother departed this life on March 17, 1921. … He had been a victim of cancer for four years. He will be laid to rest by the side of his mother at the Little Cross Creek cemetery. … The Holton Recorder, May 24, 1923. (cont’d)
11410. (cont’d) Mrs. Harriett Walker, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. A. Ayers, Monday night. … burial made in the Holton cemetery. The Holton Recorder, May 24, 1923.
11411. Circleville. Mrs. Chas. Pool and Mrs. Earl Samson returned last week from Keytesville, Mo., where they were called by the sickness and death of Mrs. Pool’s father. The Holton Recorder, March 24, 1921.
Oak Grove. Mrs. Charley Pool returned Saturday from Keysville, Mo., where she had been at the bedside of her brother, who died Sept. 6. The Holton Recorder, October 11, 1923.
11412. Glenwood. Ross Snyder who makes his home at Ed McAllister’s received word last week that his father died. … The Holton Signal, March 24, 1921.
11413. Potawatomi Mission. Rev. Thorne conducted the funeral services of Earl Phippen, 3 years old, at Emmett, Monday. The Holton Signal, March 24, 1921.
11414. Hoyt. Mrs. LaVerne Hall, wife of George Hall, died Friday night at a hospital in Topeka. … the burial was at Valley Falls. She leaves a husband and a little baby four weeks old and a mother and other relatives … The Holton Signal, March 24, 1921.
11415. Abraham Kerns, eldest son of Jacob M. and Elizabeth Bungard was born at Indian Head, Fayette county, Penn., and departed this life at his home in Sabetha, Kansas, April 8, 1921, aged 80 years, 8 months and 8 days. On February 18, 1866, he was united in marriage to Marie Elizabeth Ayers. To this union were born eleven children, four of whom have preceded him in death. Those who with the mother survive him are six daughters: Mrs. Edwin Ha __ ley, of Belvidere, Nebr.; Mrs. Noah Henry, of Sabetha; Mrs. Ned White, of Soldier; Mrs. Grace Harries, of Topeka; Mrs. Tom Deaver, of Soldier; and Mrs. Minnie Wickham, of Quincy, Ill., and one son, John Bungard, of Sabetha. Twenty-five grandchildren and one great-grandchild, one brother, Frederick Bungard, of Scullton, Penn., and one sister, Mrs. Linnie Snowman, of Connellsville, Penn. On July 16th he enlisted service in the Civil War and was assigned to the 74th Penn. Inf. of Co. I. He was honorably discharged August 29, 1865, having served 2 years, 1 month and 13 days. He returned to his old home where he remained until 1883 when he moved his family to Sabetha, where he has resided ever since. He was converted and joined the United Brethren church in early manhood … The Soldier Clipper, March 30, 1921.
11416. Glenn Charles Philipi, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. N. Philipi, was born Dec. 5, 1920, at Arrington, Kan., and died March 21, 1921, aged 3 months and 18 days. He leaves to mourn his loss his father, mother, four grandparents, four great-grandparents, uncles, aunts … Burial was in the Holton cemetery. The Holton Recorder, March 31, 1921.
11417. When Mrs. Preston Humphrey died at the home of her son in Manhattan, Kansas, Jackson county lost one of her oldest settlers. For more than half a century she had lived in this county, and with the exception of the last few years, at Larkinburg. Mrs. Humphrey was born in Bradford county, Pennsylvania, October 19, 1832. When five years old she came with her parents to Missouri. In 1865, June 15, she was married to Mr. Preston Humphrey, at Arrington, Kansas. Shortly after their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey moved to a farm at Larkinburg, where Mr. Humphrey died twenty-three years ago. Two children were born to this home, Charles Humphrey, Manhattan, Kan., and Mrs. Harry Bailey, Holton, Kansas. Besides her two children, Mrs. Humphrey leaves ten grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. At the age of fifteen Mrs. Humphrey united with the Baptist church, but in later years was a member of the Christian church at Denison, Kan. At the age of 88 years, 5 months and 3 days, she died at the home of her son … The body was placed in the Larkinburg cemetery. The Holton Recorder, March 31, 1921.
11418. Silas J. Turner was born April 13, 1864, in Buchannon county, Mo., and died February 25, 1921, at the age of 56 years, 10 months, 12 days. His father died August, 1884, and his mother having died in the year 1886. His oldest brother Thomas, died June 13, 1915. He grew to manhood on his father’s farm six miles south of Holton. Thirty-one years ago he went to Oklahoma. In the year 1898 he married Miss Lena Shank, to this union five children were born, Mrs. Nellie Ney, Johnnie, Mattie, Gladys, Pauline, all of whom are living. He leaves three sisters and one brother to mourn is loss. Mrs. Elizabeth Hutchinson of Mulvane, Kansas, Mrs. Lucy Reed of Holton, Mrs. Mary Knox of Albany, Oregon, and Squire Turner of Binger, Okla. … laid to rest in the Binger, Oklahoma cemetery. The Holton Recorder, March 31, 1921.
11419. Pottawatomie Mission. Lilah Pearl, the only child of Mr. and Mrs. James Chaney, living near the west boundary of the reserve, died last Saturday morning of pneumonia. The baby was six months and eleven days old. Interment was in the Adrian cemetery … The Holton Recorder, March 31, 1921.
11420. Mrs. Mary Calista Cosby of Bucks Grove, died Tuesday and will be buried at Nortonville today. The Holton Recorder, March 31, 1921.
11421. Mayetta Department. The sad news reached this place Tuesday that John Dryer died at his home in Topeka, after many months of illness, with that dread disease, cancer, which was located in one of his eyes. John spent many dollars trying to get it cured. At last on Monday, March 14, 1921, he passed away … John lived at this place some years ago and was well known all over this part of the county. He grew up here among the boys of the county … He leaves a wife, four brothers and one sister … The remains were laid to rest in one of Topeka’s cemeteries … The Holton Recorder, March 31, 1921.
11422. Carbon. Mrs. Richards received the sad news of the death of her aunt, Mrs. Jim Bryan of Oklahoma City, Saturday. Mr. Richards also received the news of the death of a brother’s boy in St. Joseph hospital the same day. The Holton Recorder, March 31, 1921.
Carbon. Will Payne returned home Friday from Oklahoma City, where he attended the funeral of his aunt, Mrs. Jim Bryan. The Holton Signal, April 7, 1921.
11423. Mr. and Mrs. A. Krotzinger and daughter, Opal, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mohringer, Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Suherkropp and Leo Mohringer attended the funeral of the thirteen year old daughter of Jake Krotzinger in Seneca Sunday. The Holton Signal, March 31, 1921.
11424. The little town and community of Whiting were shocked and sorely grieved on the evening of March 26th, when the sad news came of the death of Ruby Crowe. … March 1st, when she was suddenly stricken with appendicitis. … her parents hurried her away to Sunny Side hospital in Hiawatha, Ks., where she underwent an operation. She was brought from Hiawatha to her home on the morning of the 28th, and rested for awhile in the home that had witnessed her recent childhood. She was born in Fairview, Ks., April 28th, 1911. … laid to rest in the beautiful cemetery just north of, and overlooking the town of Whiting. … Following her to her last resting place were her father and mother, Lawrence E., and Bessie M. Crowe, two sisters, Eula and Alice, and one brother, Lawrence, jr., and her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Crowe, of Hiawatha, and Mrs. J. F. Keller of Ozawkie, Ks. And a host of relatives … Whiting Journal, April 1, 1921.
Whiting. … the second of the four children … burial in the Spring Hill cemetery. The Holton Signal, March 31, 1921.
11425. William Spencer was born near Canton, Illinois, April 12, 1850 and died April 1924, at the age of 71 years and 6 days. At the age of 23 he came to Kansas, this community, which has been his home ever since. In 1877 he was married to Elizabeth Banks. To them were born six children all of whom are living, except Nizely Isaac who died in 1904. He was converted at an early age and joined the United Brethren church … the burial was in the family lot in Spring Hill cemetery. … Whiting Journal, April 22, 1921.
Whiting. … He leaves a widow and five children, Guy, Willie, Mrs. Lora Chapman, Mrs. Nellie Baber and Miss Nettie besides grandchildren and other relatives. … The Holton Signal, April 28, 1921.
Carbon. … The Spencer family formerly lived near here, and Willie, as a boy, attended the Carbon school. The Holton Signal, June 2, 1921.
11426. Rev. Penick returned Tuesday night from the family home in Kentucky, called there by the death of his father. Whiting Journal, April 22, 1921.
11427. Carbon. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Robinson died Saturday night and was buried in the Larkinburg cemetery … The Holton Recorder, April 7, 1921.
11428. Amanda Kneaskern was born July 21, 1842, and departed this life March 24, 1921, at the age of 78 years, 8 months and 3 days. She was married to Jerome Cool April 29, 1860, in New York State. To this union three children were born: Eugene Cool, who now resides in Miltonvale, Kan; Ida Rilla, who died in infancy; Ella Garrison, who lives in Mayetta. It was at this home that the mother passed away. In the year 1867 she and her husband left New York and came to Iowa. The husband passed away at Creston, Iowa, Sept. 13, 1878. Then she and her two children pioneered to Kansas in a prairie schooner. Her brave heart undaunted, she located on her homestead 13 miles northeast of Delphos, where she lived until 1884, when the family moved to Delphos, where they have lived until a year ago, when they moved to Mayetta … She leaves to mourn her death, two children, one brother, three grandchildren and a host of relatives … A devoted member of the Rebecca lodge and served faithfully for more than 25 years. She united with the Universalist church at the age of 18 years. She was a member of the Delphos Spiritualist Society … the remains were shipped to Delphos, Kan. Burial in the Delphos cemetery … The Holton Recorder, April 7, 1921.
Mayetta News. Miss Millie King of Delphos and her son Eugene Cool, of Miltonvale were here to accompany the remains to Delphos. The Holton Signal, March 31, 1921.
11429. Claus Christian Nissen was born in Harve Sogn on the island of Funen in Denmark, August 28, 1833, and died at his home in Wetmore, Kan., Friday, March 25, 1921, at the age of 87 years, 6 months and 27 days. He had five brothers, Wilhelm, Sophus, Fritz, Prehen and Erick, of whom only Wilhelm was known at a late date to be alive. He also had three sisters, Lina, Wilhelmina and Henrietta. Of these only Lina is living. His sisters never left Denmark, and only one brother, Erick, came to this country. Mr. Nissen was married in Denmark to Hedwig Gustafra Hoglund, on the 21st day of February, 1862. The couple stayed in Denmark until December, 1865, at which time they emigrated to America, coming to Madison, Wisconsin. Near Madison at the town of De Forest, they became acquainted with the De Forest family, with whom they stayed for some time until they secured a place of their own. After about nine years they moved to Wetmore, Kan., in 1873, and to the present family home. Here they lived and toiled till death claimed the wife on the 19th of January, 1894. To this marriage no children were born, but a boy, Adolph Marquardt, was adopted, receiving the family name. In 1895 Mr. Nissen was married to Kathryn E. Jenne. To this union were born four sons: William C. C. Nissen, now married and working for the Hanna Poultry and Egg Co., at Goff, Kan.; C. F. Nissen, being at home and farming the home place; J. G. is working in Topeka for the retail grocery of Warring & Co., and Homer J. Nissen, now attending high school at Goff, Kan., also a daughter, Elizabeth K. … He was baptized and reared according to the Lutheran creed. The body was laid to rest in the family plot in the Wetmore cemetery. The Holton Recorder, April 7, 1921.
11430. Rev. B. F. Parlette, well known to many of our older citizens as an able energetic and somewhat eccentric preacher of northeastern Kansas, died at his Topeka home Tuesday, the 11th inst., aged 84. The Rev. Mr. Parlette served as pastor at White Cloud, Louisville, Meriden, Linn, Hanover, Hollenberg, Haddam, Lancaster, Robinson, Mayetta, St. Paul, Monrovia, Wamego, Emmett, Alma, Exeter, and St. Marys. He retired from the ministry two years ago and has made his home in Topeka ever since. The Holton Recorder, April 14, 1921.
11431. Theodore Hinnen, of Zurich, Switzerland, brother of Jacob Hinnen, of Holton, died suddenly and was buried before Easter. Mr. Hinnen was a prominent business man at Zurich, and was visited by Dr. J. C. Shaw, while over there a few years ago. The Holton Recorder, April 14, 1921.
… Teirich, Switzerland. He leaves a wife and three children. Mr. Hinnen was a prominent business man of Holton several years ago. … The Holton Signal, April 14, 1921.
11432. Miss Ella B. Ransopher was born in Coshocton county, Ohio, June 4, 1972, and died at her home near Circleville, Jackson County, Kansas, April 2, 1921, at the age of 48 years, 9 months and 28 days. At the age of 17 she came to Jackson county, Kansas, and has resided in this county until her death. In 1897 she was married to W. H. Simmons. To this union were born eight children: Ray Earnest, Mrs. Mary McKinsey, Mrs. Jennie Askren, Nettie Olive, Leota Ellen, Nora Candace, Bert Andrew and Frank Alexander, all of whom are living except Frank Alexander who preceded her to her Father’s home at the age of 1 year, 6 months and 14 days. She leaves besides her husband and children, two sisters and two brothers, Mrs. Mary Alexander of Plainfield, Ohio; Mrs. Julia Sprague of Coshocton, Ohio; R. H. Ransopher, of Whiting, Kan.; and W. A. Ransopher, of Topeka, Kan. … At the age of 15 she joined the Methodist church in Ohio … Interment in the Olive Hill cemetery …
Card of Thanks. … loss of wife, mother and sister … W. H. Simmons and family. Mr. and Mrs. Dallas McKinsey. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Askren. Mrs. Mary McAlexander. Mrs. Julia Sprague. Mr. R. H. Ransopher. Mr. W. A. Ransopher.
Wigwam. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simmons and Paul Simmons attended the funeral of Mrs. Will Simmons last Tuesday afternoon. The Holton Recorder, April 14, 1921.
Mrs. Anna Bell Simmons of the Olive Hill neighborhood died Monday, April 4 ….
Olive Hill. Mrs. Will Simmons passed away Saturday morning. She had been a sufferer with cancer for a number of years … The Holton Signal, April 7, 1921.

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