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We hope that you have seen the information in regards to technology at JVES. We will continue to share information with you as well as ways that you can help advocate for future funding. As a reminder, all proceeds from the Bull Roast and Spring Fling will go directly towards purchasing technology for our students.

The Bull Roast will be held on April 16, 2016 at the Jarrettsville VFW from 7PM-12AM. Ticket information will be sent home shortly. We are currently looking for volunteers to help solicit and collect donations from businesses. If you would like to help or make a donation, please e-mail

Spring Fling will be held on May 6, 2016 from 4-8PM on the Rec Fields. Volunteers are needed to help run games and activities. Please consider donating an hour of your time!

The Outreach committee collected 68 lunches for Manna House in January. Please consider participating in Lunches for the Needy and help us reach our goal of 100 lunches!

Parents, we have passed our halfway point in our program!  Can you believe the students have read for over 3000 hours?!!! What an accomplishment. Let's keep up the good work. We still have several weeks left before the program ends. Don't forget to submit your JUMPER reading logs in a timely fashion. If you are missing a log or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me: Shari Morris Thanks and happy reading!

Third grade won the monthly prize of lunch with the principal with just shy of 1,000 Box Tops submitted (947 exact).  Second grade was close with 866. Sending home the Labels for Education collection sheets last month appears to have been beneficial because we collected 560 points for the month.  This is opposed to the prior month when no collection sheets were sent home and 0 were collected. Be sure to return your February collection sheets! The (2) students who each won Kangaroo Kash for the LFE collection for the month of January are: 

Justin Hartel, Daley

Jesse France, Jackson
The PTA store will be open the week of February 8th and 22nd. Primary grades are invited to shop on Friday mornings from 8:40-9:00. Intermediate grades are invited to shop on Thursdays from 8:40-9:00.


Have you ever wondered which laundry detergent gets clothes the cleanest? Or maybe you wonder what type of germs live on your counter tops at home? Do you think about how a tornado is formed? Or why your hair stands on end after rubbing a balloon on your head? These questions and many more could be explored by your child if they participated in the annual JEMS fair on THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 2016 from 6:30 – 7:45 pm in the Jarrettsville Elementary school Cafeteria. The JEMS Fair is a noncompetitive event intended to provide an opportunity for all students of JVES to increase their science and/or math knowledge, while having fun.

Our next General PTA Meeting will be held on March 2nd. Hope to see you there!

Important Upcoming Dates:
2/12 - Early Dismissal Event at Forest Hill Lanes

3/2 - PTA General Meeting

3/3 - Paint Night & Spirit Dine at the Pit

3/4 - Early Dismissal Event at Chuck E Cheese

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