From the last few decades, the number of plants and animals are decreased while so many species are endangered due to the detrimental actions of human beings

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From the last f

From the last few decades, the number of plants and animals are decreased.while so many species are endangered due to the detrimental actions of human beings. Although there are a few people who believe that there is nothing to be changed, unlikely them, I agree there are a lot of things that we can do to bring awareness among people to bring a change.

Humans are becoming more dangerous than any other animal in the world. Our activities are leading to the extinction of animals and plants. The population is increasing day by day and we are slaughtering animals to feed raising amount of mouths. In addition to that, the demand for luxurious products such as leather belts, shoes, leather jackets, clothes, and products that are made by animal skin or any other parts are climbed up. Moreover, people are cutting-off tress for the construction of houses on hilltops and mountains and also for extension of cities and towns. In fact, we are not so far from what some people think it is nothing to change if the killing of trees as well as the slaughtering of animals continues.

However, there is still to change the present situation and we can stop if people along with the government made some precautions to cease the bad activities of humans. for instance, The people who find pleasure in hunting animals should stop and banned. If anyone causes harm or kill animals should be penalized or if required sentence imprisonment. Governments from different countries should meet up and make plans to do their best to save the environment and it will not possible unless people held responsible and participate in activities to make changes.

In conclusion, there is still time to take the initiative for stopping the cruel acts of humans. The people from all over the world should have a commitment to save the planet and also god's creation.
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