Jefferson Elementary Blue Ribbon and Gold Star School for 2005

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Jefferson Elementary

Blue Ribbon and Gold Star School for 2005

National Title I Distinguished School for 2006
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March Character Trait:



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March 12, 2015

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No School!!

School will not be in session tomorrow for Professional Development.

Bond Issue Information Night

Save the date! The school board will hold a bond issue information night on Thursday March 19th. The meeting will be held at the school at 6:30 in the evening. Please attend and bring any questions you may have concerning the bond issue.

Easter Egg Hunt

The Tri-C Community Coalition and Jefferson Student Council will be holding their annual Easter Egg Hunt on Monday, March 30th at the Teen Center in Conception. The activities will begin at 4:00. The hunt is open to all students ages 12 and under.

Tri-C Area Clean-Up

The annual Tri-C Area Clean-up day has been set for Saturday, April 11th, 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.. Dumpsters will be available in Clyde, Conception, and Conception Junction. This is the perfect time to get rid of all that old stuff you’ve been wondering what to do with. More details later.

Nurse’s Notes

The maximum amount of Tylenol that can be taken in a 24 hour period is 3,000 mg.

Let’s meet this week’s Stars!
Maleeah Bliley - Maleeah is in second grade here at Jefferson. Her favorite movie is Dora. Maleeah likes the book Junie B Jones. She likes to eat at the Mandarin and her favorite food is fruit with apple juice being her favorite drink. Maleeah likes to play Monopoly and her favorite TV show is Jessie. Her favorite colors are purple and pink.
Kayley Ledgerwood – Kayley is in the fourth grade and has one sister. Her favorite places to visit are South Dakota and Omaha. Kayley’s heroes are her mom and stepdad. She enjoys Math and Science and playing basketball and volleyball. Kayley’s favorite show is The Incredible Dr. Pol as she wants to be a veterinarian someday. Kayley also enjoys watching the movie A Christmas Story. Her favorite colors are yellow, blue, and green. Her favorite animals include her dog, her cats and her horse, which she loves to ride. Kayley also loves track and playing with her sister.
Wendy Riley - Mrs. Riley teaches Prekindergarten and K-12 Special Education here at Jefferson. She has three daughters. Mrs. Riley’s favorite book is To Kill a Mocking Bird. Her favorite food is ice cream. When she gets the chance to eat out she enjoys going to Barbosa’s. Mrs. Riley likes a variety of activities, including reading, listening to 80’s music or Johnny Cash, boating, water skiing, and going to all her daughter’s activities. Mrs. Riley’s favorite quote is “…with God all things are possible.”

Dates to mark on your calendar:

Mar 13 – No School

Mar 16 – Math Games K-2

Mar 16 – Author visit Warrensburg for grades 4-6

Mar 17 – Early Childhood Screening – 3:30-7:00

Mar 19 – Bond Issue Information Night – 6:30

Mar 30 – Tri-C Easter Egg Hunt 4:00

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