Describe a person whose creative work you admire Who this person is

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Describe a person whose creative work you admire

  • Who this person is,

  • How you know this person,

  • What creative things this person likes to do,

  • Why do you admire this person

Sample Answer of Describe a Person Whose Creative Work You Admire
In our day-to-day life, there were attainable occasions to create a relationship with people. Even though you are not able to know-how is this person like and what all are his/ her qualities. Today I would like to discuss a person who I would like to admire is Mr Sreejith Ariyaloor.
Basically, Mr Sreejith is a poet and short story writer from my native. In addition, he was my super senior at college days. At the beginning itself, I know Mr Sreejith well because his creative poems were published in leading weeklies and other magazines. In between this, I create a classical relation with him. I felt positive energy in his vicinity. Because he randomly motivates and encourages everyone. One of his dreams was to publish a book with short poems.
His all of creative writings were ready at that time, but he was not able to find a publisher at that time. With some of my friends, I tried to do the same but, the initial result was really monotonous to everyone. After a week, dramatically, he got a publisher and without one month is the first book was released.
The name of his first work was “Cycle chavittunna penkutty”, and in English, it means a girl who rides a bicycle. The response to this book was tremendously astonishing and unexpected. He received a number of awards for particular work like an emerging poet of the year, state awards, cultural awards, and many more. In between one year, he has grown up as a youth icon in society.
Still, he is writing plenty of books, and he loves to do that. I really admire Mr Sreejith because the almighty never provide such talents to everyone. He used his talents wisely, and that’s the reason I admire him.
Sample Answer of Describe a Person Whose Creative Work You Admire
Well, I know a host of creative people, but today I would like to talk about a person whose creativity is famous worldwide.
His name is Elon Musk. I got to know him roughly three years ago when I was a sophomore student. At that time, he was the headline of many newspapers because he had become the richest person in the world.
When he was only eight years old, he developed an application which he sold after two years. He was a precarious child and was creative in childhood.
He also developed one app, which is currently known as PayPal. He is CEO of SpaceX organization which work the same as NASA do. In 2015, he created an idea. As a result, his company launched a rocket with liquid fuel in space which was not think anyone before and did. But he got success. Because of his creativity, now world scientists and astronauts have wisdom about this innovation.
Moreover, he is also chairman of tesla company which is an automobile company. In 2020 he built an auto-driver car. Before that, many people through and try but no one got success, but he did.
His name is Alon Mask, and not only I but many others are a fan of his creativity.
Follow-ups of Describe a Person Whose Creative Work You Admire
Question 1:- Do you think you are a creative person?
Answer 1:- Definitely. I have a talent for the art and craft fields. When I was a child, I was fond of drawing and colouring. After years of practice, I mastered the same field. Apart from this, even in my employment fields, I usually did the thing vividly and passionately.
Answer 2:- Yes, I’m a creative person. I always think out of the box. My vocation also aids me to do, I develop websites, and if I do not think creative, then maybe I will fire from my job.
Question 2:- Is it good for children to learn arts?
Answer 1:- Of course. Along with their curriculum, arts and sports are unavoidable parts. Arts will enhance their abilities like cognitive, concentration, creativity, and movements. It is an enthralling experience for them.
Answer 2:- Definitely, I believe that person has to learn the art from an early age. Many people consider arts subjects as a waste of time, but I believe that it is pivotal. It is also true that not every student become a doctor or engineer, and there are also some who don’t like studying for them it is the best career option.
Question 3:- What kind of jobs requires people to be creative?
Answer 1:- In my opinion, people who are employed in relevant fields require a creative mind. This will help to reduce stress, and jobs may be more captivating. In addition, professions like painters, writers, teachers, engineers, designers need to be more creative to compare with others.
Answer 2:- There is various kind of jobs where being creative would be useful for a person or worker. For instance, in a developer job, a jobber does the same work as do then the customer is also bored with it—creativity aid not only the person but also the organization.

Question 4:- Do you think leaders need to have creative ability?
Answer 1:- Without doubt, I support the statement. Because to be a leader, it is the utmost quality to lead a team. Furthermore, this will help the leader to reduce stress and strain. Without this quality, leaders cannot lead a team and are not able to reduce the doubts of his / her followers.
Answer 2:- Why not? If leaders are creative, then they think innovated. Thus, it directly influences people’s psyche. For instance, in case a leader thinks the same as ordinary do, then no change happen in-country progress.
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