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Ekonomizm : (Russian) economism.

Ekran : (Russian) screen.

Ekranla  : v.t. To screen, to cover. [ekranlan ]

Ekranlashtir  : v.t. To screen, to make a film version of. [ekranlashtiril ]

Ekranlashtirish : screening, filiming; screen version.

Eks chempion : (Russian) former champion.

Ekskavator : (Russian) excavator.

Ekskavatorchi : excavator operator.

Ekskursant : (Russian) tourist, tour member.

Ekskursiya : (Russian) tour, excursion; tour group.

Ekskursiyachi : tour group member.

Ekskursovod : (Russian) tour guide.

Ekspansionist : (Russian) expansionist.

Ekspansionistik : (Russian) expansionist.

Ekspansionizm (Russian) : expansionism.

Ekspansiya : (Russian) expansion.

Ekspansiyachi : expansionist.

Ekspansiyachilik : s. Ekspansionizm.

Ekspeditor : (Russian) forwarding agent, shipping clerk.

Ekspeditsion : (Russian) despatch, forwarding.

Ekspeditsiya : (Russian) expedition; despatch office.

Eksperiment : (Russian) experiment.

Eksperimental : (Russian) experimental.

Eksperimentchi : experimenter.

Ekspert : (Russian) expert.

Ekspertiza : (Russian) expert investigation; panel of experts.

Ekspluatator : (Russian) exploiter.

Ekspluatatorlik : abstr. Of ekspluatator.

Ekspluatatsiya : (Russian) exploitation. ~ qil  to exploit.

Ekspluatatsiyachi : s. Ekspluatator.

Eksponat : (Russian) exhibit.

Eksponometr : (Russian) light meter.

Eksport : (Russian) export. ~ qil  to export.

Ekspozitsiya : (Russian) exposition; prelude; exhibition; layout.

Ekspress : (Russian) express.

Ekspromt : (Russian) improvisation (s. Badiha).

Ekspropriator : (Russian) expropriator.

Ekspropriatsiya (Russian) : expropriation.

Ekstemizm : (Russian) extremism.

Ekstern : (Russian) external student.

Eksternat : (Russian) external studies.

Eksterritorial : (Russian) extraterritorial.

Eksterritoriallik : extraterritoriality.

Ekstra : (Russian) super, supreme.

Ekstrakt : (Russian) extract.

Ekstraktiv : (Russian) extractive.

Ekstraktsiya : (Russian) extraction.

Ekstremist : (Russian) extremist.

Ekstremistik : (Russian) extremist.

Ekuvli : sown, planted; sowable, plantable.

Ekuvsiz : fallow.

Ekvator : (Russian) equator. Osmon ~i celestial equator.

Ekvatorial : (Russian) equatorial.

Ekvivalent (Russian) : equivalent.el avlod, elu avlodkith and kin, blood.el aymoq, elu aymoqpeople and nation, tribe and people.

El elat : clan and tribe, people.

El mardum : people, nation.

El ulus : people, nation.

El urug' : people, kinsmen.el xalq, elu xalqpeople, nation.el yurt, elu yurtpeople and country.

El : people; tribe, nation; country. ~ qatori like everyone else. ~ yotar payt bedtime. ~dan burun before all, before anyone else. ~ bo'l  to be close, to be together. ~ qil  to befriend, to make a close companion of.

Ela  : v.t. To sift; (neg. Only) (not) to notice, (not) to take notice of; (rare) to rock. ~b yog'  to drizzle. [elan , elat ]

Elak : sieve. ~dan o'tkaz  to run through a sieve. ~ ~ qil  to run through a sieve, to go through with a fine toothed comb.

Elakchi : sieve maker.

Elakish  : v.i. To get along; to tease, to pester.

Elan  : v.i. Pass. Of ela ; to beg, to plead.

Elan qaran : late (in the morning); in one's own time, in no hurry.

Elaro : among the people.

Elas elas : barely, scarcely.

Elashimli : easily sifted.

Elastik : (Russian) elastic.

Elastiklik : elasticity.

Elat : tribe, people; blood, kin.

Elatchilik : tribal relationship.

Elatdosh : kinsman.

Elatlik : abstr. Of elat; tribal relationship.elbegi arch.tribal leader, chief.elburundan coll.before anyone else, first of all.

Elchi : ambassador, emissary, envoy.

Elchilik : abstr. Of elchi; delegation.

Elchilik : custom, practice; relationship.

Elchixona : embassy, consulate.

Eldosh : kinsman, fellow countryman.

Elektr : (Russian) electricity; electric light. ~ payvand arc welding.

Elektrchi : electrician; electrical engineer.

Elektrichka : electric train.

Elektrifikatsiya (Russian) : electrification, supplying with electricity.

Elektrifikatsiyala  : v.t. S. Elektrlashtir . [elektrifikatsiyalan ]

Elektrifikatsiyalash : electrification.

Elektrik : (Russian) electric(al).

Elektrik : (Russian) electrician.

Elektrla  : v.t. To electrify. [elektrlan ]

Elektrlash : electrification, charging with electricity.

Elektrlashtir  : v.t. To electrify, to provide with electricity. [elektrlashtiril ]

Elektrlashtirish : s. Elektrifikatsiya.

Elektrli : outfitted with electricity.

Elektrobur : (Russian) electric drill.

Elektrod : (Russian) electrode.

Elektrodinamik (Russian) : electrodynamic.

Elektrodinamika (Russian) : electrodynamics.

Elektrodoyka : (Russian) electric milking machine; milking by machine.

Elektrokardiograf (Russian) : electrocardiograph.

Elektrokardiografiya (Russian) : electrocardiography.

Elektrokardiogramma (Russian) : electrocardiogram.

Elektrolit : (Russian) electrolyte.

Elektrolitik : (Russian) electrolytic. ~ yo'l bilan by electrolysis.

Elektroliz : (Russian) electrolysis.

Elektromagnit (Russian) : electromagnet. ~ to'lqinlar electromagnetic waves.

Elektrometr : (Russian) electrometer.

Elektrometriya (Russian) : electrometry??.

Elektromexanik (Russian) : electromechanical.

Elektromexanik : (Russian) specialist in electromechanics.

Elektromexanika (Russian) : electromechanics.

Elektromontyor : (Russian) electrician.

Elektromotor : (Russian) electric motor.

Elektron 1 : (Russian) electron.

Elektron 2 : (Russian) electronic, electron. ~ nazariyasi electronic theory. ~ detal' electronic part. ~ hisoblash makinasi computer. ~ pochtasi electronic mail, e mail.

Elektronika : (Russian) electronics.

Elektroskop : (Russian) electroscope.

Elektrostantsiya : (Russian) electric power station.

Elektrostatik : (Russian) electrostatic.

Elektrostatika : (Russian) electrostatics.

Elektrosvarka : (Russian) arc welding.

Elektrotexnik : (Russian) electrical engineer.

Elektrotexnika : (Russian) electrical engineering.

Elektrovoz : (Russian) electric locomotive.

Elektroximik (Russian) : electrochemical.

Elektroximiya (Russian) : electrochemistry.

Elektrpayvandchi : arc welder.

Element : (Russian) element; electric cell. ~larning davriy sistemasi the periodic table of the elements.

Elementar : (Russian) elementary; elemental.

Elevator : (Russian) elevator; hoist.

Elfurush : traitor.

Eli  : v.i. To droop, to go limp; to be mesmerized or entranced. [elit ]

Elik  : v.i. To get along; to follow around, to stick to. [elikish , eliktir ]

Elik : lipstick, makeup (s. Yog'upa).

Elit : (Russian) ?Te, supreme. ~ xo'jalik farm producing highest quality produce or livestock.

Ella  dial. : v.t. To blanket, to cover.

Elliginchi : fiftieth.

Ellik 1 : fifty.

Ellik 2 : wide; the width of one finger. Ikki ~ xat short letter.ellikboshi hist.military rank of officer in charge of 40 50 cavalry; title of prerevolutionary minor official.

Ellips : (Russian) ellipsis.

Ellipsoid : (Russian) ellipsoid.

Elliptik : (Russian) elliptical.

Elma el : from country to country.

Elnavkar : soldier; servant. (s. Navkar).elomon dial.night watchman, guard.

Elovsira  : v.i. To doze, to drift off. [elovsiran ]elovsiz dial.disregarding, unaware.

Elparvar : benevolent (s. Xalqparvar).

Elsevar : patriotic; friendly, open armed.

Elt  : v.t. To bring, to take to, to carry; to fit, to take. [eltil ]

Em  : v.t. To nurse, to suckle; to soak up, to absorb. Xom sut ~gan banda/inson raised in his mother's arms, naive, innocent. [emdir , emiz , emizdir , emizil , emish ]

Em : remedy, medicine; vaccination. ~ bo'l /tush  to remedy.

Emakdosh : colleague; employee, worker, research assistant; s. Emikdosh.

Emakla  : v.i. To crawl. [emaklash ]

Emal" : (Russian) enamel.eman bot.oak.

Emansipatsiya : (Russian) emancipation (s. Ozodlik).

Emanzor : oak grove.

Emas : am/are/is not. Yo'q ~ not nonexistant, not unheard of.

Embargo : (Russian) embargo.

Emblema : (Russian) emblem, insignia.

Embriolog : (Russian) embryologist.

Embriologik : (Russian) embryological.

Embriologiya : (Russian) embryology.

Embrion : (Russian) embryo (s. Kurtak).

Embrional : (Russian) embryonic.

Emchak : breast. ~ sol  to nurse. ~dan ajrat /~ uchi nipple.

Emchakdosh : s. Emikdosh.

Emchi : doctor, healer, nurse, etc.; faith healer.emdi coll.s. Endi.

Emfizema (Russian) : emphysema.emgak dial.labor (s mehnat); toil.

Emgakchi : laborer.

Emi dimi : ~ qil  to treat with incantations and such.

Emigrant : (Russian) emigrant.

Emigratsiya : (Russian) emigration; emigrants.

Emikdosh : brother or sister (which has nursed the same mother).

Emish : indicates dubious, i.e., thirdhand, information, frequently with sarcastic overtones, e.g., u bilmas ~ (They say) he doesn't know; He supposedly "doesn't know."

Emission : (Russian) adj. Of emissiya.

Emissiya : (Russian) emission.

Emizgich : nursing bottle.

Emizik : (rubber) nipple.

Emizikli : nursing (mother or baby).

Emizuvchi : nursing.

Emla  : v.t. To treat. [emlan , emlat ]

Emotsional : (Russian) emotional.

Emotsionallik : emotionality.

Emotsiya : (Russian) emotion.

Empirik : (Russian) empiricist.

Empirik : (Russian) empiricist; empirical.

Empiriokritik (Russian) : empirio criticist.

Empiriokrititsizm (Russian) : empirio criticism.

Empirizm : (Russian) empiricism.

Emran  dial. : v.i. To grieve.

Emul"siya : (Russian) emulsion.

En  dial. : v.i. To descend, to go down. [endir ]

En : width; one length of material (enough to make one piece of clothing); mark, brand. Ikki ~ two widths. ~iga across, in width. ~(iga) tort  to widen, to thicken. ~ sol  to mark (by clipping the ear).

Ena  dial. : v.t. S. En sol .ena dial.mother (s. Ona).enag'ar dial.bastard, rascal.

Enaga : nanny; midwife.

Enchi : animal transmitted from a father to a child (usu. A horse).

Endi : now; just now; from now on; (w/neg.) Never again. Ana ~ now there you go. Nega ~ now why?, but why? Qachon ~ and when?, now when? ~ bormayman I won't go anymore.

Endigi : next. ~ vaqtda next time, in the future.

Endigina : just now.

Endilikda : now, at present.

Endshpil" : (Russian) endgame.

Eneolit : (Russian) ?? Eneolithic.

Energetik : (Russian) adj. Of ~ resurslar power supply sources.

Energetik : (Russian) power engineering specialist.

Energetika : (Russian) power engineering.

Energiya : (Russian) energy.

Energoblok : (Russian) power turbine??.

Energosistema : (Russian) electric power system.

Eng : most (forms superlatives). ~ yaxshi best. ~ yomon worst. ~ yaqin nearest. ~ ulug' greatest. ~ oldin foremost, first. ~ kami at least, at minimum. ~ yuqori/baland highest.engak dial.chin. ~ qoq  to point with one's chin. ~ bog'la /~ tashla  to begin to pass away.

Engash  : v.i. To bend, to stoop; to lean (building). [engashtir ]

Engil bosh : set of clothes.

Engil : clothing (s. Kiyim).

Enka tenka : enka tinka.

Enka tinka : ~sini qurit  to get on one's nerves, to frazzle.

Enkay  : v.i. To bend over, to stoop, to crouch.

Enla  : v.i. To cover the width of. [enlat ]

Enli : wide; one finger's width.

Ensa : the back of the head, occiput. ~ suyagi occiput. ~si qot  to get angry, upset, or annoyed. ~sini qotir  to annoy, to upset.

Ensaqotar : annoying, upsetting.

Ensiz : thin.

Entak tentak : absurd, senseless; arbitrary, erratic. ~ so'zlar prattle. ~ yur /qadam bos  to stumble, to lurch.

Entik  : v.i. To sigh; to gasp, to pant. [entiktir ]

Entomolog : (Russian) entomologist.

Entomologiya : (Russian) entomology.

Entsiklopedik : (Russian) encyclopedic.

Entsiklopedist : (Russian) s. Entsiklopediyachi.

Entsiklopediya : (Russian) encyclopedia. Jonli ~ walking encyclopedia.

Entsikolpediyachi : encyclopedist.

Ep : ~ ko'r /~i keldi to become adept (at doing s.t.). ~ga kel  to return to one's old self. ~ga ol /sol /keltir  to fix, to put back in shape.

Epaqa : ~ga kel /~ga ol /sol /keltir  s. Epga...

Epaqali : adept, able; proper, appropriate.

Epashang : clumsy, awkward; slow, sluggish; muddler, bungler.

Epchil : adroit, dexterous.

Epidemik : (Russian) epidemic.

Epidemiolog : (Russian) epidemiologist.

Epidemiologiya (Russian) : epidemiology.

Epidemiya : (Russian) epidemic.

Epigraf : (Russian) epigraph.

Epigramma : (Russian) epigram.

Epik : (Russian) epic.

Epilepsiya : (Russian) epilepsy (s. Quyonchiq).

Epilog : (Russian) epilogue.

Epitelial : (Russian) epithelial. ~ to'qima epithelial tissue.

Epiteliy : (Russian) epithelium.

Epitet : (Russian) epithet.

Epitsentr : (Russian) epicenter.

Epizod : (Russian) episode.

Epizodik : (Russian) episodic; occasional.

Epizootiya : (Russian) epizootic.

Epkin : gust, rush, blast; power.

Epla  : v.t. To manage to, to pull off, to do successfully. ~y olmadi he couldn't do it, he couldn't manage to. ~b seplab by hook or by crook, doing whatever it takes. [eplan , eplash , eplashtir ]

Eplama : improvised, jury rigged, thrown together, slapdash.

Eplashtir  : v.t. To pull off, to manage.

Epli : adept, adroit, skilled, able; appropriate, right.

Epopeya : (Russian) epic.

Epos : (Russian) epos; epic literature.

Epoxa : (Russian) epoch.

Epsiz : clumsy, awkward, maladroit.er  arch.s. E .er xotin, eru xotinhusband and wife.

Er xotinlik : marriage, being husband and wife.

Er : man; husband; brave (man). ~ yigit brave lad. ~ga teg /~ qil  to get married (of a woman). ~dan chiq  to leave one's husband. ~dan chiqar  to divorce from one?S husband.

Era : (Russian) era.

Eram : (Arabic) s. Bog'i ~.

Eran qaran : s. Elan qaran.

Erbiy : (Russian) erbium.

Erdoncha : imp, rascal, scamp.

Ergash  : v.i. (+ga, +dan) to follow, to tag; to be subordinate to. [ergashtir ]

Ergash : follower. ~ gap subordinate clause. ~ bo'laklar (arch.) Secondary parts of speech.

Ergashish : v.n. Of ergash ; (gram.) Subordination.

Ergashtiruvchi : ~ bog'lovchi subordinating conjunction.

Ergashuvchi : follower; driven, secondary. ~ shesternya driven gear.

Eri  : v.i. To melt; to disappear, to vaporize, to evaporate; to dissolve; to celebrate, to fete. Suvda ~maydigan bo'yoq non water soluble paint. [erit , eritil ]

Erin  : v.i. To be (too) lazy (to do s.t.), to do with reluctance. [erintir ]

Erinchak : lazy, reluctant to work.

Erinchaklik : laziness, slothfulness. ~ bilan slothfully, reluctantly.

Erinchoq : s. Erinchak.

Erish 1 : melting; dissolving; celebration.

Erish 2 : inappropriate, unsuitable, unbecoming; odd.

Erish  : v.i. To achieve, to attain, to realize, to reach. [erishil , erishtir ]

Eritkich : smelting furnace; solvent.

Eritma : solution; melt (of iron).

Eritrotsit : (Russian) red corpuscle.

Erituvchi : melter; founder, smelter; solvent.

Erk : choice, will; freedom, liberty. ~ ber  to grant freedom.

Erka : coddled, spoiled, pampered.

Erkak ayol : men and women.

Erkak : man; male. ~ supurgi long handled broom. ~ sabzi woody carrot.

Erkakcha : manly, masculine; male, men's.

Erkakchalish : manly, masculine, man like.

Erkakchilik : manliness; men's stuff.

Erkakla  : v.i. To become woody.

Erkaklarcha : manly, masculine.

Erkaklik : male, manly; masculinity, manliness.

Erkakshoda : man like, masculine.

Erkala  : v.t. To cuddle; to coddle, to spoil. [erkalan , erkalat ]

Erkalan  : v.i. Pass. Of erkala ; to act in a spoiled manner.

Erkalash : v.n. Of ~ va kichraytish qo'shimchalari diminutive suffixes. ~ va kichraytish otlari diminutive forms of nouns.

Erkalik : spoiledness; spoiled behavior; coddled or spoiled environment. ~ qil  to act in a spoiled manner; to plead, to beg. ~da o's  to grow up in a spoiled environment, to grow up being spoiled.erkan arch.past .part. Of er ; s. Ekan.

Erkatoy : spoiled, coddled (child).

Erkin : free, easy. ~ she'r free form poem. ~ nafas ol  to breathe easily. ~ tanqid open criticism. ~ hayot easy life.

Erkinlik : freedom.

Erkli : free.

Erkparvar : s. Erksevar.

Erksevar : freedom loving.

Erksiz : not free.

Erksizlik : lack of freedom, bondage.

Erli : married (woman).

Erlik : maleness, manliness.

Ermak : play, fun, entertainment, distraction, passtime. ~ qil  to entertain o.s.; to make fun of.

Ermakla  : v.t. To make fun of; to entertain.

Ermaktalab : in need of entertainment.erman bot.common wormwood.
Ermana : s. Erman.ermish arch.s. Emish.

Eroniy : Iranian.

Eronlik : Iranian.

Eronshunos : Iranist, expert in Iranian studies.

Eronshunoslik : Iranian studies.erovul hist.outrider, scout.

Eroziya : (Russian) erosion. Tuproq ~si soil erosion.

Errayim : arrogant, self inflated person who has become conceited by freeloading or free and easy income.

Errayimlik : arrogance, haughtiness.ersa arch.s. Esa.

Ersira  : v.i. To desire a husband.

Ersiz : husbandless.

Erta indin : tomorrow or the next day, soon.erta kech, ertayu kechfrom morning til night.

Erta : early; morning; tomorrow. ~ pishar early ripening. ~ bilan early, in the morning. ~si the next day.

Ertaga : tomorrow.

Ertagi : happening on the morrow/tomorrow; early ripening, summer ripening. ~ yo ~, echkilarning bo'rtagi formula for opening fairy tales.

Ertak : fairy tale; story, tale.

Ertakchi : storyteller.

Ertalab : in the morning.

Ertalabki : adj. Of ertalab. ~ choy morning tea, breakfast.

Ertalik : morning gathering or assembly.ertamatan dial.early, in the morning.ertan dial.in the morning; tomorrow.

Ertangi : adj. Of erta; tomorrow's; morning; early ripening. ~ kun tomorrow. ~ choy morning tea, breakfast. ~ ish tomorrow's work.erur arch.s. Ekan; is; must be. Kim ~ ul? Who is that?, Who might that be?

Eruv : v.n. Of eri ; s. Eruvgarchilik.

Eruvchanlik : meltability; solubility.

Eruvchilik : s. Eruvgarchilik.

Eruvgarchilik : (time of) thaw.

Es  : v.i. To blow (wind); to appear.

Es es : ~ bil /esla  to remember vaguely, to remember from time to time.

Es hush : mind, reason; thoughts. ~i joyida emas He's gone nuts., He's not (mentally) well.

Es hushli : smart, intelligent; sound of mind.

Es : mind, intelligence; memory. ~i kirdi to come to one's senses, to get smart. ~i og'di to lose one's senses. ~dan adash  to lose one's mind, to become confused. ~ni yig'  to gather one's thoughts. ~ini yo'qot  to lose one's senses, to become giddy or confused. ~im qursin! Damn it (I forgot)! ~iga keldi/~ga ol  to remember; to think over. ~ga tushir /~ini tanigandan buyon/~ini chiqar  to scare the wits out of. ~i ketdi to be out of one's mind in worry; to be troubled. ~i chiqib ketdi to be scared out of one's wits. ~ past feebleminded.

Esa : as for, however, whereas; then, in that case. U ishlaydi, men ~ o'qiyman He works, whereas I study.

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