Inspiration: Karol Case read a poem that reminded us of things we should be thankful for as we celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Program

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Village Improvement Association

General Meeting – Clubhouse

November 13, 2013

President Carolyn Billingsley called the meeting to order at 1:00pm.

Inspiration: Karol Case read a poem that reminded us of things we should be thankful for as we celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Program: Public Affairs chair Judy Bryan presented the program. She indicated that she and co-chair Carole Suchanek would like to dedicate this program to their fathers who were public servants for the state of Delaware. They introduced Representative Pete Schwartzkopf and Senator Ernie Lopez. Both men discussed issues that affected our area and had been or are continuing to be part of the Delaware legislative program. They then answered questions from the audience. Both men encouraged participation by the public and asked to be contacted should anyone have questions or issues that needed to be addressed.

Special Recognition: City of Rehoboth Beach City Manager Greg Ferrese was then recognized by President Billingsley as a longtime supporter of the VIA. Mr. Ferrese will be retiring as City Manager after 31 years of service to the City of Rehoboth Beach. Mr. Ferrese was presented with a Pittsburgh Steeler gift basket. President Billingsley also presented a check to Mr. Ferrese for $1,200 from the Chicken Plunge fundraising activity. Mr. Ferrese indicated that this money would be given to the Rehoboth Beach Lifeguard and Beach Patrol for use on new medical equipment for the upcoming year. He thanked the VIA for our support and recognition.


Sponsor Guest

Barbara Wood Margaret Iorii

Elayne Cannarozzi Linda Kurpjuweit

Nancy Donohoe Sandy Curson

Kathy DeGrange Jean Brolund

Natalie Alexander Julie Lewis

Pat Madison-Gauger Dolly McBride

Kathy Nave Julie Dickson

Rosemary Flanders Susan Luthringer

Mary Folan Sharon Culley

Barbara Dorsey Janice Cohen

Mary Ann Warren

Joanne DeFiore Alice Jones

Carol Popham Elaine Davis

Donna Mabry Carolyn McNiece

Ann Ward Lila Goodman-Brown

Mary Folan Sharon Culley

Maxine Ungerbeuhler then asked to speak and wanted to compliment the VIA St. Nicholas Tea committee on the beautiful decorations. She wanted to share positive feelings.

New Members:

Membership Chair Sue Scaglione then inducted three new members as approved by the Executive Board:

Elizabeth Bray Sponsors: Barbara Blades and Pat Russiano

Diane Clark Sponsors: Debbie Iammateo and Judy Lippe

Marilyn Graham Sponsors: Carol Hall and Cynthia Ritthaler

Everyone welcomed our new members.

Jane Mazzarelli (Sponsors: Pat Carlton and Joan Sciorra)was approved for membership but was not present.


Kathy Nave moved to approve the minutes as they have been posted on the website. The minutes were approved as posted.

President’s Report:

President Billingsley began her remarks by thanking all of those who have helped with so many VIA activities. Anne Jack and her committee were thanked for their work on the Halloween Funraiser. Joanne DeFiore and Roxanne Nelson were thanked for the Art of Accessorizing Party. Sue Scaglione and Marge Cintavey were thanked for co-chairing the St. Nicholas Tea. Suzanne Jones and all of her helpers were thanked for their work at the Holly Cafe. President Billingsley also thanked everyone for all of their volunteering and reaching out to the community.

President Billingsley then reported on the Executive Board meeting held the previous week.

The VIA was presented information about a Sussex County Senior Transportation Cooperative which is organizing to provide transportation to seniors. We will hear more about this program as it gets organized.

There were three issues discussed by our Property Manager. The Executive Board authorized her to get the copier working and that has been done. It is important for everyone to sign up when you make copies so that we can collect data on the use of the copier. Storage was also discussed. The Board discussed ways to store items off-site and also have a place that the crafters can work without interfering with use of the clubhouse. President Billingsley requested that members need to contact her if they have a space for storage or a large area for our crafters to work. There was also discussion about security lighting for our building. Currently our outside security lights work only in case of emergency. The Property Manager will report back to the Board in December with estimated costs for various security lighting options.

The By-Laws/Standing Rules Committee presented revised Standing Rules which were approved by the Executive Board and posted on the VIA website.

A Nominating Committee is being formed to present nominations for 2014 elections. President Billingsley explained that this committee is made up of the three outgoing Directors. The Standing Rules also request two other members. These members must have been a member of the VIA for at least 3 years. Nominations from the floor will be taken later in the meeting.

DSFWC is also taking nominations for state positions. Carolyn will send an email detailing what positions are available and the criteria for nomination.

President Billingsley then reported that the VIA has worked hard to establish a relationship with the Community Resource Center. There will be a concert on November 16th which will benefit the Community Resource Center. A member then told everyone that the concert is sold out.

Carolyn will be out of town temporarily and members should contact Theda Blackwelder if needed.

Corresponding Secretary:

Shirley Fleegle reported on the following cards that were sent:

Sympathy Thinking of You Get Well

Marie LaRocca Rose Marie Flanders Betty Lou Suter

Rose Marie Patin Elayne Majors Bernie Polinski

Pat Blacklock

A special Birthday card was sent to Mary Moore for her 90th birthday.

Carol Hall reported on received correspondence.

The VIA received two Thank You notes from Jane Folz for the St. Nicholas Tea and the Art of Accessorizing Party. The Chair of fundraising for the Mid-Atlantic Region thanked the VIA for the basket it contributed. Faith Methodist Church thanked the VIA members who walked in the Walk for the Homeless.

Carol also noted that the VIA had been invited to an Open House sponsored by Kevin Fleming on November 23rd at his store at 239 Rehoboth Avenue to celebrate his new book, The Beach.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Joanne DeFiore.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Suzanne Jones presented the Treasurer’s Report for the month of October.

Balance on Hand (Oct. 1, 2013) $28,401.26

Receipts 6,765.54

Disbursements 3,968.17

Balance on Hand (Oct. 31, 2013) $31,198.63

Maintenance Account 11,198.63

Endowment Fund (PNC CD) 8,005.63

Total Balance (October 31, 2013) $50,474.97

Donations approved by Executive Board:

Beebe School of Nursing $3,000

Cape Henlopen Senior Center 1,000

Casa San Francisco 1,000

Crisis House 500

Stockley Auxillary 500

Peoples Place 500

Meals on Wheels 1,000

Cancer Support Community 500

Total $8,000

Media/Publicity Chair Elayne Cannarozzi asked that everyone sign two cards being passed around thanking the Cape Gazette and Delaware Beach Life for their support and continuing publicity for the VIA.


Education Chair Mary Folan reported that Roxanne Nelson, whose charity Reading Opens Doors, found out that the West Rehoboth Community Center did not have a library for the students who come there after school. With Roxanne’s help and with contributions from the VIA, the West Rehoboth Community Center now has book shelves and a library of over 400 books.

Mary also asked that if you are taking classes for your own educational improvement, please sign up in the back of the room. Mary will use this information for her yearly report.

Mary then introduced Trish Mumford, Principal of Rehoboth Elementary School. Trish thanked the VIA for the volunteer support. She then introduced her PTO Chair, Christine Solloway, who explained the 5 Minute Fundraiser Program. Everyone received a flyer telling them how to sign up so that education dollars will go back to Rehoboth Elementary when grocery shopping. Rehoboth Elementary is also collecting Box Tops for Education.

Capital Campaign:

Capital Campaign Chair Theda Blackwelder reported that approximately 60 people attended the Halloween Party. Prizes were awarded to Chair Anne Jack as Mother Teresa, Kathy Nave and Sue Eisenbrey as Thelma and Louise and Rick Broadbent, Barbara Dorsey’s husband as James Gandolfini. This party raised almost $1,000 for the Capital Campaign.

The next fundraising event is the Wine Tasting on November 22nd from 6 – 8pm. Barbara Dorsey, chair of this event, explained that Touch of Italy is supplying food, Teller Wines is bringing the wine and there will be door prizes. Everyone was invited to bring family and friends.

The next bus trip is to Odessa on December 7th. Theda reminded everyone that this is not the same trip as last year. Tickets are $60 and include transportation, admission and lunch. Joan Sciorra announced that there is a signup sheet in the back of the room.

Theda then discussed plans to review the fundraising events that have been sponsored by the Capital Campaign. The Capital Campaign committee would like input from the general membership about which activities the membership would like to continue as part of the VIA’s general fundraisers. Please let Theda, Rose Marie Patin or Carolyn Billingsley know your preference on which activities to continue. Please send them your suggestions. It is important that everyone’s input is used as future fundraising activities are planned.

Capital Campaign Treasurer Phyllis Stone presented the finance report for the Capital Campaign.

Balance on Hand (September 30, 2013) $20,339.29

Receipts 5,043.00

Disbursements 11,961.62

Total Balance (October 30, 2013) $13,420.67

Amounts still to be taken out are:

City of Rehoboth Beach 1,200.00

Rental Deposits to be returned 3,062.00

Balance Remaining $ 9,158.17

Phyllis then explained that there is approximately $31,000 left to pay on our mortgage of $48,480.

Nominating Committee:

President Billingsley explained the composition of the Nominating Committee. The three outgoing Directors: Nancy Barlow, Fay Kempton and Mary Jane Schanno are automatically members of the Nominating Committee. The Standing Rules call for two more members from the General Membership. Nominees must have been VIA members for at least three years. President Billingsley then opened the floor for nominations.

Melynda Peet moved that Kathy Nave serve.

Nancy Barlow moved that Nancy McDonnell serve.

Pam Blessinger moved to close nominations.

All motions passed.

Kathy Nave and Nancy McDonnell will serve as members of the Nominating Committee. The committee will choose a chair when it meets in January.

VIA Food Program:

Sherry Pie’ reported for Chair Ronnie Lutz that as of Dec. 1, the VIA Food Program will supply meals for members. If someone is ill, there is a death in the family or for any reason would benefit from prepared meals, contact Ronnie Lutz who will coordinate a meals program.

History Program:

Chair Mary Dalrymple discussed the need for information regarding family connections within the VIA. The History Committee is trying to trace back as many connections as possible. Everyone was given a form which can be filled out and sent to Mary or put in the basket in the back of the room.

Old Business:


New Business:



Joanne DeFiore announced that the Arts Committee will have a short meeting following this meeting in the back of the room.

Sherry Hall announced that all items displayed in the room from the St. Nicholas Tea are for sale and cash or credit card can be used for purchase.

Maxine Ungerbeuhler thanked everyone for the basket donation for Federation Day.

Lila Goodman-Brown announced that the SPCA can use old towels, blankets and sheets.

Gail Shaffer announced that she has raffle tickets for the Southern Delaware Therapeutic Riding Association. The tickets are $20 and a raffle will be drawn every day for 24 days in December. Your ticket will be put back into the basket each day even if you win. Tickets are available through the end of November.

President Billingsley announced that on Sunday Rehoboth Beach Main Street will honor the VIA with a Commercial Preservation Renovation Cottage Award. Theda will accept the award on behalf of the VIA.

Gail Shaffer announced that she is collecting ESO book information. Please send your list with book titles and authors to Gail by December 31st.

President Billingsley noted that Volunteer Hours/Gifts in Kind sheets were distributed to everyone. These are due by the end of December. Please remember that if you volunteered for as little as one minute or contributed as little as one penny, it is important that you fill out a sheet and return it to Carolyn by the end of December.

As a reminder, President Billingsley reminded everyone that the Executive Board is responsible for lunch refreshments for the December meeting which will begin at 12:00. She reminded everyone to please note the change in time. There will be a special speaker and everyone will sing Christmas Carols.

Kathy Osterholm announced that Gail Launey, Director of the Southern Delaware Choral Society, contributed two tickets to the Choral Society’s Sunday performance of Bach’s Oratorio on December 15th. These tickets will be won by a second 50/50 drawing today.

Suzanne Jones, Chair of the Holly Café, shared that the VIA does the Holly Café at the Rehoboth Art League as part of our community outreach program. This year $1,100 was raised by this activity.


$91 was won by Mary Dalrymple which she donated to the VIA.

The Choral Society tickets were won by Kathy Nave who couldn’t use them and gave to Jeanne Fox.

The Collect was recited and the meeting was adjourned at 2:47pm.

Submitted by Kathy Osterholm

Recording Secretary

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