SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Darvesh : dervish, wandering ascetic.

Darveshlik : abstr. Of darvesh; dervish's life, hermit's life.

Darveshnamo : dervish like.

Darveshona : in the manner of a dervish.

Darveshsifat : dervish like.

Darvinchi : Darwinist.

Darvinizm : (Russian) Darwinism.

Darvoqe : in truth, truly, really; by the way...

Darvoza : gate. Shahar ~si the gates to the city. Baxt ~si gate to happiness. Bilim ~si gates, path to knowledge. ~si keng generous, hospitable person.darvozabegi hist.head of the city's gatekeepers.

Darvozabon : gatekeeper, sentry.

Darvozaxona : gatehouse.darxon hist.exempt (from taxes, etc.).

Darxon : free, dismissed, released. ~ qil  to release, to dismiss.

Daryo : river; (arch.) Sea. ~ bo'l  to be a sea, wealth of s.t. Sho'r ~/~yi sho'r the Caspian Sea. Yuragi ~ self possessed.

Daryo daryo : rivers and rivers, immense amounts.

Daryochi : riverman, riverboat worker.

Darz : crack(ed).

Dashnom : rebuke, upbraiding. ~ ye  to be rebuked. ~ bo'l  to be rebuked; to be disgraced. ~ qil  to denounce, to revile.

Dashqol : scoria, slag.dashsha dial.s. Dastsho'(y).dasht biyobon, dashtu biyobondeserts and wastes.

Dasht : desert, wasteland.

Dashtlik : desert, desert region; desert dweller.

Dashtpiyoz : a kind of wild onion.

Dasisa : obs. (Arabic) treachery, trickery.

Dast rare : hand ~i baland fortunate; winning, victorious. ~ ko'tar  to pick straight up off the ground, to pick right up. ~idan by one's hand, because of; from one's oppression.

Dast(or)panja coll. : hand, the palm and fingers. ~si yo'q odam s.o. Who is all thumbs.

Dast(or)panjali : adept, deft.

Dasta 1 : handle; neck (of mus. Instrument).

Dasta 2 dial. : s. Chillak.

Dasta 3 : bunch, bundle; pile, stack; bedding for silkworms to spin their cocoons; group, bunch, troop.

Dasta dasta : bunches and bunches, stacks and stacks.

Dastak 1 : lever; (rare) handle; prop, support (main argument).

Dastak 2 : heel, counter (of shoe).

Dastaki : handmade, homemade.

Dastala  1 : to fit with a handle. [dastalan , dastalat ]

Dastala  2 : to gather, bunch, stack. [dastalan , dastalat ]

Dastalik : suitable for making into bunches, etc.

Dastarra : handsaw.

Dastavval : first of all.

Dastgir : (obs.) Helper; handle.

Dastgoh : workshop; (arch.) Machine, lathe, press, loom, etc.dastgohsozlik arch.machine making (s. Stanoksozlik).

Dastkallak coll. : s. Dastkolla.

Dastkola : long handled saw for cutting tree branches.

Dastlab : at first, first off.

Dastlabki : first, initial. ~ ishlash initial processing. ~ tekshirish preliminary check.

Dastmol dial. : pot holder.

Dastmoya : initial investment; sole possessions; stock in trade, basis. ~sidan ayril  to go bankrupt. ~ qil  to put down as an initial investment.

Dastor : arch. Turban. ~ olma a fig shaped squat type of apple.dastorbosh bot.yarrow.

Dastorgul bot. : daisy.

Dastro'mol : handkerchief.

Dastsho'(y) : basin for catching water used in washing with the hands and face with a pitcher.

Dasttesha : hand held adze.

Dastur : guide, guidebook, rules, regulations; program. ~ tut  to follow regulations.

Dasturilamal : guide; regulations.

Dasturxon : tablecloth (spread over a table or upon the floor); meal, spread, "table" (of food). ~ qil  to tell a story or rumor anywhere and everywhere. Nonini yeb, ~iga oyoq art  to be ungrateful, to bite the hand that feeds you. ~ga qarang/qarab o'tiring Help yourself!, Please eat!

Dasturxonchi : woman in charge of setting tables and greeting guests at banquets; (hist.) Steward, butler; procurer, panderer.

Dasturxonchilik : abstr. Of dasturxonchi.

Dasturxonli : having a dasturxon; gracious, hospitable.

Dasturxonlik : suitable for being a tablecloth (material).

Dastxat : handwriting.

Dastyor : helping hand, helper. ~ qil  to serve as a helper.davangiday dial.s. Davangirday.

Dastyor(chi)lik : (abstr. Of dastyor); help.

Davangirday : hulking, oafish, big and stupid.davara dial.~ qil  to frighten, scare; to shout at.

Davay coll. : (Russian) Come on!; Here!; Start!

Davlat : (Arabic) state, country; wealth, property; fortune, happiness. ~ ko'tarildi to be able to bear (expenses), to afford. ~ingiz/~lari ko'lankasida/soyayi ~larida/~ingizda in your (highness') protection, by your grace. ~ qushi bird of good luck, fortune. Boshiga ~ qushi qo'ndi to be blessed with good fortune. ~ yig' /~ tili official national language. ~ tuzumi system of government.

Davlatchilik : statehood.

Davlatlararo : intergovernmental, international.

Davlatli : having one's own country, sovereign; mighty, powerful; wealthy.

Davlatmand : wealthy, prosperous.

Davlenie : (Russian) blood pressure.

Davo : remedy, cure. ~ qil  to treat, cure, make better. ~ top  to find a cure; to be cured; to find a means (to do s.t.).

Davola  : to treat, care for. [davolan , davolat ]

Davolash : v.n. Of davola ; treatment.

Davom : continuation, duration; attendance. ~ Et /~ Ettir /so'zida ~ Ettirdi he continued speaking. ~ fe'li verb with continuous aspect. ~i bor there is more. ~ida during, in the course of.

Davomat : attendance.

Davomchi : continuer, successor.

Davomli : continuing, long lasting, long term.

Davomsiz : having poor attendance.

Davosiz : incurable.

Davoxona : s. Shifoxona.

Davr davron, davru davron : age, time of prosperity, golden age, golden years. ~ sur  to live one's golden years.

Davr : age, era, period, time. ~ sur  to rein; to live happily and in prosperity. ~i falak vicissitudes of fortune.

Davra : (Arabic) circle; round, tour; cycle; ceremony held before one's funeral for the forgiveness of sins (where a gift of charity to be given in the deceased's name is passed in a circle). ~ ol /yasa /qur  to form a circle.

Davriy : (Arabic) cyclical, periodic. ~ kasr continued fraction.

Davriylik : periodicity.

Davron : ages, times, epochs. ~i falak the vicissitudes of fate. ~ charxi, charxi ~ the wheel of fortune. ~ sur  to live happily in prosperity.davur dial.fancy decorated horsecloth.

Daxl : (Arabic) relationship, association, connection. ~ Et /qil  to touch, to affect.

Daxldor : connected with, associated; participant.

Daxlli : s. Daxldor.

Daxlsiz : having nothing to do with, not related to; inviolable.

Daxlsizlik : unconnectedness; inviolability.

Daxma lit. : mausoleum, tomb, charnel house.

Daxmaza : excessive troubles, headaches, etc. Menga ko'p ~ qilma Don't give me a lot of trouble.

Daydi  : v.i. To wander about, ramble, stray; to sneak about.

Daydi : vagrant, shiftless; stray. ~ bulut stray cloud. ~ gap fast spreading rumor. ~ it stray dog. ~ shamol shifting wind. ~ o'q stray arrow.

Daydilan  : to wander about, ramble.

Daydilik : abstr. Of daydi; unsettledness, vagrancy.

Dayus : (Arabic) pimp.

Dazgil : a strap used by cobbler's to secure items being worked on to their legs [potyag].??

Dazgir dial. : s. Dazgil.

Dazmol : iron. ~ bos /~i buzilmagan unwrinkled; new.

Dazmolchi : ironer.

Dazmolla  : to iron. [dazmollan , dazmollat , dazmollash ]

De  : v.t. To say; to call, to give a name (to); to think, to consider, to assume; to want, to wish. Nima ~ysiz? What do you say? What do you think?; What can you do? Hech nima ~may w/o saying anything. ~ganda... When, as soon as. ...~ganday as if (saying). ... ~guncha... As soon as, once. ... ~may, ... ~masdan regardless of. Yoz ~masdan qiw ~masdan iwlamoq to work summer and winter, regardless. Ko'p ~ganda at the most. Ko'rdim ~maydi insatiable; oblivious, without batting an eyelid. Menga ~sa all the same to me. Nimaga ~sangiz the reason being... Shunday ~ng There you go! Now you're talking!; So nothing's changed, huh? [degiz , dedir , deyil , deyish ]

Deb (conv.
Debet : (Russian) debit.

Debitor : (Russian) debtor.

Debocha : prelude, introduction; ornate title page.debon poet.s. Deb.

Deduktiv : (Russian) deductive.

Deduktsiya : (Russian) deduction.

Defis : (Russian) dash (punctuation).

Defitsit : (Russian) deficit, shortage. ~ mol product in short supply.

Defoliatsiya : (Russian) defoliation. ~ qil  to defoliate.

Deformatsiya : (Russian) deformation.

Deformatsiyala  : v.t. To deform. [deformatsiyalan ]

Degan < de  : called, reffered to as (connects names with the common nouns they refer to). Xalqda "avval o'la, keyin so'yla" ~ gap bor There is a popular saying that goes : "First think, then speak." Ohakchi ~ ko'cha bor there is a street called "Ohakchi." ... ~ gap/orqaga qaytish  o'lim ~ gap Going back would mean death.

Degazator : (Russian) decontaminator.

Degazatsiya (Russian) : decontamination. ~ qil  to decontaminate.

Degeneratsiya : (Russian) degeneration.

Degrez : smith that makes cauldrons, ploughshares, etc.

Degrezlik : abstr. Of degrez; row of smithing shops.

Degustator : (Russian) (wine, etc.) Taster, tester.

Degustatsiya : tasting, quality control testing.

Dehqon : farmer. Kolxozchi ~ (hist.) Farmer who entered a collective during Soviet land reform; kolkhoz member. Yakka ~ (hist.) Independent farmer (not in a kolkhoz). O'rta hol ~ (hist.) Private farmer (not sharecropper).

Dehqonbop : suitable for a farmer.

Dehqonchasiga : like a farmer, in the farmers' way.

Dehqonchilik : farming; farm(land). ~ qil  to be a farmer; to farm.dehqonchumchuq zool.bunting, yellow hammer.

Dehqonlik : abstr. Of dehqon.

Dejur : (Russian) on duty; duty person.

Dejurlik : duty, watch, shift.dejurniy coll.s. Dejur.

Dekabr" : December.

Dekabrist : Decemberist.

Dekada : (Russian) ten day period or festival.

Dekadent : (Russian) decadent.

Dekadentlik : decadence.

Dekan : (Russian) department head; dean.

Dekanat : (Russian) department office; dean's office.

Dekcha : small cauldron, pot; food cooked in such a pot. ~ qaynat  to live well.

Deklamatsiya : (Russian) declamation.

Deklamatsiyachi : declaimer.

Deklarativ : (Russian) declarative.

Deklaratsiya : (Russian) declaration.

Dekorativ : (Russian) decorative.

Dekorator : (Russian) decorator.

Dekoratsiya : (Russian) decoration; scenery.

Dekoratsiyachi : decorator.

Dekret : (Russian) decree, edict. ~ otpuskasi pregnancy leave.

Dekretlash : issuance of a decree.

Dekretlashtir  : v.t. To decree. [dekretlashtiril ]

Del"fin : (Russian) dolphin.

Del"ta : (Russian) delta.

Delegat : (Russian) delegate.

Delegatsiya : (Russian) delegation.

Delo : (Russian) file.

Demagog : (Russian) demagogue.

Demagogik : demagogical.

Demagogiya : demagogy.

Demagoglik : demagoguery. ~ qil  to behave like a demagogue.

Demak : to say; ..., that is to say; meaning...

Demakki : in other words...

Demarkatsion : (Russian) demarcation. ~ liniyasi demarcation line.

Demarkatsiya : demarcation.

Demilitarizatsiya (Russian) : demilitarization.

Demisezon pal"to : (Russian) light overcoat.

Demobilizatsiya (Russian) : demobilization. ~ bo'l  to be demobilized.

Demokrat : (Russian) democrat.

Demokratik : (Russian) democratic.

Demokratiya : (Russian) democracy.

Demokratizm : (Russian) democratism (a stage to socialism).

Demokratlash  : v.i. To democratize. [demokratlashtir , demokratlashtiril ]

Demonstrator : (Russian) demonstrator.

Demonstratsiya (Russian) : demonstration; showing.

Demontaj : (Russian) dismantling. ~ qil  to dismantle.

Demping : (Russian) (economic) dumping, undercutting.

Denaturat : (Russian) methylated spirits.

Denaturatsiya : (Russian) denaturation. ~ qilingan denatured.

Denaturatsiyala  : v.t. To denature. ~ngan spirt denatured alcohol.

Dengiz : sea. Ko'k ~ the sky, heavens. ~ qaroqchisi pirate.

Dengizchi : sailor, seaman.depara arch.district.

Departament : (Russian) department.

Depesha : (Russian) dispatch.

Depo : (Russian) depot, station. O't o'chirish ~si fire station.

Depsi  v.i., : v.t. To stamp; to smash, to squash; to nudge, spur on; to beat (vein). [depsin ]

Depsin  : v.i. (reflx. Of bir joyda ~ib tur  to linger, to idle.

Deputat : (Russian) deputy, delegate.

Deputatlik : abstr. Of ~ka kandidat qilib ko'rsat  to nominate to be a deputy.

Deraza : window. ~ o'rni window frame.

Derivatsion : (Russian) derivational.

Derivatsiya : (Russian) derivation.

Desant : (Russian) landing; landing force. ~ tushir  to land troops.

Desantchi : landing troop soldier. ~ qo'shinlar landing troops.

Desert : (Russian) dessert.

Despot : (Russian) despot.

Despotiya : (Russian) despotism.

Despotizm (Russian) : despotism.desyatina hist.former unit of land in Russia, approx. 1.09 hectares.

Desyatnik : (Russian) construction foreman.

Detal" : (Russian) detail, part.

Detdom coll. : (Russian) orphanage (etimxona).

Detektor : (radio) detector.

Detektorli : equipped with a detector.

Determinist : (Russian) determinist.

Determinizm : (Russian) determinism.

Detonator : (Russian) detonator.

Detonatsiya : (Russian) detonation.

Detsigramm : (Russian) decigram.

Detsimetr : (Russian) decimeter.

Dev : genie, ogre (giant with horns and tail); giant. Sulaymon o'ldi ~lar qutuldi Now that the cat is gone, the mice are free to play. ~ qadam a giant step. ~ qomat gigantic.

Deval"vatsiya : (Russian) devaluation.

Devkor : untiring worker. ~ dehqon large landowning planter. ~ usta a highly productive craftsman. ~ ishlar large scale work that must be carried out quickly. ~ odim great strides.

Devkorona : gigantic, tremendous; with great speed, tirelessly.devol coll.s. Devor.devolzan coll.s. Devorzan.

Devon 1 : divan, a collection of one poet's poems arranged alphabetically.

Devon 2 hist. : council of state, gathering of the king or khan's ministers, etc.; the building housing the high government chambers; title of certain positions in high government.

Devon 3 : divan, couch.

Devona : foolish, insane, touched; God's fool; beggar.

Devonalik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to beg. ~ qilma! Don't play the fool!

Devonavash lit. : looking or acting like an crazed beggar.

Devonavor : crazily, madly.devonbegi hist.head of the divan or varioius ministries in the Khivan and Bukharan khanates.

Devonbek : s. Divanbegi.

Devonxona hist. : s. Devon 2; judicial court in the Bukharan khanate.

Devor : wall. ~i qiyomat stone deaf. To'rt ~ ichida secluded, cut off from the rest of the world.

Devor darmiyon : neighboring, next door.

Devor tosh : wall (fig.).

Devoriy : wall ....devortagi bot.horehound.

Devorzan : maker of paxsa walls.

Devpechak bot. : dodder.

Devzira : a favorite type of rice used in pilau.

Deyarli : nearly, almost.

Deyaylik : Let's say..., Let's assume...

Dezertir : (Russian) deserter.

Dezertirlik : desertion. ~ qil  to desert.

Dezinfektor : (Russian) disinfection worker.

Dezinfektsiya : (Russian) disinfection.

Dezinfektsiyala  : v.t. To disinfect. [dezinfektsiyalan ]

Dezinsektor : (Russian) pest controller.

Dezinsektsiya : pest control. ~ qil  to spray for pests.

Diabet : (Russian) diabetes.

Diafragma : (Russian) diaphragm; aperture.

Diagnostika : (Russian) diagnostics.

Diagnoz : (Russian) diagnosis. ~ qo'y  to make a diagnosis.

Diagonal" : (Russian) diagonal line.

Diagramma : (Russian) diagram.

Dialekt : (Russian) dialect (s. Sheva).

Dialektal : (Russian) dialectical.

Dialektik : (Russian) dialectician.

Dialektika : (Russian) dialectics.

Dialektizm : (Russian) dialectism.

Dialektolog : (Russian) dialectologist.

Dialektologiya : (Russian) dialectology.

Dialog : (Russian) dialogue.
Diamat : (Russian) dialectical materialism.

Diametr : (Russian) diameter.

Diametral : (Russian) diametrical. ~ qarama qarshi diametrically opposite.

Diapazon : (Russian) diapason, range.

Diapositiv : (Russian) diapositive.

Did : taste, sense; perception, understanding. ~iga o'tir  to suit, please. ~ini ber  to seem. ~i bor tasteful; intelligent. ~i yo'q tasteless; unintelligent.

Did farosat : quickness, intelligence.

Didaktik : (Russian) didactician; didactic.

Didaktika : (Russian) didactics.

Didiyo : ~sini boshla  to start talking on one's favorite subject.

Didla  : to estimate, appraise.

Didli : discerning, tasteful; intelligent, quick witted.

Didsiz : tasteless; slow witted.

Dielektrik : (Russian) dielectric.

Dieta : (Russian) diet.

Dietik : (Russian) dietic(al), dietary.

Differentsial : (Russian) differential.

Differentsialla  v.t. Math : to differentiate.

Differentsiatsiya : differentiation.

Differentsiyala  : v.t. To differentiate [differentsiyalan ]

Differentsiyalash : differentiation.

Diffuz : (Russian) ~ tovushlar diffuse noises [diffuznye zvuki]??

Diffuziya : (Russian) diffusion.

Difterit : (Russian) s. Difteriya.

Difteriya : (Russian) diptheria.

Diftong : (Russian) dipthong.

Digar : obs. Other, different. Namozi ~ twilight.

Dik dik : boing boing (jumping motion).

Dik : ~ Etib quickly, suddenly. ~ (Etib) tur  to leap up. ~ ~ chop  to bound, to hop. ~ ~ yur  to leap, to hop. ~ ~ o'yna  to bounce up and down; to fidget.

Dikang dikang : boing boing (jumping motion).

Dikangla  : to flit, jump, twitch about.dikdikka dial.s. Dikkak.

Dikilla  : to flit, scamper, bounce, hop. [dikillat ]

Dikir ( dikir) : bouncing, scampering, clattering.

Dikirla  : to hop, scamper, bounce, etc. [dikirlat ]

Dikkak : fancy horse blanket.

Dikkay  : to stand or stick straight up. [dikkaytir ]

Diktant : (Russian) dictation.

Diktator : (Russian) dictator.

Diktatorlik : dictatorship. ~ qil  to rule as a dictator; to be dictatorial.

Diktatura : (Russian) dictatorship.

Diktor : (Russian) announcer.

Diktovka : (Russian) dictation.

Diktsiya : (Russian) diction.

Dil : heart, soul; mind. ~i oq pure hearted. ~ yarasi heartache, anguish. ~i qora evil natured. ~ quvvati s.t. Uplifting, encouraging. (sidqi) ~dan sincerely, with all one's heart. Sidqi ~ sincerity; faithful. ~i buzildi/~ ovla  to lift the spirits of, to give moral support to. ~i og'ridi ko'ngil og'ridi. Ramzi ~ heartfelt desire. ~ga tug  to hold in one's heart, to remember. Ahli ~ mystic; commiserator, sympathiser. ~ urushi palpitation.

Dil jigar : ~ dan ur  s. Jigaridan ur 

Dilabgor : heartbroken.

Dilabgorlik : heartbreak.

Dilafgor : obs. S. Dilabgor.

Dilafruz : uplifting, heart rejoicing; a type of pear.

Dilband : captivating, heart binding; beloved child.

Dilbar : captivating, beautiful lover; stunning, charming.

Dilbarlik : charm, beauty.

Dildira  : to shiver with cold. [dildirat , dildirash ]

Dildor : beloved; dear, precious, pleasant.

Dildorlik : belovedness.

Dilfigor : s. Dilabgor.

Dilgir : sad, afflicted, grieved.

Dilgirlik : grief, affliction.

Dili jon : s. Jon dil.

Dilijon : (Russian) stage coach.

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