Fletcher Family Reunion 2015

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Fletcher Family Reunion 2015

Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,

To the temple of the God of Jacob.

He will teach us his ways,

So that we may walk in his paths.”

- Micah 4:2
March 1, 2015
Dear Fletcher Family,
My, how the time has flown! It has been five long years since we have had a proper family reunion. So much has happened since our last wonderful reunion in August 2010 – weddings, new family additions, retirements, the passing of dearly departed loved ones, career opportunities and new jobs, educational successes, relocation to new cities, and so much more! Five years is a long, long time to be apart.
Our reunion theme is “160 Years of Faith and Family.” This year, we have decided to head back to Amherst, Virginia for our 2015 reunion for one simple reason – this year marks the 160th Wedding Anniversary of James and Lavinia Fletcher, our distinguished forebears. Besides the Fletchers, we know that our family association includes a smattering of Sandidges, Carters, Spencers, Roses, Smiths and many other surnames. We welcome all!
We have planned an exciting reunion itinerary beginning Thursday, August 6th through Sunday, August 9th that is sure to include something for everyone, especially our children and youth. Pack your swimsuits, playing cards, and party shoes!
We have altered the traditional reunion format slightly this year by starting a day earlier (Thursday evening’s barbeque dinner) and by adding a family excursion to the Indoor and Outdoor Water Parks at Massanutten Resort on Friday, August 7th. Those who choose to participate in the water activities will cost $20 per person. Grandparents and other non-swimming participants are welcome to sit on the sidelines as observers at a nominal entry fee of $5 for this event. See www.massresort.com for further information about the resort, waterpark, two golf courses, spa amenities, shopping, restaurants and other activities available during our visit. Family members and their guests will bear sole responsibility for initiating their own plans and appointments for spa treatments, golf tee times, reserved restaurant dining, etc. during our visit to the resort.
We are also excited to announce that we have contracted with the Lynchburg Bus Company to provide motorcoach transportation to the resort for those who hope to relax at a discounted rate of $15 per seat. However, as you consider comfort versus value in your total family registration costs, feel free to drive behind the bus to Massanutten if you’d like.
Our Saturday will begin with a ceremonial tour of the Fletcher Family Cemetery led by Cousin Eddie Fletcher. Some residents there, like matriarch Jennie Louis Fletcher (1868-1926), have formal headstones. Reflecting the attitudes of the time towards slave burials, others are denoted only by a lone stone marker. If you’ve never had the opportunity to see the final resting place of our ancestors, this event is not to be missed!
Our Saturday Evening Family Banquet will feature our children and youth in the spotlight. We will honor our college-bound scholars with scholarships and we will also have a “Fashion & Style Walk” during the banquet so that each child present at the reunion can be individually introduced and celebrated to our entire family in their Sunday best. We will also present several family awards for various successes.
In addition, there will be an Oratorical Presentation from our younger generation. We encourage you to sign up your children now so that they can begin to practice! We are especially hoping for a strong showing of our younger family members and their children so please encourage everyone to bring nieces, nephews, cousins, and grandchildren to participate in this historic reunion event. Please spread the word!
We have also added a Fletcher Family Scholarship Application to the website. Please encourage your college-age students to apply for this scholarship. If you do not have any children eligible to apply, consider donating $10 or more to this worthy cause. It all adds up!
In this reunion packet you will find:

  • Registration Form

  • Family History Form

  • Committee Sign Up Form

  • Oratorical Presentation Entry Form

  • Accommodation Information

  • Reunion Schedule

  • Family Business Agenda

  • 2017 Reunion Preference Form

  • Massanutten Brochures - Waterpark, Golf, and Spa

You will note the agenda for the Family Business Meeting among the documents included. In order to consider our future plans, we will need to devote a small amount of our time together towards organization and administration. If you are interesting in helping to support future endeavors, please plan to attend this meeting, which is open to all attendees. Also, please, please, please sign up for a Reunion Committee. We will need all hands on deck to successfully pull off this weekend event!

This year, we have tried to be as mindful as possible of controlling costs, particularly for families with young children, while ensuring a memorable event for our family. Our registration fee will cover the cost of our family barbeque & talent night on Thursday evening, the outdoor picnic on Saturday afternoon and formal banquet on Saturday evening at the Florence Elston Inn and Conference Center, as well as a Reunion T-Shirt for our Family Fun Day on Friday, August 7th. We look forward to taking a Fletcher Reunion photo together in our T-shirts. Don’t miss it!
We encourage you to purchase your tickets now during our Early Bird Registration period between now and May 31st. Early bird registration is truly the best pricing for all family members so I would encourage the budget conscious among us to consider purchasing your tickets before the May 31st deadline.
Checks and money orders should be made out to Annette Anderson with “Fletcher Reunion” in the memo section. You can also use the Family Reunion website to register with a credit card or a debit card through EventBrite, but please be aware that additional processing fees will apply. The website address is: www.jamesandlaviniafletcher.com. Please click on the “Register” button to be linked to our EventBrite online ticket registration portal.
All regular registrations must be completed by July 25th in order to confirm our accommodations with the Sweet Briar staff. Website registrations will remain open to accommodate late registrants until August 2nd at midnight. You will note that this is our most expensive registration option. The reunion fee schedule is attached.
Feel free to pass along copies of this information to anyone who is interested in attending. One of our ongoing challenges has been locating family members who have moved or otherwise changed their contact information. We need your help to connect with those outside of the fold. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at (410) 978-8198 or acanderson3@hotmail.com. We deeply regret that we will not be able to refund any paid monies due to cancellation for any reason. Also, no onsite registrations will be accepted. If you need to make special financial arrangements, please contact me directly.
Above all, my prayer is that this year’s reunion will mark the beginning of the next chapter of our exquisite family history so that future generations of Fletcher children can hold their heads up high in a world full of turmoil because they know from whence they come. Every now and again, I can still hear the melodic voice of my dearly beloved grandfather, David Fletcher Campbell (son of Fred & Bessie), saying simply, “Granddaughter, family is everything.”
Can’t Wait to See You,
Annette Campbell Anderson
Reunion Fee Schedule
Early Bird Registration fees paid in full and postmarked on or before

May 31st will be priced as follows:
Adult Registration (ages 10+) - $75 per person

Children (ages 3-9) - $30 per child

Massanutten Water Park - $20 per person (2 and under free)

Water Park Grandparent (Observer Fee): $5

Bus to Massanutten - $15 per person
All Regular Registration forms paid in full and postmarked

after May 31st will be priced as follows until July 25th*:
Adult Registration (ages 10+)- $85 per person

Children (ages 3-9) - $30 per child

Massanutten Water Park - $20 per person (2 and under free)

Water Park Grandparent (Observer Fee): $5

Bus to Massanutten - $15 per person

*Any Mail Registrations Postmarked After 7/25 will be Returned to Sender

ONLINE ONLY @ www.jamesandlaviniafletcher.com

July 25th – August 2nd:
Adult Registration (ages 10+)- $95 per person + online processing fees

Children (ages 3-9) - $30 per child + online processing fees

Massanutten Water Park - $20 per person (2 and under free) + online processing fee

Water Park Grandparent (Observer Fee): $5 + online processing fees

Bus to Massanutten - $15 per person + online processing fees
Remit All Payments by Check To:

Fletcher Family Reunion

c/o Annette C. Anderson

5609 Purlington Way

Baltimore, Maryland 21212


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